Young Ballers 4


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“So Steven, we’d like to recruit you to come play ball for us next year. What do you think about that?” The 32yo coach looked over the 6’4 pitching stud he and his program lusted for. Steven was a small town boy, but every coach in three states was after him, including Coach Garnet.

“Well I appreciate that, but you and two dozen other coaches have been through here offering everything,” The boy’s southern drawl was sensual and relaxed, it gave him an air of masculinity and soft-spoken ease. The Coach looked him up and down, remembering the scouting trip. He had admired the 6’4 lithe physique, tanned skin, and almost pretty face.

“I see, well I have something else to offer they can’t” Coach Garnet leaned forward smiling broadly at the 17yo stud.

The boy laughed, “Well that would be a shocker. A coach last week showed up with six New York City hookers, three girls and three boys in case I swung that way. Stacks of money, cars, homes, I don’t think there’s anything I haven’t been offered.”

The coach leaned in more, motioned for Steven to do the same as he loudly whispered, “Those coaches didn’t know you were fucking your little brother; molesting and raping his little butt since your 8th grade year?” …..

The blood drained from Steven’s face as he processed. Coach Garnet leaned back letting the waves of reality flow over the boy.

It was true of course. Steven’s needs, desires had blossomed during 7th grade. He constantly ogled the little boys in the neighborhood, his cock hard any time some sexy little boy was on tv or in a movie. He had watched Peter Pan with a friend’s family and had to excuse himself to the bathroom to beat off thinking of all those shirtless boys. The internet had helped, plenty of pictures of half-naked and sometimes full on bare little boys. But then one day his little brother came home in his little league uniform, sweaty, dirty, and smiling. That day Steven noticed how fucking hot his little brother was. They shared the same deep tanned skin and dark eyes, but little Josh got a perky bubble butt that Steven didn’t. It called to him. He tried to resist, for a whole month, but in the end couldn’t. The scene of Josh looking up at him, smiling, as Steven held onto his ankles, his cock poised to fuck his little brother shot through Steven’s mind.

Coach Garnet pulled out his phone and move around behind Steven. He pulled up a video and held in front of the boy so they both could watch. Tears began to fill Steven’s eyes as he watched his athletic body pound the upturned ass of his 7yo little brother. The kid was half moaning, half crying at the feeling of his big brother’s 8inch cock using his butt. So many times Steven had jerked off to this video, listening to his and his little brother’s moans. Steven had made the video a year ago, a moments desperation for something to jerk off to while his little brother went to church camp. It was on a hidden flash drive so how?

“How did you get his? Fuck, I am so fucked,” Steven couldn’t decide between anger or despair.

“If it’s ever been on a computer, it’s never impossible to find, son,” Coach Garnet offered good advice a bit too late for Steven

“Fine, I’ll play for you, just please delete that.” Steven surmised the reason for the video, he was a stud in the classroom as well as on the field.

“No son, that’s not what’s happening here. I’m not blackmailing you. Hacking is serious, especially by a college sports program. You see my program is affiliated with an organization that helps out young men like you with their problems while letting them play sports,” Coach explained.

“Fuck you, I don’t need rehab or counseling. I just like fucking little boys, their fucking hot as shit,” Steven said in anger, though he was starting to feel good at the honest that he’d never enjoyed before.

“Yes they are Steven, tell me what you most like about little boys? How young do you like them? What gets that pedophile cock hardest?” Coach asked as he rearranged his own crotch and sat down again.

Steven liked but was still struggling with being so honest. “Toddlers I guess, never felt the urge to fuck a baby. Be hot to feel one nurse on my cock though I guess.” Steven paused and looked up at the coach, hard to believe this was happening.

“Yes son, it can be at that. Go on.”

“My favorite I guess, that I like looking at anyway, are 8 or 9 year olds, like my little brother. Seeing them in soccer gear or in panties really gets me going. I just the feel of Josh’s tight little hole wrapped around my cock. I love watching him between my legs after a game licking my dick like a popsicle. The whole scene man is just fucking wrong and pervy as shit.” Steven was out of breath as the honesty came flooding out of him.

“I understand bud, I’m married with a couple of sons. I know the allure of a little boy sweaty from playing outside or one fresh from the shower smelling so clean and innocent.” Coach offered, his hand resting on the boy’s shoulder to comfort him.

“Fuck yes,” the baseball stud whispered.

“I’m offering you the chance to pitch with us, fuck some little boys, and keep fucking your little brother. I understand he’s turned into quite the little whore.” Coach gave Steven a reassuring smile, hoping desperately the boy said yes. They needed the pitching.

Steven nodded his head as he thought back to the past four years of fucking, from the 4 year old he raped to the 8yo that whined and begged for his teenage cock. By 5 the kid was bouncing on his cock, his tongue hanging out as he moaned for more.  By 6 he was deepthroating his big brothers cock and drinking down at least 2 loads a day. By age 7, he would sit with his older brother looking for kinkier dirtier sex acts and interesting positions to fuck in. Now by 8, the boy loved role play, taking piss down his throat, and had even started hinting about having more than one cock. Steven had turned his sweet t-ball playing 4yo brother into a whore for cock.

“Do I really get to fuck lots of little boys?” Steven asked. Coach smiled realizing that was a yes to his offer.

“Well it’s not a daily supply, you have to have energy to play ball. But yes, on your rest days you’ll be able to fuck a little. Plus we’ll happily let your little brother come stay with you whenever you want. You’ll be in a special dorm for our athletes where no one asks why a little boy, older woman, or farm animal is going into someone’s room.” The two baseball studs laughed.

“Ok coach, I’ll say yes, if you can prove all what you’re saying isn’t bullshit.” Steven stood up, “My parents are gone until later, little brother’s at a friend’s house, so this stud cock doesn’t have anyone to take care of it. You get me what I want, and I’ll say yes.”

Coach smiled and picked up his phone and dialed, “Yeah, send in two 4’s, yeah include the special one.” Steven looked at him confused as the man hung up, “I come prepared to close the deal bud.”

A tall black gentleman in a suit came in through the front door ushering two little 4yo tykes, a blonde and one who looked amazingly like Josh from four years ago, into the room.

“Fuck. Wow. He fucking looks just like Josh.” Steven marveled as he walked over to the little boy, his hands running through his hair and down his back.

“We aim to please. Enjoy a chance to do that first time over again. He’s a virgin, just like Josh was, but no need to hold back or worry.” Steven shot a look of disbelief at the coach. “Let’s go to your little brothers room and have some fun.” The coach said he started loosening his tie.

Moments later, Steven was buck naked, his sensual body sitting on his little brothers bed while the two little 4yos giggled and played with his cock. Coach Garnet sat in the corner, stroking his cock as he watched his newest recruit finally get to enjoy his urges without shame.

Steven’s hands slowly stripped the boys of their clothes and then tried to feel every inch of their hairless little bodies.

“You like molesting us Mr. Steven?” the Josh-look-alike asked.

“Fuck yes Josh, I love molesting you and your little friend,” Steven said as both boys leaned down and began licking at the 17yo cock. The stud moaned and squeezed the little 4yo butts in his hands. He locked eyes with his coach and moaned, “This is so fucking wrong.”

“I know buddy, just sit back and enjoy it.” The coach said as he again pulled his phone from his pants pocket, “Hey, seems like the little fuck isn’t going to share. Bring in Joey.”

The two 4yo’s were taking turns nursing on Steven’s cock. Both were virgins but both had an excellent crash course in man-boy oral sex from two teens who worked for The Service. The pitching stud was rubbing their tiny holes with his fingers as he heard someone come into the room, he opened his eyes to see a beautiful 10yo, completely naked, slide into the room. “Wow”

Coach Garnet laughed, “You’ve got enough to handle right there, this one’s mine. Besides, you already have one of my son’s, I gotta have a little fun too.” Coach motioned to the Josh-look-alike realizing that Coach was letting his future star molest his own virgin son. Coach was glad he’d held off fucking the little beauty. The kid’s ass was about to pay off big time for his program. Besides, sloppy seconds in a 4yo filled with teen cum was just as good. The 10yo dove for his dad’s cock and quickly slid it down his throat. Coach moaned loudly at his son’s expert skill, “You fucking whore!”

Steven could never have imagined a scene more enticing, more invigorating to his teenage pedophile hormones. As hot as it was to watch his future coach getting head from his own 10yo son, he knew what he really wanted—some sweet 4yo ass. He pulled the boys off his cock and rearranged little Josh with his ass in the air. He wanted his coach to see his son’s face as he took the kids cherry. The little blonde he pulled behind him and shoved the kids face into his musky teen butt. The trio adjusted until Steven’s tongue was digging into the 4yo’s butt, the kid giggling and moaning as he enjoyed his first rimming. Coach Garnet’s cock throbbed as he watched his youngest enjoy being molested by the stud, the teen’s face buried in that tiny pale butt.

“Fuck yeah, eat him out son, get him ready for that big pitcher dick.” Coach was lost in lust watching his top prospect eat out his youngest. His oldest could feel his dad’s cock vibrating and pulsing. He eased off, not wanting his dad to lose his load yet.

Steven pushed as much spit into the little boy’s hole as he could, but he knew his cock wasn’t going in easy. He reached into his little brother’s nightstand for the lube he greased up his 17yo cock with each night before fucking the kid. Steven straightened up and slathered slippery gel on his perfectly cut 17yo cock.

“You want me to rape him coach? You want me to rape this sweet little fuck?” Steven taunted his coach as he slowly stroked his teenage pedophile cock. Garnet had his 10yo’s throat fully impaled on his cock as he answered with a simple “Fuck yes!”

Steven held onto the boy’s hips, closed his eyes, and imagined his first fuck at 13. Josh had loved being molested up until this point, then he’d started crying as his big bro’s 4inch cock pushed up into his tiny butt. Steven had gone easy, not wanting to get in trouble or cause Josh any real damage. That compulsion was gone. Steven pushed into the boy, the tiny ass strongly objected, but then with more force 4 inches sunk up into the preschooler. Coach Garnet watched as his little boy cried and screamed as a cock violated his sweetest most innocent spot. The 10yo gagged as a flood of his dad’s cum filled his throat, then mouth, then out his nose.

“Oh coach, he is so fucking tight.” Steven moaned as he increased the pressure, the other four inches finding their rightful home deep inside a little boy. The sweet little Josh-look-alike continued to cry as his ass was raped by the little stud. He had enjoyed the fun games played with his tongue and little cock at the office, but this was so different.

“That’s it baby, take Steven’s cock, be a good little boy for daddy. You’re making daddy so proud.” The coach said as he recuperated from his orgasm, his cock still standing tall and proud. “Get back on my cock fucker,” he commanded to his oldest who greedily sucked his dad’s cock back down his throat.

Steven was in teenage pedophile heaven, his studly body rocking back and forth as a 4yo as squeezed and massaged his cock while another little sexy tyke ate his jock butt. He settled into a steady rhythm, staring down at his thick cock and the little pink hole obscenely stretched around his fuck stick.

The pitcher could feel his balls drawing up, his hole tightening around the 4yo tongue digging up his butt. He pushed his little cum dump down onto his belly and propped himself up on his hands gaining leverage as he began pounding down into his coach’s son. Steven was violently raping a 4yo butt, just as he had wanted to do four years ago. His balls audibly smacked against the tyke’s taint, but they were barely heard over the kid’s crying and begging his daddy to make it stop. Coach Garnet leaned forward, holding his gagging 10yo son down on his cock, and began making out with his crying son. Steven smiled and fucked harder, his balls drawing up and edging him forward. His thrusts were fast and hard now, his 17yo body lost in the rape and fantasy come true for him.

“Take it Josh, take my fucking cock you little WHORE!” Steven screamed as he visualized himself raping his tiny little brother. Cum gushed from his cock and flew everywhere as the teen’s thrusts continued. Steven collapsed on the sobbing boy, his cock slithering from the destroyed 4yo hole. After a few moments, Steven regained his compose and looked up to see Coach Garnet making out with his oldest, their tongues playing and teasing each other. He felt a hand grab his slimy cock and stroke it.

“You’re still hard mister,” the blonde 4yo observed.

Coach Garnet looked at his star pitching recruit and laughed. Steven laughed in return as he realized he was still hard, not even a little softening.

“That’s why I ordered two, bud.” Coach and the boy laughed.

The little blonde found out just how hard Steven still was within minutes, the teen raping the little tyke while his new coach ate out his ass. Steven enjoyed the blonde's tiny hole very much, but what caused his teen cock to explode and force another huge into the preschool butt was watching the two brothers make out and 69 in front of him; 10yo Joey eating the cum from his little brother's freshly raped butt. Steven blew his load and soon after signed the paperwork to come to play for the coach. 


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