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Part 1

I'd flown to Tokyo at the bequest of my publisher. It seems the translation of my latest sex novel had been a big runaway hit on the underground Japanese literary scene. Pedophilia is rampant in Japan, something the tourist brochures don't like to mention. So I was the guest of a prominent man, my translator. Due to the nature of the work, he uses an alias, as, of course I do.

He was very friendly. His wife and three daughters served us dinner the night I'd flown in. His wife was wearing the traditional kimono, but the daughters dressed provocatively in western clothes, tight jeans or hot pants, tank tops, and see-through silk blouses. They were young. Two of them were teenagers, maybe fifteen and thirteen, the youngest, probably ten years old.

As the women cleared the table and cleaned up, Sato, I'll call him, told me that my novel was such a success because of the abundance of pedophilia in Japan, which is somewhat tolerated by the society.

I marveled at this, saying, that, for example, his wife had the body of a little girl, by my country's standards, short, thin, and with small breasts. Why would Japanese men need to molest young girls?

He laughed.

He told me he had fucked all of his daughters, since the age of six, and that it was accepted by his wife. He, being a great artist, had his needs, and his wife and children accepted this as if it were a duty, but with great love and enthusiasm.

I was kinda fucked by the plane ride, so I retired, though with wonderful dreams. Perhaps even helped by the uncomfortable bed I'd been given, a futon, or whatever the fuck that hard thing on the floor is called. I tossed and turned, each awakening bringing a different daughter into my dreams…

The next morning I trodded off to the nearest bathroom to piss and shave. I was almost done with my shaving when in walked the youngest daughter. She excused herself profusely, saying she needed to pee really badly, and there are never enough bathrooms.

When I started to wipe my face, to leave, she said no, I should just continue. But I was done, so I turned to her while she plopped down on the toilet seat and asked her if I could watch her pee.

I said, "It turns me on to watch a woman pee."

She blushed at being called a woman and her silence in response to my question invited me. I went over and bent down on my knees before her as she sat on the throne. She spread her legs a bit wider, closed her eyes, almost giggling, and said it would take a little while. She'd never had a man watch her pee.

My face was inches away, this perfectly bald cunt, just before me. Her quite tender slit was still unopened, and her smooth olive skin was beautiful.

She closed her eyes, and finally, grunting a bit, gushed out a torrent of pale yellow pee into the bowl.

She seemed to choke a laugh. I was simply mesmerized. Even though it was squirting out from the urethra at the top, some dribbled down, wetting her cunt-lips, seeming to spread them a little.

"Well," she said, staring down at me, "Did it turn you on?"


"Let's see."

So I stood and dropped my pajamas and boxers, and out sprang my hard cock, just about mouth-level to her.

"Ohhh," she cooed, and reached out and traced my stiff cock softly with both hands.

"We've got to do something about this."

She stood and slid her panties all the way off.

I'd dropped the toilet lid and sat on it. The floor was like cold wood, so once she'd turned back around I was sitting there, with my cock straight up, and she lifted her nightdress.

"I've never done it on a toilet before," and she giggled.

She came up and straddled me, whinnying almost like a horse. She dropped her ten-year-old twat onto my raging hardon.

I kissed her flat chest, her nipples, through the material of her nightdress, drinking them in. Then I proceeded to her mouth.

She kissed me back with a fury, our tongues fighting. She wiggled on down my entire shaft, groaning a bit, to get it all in. We fucked, real hard and fast, her jumping up and down on my cock like a champion until I exploded. She had the tightest cunt I'd ever fucked. I came hard.

With each pulse of sperm, she moaned. I thought she had an orgasm, or maybe several. It was probably just my imagination.

She got up, straightened her night dress, picked her panties up off the floor and shimmied into them, and left, giggling the whole while.

I was a mess. I just sat there reeling in the bliss, but along came the thirteen-year-old and I tried to grab up my pajamas and boxers to cover my nakedness…

"You are a naughty boy."


"You fucked my little sister, didn't you?"

"Well, you know…"

"Naughty boy has to drink my piss."

"What?" I stood, still clinging to my clothes.

She stripped off her panties, went over, fiddling as if locking the door, then came over, lifting her nightdress off over her head. She opened the toilet seat and sat down. She spread her legs lewdly.

I was sweetened by her adorable face, caught up in her breasts, which were just beginning to bud. I looked down at the most immaculate pussy I'd ever seen. It wasn't shaved, just pure almost bald luxury, fuzz, really.

"You don't want me to waste all this piss, do you?"

"I don't drink piss."

"Well, you're going to drink mine."

"Who says?"

"You drink my piss, or you will never fuck my older sister's asshole. And she so loves to be fucked in the ass."

At this, the door opened. The fifteen-year-old locked the door in earnest behind her. Then she dropped her panties, kicking them off with a giggle. She lifted up her nightdress, and turned around, and spread her ass-cheeks, displaying the most inviting asshole I'd ever witnessed. It was small, indeed, but open, and inviting.

I was turning, looking at this sparsely-haired cunt that was about to pee, and then at this delightful asshole, back and forth. I had to please the whims of the one, to gain access to the other.

So I moved up and placed my mouth full over the little cunt before me, my chin resting on the front of the toilet seat.

I snaked my tongue up her cunt. It was delicious. Then she cut loose and filled my mouth with her piss, some of which I spat out into the commode. But I drank, I swallowed quite a bit, and this pleased her. She patted my head.

Her sister was still on all fours on the wooden floor, her ass sticking up in the air, wiggling.

I looked up to the middle sister, begging her approval.

She pulled my face up to hers and licked her own piss off from around my mouth and my chin. She kissed me deeply, wanting to taste her own piss. Then she let me go and I crawled on my knees to her sister.

Without any lubrication at all, I thrust my raging hardon into her asshole and she bucked. It fucking hurt her. But she gritted her teeth, and took my member all the way into her asshole and I rocked back and forth.

I looked over and saw her sister furiously frigging herself as she sat on the toilet. They both reached orgasm at least three times before I flooded the older sister's asshole with an endless stream of sperm.

Her little sister came down from her throne, came over on her knees and shimmied up and began licking and sucking my sperm out of her sister's back hole.

After she'd scooped it all out with her tongue, her sister rolled around and they shared my cum in a deep back-and-forth kiss.

This was my first morning in Tokyo. I hadn't yet even seen the city.

Part 2

There was trouble with the publisher providing me with a guide… some mix-up… Sato went off to work, the girls went off to school - so I was left alone with Aja, Sato's wife, for the day…

And suddenly there was a knock at the door, and the house was filled with children… they ran screaming this way and that… Aja offered that they were her younger sister's children - aged six and four, which she passed while her younger sister went to medical school - this she said with great pride…

I was off on some mountain-top, the air-pollution here is bad - every time I slid-open one of the rice doors - or whatever the fuck - I couldn't breathe - so I was a shut-in. The noise of the kids, who mama-san seemed to have no control over, wrecked whatever chance I had at setting down a few words…

I said to Aja, "What can I do to end this fucking misery?"

"Well," she said, "Little Tami likes her cunt licked, that soothes her; and little Kami likes one to penetrate her cunt and asshole with fingers - that usually does the trick."

"I'll take Kami", I said - expecting the older of the two - but no, it was the four-year-old who greeted me by sliding open my door.

"Will you play with me?"


"Sorry we're disturbing you, sir - it's just, been a week since we've been over at auntie's."

"Is it true, what auntie says, that if I stick a finger up your cunt and asshole, you'll, like, settle-down?"

"Yes, please." And with that she threw off her already make-shift clothes and laid naked on my bed, spread-eagle, face-down…

I've probably never seen a four-year-old naked… it turned me on in this strange way - could've been a forty-year-old woman - the willingness, the playfulness - but she was a tiny giggling four-year-old…

I started by softly caressing her butt.

"Tell me, what else other than fingers have you had in your cunt and asshole?"

"Lots of things, really."

"Give me an example."

"A toothbrush handle."

"In both your holes?"


"A pencil, a carrot - even a plastic dildo."

"Whose dildo?"

"My mom's… she's the one who stuck it in."

"And how many fingers have been up your holes?"

"Three at a time… oh, no, you mean how many people's fingers… I don't know, many - should I count?"

"Do you, like, fuck?"

"Of course, silly."

I was at this point sending my long finger down and lightly rubbing along her crack - which thrilled her immediately - and it wasn't long before the rubbing sank in a bit, and was greeted by moisture…

This was some serious cunt. Tiny, but responding.

I bent down and started tapping at her anus with my tongue. One finger was already buried and twirling around, so I'd begun slowing penetrating with another. She loved having her asshole licked - it really turned her on. Her hips were rocking, and she made little grunts and gasps.

At this point the door rolled open.

"I'm sorry, Sir. Tami is curious about you."

The girl was completely naked. Aja was flushed - but not because of the scene she'd barged in on.

"Well, come on over you two."

"No, no," Aja started, "you three alone"

"Come play with us." And as I said that the girls, right after, both girls in unison chorused "Come play with us!"

Even though the moment the words had left my mouth, and left her mouth, Tami was on the bed, sitting next to her little sister's ass - which was wiggling oddly, wishing for more attention.

With that Aja began to disrobe… and my eyes were glued to her - a woman disrobing is always an erotic experience. She was shy to my stares. But pleased by my smile, and she blushed-smiled back to me.

Tami grabbed my cock, jerking me away from reality - I hopped. I'd been rock-hard, it kind of deflated when the intrusion happened - now I was metal-hard.

I lost my cool a bit, and simply dove my face back down between the little cheeks, and began licking Kami's anus again. I didn't know what else to do, I am not a director.

But then I kicked back.

I turned to Tami, and kissed her - and it was one of the most sensual kisses I'd ever received in return in my life. As deeply as she could, she examined every nook and cranny inside my mouth - truly exploring. As if she was hungry after the taste of her sister's asshole.

By now Aja was rolling around with four-year-old Kami - they were having a wonderful time - laughing - I think even singing - folded in each other's arms and amorously kissing - Kami seemed to focus on her auntie's modest breasts.

Tami had slid off the bed, scooted around to between my legs, and started giving this most wonderful little-mouth blowjob.

"I would like to fuck Kami first, then Tami, then Aja." I had to take control, otherwise the whole mess would fold.

So Aja laboriously licked and sucked little Kami's cunt. Tami seemed pissed-off - I ordered her to stick her fist into her little sister's cunt. She obeyed - but very slowly.

And her meatball-sized fist wouldn't fit.

My penis is long - not especially fat or fearsome, but long. And I've hurt enough girls/women in the world, to know how to use it…

I came in little Kami instantaneously, just after my first three strokes - only halfway in.

After her auntie sucked the juices and jism off, and got me hard again… I entered the cunt of the six-year-old, guided to her entrance by her aunt…

I fucked her at least twenty minutes. She had this amazing style of bucking like a bronco, then suddenly just lying there, then bucking again - really grabbing my cock with her cunt and whole body with her arms and legs, then releasing herself completely from the experience - like fucking fucking… I think I blacked-out for a second when I came.

And I came hard. I felt my cock run dry it was so hard.

But Aja, mama-san, sidled up and began to suck my rod… she'd cleaned-out her niece's cunts, and sucked me back to life before - but she was terror on this.

Not only was she milking my balls with her firm lips, her mouth totally consuming my semi, but a finger was busy up my asshole slick with sweat … she took it all in, all the way up to the base - even as it grew, all the way - as if she knew Deep Throat by heart. Really felt as though she was trying to force her way to swallow my balls once I was to full attention.

All the while I was watching these little sisters in a 69 - no more jealousy - simply lust - and very professional, or should I say, practiced.

She offered her asshole. I could see it by the wiggle.

So I kneeled up and began to press my cock head into her asshole.

But it was tough going. Her ass was as tight as her niece's cunts - I was wondering if she'd ever been fucked in the ass at all.

The little ones now sat up and watched wide-eyed as my cock sank - oh, so slowly into their auntie's asshole.

At this point, the girls were harmonious - sisters - and they strummed each other's slits like fumbling guitarists, of the punk, new wave, or garage school…

Mama-san announced she had to piss - at the point when my prick was wholly buried in her ass - I kept still - and Tami scooted around and under her, so her mouth was sucking in Aja's cunt… and Aja, little by little, released her urine into her niece's mouth - with each spurt I felt a contraction, each gulp I grew an inch…

Swallowed to the balls in this tightest of assholes I'd ever experienced… and her having her six-year-old niece sucking and swallowing mouthful after mouthful of piss from her cunt at the same time… cumming was beyond me…

I started ramming her asshole - I'm sure her piss fletched over the whole face and body of the little girl and mashed her face - but I was in it for the ride…

And she fucking screamed…

Wasn't long before I yelled too, and flooded her asshole.

And little Kami was right there to soothe her aunt's wailing asshole with her tiny tongue…Drinking my cum in.

I got hard again immediately…