Amsterdam (take four)

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There were at least twelve girls standing there in a line - some of them holding hands - the younger ones had nightdresses on - the older had various forms of revealing lingerie - and there was one 4-year-old at the end of the line who was completely naked, though seemed perfectly at ease.

The old lady let me ogle them for a while, then, still holding my hand, introduced me to the first pair - "Our sisters - nine, and six years old. The oldest is very anal, and loves her sister very, very much - both are fuckable." I almost came in my pants. She pulled me along.

"This is Samantha - she's a wild one - up for anything." She shook her long, red mane.

"Lisa and Gizelle - very close friends - Gizelle is into water sports." She blew me an obscene kiss.

"This is Janni - nine years old - she prefers hard anal." She turned around, lifted her nightdress, and stuck her finger up her butt.

"Maxi is ten - she will perform anything you ask." She immediately lifted off her night-dress, no underwear, and began fingering herself, then tasting her fingers.

"Mitzi and Sabrina are very loving - they're both twelve, and are the most experienced of the girls we have." The one bent down in front of the other, lifted up her night-dress and began sucking her cunt.

"This is Laila - she loves to be dominated, and, within certain restraints, loves pain - spanking and slapping is allowed, but no blood - and I frown upon too many bruises." She just stood there, disinterested.

And Katy here, our youngest, and newest member, well, she'll do what you ask, but since she's just four years old, I would prefer nothing anal at this point - but you have paid the price, if that is what you wish." She blew me a kiss.

"Samantha," I mumbled.

"You've paid for two - who's going with Samantha?" Madam asked.

"Laila," I said, nodding toward the Goth girl.

Samantha took my hand and led me down a dank corridor - Laila followed at a distance.

We entered a room that was little more than the queen-sized bed itself and a single, straight-back chair. Dark and stuffy, a bright pink light tried to brighten the place, but was of no use. The wooden panels of the walls were almost black, and absorbed every bit of light. The bed was well-made - satin quilt and numerous satin-covered pillows - but in an incongruous mix of colors. In a corner there was a gilded porcelain sink. The only window was painted black.

Samantha immediately began undressing, it wasn't much, just her short, shiny ivory nightdress, and a pair of white cotton panties - but seeing such a young girl undress with such haste, immediately made me hard. She stood naked before me - pale white mini-breasts with maroon nipples sticking out. Her cunt - well, she looked like a pure white Barbie doll, without a cunt.

"Well?" she said, beckoning.

Laila hadn't entered the room yet, so the door was slightly ajar.

I don't know why, but I didn't want to start undressing until Laila had arrived, I kept looking at Samantha, then turning and looking at the door.

"You chose me, right?" Samantha said, bit of anger.

"Yes. You're very beautiful."

"Well, what would you like first?"

Laila kind of laughed, having heard her - she had just entered the room and closed the door - a huge strap-on dildo stupidly dangling in her hand.

"I just thought I'd go grab one of my toys." There was this weird tension between the two.

"I'm totally lost here. Laila, get undressed - I will too."

We were all completely naked at this point. I looked at the girls, who stood as far apart as the room would permit.

"Why do you hate each other?"

"Naw, we won't let it go out over our guest, will we, Sam?"

"Fuck you!"

"No. It's like, he wants to fuck you."

Samantha rose from the bed - "I gotta pee" - and, without further ado, squatted over the sink in the corner and pissed and pissed.

Laila just stood there naked, back against the door, having cast the dildo onto the foot of the bed. I watched little Samantha's wide-spread ass cheeks clinch and relax as she squirted. Then she sighed.

After Samantha had stopped pissing, I said, "OK, OK, OK - I would like you, Laila, to suck Samantha's pissy cunt,"

"Only if I can bite it" - she smiled demurely as she went over to the bed, crawled up, and bent down and began to pleasure Samantha.

And they were enjoying it, somehow, so I climbed up onto the bed. Laila's pale thin butt was extruding, so I moved up behind her, and began to press my engorged cock into her tiny asshole. There was no lubrication - so it was a no-go - so I thrust my dick all the way up her tiny cunt in a single thrust instead - she let out an 'Ugh!' and I withdrew my cock immediately, now wet. I placed the head at the entrance of her asshole, and it sank in slowly - after that first initial ring - and she mumbled something loud into Samantha's cunt as I proceeded to sodomize her, slowly at first, and then hard. I came hard. And we both gasped for air.

"Kiss each other." The order was taken automatically, but not with pleasure - though it was obvious they enjoyed the kissing as they got into it - even giggling, as they made it more of a Hollywood-type over-the-top passionate kissing. I moved around so I was sitting up against some pillows in the corner.

"Now, share my cock." And they both began licking, kissing, and sucking my cock, balls, and asshole - sometimes their lips meeting, their tongues touching - they were cooing and aah-ing between slurping sounds.

They were both around the same age - ten. They had the same body types - skinny, with long legs, though Laila was a bit taller. They were both pure white pale - though Samantha was a redhead, not a single freckle. But the wild contrast between Samantha's wavy red hair and Laila's long straight black hair - made me feel like I was in a Fellini movie somehow. Samantha's eyes deep hazel, Laila's were blue-green. They had the softest skin I'd ever felt - I was fondling both their cute tight asses as I sat there getting the best double-blowjob of my life.

"We better get Samantha ready, Laila, if we're going to double-fuck her."

Laila was excited, and went to work on the girl's asshole, then shifted up and lapped her cunt.

"Put this on," I said, throwing her the strap-on. She harnessed it around herself, and sat on her haunches with a huge plastic dick in her hand.

"I get her asshole," I pronounced. So Laila slid under Samantha, placed the head against her little cunt, and began feeding it into her. It took a while for the girl to get the plastic cock up Samantha - who made grunting noises - it must've felt huge. They were kissing like lovers.

I approached her glistening asshole on my knees, took hold of her incredibly skinny waist, and began inserting my rock-hard cock into her anus.

This was one of the defining moments in my life - I had never felt so good - totally engorged, totally turned-on, feeling deviant and defiant all at once - I just fucked her ass - and felt the dildo pumping through the membrane - like I was being jerked-off inside her sucking asshole.

She screamed out "It feels too good!" and it wasn't long before I came.

I pulled out, but Laila kept pumping her cunt - she had no jism to release - and she fucked Samantha completely raw - and their slurping kissing turned me on again - at least I was half-hard as Samantha rolled off her - she couldn't take any more.

"Someone get me a beer."

And Laila went out the door - stark naked, dildo dangling, and Samantha took my dank, greasy cock into her mouth and sucked.

She came back with two beers - opened them mysteriously with the inside doorknob and then handed one to me, and then Samantha. She and Samantha shared a beer - I now saw some flame igniting between them... and they kissed between swigs - deeply, earnestly.

"I wanna fuck your ass, Laila."

"You already have."

"Again." and I went over to the chair, and sat, my cock rocking - I motioned to her, and she came over to me - kissed me first, then turned around and began to squat on my cock. She guided it into her asshole like an expert, and my hands played roughly with her immature breasts, torturing her nipples with my fingers.

"You, Samantha, come over and suck her cunt, while I fuck her ass." The little girl slid off the bed and crawled between Laila's legs, which were flayed - and began slurping at her cunt - catching our rhythm.

I was lasting this time - Laila knew I would, and rode me steadily like riding a pony. I pulled her nipples obscenely hard, which she seemed to enjoy. After a while, instead of sticking my tongue in her little ear, I whispered to her, loud enough for everyone to hear - "I want you to piss in her mouth."

It took some time, but two minutes later I saw her piss in Samantha's mouth. She grabbed Samantha's head and forced it into her crotch, so she could pee directly into her mouth. I bucked and bucked and fucked her ass, and then came, just as the final spurts of piss sprayed Samantha's small hungry face, which she smiled at receiving. She then dove back in and sucked Laila, who was warbling in ecstasy - a true orgasm - from a ten-year-old.

For five minutes more, at least, my cock was buried in that tiny asshole, before it began to wither and slipped out.

I was done, and loaded myself onto the bed. The girls climbed up and cuddled one another and kissed while I fell asleep.

There was a gentle knock at the door - we were all three asleep. The little woman from the shop window popped her head in, and signaled "shhhh" - and quietly pronounced that it was time to go. I got up, found my clothes, and dressed - looking adoringly at the waifs as they laid there hugging-sleeping.

She led me down the stairs - down the halls, out through the gallery, the living room, all vacant - through the muddy pathways, through her domicile - and deposited me out on the street with a little shove.