My Little Honey Pots

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I would like to tell you what happened many years ago. This is about a little girl named Taylor who was six when it started. I am her Uncle Frank and we are best of friends, and have been most of her life.

She was a very pretty girl about four foot high, her weight about sixty-five pounds. She has dark brown hair which she wears straight and long, just about to her shoulder blades. She has the most enchanting eyes I have ever seen.

She has a voice that will enslave any man, and the cutest little body.

Taylor will come to my bedroom and ask, "Uncle Frank can you play a game with me, please."

I would always say, "Sure baby, anything for you."

We would play Pac Man or some other game that she wanted to play.

As she got older she became active in sports and she would always complain of sore legs and ask me to rub them, which I would happily do for her.

Around the time she was eight she came to my room complaining of soreness and asked me to take care of her legs once again.

I told her to get some baby oil so I could rub her legs.

She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt with socks and sneakers. As I rubbed her legs, she asked me to do her legs higher then her calves.

I rubbed her legs up to her thighs and she asked me to go higher. I told her that I couldn't reach any higher with her shorts in the way.

She got up, went to her room and changed into her night shirt and came back asking me to do her legs again, which I did.

When I was done with her leg, she asked me to do her arms as well. I was happy to do as she asked. I started with her fingers then moved up to her forearms, then her upper arms. I was working her shoulders and arms together.

Then she asked me to do her back, so I moved to her back and started rubbing. She was just about asleep, so I stopped.

She woke up and said, "Uncle Frank, please don't stop, it feels so good."

I told her that I would continue. I worked my hands to her back and she said, "Lower, please."

I moved lower to the bottom of her back and up again. I moved to her arms again and back to her shoulders and down her back.

She loved my hands and she said so. "Uncle Frank can you do my leg, too, I am enjoying you rubbing so much."

I moved up and down her arms then down her back to her lower back, and then I'd moved to her legs and back up. She asked me to rub her tush when I did her upper legs.

So I restarted at her feet and moved up her body to her thighs. As I got closer to her ass, she would wiggle a little.

I asked her, "Taylor, do you want me to stop?"

Taylor said, "No. Please don't stop, I am really enjoying you rubbing me. Will you rub me more? Please rub my whole body. I just love how relaxed it makes me."

I said, "Sure baby I like rubbing you too."

So I started again. I worked her nightshirt up to just below her ass and did her legs; she asked me if she could take it off.

"I'm sure, sweetie, it would make it easier for me to rub your whole body."

I went from her feet all the up to her fingers and back down. She told me that I was making her tingle; I said "How baby?" She said that her pussy tickled.

So I rubbed up the outside of her legs to her arms and back down over her whole body. When I got to her butt I moved around it a couple times then went to her inside of her legs and down to her feet. I went back up the inside of her legs to her butt and rubbed her pucker hole.

She liked that, as I would move one hand up and the other down and then reverse them. I would meet my hands at her butt and knead her cheeks; she would hum as I did that.

Taylor asked me to rub her butt some more saying that she liked that much better. I moved my hands around her ass and would let my fingers move between her legs to slide in the grove of her pussy.

The first time I slid between the lips of her pussy she jumped and said, "Oh that feels so nice. Can you do it some more, please?"

I rubbed her slit three or four times and she shook, asking for more. I started rubbing her from her legs to her ass and down the inside to her pussy. After about ten minutes of this I told her to turn over.

She was a little hesitant at first, but rolled over.

I moved between her legs and rubbed her up to her neck and back again. She asked me to rub her pussy some more saying it felt really good when I did that.

I used my thumb to rub her pussy very lightly and used my other hand to rub her body up and down. Twenty minutes later she shook again, I leaned over and kissed her pussy and as I did that I slid my tongue through her slit, she jumped, and said, "Oh, Uncle Frank, that was super, can you do that lots more."

I just moved my head to her pussy and started eating her out.

Every day for a month she would come in and asked me to rub her, but after I started to rub her she would say, "Please use your tongue, it is so soft and makes me feel all tingles."

I would send about two hours each day just eating her out; she had cum that first day and couldn't get enough.

I was happy to do that for her every day when she came home from school. She would change in to her night shirt and come ask me to rub her.

That went on for almost two months. I would get so horny rubbing her, one day when she came in I told her that I didn't fell good that my dick was hurting and needed her to rub me.

She was happy to help me with that.

She started moving her hand up and down my stiff cock, I said, "Baby, use your tongue like I do on you."

She licked me a couple times. I then said, "Taylor, suck it like a lollypop, use your mouth."

Taylor was enthusiastic to say the least. Taylor sucked about three inches into her mouth and tried to get more but choked.

I came shortly after she choked, and filled her mouth with my juice. She sucked more out and I was getting hard again. I said, "Baby, I owe you for that one, it was great. Thanks, Taylor."

Taylor said, "Uncle Frank, I am more then happy to help you with that anytime you need me to, alright."

I said, "Sure, baby."

We did that every day after school then, with her sucking me off, then me eating her out until she came.

About a month after she started sucking me off, I was asked by her mother to watch her for a month so she and her friend could go to Mexico on holiday.

We had seen Taylor's mother, Chrissie, off that Friday and she would not be back for twenty eight days.

The first night Taylor slept with me. I ate her out, she sucked me off, and we went to sleep together.

About one in the morning I had to pee, so as I was getting out of bed, Taylor's night shirt had worked its way up, and I saw her pussy and butt sticking out at me. After peeing, I washed my hands and took a towel off the rack; as I did so the towel moved the cabinet door, inside was a large bottle of KY jelly.

I brought it back to bed with me and used some to play with myself. I was stroking slowly when I had an idea.

I moved next to Taylor's ass and rubbed her pucker with my cock head, she started to move back against my cock.

I was pushing my cock head into her ass and she was pushing back just as much, my cock popped in and she woke up saying, "Ow that hurts, Uncle Frank, take it out please."

I said, "Just let it sit there a minute or two, ok baby, it will get better."

Well, about three minutes later Taylor started moving against my cock and more pushed in, the girl was fucking me with her ass. I came about ten seconds later and I pushed about half my cock into her, and she came then, too.

We went back to sleep with my cock still in her ass.

The next morning I was awoken by Taylor's little ass moving on my cock, the girl had almost all ten inches in her ass.

I ate Taylor out after she fucked me with her asshole; we then took a shower where Taylor sucked me hard again, she asked me to fuck her hinnies again, so I did.

We had a very nice day Saturday, and into Sunday morning, just fucking and sucking.

Sunday night we were spent, so we just slept.

I woke up Monday and Taylor said she wanted to stay home and fuck some more, I thought to myself, I created a monster.

Taylor stayed home for almost a week so she could fuck me.

Well, Monday night Taylor asked me to fuck her other hole. I told her that would really hurt if I did. I thought I had talked her out of trying to get her pussy fucked, but I was wrong.

After I was asleep, Taylor got the KY jelly and used it on my cock, she got it very lubed. She put my cock to her hole and sat down on it very slowly.

I woke up with about two inches of my cock inside her, she was sweating badly. I said, "Baby, what are you doing?"

She said, "I am a big girl, Uncle Frank. I am going to fuck you like mommy does."

I said, "Taylor, you are too small for me in your pussy. I can barely get in your mommy sometimes. I don't want to hurt you, baby."

Taylor said, "I can do this, Uncle Frank, please let me. I love you and want this just like mommy does."

While she moved around a bit, I slowly sank into her pussy. About three inches in she stopped and said, "It hurt, Uncle Frank, but I can't move off it, help me, please."

I took her by her hips and said, "I love you for trying to take me, baby, but I think you should stop."

She yelled "NO, I can do it," and pushed herself down on my cock. I sank six inches inside her and she came so hard she passed out.

I came not much later, about ten seconds or so.

I went to sleep with my cock inside her and it didn't come out for three days. I fucked Taylor day and night. If we had to eat she rode me to the kitchen, she sat on me to eat, she rode me to the shower.

Everywhere I went, she went riding my cock. I was so sore from fucking Taylor. I had to tell her she had to go to school so I could rest up.

She came home Thursday after school, and had a friend with her, asking if Molly could stay over. I told her no, that it was school night and maybe the weekend.

Molly told Taylor that she would ask her mother if she could sleep over the weekend. They went up stairs to Taylor's room to play.

I had gotten dinner ready to eat and asked Molly if she was staying over to eat. She said that she was staying for dinner and that her mom would be by later to pick her up.

I thought "great timing, Molly's mother was a leach. She not a bad looking woman, about 5'2", 105 pounds, 32-24-32, she looks like a fourteen year old school girl, but the age in her face is 27. She wanted me to date her, saying a man needed a woman to tend his needs, and I'm available."

I had told her that I didn't want anything long term, and was just hanging around to see if something came up.

About eight o'clock Brenda showed up to get Molly, and asked if I had anything planned for the weekend, and she know of a nice place to eat, if I wanted to know about it.

If that wasn't a hint I was a monkey's uncle.

I said, "Brenda, I have plans for this weekend, and I let you know about that dinner club you were hinting about, ok."

Brenda said, "Well, ok, Frank. I'll be looking forward to it. Bye for now, Frank."

She and Molly left and it was me and Taylor once again for the night.

We had ice cream for a snack, went to bed at nine and I fucked Taylor's body into the box spring.

I was awakened by Taylor sucking me at six am. I was not happy about getting up that early, but she told me that she had to take care of her man before she had to go to school.

Friday after school and once again Molly was with Taylor, and Molly had a bag clothes with her. I said, "Well, Molly, it looks like you plan to spend the weekend, or what?"

She said, "Yap. Taylor told me that we are gone to have a fun time, just the three of us."

I looked at Taylor, and she wouldn't look at me.

I knew something was up between the two girls, so I asked to speak to Taylor in the bedroom.

Taylor told me that she had told Molly about us fucking and sucking, and Molly wanted to know what it was about. So Taylor had told Molly that we would teach her over the weekend.

I tried to explain to Taylor that if anyone found out about us fooling around I would go to jail. After she got me to say I would teach Molly this weekend, we went out and started to talk with Molly about how important that it was for her to keep our secret.

We watched TV till eight and went up to bed, when Taylor said, "Uncle Frank, start with me and then do Molly, ok."

I kissed Taylor softly and licked her lips and trailed my tongue down to her chest, and licked her there, then down to her pussy.

Taylor liked the way I licked her slit and she came on my tongue. She then said to Molly, "Alright, lie down and open your legs."

Molly didn't want me to see her; Taylor told her to just let me lick her some.

So I kissed Molly on the lips and ran my tongue over her chin and kissed her neck. I moved down to her chest like Taylor's and down to her pussy and licked her slowly till she got used to me.

I licked Molly's pussy up and down for ten minutes till she shook. Molly squirted when she came. It shocked me to see a little girl squirt like her, and I told her so.

Molly said, "Mommy does it too, only a lot more. Sometimes I think I'm going to be drowned, but she likes me to lick her a lot."

I said. "Molly, do you lick mommy all the time?" She was a talkative little girl.

She said, "Sure, sometimes mommy has me put my hand into her pussy and move it in there till mommy screams out that she had enough."

This was going to take some getting use to, I was curious to see if Taylor had done this, so I said, "Baby, did you and mommy ever do that, like Molly and her mommy?"

Taylor was very evasive to the question, so I told her we have no secretes now that we are in this together.

Taylor said, "Yes, Uncle Frank, sometimes when mommy was feeling bad, before you got here, mommy would rub my pussy, and lick me, and she would ask me to lick her pussy too and I put four fingers in her once.

I was amazed that my sister was a pedophile like me.

I said, "Molly, I am going to show you how to suck my cock." Taylor broke in with. "You're going to love this, Molly."

I said, "Taylor, come suck my cock for me, baby."

Molly moved closer so she could see better, I said, "Molly, sit your pussy on my face, will you please."

She moved up and put her pussy over my mouth and sat down, I started to eat her out.

Taylor was going to town on my cock. She was taking about seven inches into her throat. I came in short order. Molly was next, she was moving around on my face while Taylor just kept sucking me. Molly squirted and passed out.

I had Taylor move around so I could eat her out till she came on my face, and then I had her sit on my cock. I sank down into her pussy a good seven inches and stopped. I was at her cervix and she wanted more, so she was moving in little circular movement. I popped into her womb and sank another two inches. She came and passed out cold.

Molly was scared that I had hurt her, and said, "Frank, did you kill her? She's not moving anymore."

I laughed and said, "No, Molly, she's fine. She came better than you did earlier," Molly smiled at the memory. Molly asked if she could fuck me now.

I told her that she had a lot to learn yet and for her to be patient, that she would get all the cock she could possible want in good time.

I slowing pulled out of Taylor and had Molly suck me again while I ate her. She came quickly.

We went to sleep after that and slept all night, with no overnight antics.

Saturday morning as another great day, I was woken up with two mouths sucking me hard. After I was hard I told Taylor to climb on.

She took seven inches like nothing at all and tried to take more when I came inside her. She just kept rocking her hips trying to get off. Molly asked her if it felt good. Taylor just said, "Hmm, feels great."

I told Molly that today she was going to take a ride on my cock. Taylor came, and was out again.

I moved over so Taylor was on her back and told Molly it was her turn to cum, she was all for it. She moved up real fast to my face.

I told her she was going to cum like she never thought she could. I had her lie on her back I got between her legs and rubbed her pussy till she was wet, and then I moved my thumb to her hole and pushed it in.

As the first knuckle went in she came, I pushed into her fast to take her cherry, which was right there and held my thumb there all the way inside her. When Molly came down some I started moving my thumb in and out of her.

I was making little circles with my other hand around her clit. After about ten seconds Molly started to shake and she also started to squirt, it looked like she was peeing.

I stopped and moved up her body till I had my cock at her hole and pushed in just a little, about an inch. She looked at me, I smiled and pushed another two into her. She stiffened and began saying, "Oh god, oh god, you're doing it, you're doing it." She passed out again, I pushed into her till I stopped, about six inches.

I stayed inside of Molly till she came to, she just smiled and said, "Wow, I want more please."

I started moving in and out of Molly till I had about eight inches going in to her fairly quickly. Molly started humping back to each thrust I gave her. She came again, but just kept moving like a wild animal caught in a trap.

Taylor watched as Molly came the fourth time, then she just kissed Molly on the lips and said, "Now Molly, your Frank's woman, just like me."

When Molly stopped cumming I told the girls that I want to do more with them, but I also want other women as well.

Taylor kissed me and said, "Uncle Frank, you can have as many as you like, just so you keep us happy first."

I said, "That's something I'll have to think about first." Taylor then said "Why? Don't you love us, Uncle Frank?"

I said, "Very much, my little honey pot." Taylor said, "Molly is yours too, is she not Uncle Frank?"

"Yes, Molly too."

Molly was elsewhere when she heard her name and asked "What did you say, Mister Frank?" Taylor cut in and said, "Call him UNCLE FRANK, Molly."

Molly said, "What did you say, Uncle Frank?"

"I said that you and Taylor are my honey pots. Is that alright with you, Molly?"

Molly jumped up and kissed me, as did Taylor. I was being gang banged by two eight year olds, and I loved it.

Sunday Molly was going home at five, so she could get ready for school Monday morning. Taylor wanted her to stay with us again. I told Taylor that I would talk to Brenda before Molly went home, to see when we could have time together again.

Brenda came at five and started talking about going out with me again. I had an idea that was worth trying.

After all, I'm a thirty year old pervert living with my 25 year old sister, her lover, and her eight year old daughter, with no social life in the last year. A life I left after having felt used and useless.

And here are these women and young girls throwing themselves at me. Well, I thought to myself, if I can get this going I'll be a happy man soon.

I said Brenda, "I need to talk to you, and I want the girls to have more time together. How would you like to stay as well? We can have a big sleep over, just the four of us," giving Brenda a wink.

Brenda looked at me, then the girls, and the girl were saying, "Oh please, let's have a sleep over."

I said, "Come on Brenda, it will be lots of fun."

Brenda thought about it and said, "Sure why not, it's not every day a good looking man asks me to sleep with him."

Both girls jumped on Brenda. "Thanks, Brenda," Taylor said. Molly said, "Oh, thank you, mommy."

"Well," Brenda said, "if we are going to have a sleep over, Molly and I will need clothes to sleep in and clothes for tomorrow. So I'll run home and get some, and will be back shortly."

After Brenda left I told the girl's my plan, I told them that I as going to fuck Brenda and they were to come in later and we all could get to have fun together.

Well, Brenda came back ten minutes later with clothes for her and Molly.

I gave the girls their baths and put them to bed together in Taylor's bed, so they could play while I was playing with Brenda.

Brenda took her shower and got ready for bed, I set her up for a very long night of fun and games.

I took my shower after Brenda. I came out of the bathroom with out anything on.

Brenda choked a pond seeing me, saying, "Damn, Frank, where in hell have you been hiding that?" pointing at my cock. When fully hard is just over fourteen inches long.

I said, "Right here, Brenda, waiting for a woman to fall onto it, just like you."

I kissed her and rubbed her back, pulling her nightgown up as I did so. Brenda was putty in my hands, I had her naked and spread her legs wide open, waiting for my cock. I licked her to two very nice orgasms, and then slide my cock to her till she passed out.

Then I went and got the girls.

When Brenda came to we were all naked. Molly was eating her out while Taylor sucked me off. I told Brenda that I knew about her and Molly and it was alright with me, and have enjoyed my time with her as well as Taylor.

Taylor got up once I was ready, and sat down, taking ten inches of my cock Brenda looked at her and said, "Wow, Taylor, you are just full of surprises, aren't you!"

Taylor came and moved off me. Molly got down between my legs and started to suck me off. Brenda just looked at her and said, "Damn, Molly, where did you learn that?"

Molly moved up, sitting over my cock and said, "Watch, mommy, see what else I can do." Molly took eleven inches and said "See, mommy, I am one of Frank's honey pots. Do want to be one too, mommy?"

Brenda just looked lost, at her daughter sitting on a cock eleven inches long in her eight year old daughter's pussy, thinking, "Do I want to be one of Frank's whores?"

Taylor told Brenda about fucking me eight days ago and was happy to have done it. Molly started telling Brenda about fucking me over the weekend and cumming so hard she had passed out. Brenda just looked at us, at how happy we were.

Molly asked again, "Mommy, are you going to be one of Franks honey pots?"

"Frank," Brenda asked out of her daze, "Is this true that you have fucked both these little girls, and made them your honey pots, so you can fuck them anytime you like, and to top that off you want me to be one of your little honey pots?"

Molly and Taylor looked at Brenda, then at me and said, "WELL? DO YOU, FRANK?"

I said, "If you wish to be one of my lovers, then sure, I'd love to make you one of my honey pot girls."

Brenda looked at me and then the girls and said, "Fuck me, and make me one of your sluts, just like my daughter."

I took Brenda hard. She came at the first push of my cock. She didn't stop till she passed out cold and fell to the floor.

Taylor said, "I wish he'd fuck my mommy like that, then he would never have to leave, I could fuck him anytime I wanted too."

I told Taylor, "I do fuck your mother that way all the time. I have been fucking your mother since she was seven, and she has never had another man since."

Brenda heard that and said, "You mean that Taylor is your daughter."

I said, "Yes, Brenda, Taylor is my daughter, and I been fucking my sister from the time she was seven.

"This so hot I need to fuck again, Frank. Please fuck me again, take me, use me, just fuck me, please."

I took her from behind with both girls sucking her tits, Brenda was cumming non stop. Taylor used her fingers on Brenda till she couldn't take any more and passed out for the night.

I then did Molly the same way, hard and fast. Taylor ate her, licked her clit till she passed out. I made love to Taylor, slow and loving, for the remainder of the night, no one woke up Monday morning till eleven. Then we fucked some more.

I had me a real harem going here and loved it.

Over the next two weeks I fucked all three of the girls. They did anything I wanted and I also found out that Brenda was a true submissive. I told her that from now on she was to service me anytime I wanted her too.

I had Molly take my cock up her ass that Monday morning, with the help of Brenda. After Brenda licked my sperm out of Molly's asshole, she then sucked my cock clean and hard again, so I could fuck Taylor.

The month was just about over. We had three more days till Chris came home and started running my life again. You see, I came from a large family, nine girls and me the only boy. By the time I was twelve, I had fucked my mother and sisters and had a few other women at my beck and call most days.

But over the last year it did nothing for me. My mother talked me into coming down to take care of my sister Chris and her/my daughter.

I have been here for more then six months, just hanging around fucking my sister, her lover, and her daughter. I came down to see them for a short visit, but found out that Chris has had a lover for three years, a good looking woman, her name is Thalami (Tama, for short), she is from Bali.

Tama looked a lot like Vanessa Williams, but has gray eyes. She weighs only 107 pounds, and has a body with 36-28-36, and the greatest bare pussy mound I have ever seen.

Well, I have been fucking both women for five months now. I think they are both pregnant, they were both sick every morning before they went away on holiday. I won't know for sure for about a month yet.

Taylor just came in and started sucking my cock again asking for me to fuck her. I have little surprise for the little girls. Brenda and Molly are going to move in with me and Chris, Taylor and Tama.

Friday I took Brenda, Taylor and Molly to a friend and had them tattooed with my name on their ass, as in read "Frank's property, do not touch under fear of castration." When Chris and Tama come back Monday they are going to get theirs, too.

Well, after they were tattooed I took them to a woman downtown that my friend had told me she would do anything I wanted her to do, for the right price.

I had Taylor have a gold tit ring put in, and a bar-bell through her clit; and Molly's nipples pierced with silver rings and Brenda's with a gold ring in her left tit and a silver ring in her right tit, and her clit pierced with a gold loop with a chain between them.

All three got their tongues pierced with a ball stud.

I took the girl's home but they were all too sore to fuck, so we all went to bed about eleven and sleep though the night.

I was woken up at eight by Taylor saying breakfast was ready, and I should come down stairs.

We all ate and then cleaned up. Sunday morning I went to sit out in the back yard at the pool. Taylor and Molly were playing out there. Brenda came out with a leash and asked me if I would take her as my slave.

I told Brenda that she could be my slave, both girls said, "We want to be your slaves, too." I told all my girls that they were my sex slaves and that I would love them as my first women. We all had a nice night and went to bed early, about ten, and we just cuddled and went to sleep with Taylor on top and Molly to my left and Brenda to my right.

Monday morning Taylor woke me with a very nice slow fuck. She took me deep, too. She took ten inches and she came with me. Molly asked if she could have a turn. I told her she could, if she got me hard again.

The little doll was trying to go as deep as Taylor, but only got nine inches in and passed out cold. She was out till four, when Brenda woke her to go home.

Taylor and I went to get Chris and Tama from the air service and went out to eat. While at dinner both women were all smiles, so I said, "So ladies, what has got you two so happy."

Chris said, "Well, we're sitting with a very good looking man and my daughter who is also very pretty, and we are lovers. They held hands and both women said, "And we're pregnant by you, Frank."

I said, "Well, I can see why you would be happy about being pregnant, and about being with us here now, but why would you want to be happy that I knocked you up, I can't marry you and I won't leave you like some men would after you told them you were with child."

Taylor said, "Mommy am I going to have a sister again, or a brother this time?" Chris said, "What would you like, baby?"

Taylor said, "A brother, so he can fuck me, like Uncle Frank fucks us."

Chris was shocked at Taylor's comment, and looked at me and smiled. She said, "So, brother dear, you're at it again, are you?"

I simply said, "I have never stopped going at it, baby sister, and will continue with you as well as all my other women, but I would like to ask you and Tama something very important that will change all our lives."

Tama said, "What could you ask us that we have not given you already, Frank? You know we will do anything you ask. So why ask?"

I said, "Let's go home, I want to show you something that will definite change us all."

We went home, I called Brenda and Molly over and they sat down on the couch, and I started by saying, "I had bought five gold and silver wedding bands." They looked like there was a ring of gold and ring of silver twisted around each other, with a small 'F' were they met. "Ladies, I love each of you very much, and therefore I need to ask you all this one question. And it affects all of you, not the adults only. So therefore you must answer it as a whole, as one family, not just a bunch of females."

Chris was getting insistent, she said, "Will you ask the damn question already, Frank?"

I said, "Ladies, I love each of you, and I want to live with you."

Chris cut me off and said, "Frank, you already live with us, so what do you want from us?"

I said, "Shut up, Chris, and let me finish, ok." She said, "Sorry, big brother, go ahead."

I started again with, "I love you and want to live with you all, as my wives." They all just looked at me. Taylor jumped up and said, "I love you too, Uncle Frank. But I can't be your wife, I am your daughter." Chris said, "Baby, how did you find out about that?"

Taylor said, "Mom, I ain't stupid, I see you fucking my uncle very night all over the house and you don't go out with other men. I can figure out that Uncle Frank is my dad."

Tama said, "Well, I am for Chris and you" Chris said, "Hell yes. I'm for being my brother's wife. I have wanted to be from the time I was six. Shit, I even tricked Frank into fucking me so he'd have to marry me. I told him once that I was going to be his wife someday."

Brenda said, "I am game as long as you fuck me every day, lover."

Molly said, "Me, too. I want to get fucked every day, too."

I said, "Ladies, I will love each of you every day, but there are going to be other women in our lives. I will love you first though. Chris, as my first wife it is your job to keep the house organized, so no problems later on. Tama, you are in charge of the bank. You will that care of the house, and the needs of every one of my women. Brenda, your job will be a care giver to the kids. Taylor and Molly, it is your job to care for your school work so you both can help out with the family."

I took Tama and Chris to the tattoo parlor and had them marked the same way as the other girls. Then we went and had Tama and Chris pierced. Tama with a sliver ring, and Chris with gold; both had their clits done with bar bells and tongue with a stud.

We had a nice ceremony with friends and family, there they all recognized that they were to be first wives. Seven months later Chris gave birth to Antony, and Tama gave birth to Aril. We live in a ten-bedroom house as a family. I am now called 'daddy' by all the kids and my wives call me 'honey.' I call all my wives 'my little honey pots,' we have been living together now for twenty years.

We have eighteen children and a very good sex life and the kids have sex with anyone they like. I fuck my wives daily, and I fuck my other women over the course of a month's time.

I have 123 between my wives and family and other slaves. I can't name all of them or tell you about each one. I can tell you that I have eighteen children with my wives. Chris has four girls and one boy. Taylor has three girls. Molly has four boys and one girl. Tama has three girls. Brenda has two girls.

Then there are the ones from mom and my other sisters. Mom had three boys and two girls. Liz had one each. Farina had four boys. Maggie had one each. Carol had four girls. Susan had one each. Cathy had three boys and one girl. Judy had one each.

Then there are my aunts and cousins that I've knocked up.

There my aunt Shelly she has two boys and four girls. Then aunt Mara, she has three girls and two boys; and dad's sister Irena has four girls and one boy, my cousin Emily has four girls, then Ulna has four boys and two girls, Tina has six girls.

There are many more women with children by me than I can remember who has what right now, but come time I'll right a few words on them as well.

I am sorry to say that this little tale has come to an end. So remember Winnie the Pooh, keep your honey pot close, you never know when your may get hungry.

I do keep my little honey pots very close.