The Librarian's Hot Moves

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Alice Pierpoint gazed up at the jet trails in the air. The air-show had dazzled her, and the sun had baked her skin. Even the flush of excitement in her face was masked by her now bright red skin. Her noticeable cleavage had suffered the same fate because of her low-cut tank top. A couple of men in the bleachers behind her tried unsuccessfully to determine just how deep the burn reached.

"Why did I have to forget my sunscreen?" she regretted aloud after noticing her pink arms. The show was over and she looked forward to soaking in an oily bath for the night. Even then she would be in a world of hurt the next day, trying to keep up with the bookmobile's schedule.

The crowd, attempting to file their way off of the cordoned runway, was bustling with anxious families and other spectators. A man to her right kept bumping into her and patting her soft fanny. She knew it was no accident, but she suffered the indiscretion and refused to give the man any attention. After a few more obvious grabs and familiar squeezes, the man looked at her and said.

"Gosh, I thought you were my daughter!"

"Well I'm not. So stop touching me."

"I'm sorry, her boyfriend must have taken her with him. I thought she was following me. I sure feel silly. Can I make it up to you?"

Alice looked again at the man. He was about forty and had a visible paunch, but his eyes were sharp and he did have an earnest smile.

"I guess it was just a mistake." She realized he was carrying a beach shoulder bag and the she asked. "Well, if you have some sun lotion, I would like that very much."

The man's eyes and grin widened. "Sure thing." He produced a suitable brand from the bag and opened it. "Here, let me." he offered. Then he poured some on to his hand and began to rub her shoulders.

"Ahhh." All the bumping had really inflamed her skin, and the soothing cream melted in and immediately relaxed her. She even began to feel an erotic response, but when his large, groping hand went down the front of her top and grabbed one of her loose tits she yelped and turned away.

"That's enough!" she cried defiantly.

"Okay, okay. I guess got carried away." His daring smile was ever-present.

"Just go away."

"Listen doll, that's the last favor I'll do for you. You just need a good fuck." his eyes sharpened.

"Go to hell."

"Why, there's nothing more frigid there." his wide grin returned and he laughed. Then he disappeared into the crowd.

When Alice finally reached her car, she started the motor with an angry roar and fought her way though the clot of traffic until she returned home. Still fuming from the sluggish roadways and the pervert, she slammed the front door closed and pouted in her bedroom. After she cooled, her skin again made its condition known, and she moved to the adjoining room to draw her bath.

She peeled the few cotton garments off her body noticing a few things about her body she hadn't given much thought before. Her shapely tits curved in a way she had always liked. Her well-rounded hips with its soft thatch of light red pubic hair must be quite a charm for some men.

"Men!" she thought bitterly. "That's all they see in a woman, her sex." Someday she would find a nice man who appreciated all her qualities. She was soon to turn 27 years old, and for the first time she doubted her Prince Charming was headed in her direction.

She stepped into the tub, still staring at the graceful mound between her legs.

"It's just a c-cunt." She forced herself to say the naughty word. She was an enlightened woman, she believed, because she knew all sorts of words adults used and wanted to be sure she was not seen as a simple-minded woman. It was a source of pride for her to have broken free of her parents' strict taboos against anything sexual. She again saw the man in the crowd smiling at her. In defiance, she touched her hand to her cunt.

"See? It's all mine, and I can do what I want with it!" she said brazenly. A few times before she had masturbated, but the experience felt strange and scary. Was it really supposed to feel that way? She started the experiment again. For some reason her gently rubbing fingers seemed to know exactly just what to do today. Her pelvis offered a better angle for her hand to penetrate the many folds of her vulva.

"Oh, my." she responded verbally and stared at her hand as it quickened its motions. "Oooo, Aaahhh." It felt wonderful. She still saw the older man's face. She could almost feel his hand against her, but it was her free hand that caressed her soft tits. Passion built up inside her cunt and her hand worked faster and faster to relieve it. At one point she pulled on her breast roughly, producing a sharp pain in her flesh as she stretched her burned skin. At once, her body convulsed, and waves of pure delight shot through her.

"Oohhh, Uunnnggh! Arrrggh, AAAAHHHH!!" She cried out from her wonderful, first orgasm.

She lay in the tub long past her bedtime. Then she rinsed, drained the tub, put a medicinal cream on her abused skin, and went to bed.

The next day was as hectic as she had expected. Her assigned route took her to every part of the city. Her first stop was a small nursery school. Ever-loving Child Care was a large, converted house. Its backyard was filled with a plethora of toys and jungle gyms. Dozens of children played on them.

The two caretakers, a dark haired woman with a touch of gray, and a young blonde had selected the day's reading material and had given her a box of returned books. She was placing the books back on the shelf when she realized one of them was not the library's. She was scandalized. Its title was 'Dark Lesbian Nights'.

At first she wasn't sure what to do. She wanted to throw it in the trash, but her sense of loyalty to books and the first amendment overcame her revulsion. She believed people were entitled to read what they liked, no matter how stupid.

She hesitantly stepped down from the bookmobile and entered the house. The two women were, oddly, not with the children, and she had not seen them in the yard. She might have just left the book on a table, but she didn't want a child to find it. After peeking into the rooms on the first floor she climbed the set of stairs where, according to a sign, children were not allowed. Probably for their safety she thought. At the top of the stairs she thought she could hear the women's voices down the hall behind one of the doors. She paused outside just before knocking.

"Amanda, did you see what little Jimmy Barns did this morning?"

"No, darling. What?"

"He reached up my dress and pulled on my panties."

"Hah, the silly thing. Doesn't he know that only I am allowed that privilege? Is that why you dragged me up here and ate my pussy? Are the poor dears driving you out of control again, Mary?"

"That and when Shelly Meyers took off her dress because she had spilled soda on it. I saw you staring for several moments before you told her to put it back on."

"Well you know our rules. We don't get involved with our clients, but if they happen to get into their own straights, ours is not to condemn."

Alice was shocked to her marrow. She rapped sharply on the door, ready to condemn their private words with a burst of disgust, but she promptly lost her nerve at their reply.

"Whoever you are, you must go back downstairs, dear child. We'll be out in a few minutes."

"S-sorry, but one of the books you gave me wasn't the library's. I'll j-just put on the floor next to the door and go. B-bye." Alice stuttered nervously. As she hurried away she could have sworn she heard them say:

"Oh, darn. Another delicious fish fails to take the bait." Then laughter.

Alice drove away to her next location. She was having trouble concentrating on the map. Those women back there. Could they have actually been having sex together? The thought was unimaginable. She knew what it took to have sex. She had read about penises, c-cocks, she reminded herself, in the self-help books in the library. Alice knew what the word lesbian meant, but she had never taken it very seriously before. She decided nervously to look up more information about it when she finished her rounds and returned to the library.

She pulled up to a rickety, old, gray house. She knew this neighborhood wasn't very nice, but in the back of her mind she believed the bookmobile was a spiritual service to the poor people here. Books, and everything about them, comprised her religious center. She always felt safe in the van.

Children and also grown-ups waited in a line for the chance to borrow or return books. She smiled at each as they entered her temple and made their selections. The operation ran smoothly until the last young girl had shyly taken her freshly stamped card and jumped off the van step delighted. Then two older boys crowded in the doorway and leered at her.

"Hey, momma. You got some books for us?"

"Uh, sure, but only one person at a time." Alice replied as uncertainty uttered a veiled warning.

"See, I told you she was someth'n." One boy looked for approval from the other. They were a pair of black youths in their late teens. The larger boy grunted back.

"Do you have your library cards?" Alice tried to assert herself.

"Me first." The youth said to his smaller companion. He mounted the steps and his buddy slowly closed the door.

"I've got one of these." The boy stood looking down at Alice in her driver/check-out seat. Before the pause after his sentence broke, he had opened the fly to his pants. He wasn't wearing any shorts and his young bulging penis was curling out from the fresh, young, kinked pubic hairs.

"Oh, my god! Get out of here!" Alice shouted.

"Listen up, momma. Do you know what comes down when a white woman yells for help in our 'hood?"

"N-no, what?" Alice sat frozen in sudden fear. The question sat like a great oppressive weight."

"She gets it." The boy smirked, and pulled his cock completely from his pants to emphasis the 'it'.

Once again, Alice's bravado tried to rise to the occasion. "Young man, I want you to put your t-thing away and go home. This is very bad for you." She was significantly older and bigger and her sharp command seemed to dent the boy's tough facade.

"Hey, you don't know what you're doin'. Look how hard you've got this chunk of dick."

Alice couldn't help but look again at the boy's cock. Its size for a young man surprised her. All the books she had read just showed penises in their relaxed state. The boy's boner jutted out a good seven inches!

"Th-that's not, m-my problem." She countered but couldn't take her eyes off of the smooth, young erection.

"C'mon, momma. You can touch it. Me and Chaz ain't gonna hurt you none. You are a fine piece of a librarian. My grandma even got a book from you today. We just thought you might like to have a bit of fun."

Alice knew she was in trouble. She had to make the boy leave without causing a fuss, but her curiosity was intensely focused on the first cock she had ever seen. As her hand reached out she tried in vain to control herself, but she was drawn to the amazing shaft by an overwhelming urge to find out what one felt like.

"Yeah, that's it. Ooo, momma, see it's all there just for you." The boy moaned as her fingers delicately touched his now rock hard dick. For a moment Alice wrapped her hand gently around its girth and stroked it. Then, with a new pulse of will, she pushed it back into the boy's pants and pulled up the zipper. "Yeow!" His pubic hair had caught in the zipper.

While he was still hopping around, Alice circumnavigated him and yanked the door open. "That will be enough, young man. You take your friend home and learn to keep your business in your pocket. The other boy started laughing when he saw his companion desperately trying to loosen the zipper without ripping out all of his hair.

Alice drove away visibly shaken. She had actually touched a cock! A young boy's at that. But she couldn't be too harsh on herself. The boy was already corrupted. She decided she had taught him a valuable lesson. Then she allowed herself a brief laugh. The boy had looked so deflated, probably in more than just his expression!

Her next stop was her least favorite kind. An old man had been borrowing books from the van for several weeks and he hadn't returned any of them. The library had already revoked his book card, but the man still refused to return them. Alice was supposed to retrieve them in person.

She parked the bookmobile at a dilapidated apartment building, and trudged up the gritty stairwell to the third floor. At 3B17 she knocked loudly and waited with eagerness to resolve this dilemma and get on with her day. The door creaked open and two bespectacled eyes greeted her.

"Hello, Alice. What can this old man do for you?" his scratchy, withered voice asked.

"Are you Marvin Johnston?"

"Yes, dearie."

"Well you have a lot of overdue books, and I am here to take them back." Alice wondered if the old man was just too feeble to return the books.

"Come on in." He unchained the door and opened it wide. As she entered he closed it behind her. "I have them here somewhere, just you wait and see what I can find. The man must have been seventy or eighty. He stooped painfully as he picked a book here and a book there and piled them in a corner at the far side of the room. She couldn't help but noticing they were either art books of nude paintings or photos or they were swimsuit magazines.

He seemed to have finished when he stood up straighter standing between her and the books. "You see an old man doesn't have many options in the way of fun these days. My children never visit and my wife died years ago. You sure are a pretty young thing."

"Thank you, and I'm very sorry about your circumstances, but you can always get new books after you return your old ones. Let me have the books." Alice realized that the old man must be pretty lonely, but she still couldn't really feel good about what his books implied.

"Now my card's not good anymore. Can't I keep them just a little bit longer?"

"No, I have to take them. I'm very late for my next appointment."

"Well, I wouldn't want to slow you down. I don't think you understand my needs."

"What do you mean?" Alice heard that warning in herself again.

"Books are just about the only way a crotchety old cuss like myself can see all of a beautiful woman. You see I really hate to part with them, unless..." The last word hung in the air deceitfully.

"Oh? Unless what?" Alice replied looking at her watch.

"Unless you might be able to help me out with something my tired old mind isn't likely to forget until my card gets reinstated."

"What can I do for you?" She looked quizzically at him.

"Maybe I can see a bit of you? You are really pretty."

"What?" The possibilities began to penetrate her imagination.

"I'll give you all your books now if you just might drop your clothes for just a moment. That way I'll not need them. See?"

"That's ridiculous!"

"Well you aren't getting them then."

Alice looked around at the mostly barren, well lit room. The old man stubbornly defied her to take the books.

"Just let me have a peek, and I'll stand way back here. Then you can go right on your way."

Alice couldn't think. The man was thoroughly disgusting, but her only other option was to call the police, and she really didn't want to hurt him. "Just a peek?" she started.

"Yep, and they are all yours." his magnified eyes almost seemed to glow with anticipation.

Alice backed up to the door and checked to make sure it was unlocked. Then with visible disgust she slowly unzipped her light jacket and shrugged it to her arms. She then unhooked her bra beneath her shirt watching him all the while. He began to breathe heavily.

"Okay, just a peek." Alice said with as much courage as she could muster and then she unbuttoned her shirt and let her tits fall into the cold apartment's air.

"Oh my, they're wonderful!" the old man delighted. He was quivering.

I hope he doesn't have a heart attack Alice thought. "Now give me those books." Her still reddened breasts heaved and swayed.

"I'm sorry. For that I can only give you half of them, as beautiful as those tits are."

"What! I'm not going any further."

"You will if you want all of the books." The curmudgeon replied. He knew she didn't have any real reason not to continue, since she had already gone past the first limit. "They look so delicious."

"Damn you. You keep away." Alice tried to collect her self-esteem. She decided to just get it over with and get out of there. She unfastened her belt and pulled both her pants and panties down around her legs. She counted audibly to ten while keeping her attention on the astounded dirty old man. Then she realized that the man's hands were in his pockets and he was fondling himself!

In those brief seconds, he managed to cum in his pants. He gasped aloud and sank into a chair in the room where he began to wheeze and cough.

Alice pulled her clothes back on and angrily stamped to the corner with the books, keeping her eye on the now exhausted pervert. She scooped the books up and walked swiftly out of the apartment.

"Come again anytime miss. If only this ancient bag of bones had lasted longer, you might have helped more." She heard him say just before kicking the door closed behind her.

Alice was in her bookmobile when she decided the day couldn't get any worse. First she had been near two lesbians who ran a child care center. Then she had touched a black boy's cock, and finally she had actually stripped her clothes off for a very dirty old man. Now in the truck, thinking about her strange day her own body began to tempt her. She felt warm and her crotch was very wet. She alternated thinking about the firm velvety dick in her hands with the face of the old man as she peeled her clothes for a peek, and then with imagined images of two women fucking. She wanted desperately to stop the van and masturbate. Perhaps she had done the wrong thing by masturbating last night. What if she had opened up some evil pathway to sexual needs? Alice was a little frightened of her feelings.

She was late for her next appointment. The author, Paul Hiker, was one of her favorites. He had offered to sign all the library's copies of his books as a publicity stunt to promote library awareness while he was in town to sign his new book at book stores. She parked the van outside the store and hurried in. There he was.

Paul sat behind a simple table with two or three fans still in line. Alice carried her own copy of "Majesty of the Animals." his book about animals in the wild, to sign. She waited last in line until it was her turn. Paul looked up at her and was visibly impressed.

"Oh, I'm sorry I'm late. My name is Alice, and I'm from the library. I had other appointments that delayed me. I hope it isn't too late to sign our books."

"Well, Alice I was just about to go to lunch with my agent." He indicated a short bald man sitting next to him. "Do you think we have time for her, Harvey?" His voice held back an amused quality. Harvey seemed in on some privately recognized joke or plan.

"I guess so, if she doesn't mind us eating in her bookmobile. I can go get some take-out Chinese while you deal with her. Then perhaps we can all share some when I bring the food." He smiled eagerly.

"Is that all right Alice?" Paul asked kindly.

"Oh, of course. I really like your books. I even brought my own book to sign, if that's all right." Alice heaved a sigh of relief which raised her tits to their fullest extent then dropped them. The two men smiles seemed to bounce with her movement.

"Perfectly. Lead me to your van." Paul got up and escorted her out the door, while Harvey snickered and left the other direction. The entered the van and she took him in the back and showed him the shelf that had been set aside for his books. He browsed through them slowly as if deciding which to sign first.

"I guess I could be here a while. Mind if I take off my jacket? It's a little cramped in here."

"Oh yes. I'll put it on the chair." Alice complied eagerly. Paul was a very handsome fellow. His broad chest was just the kind she had always fantasized about. She realized that her crotch was hornier than ever. She bit her lip slightly and ordered herself to control its passion. She wanted to impress this man with her knowledge.

"Oh, I loved 'Majesty of the Animals.' did you really spend three years in Africa?"

"Why yes. I think Africa has the most beautiful diversity of wildlife in the world. What did you like about that book?"

"Oh I loved the baboons. How barbaric and yet so amazingly social. It's hard to imagine such a combination."

"Did you read about their mating habits?" Paul tried to direct the conversation.

"Uh, yes. The males are very a-aggressive with their mates. I didn't like that."

"Well nature does what is has to, to help a species survive. Imagine if I were a male and you were my mate. I'd have to rip up your clothes and beat you before I could mate with you."

"I'm just glad that men don't. At least humans are not dumb animals."

"See here. Some men are not far from their distant baboon cousins. If I were to put my hand here." Paul suddenly reached between her thighs and pressed on her cunt.

"Hey! You let me be!" Alice complained.

"This is just an example, Alice. Don't worry. I want to make my point clear." Paul smiled and stepped closer. His hand began to rub her mound, but the feeling was muted by her pants. Still Alice was aware of her body's response. She felt wetter than ever.

"I g-guess you're just trying to d-demonstrate." She looked helplessly in his dark, friendly eyes.

"There you go. Now a baboon grooms the mate." He reached his hand into her pants and then rubbed her cunt through the thin material of her panties.

"Can't you just t-tell me?" Alice asked meekly.

"I wouldn't be able to drive my point home." Paul continued to rub the soaking wet material.

Alice was flush. She didn't know what to do. She knew she shouldn't let a man touch her like this, but it felt too good to be angry with him. She told herself it would be over when he finished his description.

Yet it seemed Paul had forgotten what he had started talking about. "I know you like this Alice."

"What about the baboons?"

"Oh, I'll have to prepare you better. You see a male must initiate the mating ritual and be accepted by the female. If he doesn't do the right thing nature will have made a mistake. You wouldn't want nature to make a mistake would you?"

"Oh no!" Alice had closed her eyes. His fingers were pushing deep between her legs. She stepped wider for his hand to penetrate better.

Paul's other hand unfastened and tugged her pants down to her knees. The stroking hand reached inside her panties and he made direct contact with her clitoris.

"Ohhh. Umm. I-I think we should stop." Alice begged.

"We can't do that now. We have to let nature take its course."

"Oh, please stop." She murmured almost as an echo as her body began to match his rhythm.

"Well maybe I should check it out." Paul sounded concerned. He continued to fuck her with his fingers as he bent down to his knees. His face peered close to her pumping hips. "Oh, I see what the problem is. There's this finger inside your cunt!"

"No, Paul, please. I can't stand it."

Paul stopped and showed her the finger. "Hmm, what's all this sticky stuff?"

Alice's hips kept sliding up and down. Her thighs rubbed together, begging for his touch. Alice tried to pull up her pants, but Paul stopped her with a word.

"Just a second." Paul ran his finger in his mouth. "I'm afraid this doesn't taste quite right. I'll have to explore further."

"Please Paul, stop it. We shouldn't be doing this." Alice begged.

Paul ignored her and pulled down her panties. Then he planted his face into her pussy. He began to suck noisily. Alice almost fainted from the sensations he gave her.

"Oh my God, Paul! No. Not there. Ohhh. Arrrrrgg, Unnngghh!" Her body began to quiver. "Let me go. Oh please let me go. Mmmmgh!" Her cunt was madly twisting and wrenching his darting tongue. Her clit screamed for release. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled his head into her fiery nest. Her hips ground down on his tongue as he kept stabbing her pussy with it. A bombshell went off inside her head and she shrieked! The feeling was more intense than she had ever experienced. She came into Paul's face. "AAAHHHH! AAAAaaaaaaa! Ooohh." she cried. She gasped and whimpered as Paul continued to suck more and more bursts into her nervous system.

Paul looked up from his triumphant deed. He was leering at her. "Now Alice, the male baboon mounts the female." Paul stood up. He unzipped his pants and pulled his shorts away to release his burgeoning cock.

Alice stared at it with fright. "Paul, can't we just... Please, I'm not ready." She trembled.

"Baboons must always be ready." Paul laughed. He reached around her and pulled her close. His prick jabbed against her belly. It reached up under her shirt. Its warm, soft flesh rubbed into her navel.

Alice hung her head on Paul's shoulder. She was too dizzy, too drained. All of the day's trials had left her weak. She couldn't resist anymore. Her eyes closed and she saw the face of the stranger who accosted her yesterday.

"All you need is a good fuck!" The words echoed in her liquid brain.

"Fuck me." She said.

Paul's hands had moved under her shirt, massaging her bounteous tits beneath her bra. His lips touched her cheek lightly and he breathed heavily into her ear. One hand left her breasts and guided her hand to his throbbing prick.

It felt like a warm rolled roast. She instinctively stroked it like she had the young black boy's cock. She tried to kiss Paul but his face reached down between her cleavage and he tongued her sore skin. His hand was slowly unbuttoning her shirt.

"Keep pulling on my cock. That's it. You are wonderful."

She was wonderful she thought. Paul really liked her. It would be okay she assured herself. She began to rub his dick harder.

"Unnnhh, yeah, Alice, do it!" He started thrusting into her petite hand as he unfastened her bra. When her tits fell naked on her chest he greedily began to suck them. She moaned. Her pussy was responding. She could feel her desire rebuild, and was amazed. His cock felt like a perfect tool for her pussy. She wanted him inside her, and at that thought Paul pulled his beautiful dick out of her hand and pushed her against the book rack.

"Now, spread your legs." He commanded softly.

Alice hesitated, watching his wonderful face, and then she stepped wider so he could begin to fuck her.

Paul pushed his dick against her mound and rubbed her there gently. She swooned. Her clit had swollen until it was as hard as his cock. She hugged him as his cock spread her accepting labia. She sucked in her breath as Paul speared her hot cunt. She could feel the subtle vibration of the van on its suspension. Her ass pushed into the wall of books as Paul pushed his eager member into her wanting hole. She thought about all those precious books as she was being fucked against them. Her pussy ached at the thought. Her body boiled with need.

"Harder." She whispered.

Paul pulled back and sunk his prick into her with a mighty heave. His meaty cock ripped her hymen and buried itself against her cunt walls. He rapidly fucked the greedy cunt and grabbed her shoulders. "God, you are incredible! Your pussy feels like a hot, wet, mouth."

"Oh, Paul, don't stop. I need you. Fuck me harder."

Paul rammed his dick into her and pounded her against the book rack. She moaned audibly and he groaned in response. This woman was an amazing fuck, her pussy was like velvet. Her body felt like an eager child's. He wanted to keep fucking her forever.

"Oh no, Paul. I'm cumming." Alice whimpered. She held her eyes shut as the feeling ripped up inside her with his sawing cock compressing the feeling into her brain.

Paul's balls trembled as if a geyser would erupt. His dick choked back in its rhythm as it prepared to hurl its white hot load into her convulsing cunt. He cried out in sudden overwhelming orgasm and pumped out every ounce of cum in his body.

They sagged against each other.

Alice didn't know what to do. She had just fucked her favorite author, and she had wanted him like an animal. She panicked a little.

"My clothes, my clothes. I have to get my clothes on." She tried to pick up or pull together her work clothes.

"Relax, everything is fine. Let me look at your tits more. You are beautiful. You were incredible. What are you running off to? We have company Alice." Paul said with a powerful grin.

"That sure was something." Harvey smirked from the steps in the van.

"Oh my God! Get out of here." Alice turned in confusion and frantically tried to hide her naked tits and cunt.

"It's okay, Alice. Harvey likes you. He wouldn't hurt a fly. Don't you like her Harvey?" Paul continued to grin at her like a demon.

Whatever bond she had felt with Paul, burst like a sack of moldy grain. This man was horrible. Who knows what Harvey had seen, and Paul acted like she was just some show girl. Alice kept trying to fit her clothes back on when Paul's strong hand grabbed her own firmly as Harvey spoke.

"I like her just fine. She gave a great performance. Maybe I can give her a little something." Harvey's leer was worse than the old man's.

"It's okay Alice. He's a friend. You want to help my friend, don't you?"

"Get away from me. I hate you." Alice snapped.

"That's not very friendly." Paul gripped her harder and twisted her arm until she had to lean over.

"Let go of me or I'll scream!"

"No you won't. What would you tell anybody?"

Alice had to think. She had just fucked Paul before she found out he was a creep. She knew the law didn't protect s-sluts. She had been his slut. She told herself and began to cry.

"Let me go. Please. I just want to go away. I'm ruined." She pleaded.

"Hey there girlie, that's not true. You are beautiful." Harvey talked softly. He cupped her low face with his hand and patted her cheek. "You have such a lovely mouth." He said, his hand trembling slightly. Paul's free hand creeped between her thighs from behind.

"We are your friends and we just want to share something with you."

"What?" Alice asked fearfully.

Harvey's crotch was very close to her face. She heard the zipper come down before she saw his fat hand tugging the grip, exposing his bulging cock behind his jockey shorts.

Alice gasped. "No. I beg you." She felt two fingers work their way into her vagina. They prodded the soft flesh stroking her outer lips into rigidity. She felt her clit harden and her breath rose and sank heavily. She was feeling that urge again. She knew that begging only made them more anxious to degrade her. There was nothing she could do.

Harvey unbundled his prick from the obscuring material. It ballooned out and smacked her in the face. "There you go girl. Meat fit for a queen! Doesn't it look delicious?"

Looking down his shaft filled her with dread. So close, it looked like a giant sausage. It swayed gently rubbing on her cheek and lips. It smelled like a warm hot dog and its eye hole peered back her with a bemused smiling crown.

Paul's fingers stole into her pussy. His ministrations began to loosen her thoughts.

"See, we aren't hurting you at all. Just look at Harvey. He really needs you now. He got really hard watching us. Don't you think you should help him?"

"Oh please, let me go." Alice looked hopefully at the two of her captors. Once again Paul's fiery fingers probed sweetly into her pussy. It charmed her flesh to where she could not bear to fight it.

"Are you sure you want me to let your drooling cunt go? It's so vibrant and slick. Even now it twitches merrily at my touch. You could forego this promise, my sweet baboon?" Paul spoke with a smooth tongue.

"N-no." Alice couldn't help herself anymore. Even the nature of Harvey's fat cock seemed to change before her eyes as her newly ignited pussy demanded all that Paul could give. It became a ripe fruit of passion, waiting to stroke her lips and tongue.

At a nod from Harvey, Paul's fingers stilled in her cunt.

"Oh, please don't stop." Alice cried softly, defeated.

"Then it would please you if I stroked your warm pussy flesh more?"

"Yes. Please."

"Then you must please Harvey. Look how hard and in need he is."

"Come now, Miss Alice. It needs you as much as you need Paul. Aren't you willing to give as you wish to receive?" Harvey chuckled and winked a Paul. Alice's hungry look was obvious to them.

"Please, more." Alice whimpered.

"Touch it first, kiss it, or..."

"Okay." Alice didn't want to hear her alternative. She closed her eyes and leaned forward pressing her lips gently on the fat cock head. Immediately Paul's hands pressed into her pussy and rubbed her clit gently. A flash of delight rippled through her body. Her mouth opened involuntarily, and Harvey advantageously slipped the head of his cock between her warm, blushing lips.

"Like a greased whore." Harvey said to Paul.

Alice was beyond their taunts. Her slobbering cunt drove sheet after sheet of pleasure throughout her skin, and her brain was lit like a flare. As Harvey pressed more and more of his huge dick into her mouth she gulped it down like sweet meat.


Paul could not contain his bulging cock. Even before the last inch of Harvey's prick gulletted into the wanton librarian, he fisted his own ruddy flesh and pressed its head between her ass cheeks seeking the watering spring of her cunt.

"Now suck it." Paul commanded and he drove his cock into her.

"Alice choked on the fat morsel in her mouth, in response to Paul's renewed intrusion. She grunted joyously and clamped her puffed lips upon Harvey's pressing dick.

"Harder." Harvey ordered. He forced his prick back out as she dragged her teeth upon it, and then he stuffed it back into her face.

With Paul's cock plunging rapidly into her cunt from behind she sucked Harvey greedily as he sawed his meat between her lips.

"God, her cunt is like a volcano." Paul had gripped Alice's firm ass and plugged his piece into her drenched pussy.

"She could suck a watermelon out of a faucet!" Harvey wiped his sweating face. Alice was giving him the best cocksucking he had ever experienced. His cum was about to be forced out of his dick without his consent, yet he desperately wanted to hold out longer. "What kind of hose monster are you, bitch?" He stared in awe at Alice stuffed full of his thick prick.

"Jesus, this is the second coming!" Paul grunted. He split her ass wide and dug a finger into her asshole. Alice nearly jumped, but instead she began to convulse as her second enormous cum filled her brain with cannon blasts and thunder.

Paul's cock leaped inside her one final time and blasted her cunt with gallons of white hot cum lather.

Harvey bucked mightily trying to hold off but the crazed librarian pulled on his dick with the force of a vacuum and his wad of salty goo shot out of his prick and filled her mouth cavity until spurts of pure cum ejected from the edges of her lips.

They all sagged together down onto the cold metal floor of the library van.

Alice lay beneath them, feeling their cocks sag against her quivering skin. The last of the cum dribbled down her ass and back. She couldn't get herself to move.

Then without a word, Paul and Harvey exchanged glances, pulled their pants back in place, and stepped victoriously out of the van.

Alice shivered, naked, in the tiny aisle of her vehicle. She could still feel the last pulse of her tremendous orgasm fluttering through her. Everything had changed. Two complete strangers had fucked her and forced her to suck cock, and she had loved every minute. In a flash all the realization of her long forgotten needs flooded her brain.

As she tried to comprehend the surging feelings and thoughts, she struggled up and grabbed her discarded clothes.

What was I doing? I was mad. She told herself. Like some horny animal, she had serviced the aggressive males of her species, and every moment had been delicious. She had never experienced such a raw force of nature. She had always thought she was above such barbaric cloys, but it had found her anyway and proved itself her master. What was she going to do?

Praying nobody noticed, inside the van she raced to wipe the spurts of cum drying on her skin and dragged her clothes back on. Then she scrambled into the driver seat and gunned the engine into life. With a screech of tires she leapt the van back onto the street and headed for the library.

With a jolt she halted the large van into its reserved space before the grand entrance of the city library. The books almost flew off their shelf. She grabbed the two crates of books to return and she hustled inside the one place she could feel absolutely together.

The solemn atmosphere and reverent stacks helped her tortured mind relax just enough to remember to deliver the books to the appropriate receiving station, and then she walked quickly to her tiny office and locked the door, after hanging her 'on break' sign outside.

She pulled the shade over her small window and slumped down in her hardwood chair trying to bring her thoughts back into focus.

Alice tried to tell herself she had been wickedly abused and forced to perform horrible acts. The whole day seemed like a devious plot to drive her insane with sex. First she had overheard two women fucking, and then a demented black boy had frightened her to fondle his youthful prick. Afterward, that horrid old man had extorted her to reveal her naked tits and cunt to him. Then finally, Paul and then Harvey had seduced her and reduced her to a quivering, soulless bitch begging to be fucked and suck cock. And she had found it all to be so horribly, incredibly, satisfying. What was she going to do? Already the memory of her ordeal lit new sparks in her twice fucked cunt.

Soon her second run of the day would begin, and she didn't know what she might be capable of. Perhaps she should call in sick, but the responsibilities placed upon her were a badge of honor. She never shirked the duty she had come to love. In quiet quandary, she laid her head upon the desk and closed her eyes from swelling uncertainty.

Her first clear thought was she thought she could smell her slimy cunt. Her panties were drenched with Paul's cum and her own juices. She took a deep breath through her nose and sighed. The wet garment was useless and irritating. She was forced to take her pants off once more and tug the undergarment off her legs. There was a knock at her door.

"Alice?" Mrs. Beacon rapped lightly. "Your break is up."

"Yes, ma-am. I'll be right out." She grabbed for a skirt she had brought from the cleaners yesterday, and she kicked the musty panties under her desk.

"The student help have reloaded the van. People are waiting." Mrs. Beacon treated books with even more feverish religion than Alice. She was a widow of ten years and her second husband was the entire library.

"Yes ma-am." Alice repeated for her superior. A flash of crude wonder made her imagine Mrs. Beacon being seduced inside the library van and forced to serve the lust of two men. A vision of the older woman on her knees sucking one man's bloated dick and taking another from behind in her pussy hovered in front of her door. Her own cunt began to respond at the thought. There she was, half naked, and a fire crept into her pussy, she imagined more of the two men abusing her older, but still curvaceous boss. She wanted very much to put her fingers in her cunt and make herself cum, but the stern woman outside was not going to leave until Alice returned to her duties.

"Um, I'm changing. I'll be out in a second."

"What a ridiculous thing to say. Alice, come out this minute! If I have to use my key I will."

"Okay, but I warned you." Alice smiled at her own defiance of the older woman. She was really going to get the skirt on and leave the office, but first she had to press one finger into her cunt and rub her distended clit. It felt so good!

Suddenly, before she could react, the click of a key in the door lock sounded and the door was flung open.

Mrs. Beacon's prim, calculating face glared at her for a second then it washed over with shock. "My heavens, what are you doing?" She stared uncontrollably at Alice's hand busying itself at her crotch.

Alice snatched her hand away and crossed her legs in surprise.

For an uncomfortable moment, Mrs. Beacon met her eyes with an odd look of recognition before saying. "Uhh, uh. I have to go now." She pulled the door back shut and as she hurried away, her high heels tapped loudly on the wooden floor.

Alice finally pulled the skirt over her naked pussy, and she almost ran out to the van. She desperately tried not to think of the ramifications of that awful incident. She jumped in and roared back onto the streets.

It was all she could do to keep her mind on her next task. A small company had just closed down and wanted to donate its library for a tax deduction. She simply had to load their books and bring them back to the library. With all her mind set to the purpose she refused to think about what would happen to her when she returned.

As she drove, there came a rustle from behind her.

"Excuse me, but you didn't give me a chance to get out." A teenager, wearing thick glasses and a hopelessly unfashionable button shirt and jeans staggered up from behind and steadied himself on the empty bookshelves.

"Oh, my goodness!" Alice peeked back at the boy. "I wasn't even thinking."

"Well, just take me back."

"I'd rather not." Alice feared her return suddenly. She tried to make an excuse. "I can't be late to collect the books, and I already am."

"But I have to get back to school. Chemistry's next period." The boy whined in a geeky sort of way.

"Look, I can drop you off here or you can ride with me and help them load the books."

"You've already gone too far. I'll never get back in time if I walked."

"Well I'm sorry, but that's the way things are." Alice said in an unusual determined voice.

"Oh darn!"

Alice could see the boy's chemistry class was important to him. It was rare to see someone so dedicated to their education.

"Hey, it won't be so bad..." she started, and then she noticed the boy was peeking down her blouse in a ridiculous attempt to appear he wasn't. "I-I could use your help."

On an inspiration she consciously adjusted her blouse so the vee was a little more open. The boy looked away, flushed with embarrassment. But when she didn't say anything, he began to look into her top a little closer. His thick glasses hovered over her shoulder.

Alice blushed. She was using sex to persuade the boy, but she didn't want to go back to the library until her last job was done, and she could sneak away from Mrs. Beacon. It would give the older woman one more day to think it over before she fired Alice. She turned and smiled at the red faced youth.

"That's okay. I guess you deserve something for having been kidnapped by me."

"You're going to take me back, aren't you?" The boy asked in an endearing innocent way.

"Of course silly. I'm sorry for taking off so suddenly." Alice needed to keep the boy from demanding she return him. As she tried to keep her attention on the road, the idea of a boy looking down her dress began to reawaken the rudely dispersed hunger in her pussy. Once more she blushed, but she found herself saying. "If you wait until we get the books, I wouldn't mind if you touched me."

The boy's jaws dropped open and he couldn't speak. Alice giggled. "Silly, what's your name?"

"Norman." The boy stammered.

"Well, you're very nice, Norman. I'm Alice." The urge growing in Alice's pussy seemed to control her voice. She was already breathing hard and she could feel warm wetness seeping into her cunt lips. "Do you mind waiting?"

"Uh- no!" Norman jumped. His eyes greedily locked onto her bulging tits and the chasm between her rounded mounds beneath him.

"Thank you. You're so sweet." Alice smiled at him and at her next opportunity to pay more attention to him, she took his hand and guided it to her shoulder. She wanted to let him figure out the rest without pressuring him. Alice wasn't at all sure what she wanted, but her burning pussy seemed to claim her actions as well as her voice.

"W-what if someone should see?" Norman asked timidly.

"What are they going to see? This van is much taller than cars." She answered hopefully and continued driving. "We'll be there very soon."

Norman seemed to come to a conclusion quickly, but he moved his hand with nervous timidness. After a couple seconds, Alice could feel the boy's warm hand reach into her blouse.

"That's nice." She encouraged the boy.

"Norman didn't speak. He stroked it carefully as if it might break.

"If you like you can keep doing it until we get there." Alice reassured him and she calmly turned a corner to make their journey longer. Her pussy was dripping with juice and she could hardly control herself from putting one of her hands up her skirt.

As she turned to look at Norman her eyes met his crotch. He had to lean over to reach down her blouse, and his cock was filled with passion and strained out through the material. Alice was suddenly afraid. She had been controlled by her own new and unfamiliar desire for sex, and here was a teenage boy, a good boy, touching her breast. Perhaps he had read her mind and he pulled his hand out of her shirt and stepped back.

"Aren't we almost there?" He said nervously.

"Uh, yeah." Alice's cunt burned with remorse at his hand's departure. She fidgeted on her seat trying to rub her clit through her silky skirt. It ached as if sex were suddenly a mandatory function. Alice bit her teeth together and drove her van into the company's parking lot.

"We're here. I'll try and be quick, but I have to go to the bathroom. Tell the lady, her name is Mrs. Jenkins, to begin loading the van. Here are the keys. I'll be right back." Alice almost raced out of the van and into the building. She showed her librarian pass to the guard and asked where the closest bathroom was.

It was a one room toilet for both men and women, located in the back of the small technical library. She rushed in and in front of the mirror pulled her skirt up. Her hand reached in between her legs and she fingered her cunt rapidly. She saw her reflection and asked herself silently, "What is happening to me?" The reflection said nothing, but she could see the hand jamming between the reflection's legs and she wondered if the Alice in the mirror was as horny as she was. Had she touched a black boy's cock today? Had one man fucked her and another forced her to suck his cock? Had a disgusting old man extort her to reveal herself in front of him while he masturbated? Then she saw herself finger fucking herself and she could feel a new rush of need pour into her cunt. In only moments she would cum. She knew.

The bathroom door, she had forgotten to lock, opened behind her. In the mirror, she saw a gray suited, older businessman walk in and stop in amazement as the door swung shut behind him. Alice turned to face him and clamped her legs together. Her hand grabbed the top of her skirt and with one feeble tug attempted to cover her dripping cunt.

They stood for almost a minute staring at each other. The man was slightly bald and graying. His gold rimmed glasses steamed slightly, and he acted as if he couldn't catch his breath. His eyes bulged and his face was bright purple. Alice was about to burst out with a loud apology when the man suddenly sunk to his knees.

"Oh, my god!" he sounded in pain.

"Are you okay?" Alice suddenly worried for him and her self-consciousness fled her.

"Yes, no!" he looked strangely at her. "Who are you?"


"Don't tell me. Just, if you believe in God and heaven, don't move." He pleaded.

"I-I have to go." Alice clutched her hands into her skirt.

"Please, I'll give you anything. This is the most amazing experience I've ever had. Oh pity me and open your legs again." The man crawled on his knees a step closer.

"You're kidding! I've got to get out of here."

"No, anything. Tell me anything and I'll do it. This is like miracle." He continued to plead and stare.

"Watch it mister. Don't get so close."

"Then let me watch."

"Watch what?"

"You fuck yourself. I'm a married man for twenty some years, and I have never been unfaithful to my wife, but I've always dreamed about meeting a beautiful young woman and seeing her get fucked. This is a dream come true. Don't desert me. I'd do anything."

Alice felt the truth in his words. The man had stumbled upon his one dream of infidelity, and he probably would do anything to her. Alice didn't want anything, she told herself. She wanted to cum - her body reminded. Somehow from staring into the man's sincere eyes she wanted him to finally see his fantasy come true.

Still she hesitated.

"Are you just going to watch? Nothing else?"

"I promise." He spoke solemnly.

Alice's cunt jerked at the thought the polite man was going to watch her stuff her finger in her pussy and fuck it. Why were these things happening to her?

"Mr. I just gotta get off. Don't think I'm usually like this. I'm a good girl."

"You're beautiful."

"Thank you." She said automatically. Still fixing her gaze on the man she said. "Well, okay, but move away from that door, over by the trash bin."

"Whatever you say miss, I'll do." He moved away from the door.

Alice creeped around opposite him and further, still clutching at her skirt and covering her cunt until her back was against the door. She locked it, staring at the man who waited eagerly for her to begin.

Her cunt ached, why was she taking so long? The man too, seemed worried. Would she back down? Well, she had promised. With new courage and incredible need she opened her legs wider, letting her skirt slip to the floor again and then forcing herself to look away from the curious man she began to run her fingers back and forth along the groove of her pussy. It was incredible! Her pussy sucked her fingers begging for more, faster. The man gasped and gulped. A total stranger was watching her finger-fuck her cunt just for him. The sight, sound, and smell of him drove Alice crazy for fucking. She jammed her hand in and out of her hot mound and wailed lightly as her cunt rumbled with delight and sent shivers of pleasure rattling into her limbs.

"Th-that feels good lady?" The man was rubbing his trousers. His erection was visible behind them.

"Yes. Oh, yes. I need to be fucked so bad."

"You look like your finger-fucking yourself pretty good."

"Oh, if only I could cum." Alice felt her cum building as the man talked.

"You gotta make yourself cum, you gotta." He had reached inside his pants desperately trying to comfort his hardened cock.

"God, are you watching me fuck myself and trying to jack yourself off?

"Yes, dammit. I'm as hard as a rock. I can't take it anymore. I just have to stroke my cock. Oh, please let me take it out and jerk it some. Please!"

The man was going to open his pants and free his cock, but only if Alice let him. Suddenly she wanted to see his cock so bad. "Yes take it out." Her fingers raced across her cunt and she leaned back against the door and spread her legs wider so she could stick her hand into her pussy as far as she could.

She stared fascinated as the man rushed to unzip his pants and pull out his dick. It was incredible! It looked like a giant balloon cock. It jerked out of his pants like a fat walrus loping on a beach. Her hand slowed its fucking in and out of her wanting cunt as she stared in amazement. The stranger must not have had any blood left in him while supporting his gigantic organ. His hand barely reached around its girth, but he stroked it boldly.

"Oh, yes, that feels so good!" He pumped his hand and closed his eyes momentarily. He opened them and stared at Alice. "Are you going to stop? Please don't leave me."

"No." Alice spoke absently, unable to take her eyes off his massive meat. Her hand moved slowly inside her now tense cunt. How does your wife take that thing? I mean, how could anybody?"

The man looked confused. "What do you mean? I just put it in her. She's never complained."

"I-I wouldn't either." Alice realizing what she said corrected herself. "I mean, who would? That's incredible." Suddenly her cunt spoke to her. It was no longer going to be satisfied with her hand. Alice licked her lips and tried to imagine the stranger's submarine sized cock stuffed inside her and she continued to try fingering herself to an orgasm. It was no use.

The man pumped away earnestly, but seemed to make no better progress. "God, I wish you would come. I need to come so badly now. Why are you stopping?"

Alice took her hand from her cunt and walked over to the kneeling man. "Mr. I gotta touch that. Stand up and lean against the wall." Alice found herself commanding the polite man.

"Uh, okay, but I don't know what my wife would say about that." He got up and stopped his hand job.

"You should have thought about that before you took your prick out to beat it off in front of another woman."

"Oh, dear me. I couldn't help myself." He looked scared.

"Neither can I." She reached for his cock and felt its searing heat.

"Unnnggh." The man groaned.

"Does that feel good?" She asked.


"God, I want to fuck this."

"What? No!"

"We already agreed it's too late, mister." Alice bent down and opened her mouth as wide as she could to get just the fat head of it inside her.

"Oh my!" He gulped.

Alice licked her tongue up and down his cum slit. Her cunt was on fire. She fondled his balls which she found were average size, hidden behind his behemoth prick. Then she stuffed her hand back into her cunt to ravage it while she sucked on the huge tip of his cock.

"Oooohh, my wife never did that!" The stranger swooned.

Alice continued sucking as she brought her cunt to a full boil before she smacked her mouth loose from his prick and stood up again. "Then next time you can show her how." Alice leaned over the bathroom counter and put her hands on the mirror.

"Wh-what are you going to do now?" The man watching her asked timidly.

"You are going to stick your cock into my pussy and fuck me."

"Oh please, my wife will never forgive me."

"To hell with her. I'm the woman you promised to do anything for, and I just have to get fucked by that cock. Now hop to it!" She ordered him with her searing eyes as her searing cunt demanded of her. Waving her demanding butt, she indicated just how she would take his incredible meat.

"Oh my goodness!" he said nervously, but he moved around behind her and shakily touched Alice's firm, smooth ass cheeks.

"Fuck me!" she ordered.

"Okay, okay." As she leaned over with her ass confronting him, he spread her buttocks with one hand, and with the other he slowly wedged his cock between them.

Alice felt the huge head of flesh at her pussy lips. If they had possessed the appropriate muscles they would have gulped it down like an avocado, choking on every inch. "Put it inside, now!"

The man struggled mightily, stretching her cunt entrance to capacity. He panted like a dog, and wriggled like a fish. His cock inched inside.

"Ooooowww!" Alice sucked in her breath. It was too much. It was too much! She wasn't sure it was even in her pussy. It felt so big that it might have been filling her cunt and her ass at the same time.

Another two inches found space, and then a third inch pressed them tight. She felt as if she was being packed with warm clay. Her clit stretched over the pliable flesh like plastic wrapping over a watermelon. Sensations that were so different from simple rubbing shocked her just enough to distract her from the pain of its entrance.

Suddenly, he stopped.

"Oh god, mister. Is that it? I was going to split in half!" At that moment she realized it was still filling with blood, clay turning to rock inside of her belly.

"Aaaaggghhh!! Pull it out! Pull it out!" she cried, and the man complied at once. He was truly obedient.

Halfway out, and covered in cunt-slime sucked from her clit, Alice begged. "Put it back, put it back!"

"I was hurting you."

"Yeah, but I need it too much. FUCK ME, damn you!"

The cock plunged back in. Without lubrication it would have torn a hole right through her guts.


Then the fucking began. The submissive man humped his ass as he pumped his massive prick in and out of her.

"Gez, your cunt is so tight. My wife is like a cave compared to you. I can feel every inch of my cock drag into your puss. It's a wonderful pussy!"

"I've never been so full. Yes. There, UNNG!"

He rammed a full stroke in and quickly pulled back.

"OOooohhhhh, I'M CUMMINGGGG!" Alice was surprised by her swift reaction. Juice poured out of her, only to be absorbed into the giant mound of skin frictioning like a band saw. Alice clenched the sink and screamed into it.

My, my, you are so wet now. I'm fucking a river of pussy juice!

Alice didn't climax. She hung on, orgasming with every stroke. Her brain disintegrated. Somehow her mouth was the only part other than her cunt that she was aware of. She could still taste the prick that stuffed and pummeled her body.


"UNH, UNG, UNG..." The man lost his reserve. He grunted and swore. "Fuck DAMN, Jesus FUCKING CHRIST! FUCK, FUCK, DAMN FUCK!!!!!!"


"Don't, don't STOP!!!" Alice howled again. "AAAAAAHHHHHH!!"

His titan rammed her, again and again. Its pert cock lips began to quiver, and the man knew he was finally going to join her in ecstasy. Deep inside his groin he felt the rumble begin. Muscles convulsed and sperm swirled into a maelstrom. It blasted forth and jetted through yards of cock in under a millisecond. Fiery cum shot out his prick lips and packed into every crevice not crammed with cock.


"You're cumming like a four-alarm fire hydrant! My guts are swimming in sperm!"

"I'm filling you like a ditch, you bitch!"

"God, oh god, keep fucking me and keep cumming!" Alice commanded.

The raving lunatic couldn't stop. His meat was thunder. Her pit was all consuming, all embracing, all sucking! It sucked at his sperm like whore.


"IT'S A COCK CUNT, YOU FUCKING COCK!!!" Alice shouted one more time.

Her body exhausted and her arms folded, sending her face into a sink of warm water.

The cock inside began to deflate as her momentary slave kept trying to fuck it up her pussy. Eventually he was only mashing her clit with soft flesh. After a moment, it stopped touching her completely.

Alice sputtered and turned around, wiping her face with her sleeve.

"Jesus, mister you sure..."

When her eyes cleared, all she could see was the heavy door swinging closed.

Alice reappeared before young Norman like a battle worn soldier. Her clothes thoroughly rumpled. It was wet in places and her stockings were spotted with drying, white cum stains.

The boy was waiting for her, holding out the keys. "PLEASE, now can we go back? I don't want to be late for my last class."

Alice was still dizzy from her monstrous orgasm.

"School isn't everything kiddo."


"Never mind. Let's go."

Once more the awkward boy stayed right next to Alice as she drove the van back to its home, to the library. Already she worried about what Mrs. Beacon would do, and she didn't hear the light sound of fabric rubbing over skin.

It seemed traffic was easier on the return trip, and they arrived in good time. As she halted the vehicle in its reserved space, she finally glanced over her shoulder and suddenly caught her breath.

The boy had his hand on his crotch and was slowly massaging his hard cock through his worn jeans. He wasn't even aware of it. His eyes were still glued to her cleavage.

"Oh my!" He jumped up, startled that she had looked amused at his worrying palm.

Alice laughed, gently. "Silly boy. You're only human." She grinned.

Norman needed her smile like he needed life itself to reassure him that all was okay, and he was safe.

He blushed deep red and looked away.

"Well, would you like a little help with that?"

"Huh?" His eyes flew open, in new panic.

"Tell you what. If I help you then maybe you can help me unload all these books."

"But what about school?"

"Oh, I'm sure it won't be going anywhere soon." Alice unbuckled her seat belt and stood up, bending slightly at the short roof of the van.

"I-I don't... ww-wh-what should I do?"

"Oh, you don't have to do anything at all." She backed the timid boy into the vehicle's darker end. For an added smile, she began to unbutton her blouse. "I think these are what you were looking for?"

"Th-they're spec-spectacular!" The boy's interest reengaged as the older woman's voluptuous breasts fell into the open air.

"Even better than books?"


Alice stopped and let the boy collected his thoughts. There was no doubt in her mind what he was going to decide. She began to kneel in the metal floored crawl-space.

"Come to mommy." She opened her arms.

With a surprising rush Norman fell into her embrace. Her arms circled his ass and she turned her ear against his crotch and she could hear the blood pound inside his turgid penis. He hugged her head and shoulders for only a minute before carefully reaching down to her warm tits. His hands closed about each nipple.

Alice's hands were gently peeling the narrow flap from his zipper. Soon, she was zipping its minute handle down to reveal white briefs. That second barrier that lasted shorter than his jeans had.

A narrow but hard cock, six inches long, poked out and greeted Alice's eager eyes.

"It's beautiful!" she gasped, delighted at the boy's moderate size. She'd had enough super cock for the next six weeks.

"Oh, Ms. Pierpoint, you're so hot!"

Indeed, her nipples were on fire! Alice wasted not one second more. She opened wide and plunged her face over the pale hunk of manhood.

"Mmmmmmm..." She sighed. Everything seemed as it should be. Her steaming mouth closed around it and she tasted it full.

"OOOOOHHHHHH!" Norman yelled.

Just as she started sucking it in and out, the van's passenger door slammed open and light streamed in. A tall, ominous shadow stepped boldly in front of the light.

"ALICE PIERPOINT!" Mrs. Beacon commanded. "Stop that at once!"

"OH MY GOD!" Norman shouted. He turned, popping his suddenly wilting dick out of Alice's mouth, and he ran two steps right into the steel, closed, rear door, knocking himself out cold. He collapsed into a terrified heap.

Alice jerked up and gulped her cock-flavored saliva. It was the end.

"You will follow me immediately young woman!"

"But the boy..."

"Never mind that. He's not the one in trouble."

"Yes ma-am." Alice picked herself up and re-buttoned her blouse.

The prim, head librarian led her into the back of the library through its narrow hallway and she pointed resolutely at her open office.

Alice shrank as she walked past her livid supervisor.

They entered the tiny room filled with filing cabinets, books, and piles of paper.

"Sit!" Mrs. Beacon whispered fiercely. She was nearly bursting with pent up fury.

Alice hurried into the polished oak chair. Its wheels squeaked fretfully under her sudden weight.

For long seconds silence scraped at the four papered walls, a scrolled ceiling, and the hardwood floor. Someone's foot began to tap.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, Tap, TAP!

"You ought to be ashamed of yourself." The older woman's voice crackled with electricity.

"Yes, ma-am. I-I am. I don't know what came..."


Mrs. Beacon picked up a wide wooden ruler, once used to teach little boys not to tug at little girl's hair.

"I don't care what you don't know. Being a librarian is a solemn duty, requiring the respect of the community. You have destroyed this high trust." She spoke like heaven itself would open up and blast poor Alice into purgatory. "A library is like a church where man, woman, and child can find answers to all the world's questions. Outside of race, creed, color, whatever differences people have, they all seek truth in the world, and we are the guardians of truth."

Okay, Alice thought, enough with the preaching. Just fire me or worse. Stop glaring at me and lecturing like I was some little girl.

"You're no better than a naughty little girl."

"Yes ma-am."

"When I hired you, I was given the finest assurances of your skills and dedication to accept the duty of a librarian, and I have never before had reason to doubt them. Only yesterday I was ready to nominate you to take my place..."

"You're leaving?" Alice was surprised into speaking out of turn.

"SILENCE!" Her voice was like God's mother.

"I've keep this library operating for twenty four years. A week ago I was offered to administer the governor's personal library. It would have been a high honor to fulfill that position."

"I'm sure you will do an excellent job." Alice looked up and smiled hopefully.

The head librarian smashed the ruler upon her desk. SWACK!

"Do you think I would dare leave until my own house was fully in order?"

The young woman darted her eyes down to her feet once more.

"Stand up!"

Alice stood as fast she could.

"Put your filthy hands on the desk."

"No..." she started to complain.

"Blast you, wretched sinner! I told you to do something!"

Alice found herself leaning over, holding herself up from the desktop before she even thought to move.

"I am now going to impress upon you the magnitude of your actions. If you should move before I am finished, not only will I fire you. You will never find honest employment in this city ever again! Is that understood?"


In one swift motion, the older woman threw Alice's skirt up and over her back. In the next heart beat she swung the ruler with astonishing force into the trembling, fully exposed, naked ass.



"This afternoon I received a fax from the Ever-loving Day Care Center with a request for the bookmobile to spend more time at their facility. I know you have a busy schedule, but you WILL give full access of your duties to whomever requests it."

"I will. I WILL!" Alice yelled in pain.



"Then, A very young man phoned from the hospital where he accused you of not only injuring his beautiful and innocent, black prick, but you refused to give appropriate service to him and his friends."

"What?" Alice was astonished at the woman's words.


"An hour later a most irate man called. He claimed that you had gypped him out of proper cum."


"YESS." The red imprints in her ass burned like she was being branded. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!"

"Sorry isn't good enough!"

WHACK! CRASH, BASH. The force of that blow was so hard that Alice slipped her grip and fell full upon the desktop.

"That's not all, you horrible wretch of woman!"

Mrs. Beacon swung a flurry of sharp blows on her ass and the back of her thighs. Alice thought she was going to be beaten into hamburger.

"OWW! Ohhh!!"

"I was privately informed of a complaint by the agent of Mr. Paul Hiker who has been a great benefactor to this establishment for more years than you have been employed. I raised that boy. It was I who convinced him that the library was more fun than a street gang ever could be. There is no better lover of the library than Paul Hiker.

"But I did everything he asked, even his agent..."



It was truth, Alice knew, and suddenly she condemned herself to accept whatever was going to happen.

Mrs. Beacon's arms rained down blows. Ten, twenty, more, until the offending ass was fully purple and nearly numb.

Alice sobbed and sobbed as pain filled her consciousness. Why she didn't black out, was beyond her understanding.

"What kind of library do you think we run here young lady? This establishment knows no boundaries nor reluctance. We are servants of the community until God Herself calls us to Her service. You will strip, suck, fuck, and provide accurate information about this branches' collection to all who request it. Should you ever fail again at this sacred duty, hell has not punishment fit for your penance."

Another, final, flurry of swats echoed her words.

"Now, you WILL swear upon your body and soul, that you shall forever submit to the will of the community and uphold the honor of our glorious establishment."

The mourning of the Fates could not compare to the despair of our heroine. Alice lifted herself and howled in pain beyond Prometheus. She swore eternal to make every sacrifice as a servant of the public library.

She fell back to the cool, wooden surface, barely conscious. Her beating ended.

Mrs. Beacon reached for a tall, wooden handle from the collection of relics on her desk, and she pressed its broad rubber stamp into a modern pad of black ink. With one last smack on Alice's ass she printed the word 'RETURNED'.

A few seconds later she was fucking its round, knobbed end into Alice's sweet cunt.

The End