Civil Air Patrol

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Civil-Air-Patrol-01-05 (M/b Oral Anal)
By: Boybottom513

Warning- This story depicts a first sexual encounter
between a grown man and a young boy. Both of which
are gay. If you do not want to read this or know this
material or you're under the legal age in your area
for this material then DO NOT READ ANY further.

Chapter 1

Being 35 years old and gay from the first day I can remember I volunteered some number of years ago with the Civil Air Patrol. This was a group of men who have had some military experience guiding a civilian group of young adults and kids 10 and older. Our primary responsibility was to do search and rescue operations here in our own state. But mostly it was an opportunity to do some group camping and other fun activities.

In the early fall, just when the leaves started to turn to their nice soft amber red colors our group was getting ready for another outing. In front of his house the group leader Stan had parked an Air Force Bus. It was a big blue bus. Definitely a military vehicle. It didn't look all too comfortable especially for a four hour trip. But I will do what I normally do on these trips and that is strike up conversations with the boys. Each boy has his own look and style. My favorite are the shy quiet ones. Because once you become their friend they latch on to you with favoritism. I become their best buddy. Now it is not often that I get a chance to pick and choose which boy I will be try and seduce because the majority of the boys in our group are over aged. When I say, "over aged," I mean 14 years to 19 years old. Some of these teens are simply "cock hard" pretty but I prefer to lay with an innocent smooth young boy.

There are so many interests I have with boys. I love they way they have an unending desire to play. Always running around, active just like little puppies. Beautiful unblemished faces with cute button noses. Their bodies are a perfect proportion. Narrow shoulders, tiny waist, spindly arms, small sexy tight butts and a perfect boy pouch in front. Sometimes I dream of sitting on a Caribbean beach and watching all the boys dancing around me, wearing tight fitting nylon Speedos. You know the type, they hug the waist and at times creeps up their ass allowing short glimpse. It certainly is easy to tell when they have little hard-ons. Even semi erections are noticeable.

Stan and I have known each other for about 10 years now and we both share a secret desire for young boys. He has a broader interest though. My desire stops at about 13 years where he will pursue teen boys. He has told me he likes to swallow the spunk of a teen, he calls it the nectar of the gods. I don't usually do it but I will when I am horny I will do most anything.

Stan is greeting all the parents that are delivering their children. Most again are of teen years. It seems that Stan will be having a good time this week. I see some younger boys ranging in age from 12 and 13 that seem promising, none of which I would kick out of bed. I figured I would try and seduce the 12 year old in hopes that he has a smooth body. But my attention was broken when Stan walked up to me while I was loading the back of the bus and following him was the most beautiful child I had ever seen. He stood no taller than the lower part of my chest. Wearing a loose fitting white sweat shirt and a pair of dark blue corduroy pants, untied hi top tennis shoes. His hair was brown with large loopy curls, just like the "Statue of David." The face of an angel, small cute nose, rosy cheeks, the sweetest brown eyes with long sweeping eyelashes and the reddest lips. Those lips. So inviting for a tender kiss after they have been wrapped around the lowest part of my cock shaft.

"Dave!" Stan had to get my attention back. "This is little Danny. He lives down the street. His mother thought it would be nice for him to join us for a camping trip."

"Hi Danny! My name is Dave," extending my hand to shake his. Danny's right hand pulled out of his front pants pocket to meet mine. Grabbing hold of his small hand I relish in the fact that I am touching this boy and desiring more. A warm feeling came over me as all the blood went to my dick giving me a hard-on that Stan noticed and I hope Danny did too.

"So Danny, why don't you help Dave with the packing so I can continue with the parents?" Stan looks at me and winks with a shitty little grin. Danny looked up to Stan and I could see the nervousness in his eyes. It seems that he is a shy boy. Oh how I like that.

Danny and I continued to load the bus. I was asking him questions only to keep the conversation going, he only answering because they were questions.

We finally finished and were on the road now. Stan was driving the bus and I took up back seat position only so I could keep an eye on all the boys. Just as I hoped, Danny took up the other back seat. There were enough seats on the bus because some of the teens were doubled up. I would look over at him and he would turn quickly turn away from me. I thought I would entice him over to me by pulling out a game boy from my backpack and started to play. He heard the sounds that it was making and was starred quite intently on the game in hand. I asked him if he would like to sit next to me, patting the chair and he popped out of his seat and plopped down next to me. I placed one arm up on the seat backrest and handed the game to him and watched as he played. Occasionally I would brush my hand across his hair and then I placed it on his head running my fingers though the soft silky strands. Without thinking I said to Danny, "your a very cute boy." I was afraid I went too far but he just said thanks and went on with his game playing. I noticed that his body would move side to side as if he was really dodging and weaving in the game. When he did this I could see that his tight fitting corduroy pants was outlining his little penis and balls. Almost as if he wasn't wearing any underwear.
By shifting in his seat his leg kept inching over to mine and finally they touched. It felt so warm and soft. Danny was doing a fine job with the game so I thought I would get a free feel while his attention is elsewhere. I placed my hand on his upper thigh and gave a small squeeze saying, "your doing pretty good. your a natural, sport" I looked into his eyes when he turned and saw his whole face light up when I said that. I left my hand on his leg and received no resistance or complaint. It was only a few inches from his penis.

We had arrived at the camping site and everyone stared to pitch their tents around the campfire. I had a small two-man tent and was about to pitch it by the fire but when Stan came over to me with Danny and said that he should sleep in my tent because Danny had none but I knew Stan wanted the freedom of being alone in-case he scored. Now Danny was definitely nervous but I made him less nervous by saying how great it would be because now we could play with the game boy together. His sensuous red lips smiled and parted to reveal his white teeth. God how beautiful this boy is.

Looking at Danny I thought to myself that if I can seduce him I don't want to be here by everyone else. Looking at the ground I used the excuse that it was too flat and rocky. "Danny, I was going to pitch the tent here but it is too flat, If it rained the water could gather here and seep though the floor of the tent. We should find an area with a little slope to it." He agreed and I picked up my tent walked about 50 feet from the group and placed it there. Now I could have some privacy without making noise that the others could hear. Like slurping and soft moans maybe?

Danny helped me construct the tent and all the while I was watching his every move. When he would bend at the waist to pick up a tent stake I was there with my eyes glued to his perky round bottom. When he would reach up and stretch, I was there watching his shirt pull up and exposing his smooth stomach. When he just stood there with his hands in his front pockets, I was there watching him and how his pants would hug closely around his little penis and balls making such a nice little pouch. I became thirsty from the activities and knowing Danny was too I went to the rest of the group to fetch some cherry Kool Aid from a large water jug. Bringing back a couple of full Dixie cups I offered one to Danny. I watched him drink the whole glass and when he was done he had the cutest red mustache. He tried to clean it off of his face with his tongue. It slipped out between his teeth and licked all the way around. Now his lips were moist and glistening. I would sure love to taste those cherry red lips while tonguing his little boy mouth and let my hands fondling his perky little butt.

The rest of the day was uneventful, I was just waiting for our first night. After everyone was done singing songs at the camp fire we all turned in for the night. Danny and I walked to the tent. he was a little afraid because it was dark and we couldn't see past the flash light. We both climbed into the tent and I noticed he was crawling into his sleeping bag with his clothes on. I protested. "You won't have a good nights sleep like that. Did you bring any PJs?"

"No, I have never been camping before. I am cold anyway." Danny said, obviously to shy to undress in front of me.

I left it like that and let him do what he wanted. This happened the next night but I protested. I told him because he was sweating in his sleep from all the clothes he was wearing that he was stinking up the tent. But in reality the tent never smelled better. The smell of a young boy is so intoxicating, actually over powering for a pedophile. Because of my protests he was taking his clothes off at night now. Giving me brief glimpses of his little boy hood. I would help him take off his shirt because of the smallness of the tent. Feeling his back and stomach at the same time. Very smooth and taught. I would then hold the cuffs of his pants and pull them off his hips and legs, that's when I would see the true size of his penis and balls. They lay just underneath his little white jockey underwear. The leg holes were loose enough that I could just see the edge of his small scrotum but then he would quickly cover up in his sleeping bag.

The last night together in the tent made me desperate. I dumped some water on his sleeping bag when he was outside and told him that it was wet because of the ground. There was no choice for him now he had to sleep with me in the same bag. As before I undressed him. He was more comfortable with me now so he took his time climbing into my sleeping bag. I had more views of him now that he was nearly naked. I could see his round butt as he moved around the tent and when he was on all four like a dog his penis tip was pointing downward pushing out his underwear, making his pouch look a bit bigger than normal. I wanted to take him right there. I wanted to pull his underwear off and sodomize him so bad. I was removing my shirt and then my pants when he took up position at my feet and started to help me by pulling on my pant cuffs. As my pants moved off my hips he fixated on my groin examining my underwear and the outline I give it. He didn't say anything and looked away out of shame. We both climbed in to the bag and it was a nice fit. Not crowded but nice and cozy. I wanted to see more of him so I pulled out a flashlight and the game boy and we both sank into the sleeping bag and shinned the flashlight while he played. I was looking over his whole body. Smooth and young. He had a nice summer tan that has lasted into the fall. The light illuminated everything in the bag. I was watching his eyes, most of the time they were on the game but there were glances at my cock. I wonder if that is just out of curiosity or something else. As we both got tired we put way the flashlight and game boy, he turned away from me but I was right behind him just touching my raging hard-on to his soft bottom. I said good night and kissed him on the cheek. Danny didn't protest but only turned his head toward me to say thank.

Even though nothing had happened while we were camping I was hoping for another chance. I asked him if he would like to go flying next weekend. Of course his face lit right up and of course said yes.


That next weekend I drove up to his house and Danny was waiting for me on the front steps. He ran to the car and jumped in while his mother waved from the front window. As we pulled away I placed my hand on his leg and slid it up and down his thigh all the way up to his scrotum. Danny jumped a bit.

Upon arriving at the hanger where the small single engine airplane was housed we got out of the car and headed inside the office where Stan and Rick where sitting. I introduced Rick to Danny and of course Danny was shy so he stuck to
my side. After a bit of chit chat both Stan and Rick left so Danny and I could get on with our adventure. They were hoping I could bring Danny around to our sexual ways.

"Well Danny, should we go check out the plane?"

"Yes please." Danny is so polite he reminds me of a British boy. He jumped down from his stool and ran to the plane. I showed him around and then sat on a single chair by the plane. I asked Danny to come to me, which he did. I took hold of his hand and pulled him close having him sit in my lap cross ways. He was a bit uncomfortable sitting in a grown mans lap but it felt great because his little butt was pressing firmly into my groin. I was feeling a little playful because I was holding one of his hands and allowing him to bend backwards head toward the ground. "How far can you go I asked." His head was near the ground and whole body arched with his legs draped over mine. While he is in this position I place my other hand on his groin saying to him that I don't want to fall. I didn't squeeze but I could feel the small mound in my palm. It was definitely reacting to my light touch because Danny asked for me to pull him back up. I am sure he was afraid of getting a raging hard-on. To break the tension I said "lets go for a flight." I helped him climb into the plane by placing my right hand on his bottom. My middle finger slipped between his buns and pressed firmly into his crack. I left my hand there so long that he sat on it with my finger there in his crack. "Hey!" Danny chirped. I removed it and smiled.

In the air I explained the plane and controls to him allowing him to do simple maneuvers. While flying there was no chance for me to feel this boy up but when we got back to the hanger I tried again.

Back at the office where there were two desks and two typewriters we made up a game by typing messages to each other. After this had gone on for about 10 minutes I unplugged his machine with my foot so he wouldn't notice. Saying to Danny that " your machine must be broke," I had him sit in my lap so we could share the one typewriter. This felt good. His small ass really pressed home. Again we typed messages to each other and I would put in a dirty word here and there allowing him to do the same. In between the messages I typed I would place my hands on each of his knees. Each time I had finished typing my part I would place them further up his legs. Inching closer and closer. I enjoyed feeling his corduroy covered legs. I was about an inch away when I lightly brushed the back of my thumb against his little package. I am sure he felt it but he didn't say anything. Because of no protests I continued to run my thumb softly from the base of his ball sack and up to the tip of his now hardening dick.
I was a bit shocked that Danny was using strong language on the typewriter so I joined him by typing, "If a bully gives you a hard time would you say fuck you?"

Danny thought for a moment then typed, "fuck you? fuck me!"

I wasn't really sure what he meant by this, but it did sound like fun.
The next time I was finished typing I placed my hand right over his scrotum. I didn't squeeze but he did take a quick breath in and push his hips forward a bit. His legs opened just a little so I gave just a little squeeze and then another and then another. Danny stopped typing and sat in my lap not saying a word. He leaned his head against my chest so I continued to fondle his little balls through his pants. I lifted each of his legs over my leg so they draped down the outside of my leg. Now I could spread my legs apart and spread his at the same time. Danny's groin fully open to my large hands I was able to maneuvered his lengthening penis in his pants from pointing down to pointing up toward his belly button. I continued to fondle Danny with one hand and the other hand was caressing his leg. Down the top of his leg and then up the inside to his groin. I would switch hands and work the other leg. Sometimes bringing one hand up to his chest to feel his flat chest and fast beating heart. He is scared but he does like it I thought to myself. I became more bold and tried to slide my hand down the front of his pants. I wanted very much to feel his smooth skinned cock and balls. His pants were very tight but Danny sucked in his stomach so I could work my hand under his waistband. He wants me to touch him! I could feel his tiny cock head with the tips of my fingers. His little foreskin was sliding up and down with my touch.

"Danny, do you like how this feels?" Kissing him on the top of his head.

"Yes," said Danny, "I do. Nobody has played with it for a long time."
"Oh ya? Who played with it before?"

"A friend of mine when we were both 8 but he moved away." Just then Danny and I noticed someone was approaching the office door from outside. He popped out of my lap just as the door started to open. I am sure we both looked guilty of something to the stranger but he just asked for directions and left.

I turned my chair to face Danny and took his hands and pulled him to me so that his chest was pressing on my chest. I spread my legs some while looking down over Danny's shoulders and took hold of both his muscular ass cheeks. I began to press his groin tight against mine feeling him fully.

I asked Danny to get up off my lap which he did but looked at me with disappointment. I took Danny's hand and led him to another door in the office. There was another room behind that door that had shelves for storage and a few blankets. I went back into the office and locked the door placing a sign in the window that read, "this office was closed." It was the weekend so nobody would be calling. Going back into the small room where Danny was I knelt down in front of him and pulled him close. Looking into his beautiful brown eyes with those long eyelashes I gave Danny a kiss on his cherry red lips. He didn't pull away so I placed the tip of my tongue at his lips and pushed in parting them. Danny is a smart boy and knew what I wanted. he opened his mouth to allow me to enter with full force. I love to kiss small boys because they make my legs weak. He closed his lips around my tongue sucking on it, then I would do the same to him when he entered my mouth with his tongue. This boy was getting me really hot.
"Do you want to undress me Danny? Like you did in the tent?"

Danny shook his head yes so I placed three blankets on the floor. I took my shirt off but Danny undid my shoes and pulled my pants off by the cuff. His eyes were fixated on my underwear.
"Wow yours is big. Mine isn't anything like that size."
"Danny, don't worry because if it was I wouldn't be doing this with you right now." I like your penis. It is the perfect bite size." I laughed and then Danny did to. "Do you want to remove my underwear?" I asked Danny.

All he could do is nod up and down. We both stood up and Danny placing his small fingers on either side of my waistband he pulled them down and over my penis head and then uncovering my balls, dropping my underwear to my feet. His mouth was hanging open a bit in awe. What he saw was a 6 inch man cock with large balls.
"Your turn sport," I said. While standing I pulled his shirt off over his head. Drinking in his beauty with my eyes. His smooth flat chest and narrow shoulders were going to be great to the touch. I got to my knees and undid his belt and snap. Now tugging on his zipper pulling it down. I ask Danny to turn around and then I felt the sides of his waist, I tugged on the pants and slide them down and he stepped out of them kicking them to one side. I touched his underwear clad butt with my palm and gently caress those round boy buns. Slowly I turn him again so his pouch is now in my face I place my nose to his scrotum and inhale the sweet boy smell. I placed my hand to the leg opening and pull it up to allow his small penis to show. What I saw was a smooth hairless boy dick and no wrinkle boy balls. After slowly taking off his underwear I was now able to see his boy toy in full mast. A very gorgeous boy of 10 years standing naked in front of me wanting to do the same things I want to do.
"Danny, what did you and your friend do together?"

"We played with each others dicks, and we would put them in each others butts. It feels real good."
"Yes I know. I like that too. Come here little boy stud." Taking Danny by the hand we both lay on the blankets together. With Danny on his back I kiss him on the lips again while playing with his penis and balls. I move from his lips to the nap of his neck and working toward his tit. I gently bite it and suck on it as I work my fingers up and down his little penis. I make a straight line with my tongue from his tit to his belly and then to the tip of his cock. Taking the head between my two fingers I pull back his little foreskin exposing his moist head and then let go. The foreskin slides forward and closes around his head with some skin to spare. It bunches up on the tip. I pull it back again and this time touch my tongue to the tiny head. This boy is clean so I push my tongue into the slit and then down the side of the head in between the foreskin covering. Not being able to slow down I plunge his 3 inch shaft into my waiting mouth. Running my tongue over and around the smooth shaft from balls to head I wet and coat his sex tool with my spit. This boys legs are moving with the pleasure I am bringing him. Bobbing my head up and down again and again only stopping on occasion to lick and suck both balls.

Taking both legs with my hands under his knees I lift his legs up and over my shoulders raising his butt off the floor. In this position I am exposing his virgin bottom that is sweeter than honey. His cock is hard and his balls are so small in a tight nut sack with a dark line of skin that extends from his balls down to his hole. He doesn't have butt lips. His hole is like a tight little funnel. I run the tip of my tongue from the tip of his dick down the shaft and then outlining his balls, traveling further south to his little boy bottom. My tongue circling the hot entrance to his hole then touching the center. Again around the sides then to the center. Finally I push in feeling the warmth and tasting the child. Danny obviously loved it because he voluntarily raises his legs further to his chest exposing more for me. Even with this position I can not get in very deep. I want more so I stop and lay on my back asking Danny to stand over me with his feet on the sides of my chest facing toward my cock. "Kneel down Danny" I grab hold of his waist and pull his bottom toward my waiting mouth. With Danny sitting on my face I again plunged my tongue into his rosebud. This time I am able to rape him with my tongue. In and out tasting this boy with great desire. Danny bends forward and touches my cock holding it with both hands he squeezes the shaft and some precum oozes out of the large slit. He brings his lips to the large head and licks it with lust tasting my man seed spreading it around my head then licking it up and swallowing. Opening his small mouth, framed by those cherry red lips of his, he takes my cock in past the head. Licking and sucking, moving farther down the shaft.

I continue to prod his butt with my tongue and pulling on his little boy meat, Danny swallows my cock with wanton desire. I get into rhythm and push my hips up to meet his mouth. I cant decide if I want him to taste me further or to cum deep in his butt. This goes on for another 18 minutes when I knew I was past the point of no return. I have to save some for his ass though. I pull back from Danny's hole to say, " I am about to cum. I want you to swallow as much as you can." Plunging my tongue straight into his already wet hole this made Danny shiver and suck my cock even harder. My cock was coated with his saliva from sliding in and out of his mouth and when I finally pushed deep into his waiting mouth I shot several loads of thick cum that Danny, at first, was able to keep up with the amount but lost pace and globs were running down Danny's chin dropping onto my abdomen. When I stopped fucking his mouth he let go and started to lick my shaft and abdomen clean, savoring every drop.
Watching a boy enjoying sex is such a turn on I knew I would be getting a second helping. Placing Danny on his back again I start to ravage his tinny penis with my mouth. I know he hasn't cum yet so I place one finger in his butt up to the first knuckle and then again he lifts his legs to his chest. I am now able to push my finger in further. I pull it out and start to finger fuck him. I try two fingers and find that he is very accommodating. I press his very sensitive spot while sucking wildly on his cock and he came. For 10 seconds he spasmed in my mouth. Dry as it was it was still sweet. I stop sucking on his cock but left my fingers in his bottom and ask him, "How was that big guy?"
"That was great. Can I kiss you?" Danny said with a shyness.
"Sure. I would love to kiss you again." After exchanging some pecks I broke our silence and asked Danny if I could fuck him. He was unsure but I reassured the boy that it was part of our love making.
Danny rolled onto his stomach and I assumed this is how he and his little friend have done it. I couldn't say no so I got on my knees and straddled the boy and laid my strong cock on the crack of his ass and just laid on him. It was like a hot dog in a bun. I ground my groin in between his cheeks and then rearing up I took my hands to part the small globes and place my penis tip at the entrance of my total desire. Pushing with a little force I was able to place my tip into the hole. There was no pain so I continued. I didn't need any lubrication because of all the tonguing I had given him earlier. I finally met a little resistance. He winced a bit so I instructed him to push a little and that would make it easier. With a small pop I was past his ring and with steady pressure I continued to penetrate this virgin boy. The ring was tight and clamping down on my man cock but he was loving it. I only pushed in about 4 inches of my 6 full inches when I hit bottom. I really wanted him to take all of me. I let him get used to my size and then slowly pulled back and then forward again. I did this for about 5 minutes and we both were enjoying the ass fucking I was giving this child.

I pulled out of Danny and asked if he would lay on his back which he did. I picked up his legs from under his knees and pushed them back to his chest. He knew how I wanted him so he grabbed hold of his own legs. Now with his smooth bottom exposed again I pressed forward with my cock tip. This time entering him more easily. Sliding my cock in with both of us watched as it disappear into his hole. I got to the 4 inches and found that I could go even deeper. I stopped with 5 inches buried, pulled back and pressed in again. I did this slowly because with each thrust I was able to go deeper. Finally I could feel my balls and the hair around them touch this child's bottom. Indeed, my goal has been met. This sexy little boy and I are one with nature. Because I shot my load earlier into his sweat mouth I know it would take a while to cum again. With my cock buried in his butt I hover over him. It is a beautify sight to see, a large frame man over a boy so small. Slowly picking up speed with my thrusts I watch my cock glisten from the light while sliding in and out, fucking this small child. I see just above my cock his tiny scrotum bouncing from the pounding I am giving him. I place both my hands on his calves and run my hands on the inside of his thighs and down to the center of his boy hood. Caressing his penis up and down watching the head disappear into my palm and then reappearing. I cant take much more so I let go of his penis and passionately lock lips with his. I slide my forearms under his back to hold him close. Danny wraps his arms around my neck while I continue to pound his ass with every quick thrust. With one final penetration I bury my cock nuts deep and explode. My large man balls pull up and contract with great force pumping my load into this 10 year old virgin boy and my tongue intertwined with his. Danny cums for a second time with his cock pressing against my abdomen. This surely is the best sex a man could ever have. We both slowly come down from our high. With me still in him I take one leg of his and swing it to the other side of my head so now I am behind him with my cock all the way in. With Danny in my arms we both lay there and fall asleep. I can't wait to share him with Rick and Stan.

My sweet little Danny really did go flying today.

Chapter 2

Danny really did go flying that beautiful day. I know, I was in cloud 10 after finally seducing that sexy innocent 10 year old boy. My secret desire is to reach cloud 5 some day. The thought of sending a 5 year old boy off to his first day of kindergarten with my cum firmly shot deep into that wonderful little boy ass drives me wild. As much fun as that sounds I have to be honest and say that you can fuck a 5 year old boy but you can't receive passion from him like you can with a 10 year old boy.

When I dropped Danny off at his house and drove away I was quite sure Danny enjoyed it too. I had this feeling that he would keep my secret safe with him. My intentions with Danny were to see him soon and very often. That is why I planed to take him to a neighborhood little league game the following weekend. I know Danny was too shy to join a baseball team so I thought this would be just as much fun for him.

During the work week I couldn't clear my mind to concentrate on the work at hand and of course the week went very slow. You remember as a child when you really wanted something to happen it took forever for the day to arrive.
Well here it is, "finally," the weekend. Upon picking Danny up from his house I proceeded to drive away and after turning the corner of his street the little stud turned to me and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"You're a quick one, what was that for?" saying to him while looking into his deep brown eyes and big fluttery eye lashes. He just sat there in his seat and grinned. He is a pretty boy because of the way his rosy cheeks glow and his naturally red pouty lips just beg for a good kiss or better yet have them stretched around the base of my shaft. Yes I have to admit to myself, I am falling in love with this little boy.

I pulled into the local A&W to which Danny was a bit surprised. I parked at the last stall where no one else was. The nice waitress took our order and promptly brought it to us. While Danny was eating his French fries I was watching him chew the one end of the fry and work his way down to the other end until the whole fry was gone only to start on another. I placed my right arm up onto his head rest and started to run my fingers through his brown hair. He looked up and smiled once more. I moved my hand down to his bare left knee and fondly moved it up and down his leg. Moving past his shorts and up to his boy pouch I took hold of his limp little package in my palm and felt the soft warmth that it contained. Danny spread his legs so I could cup a larger feel. He was still limp.

"Danny, did you like what we did last week? I know I did. It was a wonderful feeling. Kind of scary but still fun." With that said I was waiting for a resounding YES! but all I received was a 'ya.' "You are shy, I understand." I can start to feel Danny getting a little boner. "Do you know what I liked about last weekend?"

Danny turns his pretty little head and said, "what?"

While stroking his penis through his shorts I further said, "I liked it when you let me put my cock in you, you're a big man to take the whole thing." My little cherub begins to blush. "You should be proud. Does it still hurt back there?"

"No. At first it hurt but then it felt really good."

"Sorry Danny what I meant to say is does it hurt now?"

"No. It feels fine. Kinda empty." turning away from me.

This was his way of telling me that he wants me to fill him back up.

"Danny, don't be shy. Please look at me." taking my hand off his crotch and taking hold of his chin turning his head toward mine. "This is just between you and me sport. No one will have to know unless you tell them. And that would be bad for both of us. Look Danny. I know you liked it as much as I did. I enjoyed giving you those hugs and kisses and I enjoyed you giving me all those hugs and kisses. It makes me feel wonderful." He starts to smile again and takes hold of my hand and gives it a quick kiss.

"I need you to tell me that you liked those sexy games we did. Can you say that?"

"I loved it!" said Danny with enthusiasm.

I had to ask, "what was your favorite? Do you have one?"

"Heck ya, I loved it when you sucked on my dick then when you put your dick up my butt."

"You liked that did you? I liked it more than you did." said in a teasing way.

"No, I did." Pausing a few moments he continued, "Can we do it again sometime?"

"You can count on it little guy. We can do it for a few more years if you would like." After saying that I dreaded the day when he becomes too old for me. I should start playing with boys at a younger age just so I can be with them longer.

After leaving the A&W we arrived at a little league game to watch some of his friends play baseball. He was having fun and rooting for his friends from school while I watched him most of the game. I fed him cotton candy and watched his hands get all sticky and bought him a hot dog and noticed how seductively he stretched his lips around the dog and bun. He did this while watching my reaction which was one of surprise. I do believe that my boy is coming out of his shy shell. Although acts like that could get us both into trouble.

During the game I couldn't help but look at some of his cute friends playing baseball. Those uniforms were nicely tailored, cupping both their fronts and backs very nicely. Scenes like these makes a pedo want to leap out of their chair and have their way with one of those little men. Danny pointed out to me how much he liked those uniforms but was too afraid to join the team. "Maybe next year kiddo." When I had the chance I asked Danny if he would like something to drink and when I was away I made a phone call to my friend Stan. "Please do me a favor and run down to second hand clothes store. Pick me up a baseball uniform for a boy of 10."

Stan of course was very curious, "is it for your Danny?"

"Yes, I have to see him in one of those uniforms." I wasn't kidding either. The thought of his body being hugged by those clothes would make me wild. And I think it would please Danny too.

After returning to Danny and finished watching the game together we were both on our way to my place. The distance was fair so I offered him some reading material. "Danny, if you look in the glove compartment you will find something to do." I said this very coyly. Danny did as I suggested and opened the glove box reaching in to find a hard core gay pedo magazine. I just about laughed when I saw his mouth drop. He was shocked by the cover. This magazine was my favorite. It had a color picture of a man sitting in a chair with his boy sitting on the ground between the mans feet with his head on the mans leg. It wasn't erotic but it was very loving. "Wow!" is all Danny could say.

"What are you thinking?"

"This magazine, they're naked." stuttering the reply.

"Something wrong with the picture? It is just a man like me and a boy like you who like each other. If you want to see more then open up the magazine." Danny opens up the front page to find the same man and boy in different sexual poses. He wasn't very interested in the pictures of masturbation but the same ones that I find exciting and fulfilling. In the magazine the man was sucking on his boys cock while fingering his ass and the other pictures were of the boy getting his ass fucked. While Danny was looking very closely at these pictures I had to have a feel of his cock. Placing my hand on his cock I could stroke up and down through his jeans. This boy was already hard and really feeling good.

"Ohhh!" Danny shouted.

"Sorry sport. Too hard?" Thinking that I was rubbing his cock too hard.

"No, that's ok but look at this picture." Lifting the page up for me to see. It was a picture of two men and one boy. The boy was getting the treatment. He had his mouth and butt filled with man cock.

"What's the matter sport. Don't you like it?" I was very curious to what he was going to say.

"It seems kind of weird, don't you think?" Turning his head toward me and looked me in the eye.

"Actually no! It was fun when I was eleven. I think you would enjoy it?"

Danny just sat there turning page after page of the magazine looking at all of the ways the boy was being played with. I knew he was interested because his little cock was still hard in my hand.

Pulling up to my house we both entered the garage entrance and I noticed that Stan was gone but our mutual friend Rick was in the living room. Danny saw a stranger so he clung to my side holding my hand and feeling kind of nervous. "Danny, this is Rick, Rick this is Danny." The two smiled to each other but Danny held onto my hand even harder.

Rick is a 19 year old guy who has been Stan's lover for many years. On occasion the three of us has some good times and shared many fun moments. Rick gets up from the couch and walks toward the kitchen to get some soda to drink, he offers both of us some as well. "Stan said he would be back soon, he called to say he would be back with your outfit."

Rick hands us our drinks and then sits back on the couch. I motion to Danny and pointed toward the stairs. Danny leading the way we went to the basement which was my family room. I turned on the TV and we both sat next to each other on the couch. I knew I was going to make love to this boy but I was going to take it slow. After five minutes of just holding him to my side he placed his hand on my crotch and gave it a small squeeze. This boy was horny so I opened up my legs to allow him to grab more of me. I did the same to him. I could feel his hard little boy cock through his shorts and the more I rubbed it the more I wanted to rip off his clothes and rape him. I took it slow by unsnapping his pants and unzipping his fly. With that done I stopped and got on my knees in front of the couch while he was laying on his back with his head on the back rest. I positioned myself between his legs with my upper body over his body, I lowered my lips down to meet those red lips of his while stroking his narrow boy shoulders. We didn't kiss long and when we were finished I started to tug at his pants wanting to pull them off. Danny wanted to help by lifting his butt off the couch to make it easier for me to remove his pants. The next obstacle was his underwear. He wore a white pair of jockey underwear with a built in pouch. I know the pouch couldn't have made a difference for boys but I did like the idea. It says the maker of this garment paid a lot of attention to this special area on a boy. I grabbed one side of his underwear and slowly pulled down on it to see more and more of his smooth tummy. Tugging on the other side allowed me to see the beginnings of his bald pubic area. Finally slipping the whole article past his hips the garment fell away exposing the most beautiful piece of boy cock.

Danny was two feet in front of me with his shirt on and his lower body naked and open to me. The long smooth legs were splayed wide and at the center was a juicy 3" uncut hard cock. Placing both hand on the inside of his legs and slowing sliding them toward his cock I could feel the smooth tight skin of a prepubescent boy. One hand reaches under and cups his balls while the other hand touches his foreskin and rubbing it back and forth.
Danny closed his eyes and began to enjoy our sexual play. Some people believe I am still raping this boy even though I haven't forced him into a van and ripped off his clothes and forced my cock up his ass. Those people have never seen the pleasure on Danny's face as I bring my tongue down to taste the tip of his cock. Flicking in and out I start to run my tongue into the space between the head and foreskin, swirling around the head and then into the slit, all the while rubbing his little balls. Because Danny is only ten years baby young his ball sack is small and tight. The position he was in allowed me to notice the most sexy part of a boy.
There is a fold of skin that makes a light brown line from the front of his ball sack separating his two little succulent grapes and travels straight south toward his once used boy pussy. This is what I am washing with my tongue. Licking up and then down his ball sack. Over one nut and then around the outline of his sack over to the other nut, finally sucking both prepubescent balls into my mouth and washing him by my tongue rubbings.

Danny places both his hands on my head lifting me up to his cock. I begin licking up the side of his little shaft and then down the other side. The liquid coating makes him slippery to the touch so I begin to suck him in fully. Holding the base of his shaft with my lips and rolling my tongue around his head I lift both his legs up and drape them up on my back. When I do this I feel that there is nothing else in the world except my mouth and this little boy cock. I cant see or hear anything only the soft sucking sounds of my mouth bobbing up and down making pedo love to this small boy. As I bring him closer to climax the doorway to the stairs opens up and in walk Stan and his boy Rick.

Danny's eyes flew open and he starts to panic by pushing me off his boy cock. I stayed my ground and continued to suck him down. After a few seconds he finally realizes that Stan and Rick didn't mind what we were doing and began to enjoy himself again. While I sodomized my boy, Rick and Stan removed some photographic equipment from the closet and started to set up some of the lighting stands.

Looking up at Danny's angelic face I asked him if he minded some pictures of our fun. "Next time we both can look at these pictures like you did with that magazine," I said.

He shook his head up and down allowing me to raise up and kiss him on the lips again. I began to stand up but Danny protested. "No don't. They will see me naked."

"Sorry Danny. I don't want you to put your clothes back on, so the rest of us will take our clothes off too. Would you like that?"

"I guess," was all he could say.

The rest of us began to take our clothes off and in a matter of moments the whole room was totally naked except little Danny. He still had his shirt on and I made sure he knew it. "You seem to be a little over dressed, go ahead and take your shirt off sport."

Danny slips his T-shirt up and off exposing his smooth narrow chest. There was no baby fat on this boy in fact he was rather thin. But not under nourished just skinny. From his narrow shoulders hung his thin little arms. His flat smooth tummy only drew your attention past his small straight hips and down to his now soft vee shaped groin and onward to his thin smooth legs. The only hair on this boy laid upon his head and later with an occasional pubic hair from my own groin.

Stan steps up to me with a brown bag folded at the top, "Dave, was this what you were looking for?"

I open up the bag and pull out a little league baseball uniform. The boys face lights up with excitement. He jumps up and down clapping his hands in front of him, "is that for me?"

The three of us watch the boy's limp penis bounce striking his leg and then his stomach and back to his other leg as the kid jumps. "Yes it is," I said. "Would you like to try it on now?"

"Sure," Danny said.
Danny starts to pull on the shirt but I stop him and we both went into my bedroom upstairs so I could help him and so Stan and Rick could continue to setup the photographic equipment.

Directing Danny to stand on my bed I stood in the position that allowed me to see him from my mirror on the wall. I pull out all the clothes from the bag and separate all of the articles. What we had was a long pair of pants, a short sleeve shirt, a cute little baseball cap, but what surprised me was Stan also picked up a small nut cup and a little boy jock strap. That was a nice touch.

I handed him the cap and he immediately put it on. He wore the cap tight on his head and the rim of the cap was just over his eyes. He had to tilt his head up a bit to see out. Perfect! I thought.

Placing the jock strap at his feet I asked him to step into the holes. I don't think he knew what this was but it was fun so he allowed me to slide it up his legs. I stretched the elastic around his waist and straighten the butt straps so they lay flat. He looks down at the front and said, "kind of big isn't it?"

"Don't worry Sport, this cup has to go in. It is for your protection. As long as you have this in you cant get hurt down there."
I pull the elastic out from the front and slip in the nut cup placing it gingerly over his sweet tasting balls. I hate to cover them up but the cup gives this boy a really interesting look. Sitting down at the edge of the bed I turn the little stud around so his crotch is now in my face. I give him a little bump with forehead on his nut cup for fun. He laughs. "Hard as a rock," I said.

Still looking at him in the mirror his round butt is displayed. I move the straps from the jock strap into the crack of his ass. "How does that feel stud?"

"Feels neat. Makes me feel strong." Danny puffs out his chest and shows his biceps.
All I could do was grab him in the tickle zone and he falls laughing on my bed. While we were down there he takes hold of my half erect cock and rubs the head. He moves closer and makes contact with his mouth. Watching this boy and his little hand that cant fully grasp my shaft, try and stretch his mouth over the head of my cock was wonderful. I could feel his small tongue working up a slippery lather with my precum. Danny keeps working on my cock. He slowly drops his head further down the shaft. I soon feel my head at the back of his throat. He starts to gag a little. "Go slow boy and relax your throat. Don't worry you cant swallow it all." I said that and blew him a kiss. His other hand took hold of my large hairy balls and softly fondled them definitely working up a large load. As I approached climax I stopped him from finishing because I really wanted this on film.

We both laid there with him on my chest waiting for both our hearts to slow. And finally we were able to put the rest of his uniform on. With that, we both headed downstairs to the family room where Stan and Rick were kissing. It seems they finished with the setup work and started their own session.

They broke their kiss when we entered the room and they both loved the look of Danny in his new uniform. Rick was near the photographic equipment. Stan and I stood back from Danny to admire how well he looked.
In front of us was the most beautiful little boy. His cap was pulled down just above his eyes, his shirt was a perfect fit but most of all those pants tightly hugged his body. From the side, his boy butt was very muscular and contoured. Just the site of his uniform made my cock so hard that if I wanted to I bet I could have pierced the back of his pants with my cock and fucked him right there on the spot. From the front, his boy pouch was more pronounced than normal. Even though this boy looked like he was 9, the cup made the boy look as if he was hung like a 13 year old.

Stan said to Danny, "Your a little league slugger. I bet you could knock the ball out of the park for a home run."

Danny looks up from under the bill of his cap and smiles showing some white of his teeth. It was obvious that Danny was happy. He kept shifting his weight from one leg to the other allowing the clothe to wrinkle around his crotch accentuating his boyish feature.

We stared at him for a minute when I broke the silence. "Now it is time for me to take that uniform off of my little stud. Come on over here," smiling as I held out my hand. He takes it and I draw him close. As I center him in the room near the couch Rick and Stan manage the photo equipment. Rick starts the Camcorder and Stan starts the Polaroid. Little Danny didn't seem to mind the pictures and he seems to be unshy about the other two in the room. I begin by kneeling in front of my little boy and slowly unbutton his shirt. Taking the shirt by the collar I unwrap his shoulders and slide it down the back with the cuffs coming off last. His bare chest is so smooth with a light tan. His little nipples were small and round. They begin to nip out as the cooler air hits them. Running my big hands over his shoulder then down the front of his chest sliding past his sweet tits down to his sides where he was a bit ticklish then around to the back of his pants holding the muscular mounds I pull him closer to place my lips on his for a soft gentle kiss. My arms slide up his back while I place the tip of my tongue at his lips pushing them apart. Danny opens his mouth allowing me to slide in and intertwine with his. As we do this his little league cap falls from his head.

As we kiss passionately I begin to unsnap and unzip his pants. Running my fingers under the waistband I push my hands down over his butt cheeks feeling their smooth texture. Pushing further the pants start to slide down over his hips and falling down around his feet. Using my left hand I grab at his nut cup through the jock strap and bring my nose down to his crotch and breath in the young child smell. I run my tongue over his leg into the crevice that between his leg and jockstrap, pushing past the elastic and tasting a sweet innocent flavor.
Still on my knees I ask my precious boy to turn around which he does without question. As he does my hands feel all his beauty. Now with his little butt is near my face I push on his lower back to indicate he should bend over. As he has his hands on his knees I place my hands on his butt cheeks running my thumbs into his crack squeezing both mounds of fresh rump roast. My large hands easily cover all of his wonderfully tight baby butt. With my thumbs still in his crack I separate both cheeks open to allow my nose to dig deep. I allow his cheeks to close on my face so I could feel totally surrounded by his deepest of places. The smell was so mild and sweet. He was expecting a tonguing but he didn't get one just yet. I wanted to save it for later. I finish by lowering and removing his jockstrap and cup. He is as naked as the other three of us. Nothing stands in our way for a slow "boys only" party.

I lay on the floor and Danny kneels next to me. As he leans back to sit on his heels he reaches over to grab my throbbing cock and again lowering his ruby red lips to the tip. Opening wide he plunges down to wet about 3 inches of it. Then pulls off to lick all sides like a lollypop. Holding my balls in one hand and working up and down my cock with his inexperienced mouth I run my hand down his back to rub his butt also running my finger against his boy hole. I do this for a few minutes as he is concentrating on my cock. Stan approaches the boy from behind. Danny doesn't realize that my hand has been replaced by Stan's hand. My plan is working, I wanted to share this boy with other men.
So now Rick is filming everything, Stan lays down with his legs toward my head and his head at the back of Danny's butt. Stan reaches under to caress Danny's cock and tiny balls bringing Danny back to an erection. I reach over and take Stan in my mouth working up a load. Danny takes notice and realizes that Stan is jacking him but doesn't protest. He actually raises his butt so Stan can get a better feel. I start to push my hips forward running my cock into the young warm mouth but he still cant take all 6 inches. He is still so innocent that he has to learn how to take his man. I can feel his strong tongue working up one side of my shaft and then around the other circling my head and finally deep thoating 4 inches of me. He was getting pretty good when I had to stop him, "please honey, lets try something new."

"Sport, lay on your back." When he does, I position myself on my stomach so as my head fits in between his legs. I lift his knees up so they are bent and his feet are positioned on either side of my chest. I watch Stan position himself on his knees so that Danny's head is between Stans strong thighs. Stan faces me and slowly sits back on his heels and lowers his 7 inch man cock by resting it onto Danny's face. His heavy balls are resting on Danny's forehead and the uncut shaft is pointing toward me and extends just past the boys lips.

I begin to caress those soft young thighs and licking around his pubic region. Around the outline edges of his tight little sack and around the cock. Danny's ball sack didn't lay flat against his body. His two little balls were close together and they stuck out from his groin as a little mound. At the base of his balls I begin to strongly lick forward, separating his two immature balls and straight up the 3 inch shaft to slime his little cocklet head. With sucking lips I pop his tiny head into my mouth and swirl lubing his foreskin. Danny moans loudly while raising his feet off the ground. I take more of him and he pulls his legs even higher. As I rape him with my mouth his butt cheeks part giving me his boy scent.

Stan now bored with watching me he begins to raise his hips allowing the tip of his cock to point down toward the boy's small mouth. Stan's cockhead is larger than mine so it was exciting to watch my boy part his soft lips and lick the tip with his sweet little tongue. Licking around the whole head Stan's cock bobbed in mid air. Dropping further the head slips in between the lips filling this small child's mouth. I continue to suck wildly on the young cock while lightly squeezing his precious balls. Moments later I drop spittle on his balls and it slowly runs down his sack and follows the brown line of skin directly to his hole where I insert my finger. Pushing in and pulling out I am able to fully insert my finger in a short time. This boy is getting the treatment.

Rick is walking around the room with the camera taking as many pictures as he can from as many angles as he can. On lonely nights these pictures will be very handy.

Stan continues to push more of his shaft into Danny until he starts to choke. Some how Danny was able to take 5 inches of Stan's cock. Danny must be eager. This continues for about 5 minutes when Danny throws his arms up and legs pulled tight to his chest, he shakes with extreme pleasure. Danny has a fantastic orgasm even though he couldn't produce any boy juice. Stan and I have yet to enjoy our climaxes. We let Danny go first because his youth allows him multiple orgasms in one night.

Stan pulls his long wet cock out slowly and backs away while I slide up over Danny's body to take hold of his small nipple with my mouth. Teasing it and then biting softly allowing his tingling sensations in his pretty little body to subside. I creep up further so our mouths could passionately kiss, my hands find his to intertwine as our tongues do.

"Did you like that lil sport?" Looking deep in his brown eyes.

"Ya! Best ever." he peeped.

"There's more, you know. I want to bring you to nirvana again. This time we will both go there." I had to explain to him what nirvana is but without the actual experience he wouldn't have understood like he does now.

Allowing things to calm down some I get everyone something to drink. Stan and Rick keep Danny company and reload film and tape. The boy asked more than once to see the tape but we denied him the pleasure until the next visit. Besides there is more to film tonight.

At that moment I stop in my tracks and shout, "what a wonderful idea!"

Everyone looked at me kind of strangely and asked what I meant by that.

"Don't worry I won't be long. It should only take 5 minutes." with that said I bolted into the upstairs bathroom.

When finished I entered the family room again and found all three staring at what I have done. They couldn't peel their eyes off my groin. I shaved all of my pubic hair so I was as bald as the little one. It was a strange feeling. Cool and smooth. The boys stood around me taking turns feeling it all. When I felt the soft smooth skin it brought back childhood memories. All three said it was a good idea.

I remove the cushions on the couch to unfold the hide-a-bed. It was fairly comfortable for what I had in mind.

I took Danny by the hand and sat him down at the bottom edge of the bed. Without asking he just lays back with his feet barely on the floor. Rolling the little stud onto his side I put a pillow under his lower back then roll him flat on his back. I begin to kneel down in front of him and lift his legs to fold them back to his chest. I lower my nose to the base of his ball sack and lightly lick downward touching the edges of his hole. I caress the undersides of his thighs with my large hands, tasting the outer surface of his boy hole with my tongue. I begin to penetrate him slightly, wetting the entrance. Pulling out and licking the surface again, around the edges and then penetration once more. This time a bit deeper. For fun I thought I would act as a dog and with my big wet tongue I lap at his hole as if it was a water dish. He starts to giggle in his very boyish way, "that feels funny."

Becoming more serious I plunge my tongue in as much as I could at the moment. His laugher stops and is replace by soft grunts. Opening my mouth as if to take a large bite out of an apple I, again, plunge deeper than I could before. Licking up and down deep in his hole he lets out a loud moan followed by, "more." Slowly picking up the pace, pushing my tongue in and out, fucking his tight hole with my mouth, I could feel the warmth in him. I liked how the soft edges of skin where opening and closing forming a ring around my tongue. Not wanting to send my little boy over the edge again I stopped even though he protested. The little tyke wanted much more.

Spitting on my cock and a little extra for his hole I stood at the edge of the bed and positioned my 6" tool at the well lubed once used boy fuck hole. I grab the back of his knees and pull them apart to spread his legs wide. Pushing my hips forward the head of my uncut man cock begins to stretch the small opening. The tiny anus begins to part allowing my cock head to partially enter. A slow steady movement finds the form fitting hole accepting the whole head. I stop to let him get used to it but the little bugger pushes back at me like he wants me to drive it straight up. I know better. He is a beautiful sweet boy and I don't want to hurt him so I continue to go slow. Pulling back some and then pushing forward more and more.
Danny lifts his head to see if he can see how well it is entering. There is very little pain, I can see it in his face. He smiles and then drops his head back on the bed.

I have 4 inches in him now still rocking him slowly when Stan repositions himself as he was before. Danny's head was positioned between Stands thighs while Stan was facing me. Again Stan fed his cock to the willing boy. I loved to watch such a thick piece of meat being sucked on by such a young boy.

Rick put the video camera in a position that would allow him to get into the action as well. He climbed on the bed and began to suck on the cocklet. I guess this 19 year old wanted to taste this boy too.

I very slowly slide my cock out so the head is still filling the boy, my shaft glistening in the light from the wetness then pushing forward again. With each thrust I drew myself deeper into the tight anal cavity. To my surprise as I start to pull out to the time I drive in, Rick quickly licks at the edges where Danny's stretched boy hole and my long shaft meet. He savors the young boy flavors. Watching Rick lick that area I slowed my pace to allow him more time while I found myself entering deeper. 5 fabulous inches are deep in him with only one more to go.

Stan has now been able to stuff 5 inches of his cock into the boys mouth. Stan is really starting to enjoy himself. With 5 inches in the boys mouth part of that must at the back of his throat. Stan's hairy balls are laying on Danny's nose. I can see part of little nostrils flaring taking all the oxygen he needs.

Rick now stands on the bed over Danny's body with one leg on each side. He faces Stan so Stan can blow him. I reach up on my boy and pinch his hard nipples then working my way down I fondle his small balls.

Stan begins to moan and that meant he was going to cum. I could see the whole length of his cock into the boys mouth. Two inches of his cock must be down Danny's throat. With three more thrusts Stan shoots his first load directly into his throat and pulling back halfway out the remainder is flooding into Danny's mouth. Danny's cheeks are puffed out and not able to hold anymore of his seed much of it runs down the corner of his mouth. Parts of it are frothing round the lips. Danny is swallowing most of the creamy liquid, and licking clean the long man cock. Stan helps out by gathering some of the spilt seed on the boys cheeks and feeds it back to him. Danny sucks the drops off of Stands finger.

Watching this young boys desire to swallow man cum I roughly grab his legs and spread them wide to allow for deeper anal penetration. Danny is moaning loudly when finally I hit bottom. His boy pussy opened up to the full length of my cock. All 6 inches are sliding out and then all the way back in. My large balls are slapping his bottom. I look down to see the size difference of his small boyish bottom compared to the large man cock and ball sack that is thrusting in and out and I wonder how could this be. But I am! When my cock is buried deep in this child I can feel my soft smooth hairless balls pressing against the softer smoother hairless boy butt. It is a clean and sexy feeling.

I continue to long dick this 10 year old boy. I can feel the ring muscles tighten and loosen around my engorged cock. The warm sweet feeling and the idea of a man and a boy adds to the sexual frenzy. My ball sack tightens lifting my nuts for the coming explosion. I pull out so the head is just inside the hole and continue pounding his little ass for one more minute. Danny starts to shake from his second orgasm, screaming in a soprano voice. I was holding back the feeling but I finally pushed his legs all the way back, thrusting my full length man cock in, crushing my balls against his bottom I explode deep into this small child's fuck hole. The warm cum surging through my shaft and spraying the walls of his hole. Spurt after Spurt, filling him with man cum. Some of the cum forms at the hole entrance and drips to the bed below. Slowing the fucking motion I still am pumping my man seed in. His hole is so tight and so very wet. One final slow thrust, I enter deeply and stop with me fully up this little boys ass. I decided I want to stay this way for a while. Not even
looking at Danny's face I look down at my crotch and revel at the sight of our physical union. There is no better way to be closer to this boy than I am now. My hands holding his legs wide, my cock solidly stuffed in his butt that I just have fully man fucked.

Rick and Stan leave the bed allowing me to pick Danny up in my arms and turn and lay on the bed. With a little positioning I am flat on my back with a pillow under my head. The child bends forward to lay down on my stomach. He rests his head just under my chin as Stan covers us with a blanket. We fall asleep in each others arms, dreaming of flying.

Chapter 3

August was turning out to be one of the warmest of summer months. Each day brought more sun and sweat to everyone that went outside. I enjoyed being outside even in this heat because there were so many nearly naked boys playing. Most boys were in shorts with no shirts, each one had a golden tan over all exposed parts of their soft skin.

Danny was no different. The time Danny wasn't able to spend with me he used to play with his friends, taking full advantage of his time off from school. It has been over a month since Danny wore the baseball uniform while three men fucked and sucked his little body. On a few occasions I was able to have one-
on-one sex with him but only for short periods of time. What I really wanted was him in my arms forever. I knew this wasn't going to be possible so I chose to invite him to the cabin retreat that the Civil Air Patrol owned. I enjoyed the cabin for its solitude and remoteness. The land around the cabin, which stood at the shore of a small lake, was also owned by the government. There were a few acres on the far side of the lake that was unseen, because of the shape of the lake, were owned and operated by a boys camp.

Danny's mother was becoming comfortable with my sudden appearance in little Danny's life but not suspicious of any sexual relationship. I thought it might be difficult to ask her if Danny was able to spend ten days with me and Stan at the cabin, so I decided that I would have to ask her to join us as well. It was a Wednesday that I stopped over her house. Danny, his mother, and I sat in the kitchen over coffee when I brought up the subject of a vacation at the cabin.
"Brenda. I know this is kind of sudden but I was wondering if you and Danny would like to come to the cabin with me and Stan for some fishing and swimming for ten days?" with a small pause I continued. "The cabin was scheduled for another party but there was a sudden cancellation and I have the opportunity to use it. We would need to leave this Friday night."

I could see in her eyes that she wanted to go. Danny perked up in his seat, wide eyed and mouth open, he was very excited. "Sorry Dave," she said. "I won't be able to. I need more notice, I can't up and leave, I have my job to consider."
"I understand Brenda, I just thought it would be fun for both of you to join us." Turning toward Danny I said, "Maybe next time sport." With those words he sunk into his chair looking down at the table, crushed. I looked at Brenda without saying a word hoping beyond hope that she would do as I had planned. Brenda's mind was working. I could tell she was thinking about letting Danny go alone but she didn't like the idea of not seeing Danny for ten whole days. I reach for my cup of coffee and take a sip just as she gives Danny permission to go with Stan and I to the cabin. For the next thirty minutes we three talk about what we were going to do and what Danny will need for the trip. We discuss the fishing gear that my little lover boy would need. I mentioned that we did not have a Childs life jacket and I would be very happy to take him shopping for one. Brenda was ok with this and noticed that I was looking out for her little baby boys safety. Promising Danny that I would pick him up the next day I say my good byes at the front door but not before Danny steps up to me to give me a big hug around the waist. The top of his head just reaches my nipples.

The next day Danny and I stop at Walmart to pick him up a life vest. While looking though the many choices of vests I brought up the subject of swimming in the lake. "How are you fixed for swimming trunks?" I asked.

Danny ponders and said he only uses jean cutoffs.

"Would you like to me to buy you a swim suit too?" knowing where this could take us.

He nods yes and away we go to the other end of the store where the boys department was. He walked next to me with his side touching mine. I place my right hand around him to rest it on his shoulder at times running my hand up his neck. I love the boys department of any store. You can look be reminded of boys. On the clothes its marked boys 8-10. On the signs hanging from the ceiling are very young and beautiful boy models.

"You are cute enough to be one of those models you know," looking him straight in his beautiful brown eyes.
Danny blushes and looks down to the ground. As he does this I notice his long brown eyelashes that boys are known for. His cheeks become rosy and places his hands into his front pockets.

Danny and I start to flip through the rack of swim suits but can't decide which one he wants. He takes three of the trunk style off the rack and proceeds to the fitting room. As he tries them on I told him I would be right back and not to leave the boys section. I should have stayed with him to "help" him try on his suits. I wonder what the sales people would have thought if I were in the same stall with a very naked boy helping him try on bathing suits. I bet some would have been green with envy. It would be exciting and scary to complete a fantasy of mine. I would love to fuck a boy in a public place like the boys fitting room.
I had some shopping of my own to do. After gathering everything together we proceed to the checkout lane. I am very grateful that it wasn't busy at the store that day. I would have been a little embarrassed by some of my purchases. For a man it's hard to go through the checkout lane with KY jelly. I reach into my pocket to pull out a few quarters and gave them to my boy stud. With cash in fist he ran off to the video machines at the front of the store. As he leaves me I watch his narrow hips and little muscular butt flex. After bagging my purchases he and I leave to drop him off at his house.
Ever since Danny had discovered the man/boy erotic magazine in the glove box, he always opens it up when he gets into my car. This time was no different. Before I left to pick him up today I put a new magazine that he hadn't seen before. It had full color pictures of a single boy with many men. The boy was in many stages of undress but what was different with this one was the boy was wearing a girls clothes.

Danny kept silent during the ride, looking at all the pictures very carefully. I was turned on by his silence so I ran my right hand up and down his left leg. He instinctively spread his legs to allow my seduction. I was able to cup his boy crotch and rub his already hard cock through his shorts. To accommodate me further Danny slouches in his seat and begins to unzip his pants. I move the head of his cock to the opening in the front of his white briefs. Now I was able to feel skin on skin. The tip of his cock was pointing up but covered by his foreskin. Placing my thumb and index finger on it I was able to slide it up and down, exposing the young tender flesh beneath. The skin rolled around and down the his cock head as I pull down on it. Moving my fingers back up, the foreskin rolled back up and over the head closing and bunching up over his little boy cock. I wanted to pull the car off the road and rape his boy cock with my mouth, but I was getting close to his home so he zipped up and we called it a day.


Thank God it's Friday. Sure it was just one day later but the wait seemed endless. I wanted so much to be with Danny it hurt. It actually did hurt. My cock was so rock hard ready for some ass play with the boy that it was hurting. To my surprise Rick, who was Stans 19 year old lover of many years, was coming with us to the cabin. The four of us we in the car. Stan and Rick were in the front seat. Me and my boy toy were in the back. On our way to the cabin Danny and I would feel each other up but nothing more than that. Instead we talked and held each other while taking short naps. He talked of things boyish and I talked to him like a young adult. The conversation ranged from his uncertainty of fifth grade to frogs that he caught in the pond in his neighborhood. Even thought I liked the idea of having sex with a fifth grader I like the idea of fucking a fourth grader more. To me it seams that the one year difference is such a vast difference. But Danny is just as hot and sexy as he was when he was a fourth grader. I wonder what he was like when he was in third grade, would he have wanted to have sex then?

After arriving at the cabin we unpack all the gear and I help my little lover with his suitcase. The cabin had two bedrooms. Each room had two queen size beds. The blue room is where Danny and I put our things while Rick and Stan placed theirs in the green bed room. I open Danny's suitcase to help put his clothes in the dresser drawer. First his shirts and shorts and then at the bottom of the case are his white jockey underwear. I pick up the folded pile and touch them softly as if they were some kind of holy relic. This is the cloth that wraps around the sacred boy temple. It holds his cock and balls tight to his body and hugs his muscular butt. Boys underwear heightens my desire for young boys. It has a deep religious meaning for me.
Danny and I decide to take a stroll around the cabin. I wanted to show him everything. We looked at the wild flowers, tall trees, some small wildlife. He never seen a skunk before. This one was walking down the dirt road away from us. With luck I might be able to show him some deer. Coming back to the cabin we both realized how hot it was and the only thing that came to our minds was a swim. Inside the cabin in our bedroom we both strip down and stand facing each other completely naked. It was good to see him nude again. His brown hair and eyes with slender shoulders, a perfect boy is all that came to mind. His pouty naturally red lips ripe for kissing. I get to my knees so my boy was even with me. Danny steps forward with a half hard-on, I reach out to take hold of his hips and pull his body to mine, we now have full skin on skin contact. Danny's arms reach round my neck he hugs me tight, my left arm reaches around his slender waist while my right arm wraps around his back and I cup his head with my hand. Pushing his head forward toward me we gently press our lips together. Eyes and mouths closed we enjoy each others body. Danny was the first to open his mouth a crack giving me the opportunity to do the same while pushing my tongue past his soft lips. We touch tongues caressing each others wet mouths. Seconds later it's a full mouth, wet hot passionate kiss. His little butt is being kneaded by my left hand. The mounds of boy flesh being squeezed and patted. I drop my right hand from his neck all the way down to his butt so I can massage both his butt cheeks at the same time. Our lips still locked I pull the two halves of his ass apart only to fill the warm crack with my fingers from both hands. The long middle finger from my right hand touches the edges to his hole feeling the ridges, gently fondling the lips. I slide it up and down the length of the hole making the boy in my arms squirm and wiggle. He pushes his little butt back against my finger wanting me to penetrate him. With fingers from both hands I pull the lips apart and open up his little pink hole to the middle finger allowing it to enter. I let the lips go and it closes around the finger tip. He is dry so I slowly work it in and out while running the finger in a circle motion. This stretches the hole while digging deeper. My lips started to vibrate against his as Danny lets out a long moan from the anal stimulation. With his boy cock pressing into my stomach he begins a humping motion. I needed to slow him down because I wanted to try something else. I open my eyes and found Stan watching us in the door way. He was smiling while fondling his man cock.

"Danny? Lets go to the bathroom and you can help me shave. Ok, Sport?"

"Ok," was all he said. He took me by the hand and pulled me to the bathroom where I took the can of lather and sprayed some in his little hand. He wiped it on my balls and my groin almost like it was lubricant. I gave him more and he continued. I took my time shaving but when I was done there was not one hair on my balls cock or groin. I was like my little boy. Smooth!

Back to the bedroom he started to put on his swim trunks but I stopped him by protesting. "I was wondering if you would like to try on this swim suit," I said while holding up a bright pink thong swim suit I purchased in the boys department. It was a really nice skimpy little piece of cloth. I kneeled in front of my stud and he steps into the leg holes while his cock is next to my face. Such a wonderful smell boys cocks have. I could see it throbbing with the beat of his heart. I slide the straps up his smooth legs watching them hug and stretch his tiny waist. The small patch of cloth wrapped around his groin creating a pouch that was holding his tiny balls and stretched where his cock was strong. I turn my child around at the waist and move the single string between those two plump mounds of boy butt. With a quick peck to his little rump I get up and stand back to see my boy so young, sexy, and almost naked. I take him by the hand while we leave the cabin.
"Aren't you going to where a suit?" He piped.

"No, we really don't need to. we are the only ones around except around the other end of the lake there is a boys camp. They cant see us and we cant see them." My cock bounced back and forth with child in hand we make it to the edge of the water. Both of us wade into the lake. The water was warm from the sun. The sand between our toes. I dive in and kick away, Danny follows. We swim and
play throwing him in the air and letting him splash back into the water. The suit dripping wet and clinging to his skin giving a see through effect to his now shriveled cock and balls. I walk up to him while he stands in knee deep water and begin to pull away his swim suit. His once proud cock is down to a little stub from the water. Those beautiful marble balls are wrinkled with water beading up on them. I begin to run my tongue between his leg and ball sack feeling and tasting the clean child. Working my way around the cock and balls his little pecker is so tiny from the cool water that the foreskin is puckered all the way around his little cock head. I place my lips over the loose tiny skin and suck just the skin. As I suck, the loose skin gets stretched into my mouth. Now I can start to flick my tongue at the foreskin opening. Feeling around the inside I touch the tiny head and lick around and around. Probing at the small slit I can taste the boy and feel him expanding in my mouth. His little balls are still tight to his body. They have not dropped. I begin to massage them in their sack and make his pleasure even more strong.
Wanting more, I stopped sucking and guided my child lover to the shore line and there he laid on his back in the sand with his legs being washed by the small waves. His cock shone in the sun at full mast, 3 inches of pure boy. I crawled up between his legs and lifted them up over my shoulders. I lower my mouth to his cock and begin sucking strongly. In this position the world is shut out. It is only me and my boy. My face buried in the boys crotch, his legs shielding me on the sides and he lifts his upper body off the sand flexing his stomach muscles with eyes closed he grunts to my sucking, wanting even more. The water behind me laps at my butt hole like a big wet tongue. I suck wildly on my boy for five minutes and then stop. "Turn over baby," is all I could say.

Once my naked boy was ass-up and his cock pressing into the sand I begin to wash his bottom with lake water to rid the sand that clung to his cheeks. Again I crawl between his legs and caress his smooth legs and butt cheeks this time spreading them open to expose his tight pink hole. I lower my face into the crevice and begin to lick up and down the length of his cheeks. Finding his hole with my tongue I begin to work the lips, slowly pressing forward, my mouth covering his hole and my nose deep in the crack. I can smell his boyhood. Lightly musky but sweet smelling aroma. Probing deep into the child with my tongue I start to fuck him with my mouth. The boy squirms with pleasure as he throws his head back and forth grunting and moaning almost crying with pleasure. The small body becomes ridged, his butt clinches tight around my face and he orgasms while my tongue fucks his small butt. With every dry spurt he has the anal ring tightens around my tongue. I am able to feel his body shake with pleasure. I look up from the boys bottom to see Rick with the video camera. It seems that he was filming every thing the boy and I have done. He keeps filming while Danny has changed positions and takes my cock in his hands, rubbing up and down bringing me to orgasm. Danny has become a brilliant cock stroker. Rick comes in for a close-up of the cum erupting from my prick and hitting my chest and stomach. Danny continues to stroke me while bending down to lick a small amount of cum from my chest. Danny has come along way since our first meeting.

The rest of the day Stan, Danny and I were in the boat fishing for Walleye and Pike. Danny had the time of his life out in the boat. I made sure he was wearing the bathing trunks we purchased for fear of having thong tan lines on his body that his mother might notice. Rick had gone to see a friend at the boys camp. Last year he befriended a sixteen year old boy named Nathan. They met in the woods when Nathan found solitude next to a tree away from his friends at the camp. Rick stumbled upon the lad while he was masturbating his teen cock. One thing led to another and Rick found a new fuck mate. Rick told Stan and I that Nathan enjoyed being both top and bottom also enjoying the flavor of cum. This year Nathan became a camp counselor because he was too old to be a member and to be with Rick.
After dinner the four of us retired to the living room where we all settled down for some TV watching. The night air was very warm. Everyone wearing only their underwear. Rick popped in a video tape and sat back in his chair. Suddenly on the screen was the sex scene between the three of us and Danny that was taped a month earlier. Danny's eyes popped wide open and watched intently as he saw himself being fucked by two men. One cock up his ass and the other man's cock down his throat. I am very glad that we had this on tape. It was such a hot time that I wouldn't ever want to forget it. Danny was not as experienced then but from the facial expressions he was enjoying every thrust. Danny was next to me on the couch while Stan and Rick were in chairs. I pulled Danny closer while I was sitting. He lay across my lap on his side facing the television. His hair so soft and silky my hand runs through every strand and down his neck. Messaging both his shoulders and back. My hand moves to his hip down closer to his butt then around the front to his cock. I love to touch his young body, every inch provides boy sexuality to my roaming hands.

The petting became faster as the end of the video neared. Danny watching every move that Stan, Rick, and I placed on the young child. All his attention lay on the final climax where all, including the boy, found great pleasure.
"What do you think about that vid Sport?" I said while looking down into his angelic face that lay in my lap.

"Kewl! I can't believe that your dick fits in my butt. It looks so weird." Danny said while cracking a smile.

That face of his gives me such delight. I just want to kiss it forever and ever. Answering, "it fits in because you want it. I want to be in you right now. Are you ready for more?"
The boy giggles to what I said and the tickling I give his ribs. "No! I don't want to anymore. I think I like girls now," looking at me with no smile on his face. I just stare back at him with only questions on my mind. It never occurred to me that he would change sexual preference. I hate the idea of him wanting to play with breasts. Suddenly he breaks out with childish laughter knowing that he 'got me.'

"Pulling my leg are you? Do you think that's funny?" I pull the child further up my lap to get to his belly and bent forward giving him a really big raspberry. Right on the stomach I place my lips and blow hard sending the wicked boy into a giggling fit. His arms and legs thrashing about trying to get away. Pinned in my lap I decide that a wicked boy should get a punishment. I flip him over so his groin lays in my lap and place my large hand against his bottom. With a few soft wacks I playfully spank the boys muscular butt cheeks. As I make contact the whole mound of flesh wobbles slightly and then reforms to its normal round contour. Danny turns his head toward me and gives me a smile. He knows I am only playing and that makes it even more fun. "Would you like me to dick your little ass again," waiting for the answer I knew would come.

"Sure! Just you and me or everyone?"

"Everyone! And on video too, if you want. When we are all done we can watch the vid."

Danny and I got up from the couch and entered our bedroom while Stan and Rick stayed in the living room. I opened one of the dresser drawers and pulled out some clothes that I purchased while I shopped with Danny. These were the clothes that I didn't want him to see right away. I showed both packages to Danny and instructed him to wear them. He gave me the funniest look but after pausing for a moment the corners of his mouth turned up and I knew he was game. I left the room to let him get ready and joined Stan and Rick. Neither one knew what I was up to.

With the three of us in the living room waiting for my boy to show himself we finished setting up the video equipment. I was impatient to experience the next hour of man-boy love making. My cock was straining the fabric of my underwear so I took them off to allow my tool to prepare for boy fucking. Stan and Rick followed suit.

I took the camera and called for Danny. Seconds later he enters the room making Stan and Rick's mouths drop. There in full view was my beautiful little ten year old boy wearing a little girls see-through nightie. It was a soft baby blue color that had thin straps off his shoulders with lace that wrapped around his small chest. I could see through to his navel and over his hips was a very short lacy material that barely covered his balls. My boy was also wearing white nylon stockings. They were so sheer that you could see his skin beneath. Each stocking covered his legs and stopped five inches from the bottom of his nightie.

I handed the camera to Rick so he can continue to tape while Stan and I approach little Danny. Pulling the boy to the center of the room where there was a fur rug, Stan and I position ourselves on either side of the standing child. I begin to run my hand through his hair and with the other I pull his chin sideways to face me. Bending forward I kiss his forehead and then his nose finally ending up on his sweet red lips.

Stan uses both hands to caress Danny's upper body feeling both back and chest through the soft nightie. I too run my hands up and down both front and back. Two men gently touching his young body. Stan gives me the first chance to run my hand down to Danny's hips and touch the firm flesh of his boy ass. My right hand cups one mound through the material then slides further down to the bare part of his leg. Moving back up I slip it under his nightie and again find that same mound and continue to massage it then alternating each mound. My left hand moves to his stomach while Stan has slipped one shoulder strap down over the boys shoulder and finds an exposed erect boy nipple. He begins to touch it with his fingers and then works it with his mouth. The child closes his eyes and starts to enjoy the attention we two men are giving him. My left hand slides further south over the silkiness of the nightie. It cups the boys tiny penis and ball sack, massaging it the same as the ass. My boy is becoming semi erect so I place my left hand on the bare skin just above the stockings and slide up and under the skirt of the nightie. I reach the edge of his naked little nut sack feeling how tight his balls are to his body. Danny is still so young that his balls haven't grown and dropped. With a half hard-on I still can hold his cock and balls in my palm. I continue to message them like before.
Rick is holding the camera and moving around the room capturing the three of us then alternating with close-ups of us fondling this young boys body.

With Danny's three inch uncircumcised penis in my hand I begin to stoke him to full erection. Stan moves his hand to replace mine on the ass cheeks. My right hand lifts his nightie up over his groin to allow me to see his foreskin covering the tip of his cock. I playfully pull the skin down to expose the sweet cockhead and let go to watch the skin roll back up and over the little helmet. With one hand cupping his tight ball sack and messaging the two little marbles I hold his cock out and bring my mouth to the little head. The foreskin touches my closed lips and my tongue parts them to touch his head. The wetness of my tongue allows it to part the opening of his hood and taste the slit of his cock. I push in further and run my tongue around his clean knob. A pure taste of fresh young boy was all I could think of. I begin to pull his head into my mouth and close my lips around the upper part of his shaft while Stan starts to work the lips of the boys ass with his long finger.
Danny starts to moan as he forcefully thrusts his hips forward shoving his cock into my mouth. My chin presses firmly against his sack then he pulls back forcing Stans finger further up his little ass. He begins a rhythm of back and forth thrusting giving the camera what it needs. His boy shaft is sliding into my warm mouth slicking up for a return thrust. I begin to drool on his cock, some of my saliva escapes and slowly runs down his ball sack. My hand still working his balls becomes wet and slippery allowing me to become rougher with the ball play. Stan begins to kiss Danny's little mouth while still engaged in some ass play. The three of us continue for what seemed like a short time until my little boy tensed up shoving his whole cock into my mouth and let go for a really hard orgasm. His whole body shook, I could feel his cock pulse inside my mouth and his balls pull up even tighter to his body. This boy was flying high. I allowed Danny to stay inside me until he decided to pull out and when he did his cock was limp. While he pulled out I created a lot of suction so as he pulled from me his little cock stretched full length. My mouth made a popping sound as the spent shaft flopped straight down and bounced off his balls, it was so sweet looking that I wanted to taste him again.

We all rested for a bit with Danny in my arms lying on the rug. Stan was there too, lying on his back so little Danny was in the middle.

"Sport?" I said to my boy. "Are you up for some more?"

Danny didn't say a word but instead he raised his head and looked me in the eye while kissing me on the lips. For such a young boy he certainly knows passion.
After defrocking the lad from his nightie I lay him on his back on the rug. I position myself at his feet and reach for the open jar of Vaseline. With one finger I dig for a finger full of lubricant and before I could say a word the child lifts his legs high in the air exposing his pink hole. I place the dollop of Vaseline at his hole and begin to work it around and then inside. I can feel the smooth inner walls of this hot little boy stud. Moist and warm and what a fuck this will be is all I could think of. I hand the jar to Danny and he knew what was needed. He takes it from me only to remove three fingers full from the jar. He raises up from his back and balances himself on one elbow. With the other hand he begins to smear it all over my cock shaft, fully coating the long man tool. Because he took too much Vaseline he rubbed my hairless balls coating them and making them just as slippery.

I placed a pillow under the child's back and began to kneel at his feet. His legs looked so long and slender with the white sheer nylons he was wearing. I placed each hand on his legs and ran them up and down both legs feeling how young and smooth he felt. Stan again laid down but this time on his back so his cock was pointing up and very near the boys head. Stan gives Rick a can of Ready Whip whipping cream and sprays some on the mans rock hard cock. All you could see of Stans groin was his balls. His whole cock and pubic hair were covered with white whipping cream. Rick lifts the boys upper body off the ground so Stan can slide under and allow Danny to lay on Stan's abdomen. Danny begins to lick Stans large ball sack while I rub my cock on Danny's little penis and balls.
Danny starts to lick the cream from Stans cock running his tongue up and down the long shaft. I place my cock head at the small anal entrance wondering how a man cock like mine could ever fit into something so small and wonderful. As I push the bulbous head forward the smooth funnel like hole retreats deeper between Danny's muscular mounds then finally giving way. The tight anal lips part allowing the head to slip past then closing around the helmet head. This sweet boy between my legs is going to take it up the ass for me. I continue to push slowly, stopping every quarter inch. I want my baby to get used to my man tool. With only two inches buried I could feel the sphincteral ring that I must pass. Stopping I begin to pull back so just the head is buried again I proceed forward, sliding up to the ring and back to the head. With each slow thrust I can feel his muscle relax more and more. Finally after about two minutes of being gentle I feel my head flow past the tight ring and my shaft, hard with lust, opened him up so I could slide in, 'balls deep.' I stopped with me buried deep inside him. My balls were heavy with cum and they hung from my body while pressing up against this boys back side. Because I had shaved all my pubic hair off the skin around my cock that touched this small child felt so clean and smooth. There was no coarse feeling at all just smooth and slippery.

I looked up to watch my boy take a mans cock into his mouth, first the head and then part of the shaft. The whipping cream was mostly gone except the remnants in Stans pubic hair and what was smeared on Danny's face. Rick needed to get into the action so he positioned himself in front of Stan so Rick could be sucked. While Stan was sucking wildly on Rick, Danny finally was able to take Stans whole cock into his throat. The look on Stans face was pure ecstasy. I turned my attention back to my boy and slowly started to hump his little ass. I couldn't help thinking of what the video would look like. I would be watching a young boy wear white nylons being fucked in the ass by a man while the same boy is sucking another man. Multiple men on one boy is such a turn on.

In and out again and again my cock slide from this boy. The light was glistening off my shaft while my balls swung in mid air slapping the boys butt. With each thrust I buried my cock long and deep inside this child all the while he sucks on another mans cock. My hands kept roaming up and down the thin boy legs feeling the silky smooth stockings that he so willingly wore. I kept pumping in and out faster and faster. Sweat began to form on my chest, beading up and running down to my groin. The smell in the room became strong with a musky man scent as three men and a boy were driven to sexual madness. Rick pulls his cock from Stans mouth and as always takes position with his face in the crevice that my groin and Danny's ass meet. I slowed my fucking motion so Rick was able to tongue my shaft as it enters and leaves the boys fuck hole. He tastes the sweet flavors of a young child while feeling the tight anal lips with his tongue. The boys juices and my precum were mixing into a slippery lather that Rick loves so much. The feeling of his wet tongue on my cock and Danny's warm wet ass felt great so I picked up the pace and started to fuck the kids ass again. Rick went back to Stan's mouth while I looked down and saw my muscular abdomen and my hips dwarf the Childs. He was so small compared to my 180 lb frame. The sight of my man cock sliding in and out of his boy hole got me so hot that I fucked him with great force. With each thrust I pushed his tiny frame forward forcing Stans cock to the back of Danny's throat. Danny was trying to regain control but I kept fucking harder felling my heavy balls pull up. I gave a wink to Stan and he began to suck harder on Rick. Everyone pumping with full force I continued to pound this little ass. The rising feeling in my balls told me I was close in cumming. Stan threw his head back and Rick exploded onto his face, the second and third volley found its way to Stans open mouth and chin. As Rick shot his last load Stan began to squirt his load into the willing mouth of a ten year old boy. Danny pulled back so the head was buried. Shot after shot the kid kept eating. Some escaping down the corner of his mouth. I couldn't stop my load from building I finally hit peak as I rammed forward and buried my man cock deep inside Danny's young ass. With my sack tight and balls squeezed I could feel the cum-rush flowing from the base of my cock up the long shaft and finally through my cockhead. The first spurt
was so strong that Danny felt it inside him. The second almost as powerful I knew I would fill this boy up before I was finished. Wave after wave of liquid cream flowed deep inside this boy of mine. My cock head was surrounded with my cum like you would feel with a condom on. After my final thrust I was spent. I had no more to give this child. I pulled out and watched as my cum started to leak from his open hole. I wanted more of Danny so I bent forward and placed my tongue directly into his little hole. My face pressed up against his ass with my nose buried into his nut sack I began to probe deep with my tongue. I could taste Danny mixing with my own cum. I sucked some in my mouth and moved up his body to kiss him on the mouth where Stans cum lingered. Danny opened wide to allow me to share my cum with him. Both of us probing deep and tasting each other I begin to jack my boy's cock to another orgasm.

It was a warm night and all were tired. We mustered enough energy to turn off the camera and lights and fell asleep right there on the living room floor. Danny curled up to me with his legs still covered with the white nylon stockings. I fell asleep knowing this young boy has my load deep inside him.


Chapter 4

Last night with Danny was one of the best boy fucks that I have had in my long line of man/boy fucks. The child certainly knows how to please his man. I have taught him the many fine points to cock sucking , masturbation, ass licking and fucking. He learned so much in such a short period of time that this little ten year old boy doesn't need anymore lessons.

The morning broke with sunlight pouring in the big picture window. Stan, already awake, was in the kitchen making a nice hot breakfast. We were all in need of some food after last nights energy draining sexual romp. Lying next to me on my left was Danny naked from head to thigh. He still was wearing those see-though white nylon girl stockings. He was sleeping on his stomach when my thoughts turned to his cock and balls. I imagined his flaccid uncut cock and his immature balls pressing against the soft rug beneath. I scooted closer to my little lover so my waist was at his feet. With my right hand I reached out to lightly feel the cloth covered foot with my finger. Upon reaching his ankle my palm opens so my whole hand can feel the young leg. Gently moving my hand between his foot and the back of his knee I continue to caress every inch. Continuing further up I now touch his upper leg. My hand was able to grab most of his child leg because puberty hasn't changed his body into mass of muscle yet. Further up I reached the top of the stocking and continued beyond, finally exploring skin on skin contact. His small framed body, narrow back and tiny waist could not compare to this kids pouty butt cheeks. They were built as perfect mounds. From his waist his flesh would rise in a beautiful arc round down to the back of his leg. That's where I found my hand. I spent some time running my hand back and forth on his pert little butt while watching his chest rise and fall with every sleeping breath. I lean forward to place my lips against his baby soft butt cheek where I could see down between his legs his small round ball sack resting on the floor. His ass crack is closed but with one hand I slide two fingers down into his valley and spread them open. I am sorry to say that his hole is no longer virginal because there is a small amount of bruising. A doctor could tell in an instant that this boy has been fucked by a man. No matter. I know he is ten years old and that's what keeps me coming back to this child. I continue to kiss his body moving ever so slowly up his back until I arrive at his neck. He is faced away from me so I bury my lips into his neck kissing strongly making him stir awake. Danny's eyes open and he rolls toward me exposing his naked front. The unaroused state of his cock was pure beauty. It had to be about 1-1/2" long and that included the foreskin that extended beyond the tiny dickhead. It didn't do much flopping about when he rolled over. At the base of his dick was a pair of balls that were nestled tight inside. They weren't press tight up inside his body but tight together mounding out from his body. He has my favorite kind of boy ball sack that boys could ever have.

"Come on sport. Time to get up sleepyhead." I said just before kissing him on that soft mouth of his. "Breakfast is about ready why don't you get dressed so afterwards we all can go visit our neighbors."

"Naw, it's too hot. Can I just take these stockings off?"

"Sure, if you want. But I remember just a short time ago you were too shy to even say hello to someone let alone run around naked. If you stay naked then I will too." Reaching down to his brown curly hair and giving it a ruffle. He just smiled back up at me with the cutest dimples.

During breakfast and the first part of the day we four hung around the cabin totally naked without a care in the world. Only guys here for the week. No girls allowed. Stan, Rick, Danny and I enjoyed the morning without even a single erection. I felt like I was at a nudist camp when the phone inside the cabin rang. Rick, who is 19 and a close friend of Stan's, darted inside to learn that Nathan was calling him. Nathan who is the 17 year old camp counselor on the other side of the lake invited us four over for a swim and a movie. Nathan and Rick found each other in the woods one day last year when Nathan was stoking his teen cock by a tree. They have been friends ever since. We all accepted the invitation but I could tell Danny was a bit nervous. After all he has been through he's still shy around new people.

The evening came by very quickly when after dinner we were preparing to head over to the camp. We decided to wear our swim suits. shoes and a shirt. But before we all changed I hid Danny's Trunk style suit and left him with only one choice. His pink thong swim suit.

"I can't find my other suit," Danny complained. "I can't go swimming over there with my new suit. People will make fun of me."

"No they won't because I will be there to protect you. Besides I know they won't tease you. Half of them swim in the nude anyway." I wasn't sure of this but I hoped it would convince Danny to wear the thong. As before I helped Danny into his thong. I love the feeling of sliding that skimpy cloth up his legs and have it envelope his boy crotch. I quickly gave the child another belly raspberry like the one last night. This sent the boy into a giggling frenzy while his legs gave way and he falls to the floor laughing. I bend down to lift his small body up and then hand him his t-shirt and sandals. I then finally cover my manhood with my red Speedo. Along with my shirt and shoes the four of us headed for the dock to speed boat our way over to the camp.

I was surprised to see Nathan waiting for us at the camp dock. He too was already in his swim trunks because he was teaching some of the boys a few swimming lessons. He helped tie the boat to the dock all the while watching Rick and how handsome he was. It was obvious that Nathan was in love because he forgot about the young boys treading water waiting for their swim coach. We all exited the boat Rick and Nathan walking side by side with Stan following. Danny was in front of me so I had the chance to watch his little behind as he walked. The t-shirt that he was wearing came down and barely covered his butt. If you looked long enough the shirt would ride up slightly and expose a very bare butt. The boys in the water who must have been between the ages of 7 and 12 kept looking up at Danny. Their view from the water allowed them to see much more. They could see that he was wearing a thong swim suit and started to giggle and point. As Danny started to turn to see what was so funny I stepped to his side and hid from him why they were giggling. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to make him wear this suit I thought.

As we were walking toward the shoreline from the dock a large group of teens were arriving to take a swim. Nathan took the time to stop everyone and introduce the four of us and said we would be here to swim and take in a movie with everyone. The boys were polite and shook hands with us. Stan made it a point to strike up a conversation with one 16 yo boy. Stan likes older boys where I prefer younger prepubescent ones. He was able to continue the conversation and join their swimming fun. The rest of us began to remove our shirts and shoes. Danny was the last to do so because he felt naked in front of everyone. Most of the young boys and teens were watching Danny in his very small thong.

Now that we had all entered the water Nathan, along with Rick, picked up where he left off with the boys swimming lessons. Danny and I began our own little water fun. We each would take turns swimming under each other legs. Danny would dive down and when he did so his little white butt cheeks would flash at the surface of the water and his legs would point straight up then all would sink below the water. As he swam many times before he was surprised this time to see that I had removed my trunks and he found me naked. Giving me a squeeze as he glided between my legs he came up behind me and expressed his disbelief.

"Who is going to know?" I exclaimed.

We continued to feel each other up under water and one time I was able to stick my tongue in the boys ass. I found it thrilling because there were so many boys around but couldn't see us doing it. I was rock hard by this time. I swam around behind Danny and held him by the hips. With one hand I moved the strap of the suit that was in the crack of his ass. I placed the head of my cock in his valley and moved it about to find the boy hole I was in the night before. Danny started to panic. He didn't want anyone to find out but I held him still. I continued to press the head of my cock until his anus opened allowing me to enter. The cool water was refreshing to my throbbing hot cock as it slowly filled his butt. With one hand on Danny's hip and the other on his shoulder I pushed Danny's shoulder away so our bodies were apart above water. But in the water I was fully attached to his small butt and slowly began to fuck the child. My balls were snug in their sack and pressed firmly against his cheeks when I fucked him deep. I really lost track of reality because this 11 year old boy was swimming up to the two of us underwater.

His head popped up to the surface to say, "Hi my name is Stephan, what ya guys doing?" This kid was smiling but I don't know if he saw anything.

Without finishing my work I immediately pulled out from Danny to say, "Nothing, just having some fun in the water. My name is Dave and this Danny. We were taking turns swimming between each others legs."

"Can I join you two?" Stephan piped.

"Sure why not. We are here for some fun." All the while putting on my Speedo suit without looking like it.

Danny goes first and swims under my legs then Stephan takes his turn. Stephan takes up position by spreading his legs. I travel though first. Stephan was wearing a Speedo suit too. I could tell how big he was even in the water as I feel his smooth legs on the way through. I stayed behind Stephan in the water and when Danny swam between his legs I reached under Stephan and brushed his balls with my hand. Stephan gave a little jump and turned around to see Danny pop up out of the water smiling like he always does. Stephan believed Danny touched him and smiled back. I traveled through Danny's legs and Stephan followed. This time Danny jumped but I didn't touch him. I knew Stephan must have. They both smiled to each other.

Nathan and Rick brought the boys over to our area and we all swam and splashed. I would throw some of the kids up into the air only to splash back down again. There was this one boy with dirty blond hair, bluish eyes and light patch of freckles on his nose who wanted to be tossed into the air so many times that my arms were about to fall off. His name was Sean. A very cute 7 year old boy who enjoyed having a stranger play with him. Every time I threw him up I could get a quick glance at his the very small bulge in his suit. It seems that everyone here wears Speedo swim suits and not those disgustingly baggy suits most city kids wear. Danny and Stephan continue to play mostly together. It seems that Danny is interested in Stephan so I decided to leave them alone for now.

"This is a great swimming area." I said to Sean. "Very nice sandy bottom. I wonder if there are any crayfish in here?" Sean had to ask what a crayfish was and no sooner than I told him he grabbed a hold of me and started to climb my body trying to get out of the water. "It's ok they are more afraid of you than you are of them." The child's arms were around my neck, his legs wrapped around my waist. I placed my clasped hands under his bottom and let him hang from me so his little cocklet was rubbing my flaccid dick. I began to bounce him slightly to allow our groins to rub but to anyone else it looked as if I was comforting him. I unclasp my hands to hold each butt cheek and start to message them. My limp cock began to harden from the feeling that this 7 year old was giving me. The head of my cock pokes out from the top of my suit running between our bellies. I wasn't sure if Sean was getting a boner or not.

"Sean can float in the water? Did they teach you how?" Hoping that the answer was no.

"Ya I can do it you want to see?" The boy forgot about the crayfish and proceeded to take a deep breath and float face down in front of me. His tiny butt positioned right in front of me.

He started to sink so I placed one hand under his chest and the other under his stomach. I brought him to the surface, he took a breath and I let go again. Sean began to sink again so I placed my hand on his chest and the other right over his cock. I cupped it like the Speedo swim suit was doing. I began to lift him up to the surface for another breath. He continued to try but I never moved my hand away from his body. I continued to hold his little pouch. From the coldness of the water and the young age of the boy I don't think he was any larger than 2 inches when fully erect. I could feel his balls but they seemed almost nonexistent. I figured they retreated inside of him. I was enjoying every second of contact and he didn't seem to mind my hand there. I could feel his cock harden so, I decided to test him.

"Do you want me to throw you up in the air again. You liked that."

"No!" was all he said. A very definite no.

My left hand covered most of this little boys chest. With my right hand that cupped his groin I gave a small movement on one of my fingers. I paused and he didn't do or say anything so I gave him another finger movement. Still no complaints from this tyke. Just then the loud speaker in the camp announced the movie will start in ten minutes. That was the end of the fun we were having so everyone got out of the water and dried ourselves off.

Stan was making some new friends with the teens. Danny and Stephan were stuck to each other like glue. Rick and Nathan were the same and here I was with this almost too cute 7 year old blond boy.

"Sean would you like to sit with me during the movie?" I asked. "I think your a really neat kid."

"Ok! We can have popcorn. Do you like popcorn?" the little cherub asked.

"Sure do lets go watch a movie then." I took Sean by the hand and we both walked to the movie house. He kept looking up at me and smiled when we made eye contact. What a cute boy and young too. His two front teeth were missing. He had a mouthful of baby teeth. I also noticed that he would glance at the bulge in my red Speedos. Stan, Rick, Nathan, me and my new little friend reached the camp movie house together. Upon entering we found the boys including Danny and his new friend Stephan all taking up the forward seats. This left the back row to the rest of us. But as more people arrived and sat in the aisles I asked Sean if he would like to sit in my lap because of it being so crowded. I had the very last seat in the back row of the corner, the absolute worst seat in the house but no matter. I had a beautiful little boy sitting in my lap. Next to me was Stan then his new teen friend who was rubbing leg to leg. Stan certainly works fast. Then followed Rick and Nathan next to them.

Sean was sitting on my left leg while leaning back against my chest. His little legs draped over both of mine. I had a small bag of popcorn in my left hand that was wrapped around the child holding him. With my right hand I took a kernel of popcorn and raised it to Sean's lips and asked to open real wide. With his widest open mouth he could muster I tossed in the popcorn. We would take turns feeding each other. When it was his turn he placed the popcorn in my mouth and I would close my lips around his fingers to suck them as he pulled free. I continued to do this until the bad was empty.

Half way through the movie I could see the hand of Stan's new friend feeling Stan's cock through his swim suit. Stan was fondling his new friend. I wanted to make a move on my new friend too. I placed my left hand that was draped around Sean on top of his left leg and slowly ran it from knee to edge of Speedo. I continued to move it back and forth but each time I would press the edge of his little balls. I stopped and positioned my open hand at the edge of his Speedo and left it there running my thumb lightly over his dick.

"Are you comfortable?"

"Ya." That was all he said.

I moved my right hand off the arm rest and onto the boys right leg and pulled the child's right leg to spread them apart. I didn't spread them a little, I spread them a lot. He was wide open for anything. I continued to move my right hand up to the child's crotch and stopped at the edge of his suit. As my left thumb rubbed lightly over the kids dick my right hand touched under the child's ball sack where it often tickles small boys. His breathing became more deep and he let out a small moan so I continued to feel more of him. Without any reserve I used both hands to stroke his two inch hard penis and cup and fondle his balls, running my hands up and down his bare legs and sometimes up under his shirt to feel his tiny chest. I even pulled the suit away from his body and slipped my hand down into his swim suit and for the first time I felt his sweat little boy cock. The tyke was uncut and with very tiny balls I continued to stroke the child between my finger and thumb allowing him to hump my hand. I couldn't see very well in the dark theatre but I could feel his foreskin sliding up and down exposing the tiny head inside. I look down at the top of Sean's head and place a kiss on his straight blond hair. Sean tilts his head back and smiles up at me. But before I could bring the child to orgasm the movie ended and the lights were being turned up. I removed my hand from his suit before anyone but Stan could see what was happening.

"Pretty good movie," Stan said. "Looks like you and I are in for a nice night."

To be honest I have no idea what the movie was about.

I took Sean by the hand and we all walked out of the movie house and into the starry night. The moon was full and it allowed us to see surprisingly well.

"Sean would you show me around the camp? Just you and me... we'll have fun." I said looking at his beautiful face. I noticed that the top of his head only just above my navel. I will be satisfied to just suck him off. He is too small for fucking.

"Ok!," and with that we were off running hand in hand past the cafeteria and cabins where we stopped to show me his cabin. After that we went down to the beach where he wanted to go swimming again. I told him no but we can continue to look around. He took me to the gymnasium and then down a dirt path. It was more dark in this area but you still could see around we walked about half a block and came upon ten school buses. This is how all the boys are brought in. Each bus identical to each other with the standard black and yellow paint job with the words "school bus" just above the windshield.

"I come here sometimes to play hide and seek. No one can find me when I hide here."

I pushed open one of the school bus doors. "You hide in here?" I said. "Let's go in then." I walked up the bus steps with Sean in tow. I pulled the lever for the door and locked it shut. He and I stroll the length of the school bus finding each seat empty all the way to the rear. I walk half way back to the middle and stop to sit in one of the green padded bench seats. I pull Sean to me so he is standing in the aisle between both my legs.

I nervously asked Sean, "has anyone ever touched your dick like I did in the movie?"

"No, no one," Sean said while shifting his weight from one leg to another and back again. Both his hands were on my legs.

"Good! because I want to be the first." I smiled and looked deep into those blue eyes. The moon was bright enough to make his eyes sparkle. Taking hold of both sides of his shirt I pull up exposing his stomach and chest. Sean raised his arms to allow me to remove his shirt. As the collar passed his head it made his hair become messy but still cute. I tossed the shirt into another seat. Now Sean stood shirtless and nearly naked. His small body looked so sexy with his thin arms and legs, very narrow shoulders and a tiny waist where his Speedo still wrapped him. With both hands I turn the boy in full circle looking at every inch of his body. Again he faces me and I begin to tug at the suit on both hips. Sean stops me by pulling the suit upward. I become more forceful and again pull the suit south. Sean again stops me by pulling it back up. With one quick jerk I remove my own shirt then push Sean away so I am able to stand in front of him. I push my own Speedo down over my flaccid cock and then off. I stood before this 7 year old boy totally naked. His jaw was agape and in awe. He has never seen a grown mans penis. I again sit down and open my legs to pull the child forward. I place both my hands on his suit pulling it down over his narrow hips to expose his tiny dick. Sean didn't protest this time. He liked what he saw and so did I. The child and I were totally naked on this school bus and I knew it was going to be fun sucking this child off.

Just then up by the front of the bus I noticed a Safety Crossing Guard sash. It was the type that you wear when crossing guards help their fellow classmates cross the street. I asked Sean to fetch it which he did right away. I then helped him put it on. This strap of reflective orange material hung on his right shoulder and down to his left hip. He stood there so cute just like a little school boy. What am I saying he was a little school boy. My hands started to touch his body from his shoulders to his legs. I turned the tyke around and continued to feel him up. His butt was not as muscular as Danny's but Sean was only 7. Sean had straight hips and the two halves of his cheeks were tightly pressed together. I spun him around again and he couldn't take his eyes off my mancock which has been growing strong and tall. He saw a 6" uncut man cock that was juicy at the tip from the precum that awaits him. Like in the theatre I take hold of his two inch hard cock and fondle his foreskin back and forth enjoying his youth. With the other hand I run my hand across his butt and down his leg then up inside his thigh to his sweet immature boy balls. They were tiny! So small that he looked like a 5 year old.

I pushed his body across the aisle and into the bench seat. I position him so his legs were toward the window and his head at the edge of the seat next to the aisle. I lean forward and kiss him on the stomach then slowly my mouth reaches his crotch where I take a deep breath to smell his little boy flavor. We are positioned in the classic 69 position. Why do really young boys like this 7 year old Sean always remind me of graham crackers. Because the boy is so young and not very tall my cock was hanging in the aisle and not over the boys head. I arch my back some and reposition it so it now hangs over the prepubescent boys mouth. I can see him stare at it but he makes no moves to touch it. Flicking my tongue onto the tiny boy cock I taste him for the first time. The wonderful flavor of boy cock gives me the strongest urge to rape him right here, right now but I chose to take it slow instead. I lick all over the boys cock and balls feeling the soft untouched skin gliding so smoothly. While making an O with my lips I plunge forward and take the 2 inch cock all the way to the base. I hold steady while the tip of my tongue messages his foreskin and attempting to enter the hood. I wanted to feel the tiny head with my mouth. It was too small and too tight so I pull off to use my fingers and moved the hood down over his little bulb of a cock head. Again I took the child in my mouth to fully taste him. Such a nice feeling he was giving me. His hips were pushing up to feed me more of his childish cock.

While I was sucking him I felt something drip from the end of my cock. It was precum oozing from my mancock. The one drip landed on the edge of Sean's mouth, just touching his lips. I didn't say anything but he flicked out his tongue to taste it. His face didn't screw up like he was eating a lemon so he must have liked it. Pulling my mouth off his cock again I told him that wasn't piss. I told him it was cum that he would make someday when he was older. I told him it was good to eat and there would be a lot more later. I again continued to suck the child off. I sucked harder and harder. Another drop of precum landed on his chin. He used his finger to move it toward his lips where he sucked it off his finger. He finally reached up and touched my cock feeling its whole length. Then he began to hold my hanging balls. I shaved all my pubic hair off earlier so I was as smooth as he was. When his hand slid up to the end of my cock it pushed the foreskin allowing another drop of precum to drip. This time he caught it with his mouth wide open. I am so turned on watching his tiny mouth with two missing front teeth swallow my precum. Sean purposely stroked my cock to milk more from my man balls. With each drop it took more hand effort to gain another drop. The smart little boy pulls my cock to his mouth and allows his closed lips to come in contact with the end of my penis. He pulls away and two strands of precum stretch from his sweet mouth to the tip of my aching dick. This time he opens his mouth and pulls my dickhead inside for a really good taste. I could feel his missing two front teeth as his gum touched the underside of my cock. With a sucking motion he gathers all of the precum that leaked into foreskin opening. I tell him to continue stroking my cock and feeling my balls while I push my cock into his willing mouth. I relish the fact I am here in a 69 sexual position with a cute blond 7 year old little boy.

For such a young boy he is able to take half of my cock into his mouth. As I slide the snake in and out I continue to suck wildly on his cocklet. I could feel my balls pull up for its huge blast when Sean begins to shake and shutter with every pulse of orgasm. I hold his cock in my mouth the whole time allowing the child to come down from his high. He had let my cock slip from his mouth not allowing me to do the same.

"How was that honey? Did you like it?" I asked.

"Ya that was totally awesome. Did I pee into your mouth?" Sean asked with some curiosity.

"No you didn't you cute little stud. What you had was an orgasm and when you are older you will cum when you have an orgasm."

"I know what cum is," said the boy. "That's what makes babies in girls. Isn't it?"

"That's right! But it only makes babies in girls. Not boys. Have you seen cum before? I knew that he hasn't and would like to see some.

"No, can you cum?" He piped.

"Yes I can, would you like to see and taste it? It tastes just like those drops you like" looking at the boy and smiling.

"Oh, yes. Please show me."

"Ok, stay right where you are." I kept him in the same position in the seat with his head placed on the edge of the cushion at the aisle. I got up, placed a couple of shirts under his head to prop it up and repositioned myself so I was kneeling on both sides of his tummy and my hands and upper body were spanning the aisle. I supported myself by holding the seat across the aisle. I lowered my cock to his lips and told him to suck me like before.

"Now when I cum there will be quit a lot of it and you might not be able to swallow all of it. It will be ok if some drips out because then you can see it. ok?" He just looks up at me and shakes his head yes.

He opens his little mouth again showing all his baby teeth and I push forward gliding my man cock in. His wet lips close around my glistening shaft and I begin to feed the little tyke my cock.

"Do you like cock, little boy?" I asked in a light voice. All Sean could do was moan a yes.

"I said do you like cock!" I said more forcefully.

Sean pulls off my cock and said, "yes!"

"Tell me you want to suck my big mancock."

"I want suck your big man cock. I want you to put it in my mouth and cum." Sean said. He added the last bit with out any coaching. This boy really wants me to cum in his mouth. Again I lowered my cock to his waiting mouth and he takes hold of the shaft and allows me to plunge into his mouth by four inches. "Relax your throat and accept my cock," I said I continue to slide four inches in and out for a short time. Sean places his hands on my ass and pushes forward as if he is asking me to fuck his cute face deeper. I am very careful to grant his wish so I stopped with my four inches in his mouth and slowly slide forward. The child has five inches of my cock. I continue to slide five and a half inches in then pulled back.

"Breath through your nose and we will try again."

His sweet red lips accepting five inches then another half inch and then finally six inches of my man cock. I am buried fully into his hot little boy mouth. I can feel my balls caressing and resting on his chin. I pull back so the head just fits in. Picking up the pace and sliding my cock fully into and almost out of his mouth I couldn't help but look at the sight of this 7 year old boy who is barely out of first grade taking this towering mans cock deep into his throat. It's very hard to believe that it fits as easily as it does. Fucking faster and feeling the warm mouth and tongue working my cock, my balls begin to pull up. I rear-up from the far seat knealing so the two of us are on one seat my cock still buried in the willing tykes mouth. I hold his head with both of my hands while face fucking him. I am totally controlling the boy when I begin to feel the rush of cum starting to flow deep inside me. Pushing past the base of my shaft and up to the tip of my cock it erupts with the biggest load I have ever had. The first load splashes against the back of his throat while I pull back and hold my cock head just inside his lips. The second blast shoots into his willing mouth coating all his teeth allowing him to taste my man seed. The third fills his mouth when some begins to dribble down his cheeks but I keep pumping into him. The child lets the head pop out and the remainder gets blasted onto his cute little nose and lips. One volley actually ended up on his forehead and hair. Sean has swallowed most of what I gave him. I guided my cock near his mouth again and he happily closed his eyes to continue to lick off the remaining semen. Once cleaned I moveed face to face with him. I begin to lick the remaining cum from his face and fed it back to the kid. He sucks it right off my tongue and then asks for more. Oh but if I could feed it to him again right away. That would be beautiful.

"I have a better idea." I said to him as I winked.

I got up and asked Sean to stand as well. I sat down in the center of the seat where he laid and reached out to take Sean's hand and pulled him to stand on the seat. I moved him so he was facing me standing on the seat with one leg on each side of my hips. I was able to take hold of his limp boy cock and began to lick it all over. Up and down the shaft then around the ball sack. With my tongue I lifted his little balls from their resting place and they moved apart allowing me to tongue back up his hardening dick. I begin to suck the child into my mouth and make love to his body. The child leans forward and rests his hands on the back rest of the seat while I touch every inch of his small body. His hips begin a humping motion making the sensation of sucking even hotter. My left hand touches the seat and I notice some of the cum that dripped from his face fell on the seat. I dip my middle finger into it, coating it with slippery juice and raise my hand between his legs guiding it to his little butt. With his legs spread I easily find the small opening to run the slippery finger against the little rosebud. The tip of my finger runs around the smooth anal lips and then centering to penetrate his boy butt. The child tenses up with the new feeling of the first knuckle and then relaxes and begins fucking my mouth again. I continue to push it in when I encounters the tight ring. I leave it there so he becomes used to it. It slowly relaxes and I can feel the ring open slowly around my finger.

"Turn around so I can continue." I instructed.

Now the boy was facing away from me with his but near my face. He holds onto the back rest of the seat ahead of us. Again I place my finger at his hole and push in past the anal ring. He bends forward because it was the natural thing to do. I removed my finger only to replace it with my tongue. My whole face is buried into the crack of this 7 year old butt. MY tongue stroking and washing every part of this sexy little boy that it could reach. With my right palm I take hold of his cock and balls and start to rub him. The boy arches his back downward causing his butt to open up a bit more. I am tongue fucking him as deep as one can go. Making him very slippery. I replace my mouth with two fingers and begin to work them deep inside. Stretching his virgin ass making it open up for bigger things to come. I pull the two fingers out and see that his hole doesn't close. He is ready for me now.

"Ok! Little buddy, turn around and face me again." Sean did as he was told. "I want you to sit down in my lap and I am going to slip my cock up your butt." He had a scared look on his face but I reassured him that it's ok. I reached over to the seat and scooped up some cum and greased my cock with it. He slowly lowered his butt down while I took hold of his butt with both hands. I pulled his cheeks apart and guided him down and touched my cock to his rosebud. He lowered even further but his hole didn't open. My cock was pressing at the entrance when it finally gave way and my head popped inside. The child winced with pain but I held him in place and told him to relax like he was pooping. With that the pain eased and he was more comfortable now. The anal ring relaxed like it did before encircling the base of my head. I could feel the tightness pull down my foreskin giving me even more pleasure. Slowly, over three minute, Sean was now fully seated in my lap. My six inches of rock hard man cock is fully inside this small boy. Sean's cock was partially erect and when I reached for some of the spilt cum off the seat and fed it to his willing mouth his cock began to harden again.

"You like cum don't you?" I asked while we both got used to me inside him.

"Yes! I love your cum," he said.

"Do you like cock and do you like sucking cock?" again I asked.

"Yes! I love your cock and sucking it until you cum in my mouth. I love swallowing it and I like your cock up my butt. It feels neat," the little tyke honestly stated.

It was my turn to declare my likes. "I love the things we are doing tonight. I love sucking your boy dick and having you suck mine. I want to cum in that sweet mouth of yours again and watch you swallow as much as you can. But most of all I love the feeling your butt is giving my cock. You are so tight. "How old are you again?"

"I am seven!" he said proudly as if he was so mature.

"What grade are you in?" I asked.

"I start second grade at Jefferson Elementary. I was in first grade before I came to camp." Sean smiled.

"I am glad I met you," I said to the smiling little boy. "Give me a kiss, you little stud."

The "second grader" leans forward to lock lips with his new found adult friend. He gives me a little boy kiss. Pure and innocent with closed lips and a quick peck. I pull him close and held his lips against mine while opening my mouth to probe my tongue on his thin red lips. It pushes past his lips and enters his small mouth. Sean opens wider to allow me to taste his whole mouth. My adult tongue fills the little lads sweet mouth. He begins to suck on my tongue and when I pull out he pushes his tongue into my mouth. We take turns kissing like this with my still rock hard cock is buried deep up the little tykes butt. After five minutes of kissing I realize that it has been long enough for the boy to get used to such a large cock inside him. I am glad that I wasn't born with a nine inch cock because there would be no way that a boy as little as Sean could ever take all of it.

I lifted the small boy off my cock so we both could stand in the aisle. Sean faced away from me while standing. I pushed his back down so he was bent at the waist and holding the seat cushion where we just sat. I again placed my throbbing cock at his hole and slowly push forward. His anus was still very tight but able to take my cock without stopping. Fully into the child I begin to slowly fuck his virgin 7 year old ass. After about 3 minutes of slowly fucking him I notice that he found the remains of the cum that dripped out of his mouth and onto the seat. He began licking it up and cleaning it all off. It looked like he hadn't eaten all day. He definitely wanted more. I kept telling myself as I long dicked the boy. So young, so little, so fucking cute and very sexy. The rhythm was fast and my balls kept swinging in the air and slapping the little child. I thought it was sexy to see me fuck Danny's 10 year old ass and watch his little body bounce with every thrust. This is much hotter because Sean is much smaller. As I look down at this very sexy, just out of first grade, still has his baby teeth, 7 year old little virgin boy I know it won't take long to cum in him. Even after I spewed a large load into his hot mouth.

"Keep telling me how you like cock," I demanded.

"Oh ya. I love cock. I want you to fuck me. I want to suck that cock of yours and have you cum in my mouth." He almost yelled.

His hips were half the size of mine and what a turn on that was. It was a beautiful sight to see my cock splitting his butt and disappearing inside him. I pulled out and had him lay on his back in the same seat. I positioned his butt just over the edge of the seat in the aisle. I picked up his legs from behind his knees and drew them back to his chest. Now I am totally in control of this little boys body. I place my cock at the anal entrance and push forward watching the full length of my wet cock slide in. I was able to fuck him just a little deeper. Not only did my balls slap his bottom but they also got pinned in between the two of us and became squished. This was even a better sight to see. Sean begins again telling me how he likes cock and how he wants me to cum in his mouth while I continue to say, "So young, so fucking young. What a hot sexy little boy you are. You love my cock inside you don't you? You can feel me deep in your 7 year old little boy butt can't you?" I continued to rhythmically fuck his young body when I felt the child have his second orgasm. His tight anal ring clamped down on my man cock and brought me to the edge of no return. I leaned forward and rested my elbows and forearms on the seat, noticing how small he was beneath me. Plunging my cock in and out, my cum began to rise from my nuts. I could feel every inch of travel. It reached the base of my cock and began to flow up the shaft and finally to the head where it blasted past my foreskin and shot deep into this very young boy. I stopped fucking and held my cock fully into the child with my balls crushing against his bottom causing a small amount of pain that only heightened the orgasm. My second blast pumped even deeper than the first, knowing he would carry my seed around with him for at least a day. I continued to pump and pump and pump every liquid ounce of man seed into this little tyke. I could even feel some of the cum slide past my buried shaft and begin to leak onto the seat, knowing that this stud would lick up and saver every flavor. My cock slowly stopped pumping but I let it lay inside him for a few minutes. I didn't like the idea of pulling out of him. I finally let it slip from his little butt as it became flaccid. I let him lie there and I watched his anal opening pulse with his heart beat.

I looked up at the side window and saw Stan watching and smiling with his new found teen friend watching me pull out of the boy. I didn't let Sean know that we were being watched but I did motion to the two outside that they should watch for just one more minute.

With that I allowed Sean to stand up and showed him some cum that dripped from his butt and onto the seat. He immediately bent forward and began to lick it up. Every drop had disappeared down his throat. I couldn't help myself and pointed to my cock and said it has some on it too. He attacked my cock and cleaned it off as well. I just laughed as I looked at Stan in the window.

The four of us walked naked from the buses to the lake for a late night bath. Afterwards I found Danny with his new friend Stephan in the counselors shack with Rick and Nathan. All of us decided to just stay here for the night. After all it was past midnight. Not one of us had clothes on and everyone seemed very satisfied. Sean layed next to me, the guy that feeds him cum.


Chapter 5

That next morning I awoke to the sight of three prepubescent boys, three teenagers and two adults all lying on the floor sleeping totally naked. Not one of us were hard. Every cock in the place was as limp as they can be. Danny, who is 10, was sleeping next to his 11 year old new found friend, Stephan. Rick and Nathan, who are 19 and 17 years old were entwined but sleeping peacefully. Stan, an adult friend, was resting his arm over the chest of his beautiful 16 year old fuckmate Chad. That left me (Dave) and my very young new friend Sean. We just met yesterday and I was able to befriend, play, seduce and fuck him all in the short period of five hours. Out of all the boys in this room Sean has become my favorite. Don't misunderstand me. I know I came to this camp with Danny as my lover and I do love him. When we are making out there is passion between us. But last night, little 7 year old Sean, was the most sexually satisfying experience I have ever had. My balls actually ache from the two loads of man cum I pumped into him. First, I nearly drowned him as he tried to swallow it and the second load was shot deep inside that virgin boy ass of his. This is an experience I must repeat.

The sun was shinning and there were people moving about outside making noise which ended everyone's peaceful sleeping. Every boy in this room took the opportunity to look around at everyone else cock wondering what the day would bring. Nathan, a camp counselor, ask those of us visiting the camp if we would like to join them for breakfast. After everyone put on their swim suits and shirts we all strolled down to the cafeteria. While everyone was eating I asked Nathan if Stephan, Chad and Sean could join the rest of us including himself over to our cabin on the other side of the lake. Nathan said it was ok but the kids had to be back at the camp by 4 o'clock because the camp manager was due back at 5 o'clock.

With very little preparation we all jumped into our speed boat and headed back to the cabin. Upon arriving there the first thing everyone did was removed their swim suits. No one had to say a word everyone just started to strip down. We began to lie around the sandy beach and soak up some sun ray talking about where each boy was from and what school they went to. I learned that everyone here was from the same metro area.

"So, Danny! You went missing last night with your new friend Stephan. What did you guys end of doing?" I knew this question was going to embarrass him but it had to be asked.

"Nothing. Just kicked around the camp," he said while looking down at the ground.

I knew better than that. I knew from the smiles on each boys face last night when I started getting the ball rolling between those two boys by making it look like Danny had touched Stephan's dick in the water. Then watching Stephan returning the favor.

"Stephan!" I exclaimed to get his attention. "Is it correct that your 11 years old?" Stephan confirmed this. "Are you old enough to make cum yet?" I asked very directly causing Danny to give me the wildest pleading look.

"Ya, I guess," said Stephan. "Dave are you in love with Danny?" he asked.

"Yes I am. Without a doubt." Looking Stephan direct in the eye. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, yesterday when you two were playing in the water and I swam up to you two underwater I saw something. I don't know if I can say it." Showing some nervousness.

"Go ahead as say it. The answer is yes." I gave him the answer before he asked the question. "Did you try it with Danny like I did?"

"After a while Danny finally let me." Stephan proclaimed.

I looked at Danny to give him a good smile showing that it was ok if he and Stephan fooled around. "Well kid, was he better than me?" All Danny could do was say nothing. He couldn't hurt either of our feelings. "Don't worry sport because me and Sean tried a few things last night too. In fact everyone here last night was getting it on." Sean was sitting in the sand making small mounds with his hands but he got up and walked over to me to sit in my lap. I love how often small boys need to be held. I like holding his young body to mine. It makes me feel so alive. While holding Sean in my lap my other hand would freely move up and down his leg making Sean sink into my chest. Everyone else just smiled at me even Danny did. He wasn't jealous one bit. Danny understood that we can love each other and still play around like he did with Stephan last night. The sexual tension in the air was getting thicker by the minute. I am fondling Sean's 2" boy cock and have it proudly stand tall. Rick and Nathan started to kiss while touching each other. Stan was moving toward Chad's cock with an open mouth while Danny and Stephan were watching everyone else.

"Come here you two," pointing to Stephan and Danny. They both approached me and Sean and took up position in the sand. "You and me will swap for a short time. Danny you and Sean are together and Stephan and I will try a few things." Without any coaxing Sean and his lust for cock immediately dived for Danny's limp dick and began to suck strongly as Danny opens his legs wide. I took up position sitting next to Stephan to ask him if he wanted me to fuck him like he saw me doing to Danny underwater.

"Yours is so big. Do you think it will fit?" Stephan questioned.

"You saw it fit inside Danny and he is only 10 but your 11 so it should fit even easier. Do you see Sean there sucking on Danny's dick? Notice his cute little butt waving in the air. Last night I was able to fuck him and he is only 7. So, come on and lets get into the water." I stood up and held my hand out for him to place his in. Lifting the boy up we both walked into the water. As the water line was inching up his legs I noticed that his butt was very muscular. I am sure he played soccer with those legs. Stopping at a water level that just covered his navel I take up position behind the boy and reach around to hold his dick. It was already half hard and I began to pull on it felling it swell inside my fist. He was a little larger than Danny but not by much. He must be about 3-1/2" in total length. But unlike Danny, Stephan was cut. His head was firm with no loose skin. I take over the masturbation with my left hand and with my right hand I begin to feel his smooth firm ass and playfully tickle his nut sack from behind. Moving further up to slide my finger into the valley below and search for the boys hole. The tip of my finger begins to push inside him causing the 11 year old to arch his back and push against my finger. I push deep and finger his hole for more than five minutes while watching everyone else getting hot and heavy. The boys on the beach either have a mouth full of cock or are burying their tongue inside their friends butt hole. Danny was lying on the beach with his eyes closed enjoying the feeling of his cock getting sucked by a very horny 7 year old. Rick and Nathan had stopped and they began to watch the two younger boys. With a quick glance to each other they both got up and laid next to the boys. Rick instructed Danny to suck his cock while Nathan lifted little Sean mouth off of Danny's very hard cock. Sean looked frustrated because he wasn't getting any cum from Danny but little did he know he was going to get a mouthful from Nathan. Danny and Sean began to work their mouths over the teens cocks while holding the heavy balls in their little hands.

Now that Stephan, who I have been fingering, is ready for the next step I spread my legs and position my cock at the crack of his ass. "Pull your butt cheeks apart for me." I instructed the young lad. With both muscular cheeks open I touch the head of my cock to his skin and slid it down to his anus where it centered on his hole and began to push forward. I grab both of his hips and draw him slowly to me. His cherry is tight but the head parts his lips to open and glide around the mushroom head. The cool water has become a lubricant allowing easier penetration. With a few slow jabs I continue to push my cock into the boy. The anal ring had no problem opening up for the invitation. My shaft slowly sinks in inch by inch. As it slides in I actually can feel the inner contours of his fuck hole with my very sensitive cock. His tight anal ring messages my rigid shaft as it finally buries itself inside the boy. My tight ball sack is now pressing his very sweet boy butt.

"Are you ok?" I asked

Stephan turns his head and nods yes while reaching around to feel my cock buried deep inside him. "Wow! your in all the way and it didn't even hurt. How big is your cock?"

"It's average for a man. You have six wonderful inches of my man cock inside you right now. Are you ready for some good fucking?" I knew the answer was yes so I began to pull halfway out and slide it back inside. Using shorter strokes and then building into long strong strokes I and fully fucking his body. The water between his body and mine was churning created by all the quick humping motions. I continued to plunge inside the boy for another four minutes. I was approaching the "no return" point so I stopped and pulled out from the boy.

"You feel very nice. I could fuck your ass all day if you would let me but I want to suck your dick. I want to taste that sweet boy jizz of yours," I said while guiding him over to the dock. I lift his body up onto the dock in a sitting position, his legs hanging over and into the water. I am still standing in the water facing him as I grab each knee and push his legs open to watch his boner and balls flop downward. With a light kiss on his knee I continue to kiss up his leg and inner thigh. finally ending up at his hairless balls. With a lick on his shriveled sack and up his shaft I waste no time in sucking the mushroomed head into my mouth. Sean moans loudly and leans back supporting himself with his hands behind him. My tongue feels every contour of his boys cock, even the small veins that are pulsing with sexual heat. I continue to lick hard and suck even harder. My lips firmly around the base of his cock I pull back so the head is just inside. I am sucking so hard that my cheeks are concave trying very hard to actually suck out his boy cum before he is ready to explode. Up and down my mouth moves making love to his little boy pole. His legs tighten and the sounds he is making tell me he is close. Finally, his toes curl and he throws his head back screaming loudly when the first load of thin cum hits my throat and then another and another. He unloads everything into my mouth. I can taste the sweet nectar that came from this immature boy. When the boy stops pulsing I let his cock slide from my lips and watch it flop half-hard down to his leg. I run my tongue around my mouth and savor every drop that coats my teeth. Finally swallowing without loosing a drop of his seed.

"I can see you taught Danny how to suck. You are just as good as he is." Stephan smiled down at me with his still very boyish face.

"I taught him everything. You two will enjoy it no doubt." I said while touching his young hairless body.

Everyone on the beach had unloaded one way or another but I still hadn't. I asked Rick if he and Nathan would get the video camera and come back to the beach. As they were retrieving the camera I lifted Stephan off the dock and back into the water. We both walked back to shore. I stood next to Sean while he playfully fingered his own little 7 year old cock. By this time Rick and Nathan returned with the video equipment and started to roll the tape. I took Sean and laid him down on the sand then repositioned myself so I was sitting on his stomach with my groin toward his face.

"Sean I am going to cum in your mouth but only if you want me to." I said playfully.

"Ya. Do it just like yesterday. I want to suck on your dick. I want you to cum in my mouth." Sean said very seriously.

I looked up at everyone standing around us and said to them and the camera, "he really wants my mancock inside his mouth. He loves cum so I am going to give him a mouthful." I raised my butt off his small stomach and position myself on all fours. I wiggle my knees so they bury themselves in the sand on each side of his body allowing my flaccid cock to touch the boys cute little nose. The child's small hands reach up and begin to pull on the hanging cock watching it harden in his tiny fists. The loose foreskin begins to stretch as the head of my cock widens, forcing its way past the wrinkled skin. The end opens showing the young tyke a pinkish head already slippery and shiny from the precum he loves to taste. With my long cock as hard as a board hanging horizontal over the whole of the child's face, Sean begins to message each ball that hangs heavy near his chin. Rick was moving around Sean and I trying to get every close-up shot for future watching. All the men and boys around us were watching, rock hard and stroking their cocks as the small child beneath me pulls my cock head to his lips to flick his tongue and taste my man-seed. Unlike yesterday, he used his tongue to lick the piss slit and tried to lick inside. He then worked the tip of his tongue in between the foreskin and mushroom head tasting the juice as he swirls around the whole head. Needing to taste more seed he opens that cute mouth of his showing everyone his two missing front teeth and begins to pull my cock into his mouth forcing my hips down. The thin red lips of this 7 year old tyke closed around the head forming a perfect O. Sean starts to suck just on the head trying to squeeze every drop of precum from under the foreskin. I rock forward causing my hard dick to slide into the hot little boy mouth. I have 3 inches in when the camera gets more close-ups of the little boy swallowing the nice mans cock. The guys around us are talking to each other and to me about what a hot little cocksucker he is and how they would like to try it. It seems that little Sean is the hit of the party. I slowly fucked his mouth now sliding four inches in. Stan asks if he can take more of my cock so I begin to show him. Now five inches have passed his lips. The child's little tongue is working magic along the length of my dick. After a minute I was able to slide all my six inch man cock down the tykes throat. My heavy balls were resting on his chin which the camera and all the guys could see.

"Wow!" said Chad. "That has to be the hottest thing I have ever seen. Swallow that big cock little boy!" he instructed.

Everyone else was stoking their cocks long and strong as they watched the small child swallowed the length of my cock. His small nostrils were flaring trying to get enough oxygen. I continued to long dick his mouth and then pulled out while holding the base of my cock with my right hand. I playfully teased him by moving the head around his face and lips. He began to move his mouth trying to catch the head of my dick.

"Lift your head Sean," as I pushed some sand under his head to prop it up. As I did last night I again sat on his stomach and then moved my cock to his lips while I as kneeling over him. The camera was still shooting so I picked up the child's head with my two hands, he opened his mouth full of baby teeth and swallowed my cock. I developed a nice rhythm of fucking while watching the whole length disappearing into his throat.

"The men and boys that are around us were saying things like, "fuck that little boy mouth" and "kid suck hard on his hot cock" others were telling me to "cum in his throat." Finally they all started to chant, "cum, cum, cum."

With everyone talking dirty and the feeling this tykes mouth had on my knob I was beginning to boil. My nuts started to squeeze all by themselves. The powerful spasm at the base of my cock started to push the liquid treat up the shaft and finally hitting the end of my engorged mushroom head spraying inside the back of his throat. I quickly pull out and placing my dick-head on his bottom teeth, with his mouth wide open, the second spurt hit his top lip and flooded into his mouth. His mouth was small enough were he needed to swallow my jizz for feared of it spilling out. Locking his lips and swallowing the other boys were in such disbelief that he was swallowing mancum at such a young age. The third spurt of my cum landed on his cut little nose and upper lip covering it completely. Sean didn't want to waste any of it so he opened his mouth again allowing everyone to see his cum covered teeth. I moved forward and buried my cock down into his throat not letting anymore mancum go to waste. He continues to suck every last drop from my pulsing cock. It was a beautiful sight watching my big cock flowing into his little cum covered mouth. The camera was close enough that the whole action was taped. I had finished pumping my load down into him and was curious how long it would take for him to let me go. I stayed in this position as my softening cock was being milked for every drop by this cute blond angelic boy. He continued to suck on it even when it was fully limp which made for a really neat sensation. The sucking pressure was actually pulling on my limp dick making it longer but it wasn't giving me an erection.. I could feel it slide over his tongue and into his throat. In between each sucking motion my cock would retreat back to its flaccid state. I finally pulled my limp cock out from his suckling mouth. With two fingers I gather my spilt seed that covered his nose and upper lip and fed it back to his willing mouth. He continued to suck every drop until his face was clean again.

Every one of us were tired and decided to take a quick nap before lunch. We all gathered in the cabin and the little tyke that just swallowed all of my seed wanted to sleep with me. Danny didn't mind so as I laid on my back and the 7 year old climbed up onto my chest and laid tummy to tummy with me still both totally naked. The only thing I could do was cup both his sexy butt cheeks and fall deeply asleep.

The End