Daddy Society


Part 1
Hi all, my name is John O'Henry. I'm a member of The Daddy Society. It's time for our next convention. We believe in teaching our young daughters at an early age about the pleasures of sex and how to be a good lover. Oh, and we also believe in never using force, but just love, we want them to enjoy it and to learn through love and not to hate it or us. Most of us started by licking our baby daughter's little pussy, and then when they got a little older we started to finger fucking them as we licked their little pussy. By the age of three or four, we were fucking their little pussy and ass, like my daughter's, and some as young as two years, depending on the thickness of daddy's dick. They love getting fucked several times a day. And most of the time they will start playing with their daddy's cock so they can get fucked.

We hold a daddy/daughter convention each year and the mothers that are into having their husband fuck their daughter, which are most of them, are invited. Most of the daughters fuck their daddy right there at the convention so other daddy/daughters can watch daddy slide his big dick in his daughter's little pussy. Of course he cums in her little pussy so others can see his cum run out of her. And if mom is there most of the time she will lick up his cum as it drools out of their daughter's little pussy.

Sometimes the uncle will come too and both daddy and the uncle will fuck the daughter at the same time. Some of the twelve, thirteen, fourteen-year-old daughters are pregnant with daddy's or uncle's baby, and even a couple of ten or eleven-year-olds are pregnant too with big, pregnant bellies. They love to show off their big, pregnant belly and everybody tells them they look so sexy. In the families that have boys, the mother will teach their son/s to be good lovers and how to give their mother good pleasure. The mother will start when their boy is still a baby by sucking his little dick and when he is a little older she will start finger fucking his ass. By the time their boy is three or four, mommy has their boy's ass stretched enough that daddy can put his dick up his ass to fuck and cum in him while mommy sucks him. By the time he's six or so he's fucking his sister/s, and by the time he's 8 to 12 he's fucking his mom several times a day. By the time the boy is fourteen he has his mother pregnant. Each son a family has is allowed to get his mother pregnant at least once by the time he is fourteen, but most have their mom pregnant by the time he is twelve or thirteen.

We hold our convention at a private, rented outdoor ranch or park in different countries each year so we don't get hassled by nonbelievers. There were a few detectives that showed up each year hoping to make a big bust, but they got fed to alligators, nobody knew anything about it. The convention is in two weeks and I will continue this writing there.

My wife (Sharon), two daughters, (Tammy and Tera, four and six) and I are at this year's convention now. My wife loves watching me fuck our two daughters and really gets off on it. She even helps by holding their little pussy open and guiding my cock in.

I put a blanket down and have my eldest daughter lying in front of me as I eat her little sexy pussy. A crowd of fathers, young daughters and a few moms has gathered to watch. My eldest daughter loves having me eat her out in public. She may be only six years old, but she has learned to cum real good. I swirl my tongue around in her little pussy hole and that makes her moan with great pleasure. I swirl my tongue around her little clit a few times then suck it in my mouth and suck it rhythmically making it throb with pleasure. She's moaning louder now and some of the fathers are stroking their hard cocks now as they watch me eat my daughter, and one by one the daughters take over stroking their daddy's hard cock.

My daughter loves to have me make her cum and cum and cum before I fuck her, and she's getting ready to cum. My wife is finger fucking her own cunt hard now and usually cums at about the same time my daughter does.

"Daddy, suck my clitty harder, I'm about to cum, make me cum daddy, yes daddy that feels so good..... Oh daddy, IIII'mmmm cccuuuummmmiiiinnngg, Iii'mm Cummingg daddy," my daughter moans loudly.

Some of the daughters were sucking their daddy's hard cock and others have daddy's big hard cock deep up their little pussy as their daddy fucks them good. I gave my daughter several more good orgasms before she starts begging me to fuck her pussy. I slipped a special pillow under my daughter's sexy little butt to put her pussy in the air so the crowd can watch me fuck her better.

"Daddy, put your big dick in me," my daughter begged.

Her little pussy was very juicy from her own excitement. I got between her legs and positioned my cock at her pussy hole and slipped my cock head in. This brought a gasp of pleasure from her sweet lips.

"Push more of it in me daddy," my daughter begged as she watched.

She loved to watch my cock disappear up in her little pussy.

"Someday daddy, I will be able to take all of it in me,"

"Yes Sweetie, some day you will," I said to encourage her.

I had more than half of my dick in her little pussy when I pulled out some to start fucking her. As I pushed back in I took hold of her waist so I could fuck her better.

I started pumping in and out of her sexy little bald six-year-old pussy.

"Fuck her good daddy," came a cheer from the crowd.

Just then my daughter gasped, "I'm cumming daddy, I'm cumming, oh daddy you're making me cum."

I heard one of the daddies in the crowd gasp, "Oh Cindy, take my load," and I knew he was filling his daughter with his own baby making seed. Then another and the third I saw cumming in his daughter's mouth as she sucked him off. I gave my daughter two more good orgasms before I lost control and filled her with my own load. As I did the crowd cheered and another daddy cheered, "Good fuck man, that got me off seeing you shoot your load up your daughter's sexy little pussy."

By this time my wife had at least ten good hard orgasms and was pumping a three-inch dildo up in her hot cunt. I noticed that some of the daddies in the crowd were watching my wife use that fat dildo instead of watching me fuck our daughter. I started to pull my fading hard-on out of my daughter's sexy little pussy, and before I got it clear out she had it in her hand, wanting me to let her lick it clean. She soon had my softening cock in her mouth, licking my cum and her pussy juice off. I had already fucked both of my daughters that morning, and this made the third time this morning, so it wasn't even thinking about getting hard for a while. When she had me licked clean I held her in my arms, giving her love.

"I love you too, daddy," she said.

Some of the girls hadn't gotten their daddy off yet and I could still hear them sucking and slurping on their daddy's stiff cock, but one by one they made their daddy cum and then they walked away holding hands.

I had fallen asleep by my daughters and was awakened by one of them shaking me awake, "Daddy, wake up," she whispered.

"What, Sweetie, what is it?"

"This man wants to talk to you."

I turned around and there was a man standing naked with his two young, beautiful, naked girls.

"Hi, what can I do you for, I mean what can I do for you?"

"Well, my daughters saw you making love to your daughters and they want to know if you would swap your daughters for them. They saw you lick and eat your daughter for a long time, and I'm just not into eating pussy that long. They want you to make love to them while I make love to your daughters."

"My daughters would have to agree before we would swap."

"Yes, of course." he said.

I looked at the girls. "Come over here, sweeties." one of them walked over to me.

"What's your name, honey?" I asked.

"I'm Janice, and my sister is Jenny."

"How old are you girls?"

"We're seven and a half almost eight," replied Janice.

"You're both the same age?"

"Yes, we're twins."

"Janice and Jenny. So, you girls want me to eat your sexy little pussies?"

"Yes, would you please? Daddy doesn't do it long enough and we like to have his tongue in our pussies for a long time, but he's always in a hurry to put his thingy in our pussies. We love to feel his thingy in our pussy and feel him squirt his stuff in us, but we also like to have him make us cum with his tongue."

"Well, both of my girls love getting fucked and having a load of hot cum shot in their little pussy, so if your daddy can keep his dick hard long enough to shoot a load of hot cum in each of my girls, I think they might agree."

"Yes, Daddy can fuck for a long time and cum and get it hard again right away."

I turned to my daughters and Tera was still sleeping.

"Tera honey, wake up sweetie."

"What Daddy, did you want to fuck me again?"

"Well, no sweetie, but this nice man does, he wants to fuck you and your sister while I eat and fuck his daughters. Well actually, his girls want me to eat them for a long time and make them cum several times before I fuck them. Would you like to have their daddy fuck you and your sister while I make his girls cum with my tongue?"

"Yes daddy, that would be lots of fun watching you lick their pussy while their daddy has his thingy in our pussy, can he fuck us for a long time?"

"His daughter Janice says he can."

"Goody, I like to cum while being fucked for a long time."

Janice was standing close to me and I was gently playing with her sexy little fat bald pussy as I talked to her.

"Oh mister, I like having you touch my pussy, you make it feel good." she whispered to me.

"Yes, I thought you were enjoying it, your sexy little pussy has gotten very wet inside. Oh sweetie, you can call me Steve."

"Mister Steve, do you like making a girl all wet inside before you lick her pussy?"

"Yes sweetie, I love tasting a girl as I lick her pussy out."

"Oh Mister Steve, I like what you are doing to my pussy. Oh, Oh yes, Mister Steve, put your finger up in me and fuck me with it, you're about to make me cum. Yes Mister Steve, that feels good. Put another finger in me. Yes like that, fuck them in and out faster, Mister Steve. Oh yes, just like that, Ooooohhh Mister Steve, Iiiiii'mmmmmm CCuuuuuuuuummmmmmmiiiing, oh, you're making me cum so good, Mister Steve."

I gently laid her down as I kept finger fucking her young pussy. I started licking and sucking her little clitty as I kept finger fucking her pussy.

"Oh Mister Steve that feels so good, Oh, Oh, Oh yes, you're making me cum so good."

When Janice quit cumming I pulled my fingers out, put them in my mouth, and sucked her juices off. Mmmmmmm, she tasted good. I got between her legs, opened her pussy, and started feasting in her hole. I licked her sexy little pussy clean and then went back to licking in her hole. Her little hole stayed juicy as I slurped away.

"Oh Mister Steve that feels so good, you're not even touching my clitty and I'm about to cum again."

"Mister Steve, are you going to lick mine too?"

I looked up and Jenny was standing close. I was staring into Jenny's sexy little pussy.

"No sissy, let Mister Steve make me cum first. Lick me, Mister Steve. Make me cum again. Lick me in my hole like you were doing."

I repositioned my fingers in her little pussy and gently pulled her open. I pushed my tongue deep into her hole and started licking like I was doing.

"Yes Mister Steve just like that, OH, that feels so good. Make me cum, Mister Steve."

I slurped away in her little hole, drinking her juices down. I felt her pussy hole tighten around my tongue.

"Oh Mister Steve, Iiiii'm cuuuuuuuuummmmming, IIIII'mmmm cumming," she moaned.

I pulled my tongue out and started licking and sucking her little clit.

"Oh Mister Steve, you sure know how to make me cum good,"

After her orgasm quit, I asked her sister Jenny if she would like to play with my thingy while I gave her sister a few more orgasms.

"Yes, I like sucking and playing with my daddy's thingy, and yours looks like it might be a little bigger than daddy's."

I lay down so Jenny could play with my dick and I had Janice squat over me so I could lick her pussy more. I licked Janice's pussy to two more good cums and then her sister said it was her turn to have her pussy licked. By that time Jenny had my cock hard, so I told Janice she could have my cock up in her pussy while I licked and sucked her sister to several orgasms. It didn't take her long to have my cock in her pussy.

"Mister Steve, your thingy is fatter than daddy's, I can tell it feels bigger in my pussy," she said.

Her dad's cock was nine inches long by 1 1/2 inches fat and mine was eight inches long by two inches fat. It was very obvious she loved feeling my fatter cock stretch her open more. Her sister was enjoying having me make her cum and cum and cum on my tongue. Janice wasn't fucking my cock like I thought she would be. She was just squirming around on it enjoying the feel of it stretching her open. When I looked down to see what she was doing, she had most of my cock in her little pussy and she was masturbating her clit and cumming hard.

Jenny was having cum after cum as I licked her sexy little pussy and clit. I closed my eyes and concentrated on licking and sucking Jenny's pussy as she enjoyed her orgasms. I felt Jenny bend over me, and when I opened my eyes her sister was fingering her hole. First one finger, then another and another until she had her whole hand up in her sister's pussy. I kept sucking her clit as her sister started fist fucking her hole. Her sister soon had her in a state of constant orgasm. I closed my eyes again and kept sucking and massaging her clit with my tongue.

When I opened my eyes again there was a young lady of say nine, ten, or maybe eleven kneeling on the edge of my blanket intently watching me suck this little girl's clitty as she continued to cum.

"Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmm," Jenny sang as she orgasmed hard on her sister's fist and my tongue.

I looked at the young lady again. She was a real beauty. Long blond hair down to her butt, beautiful blue eyes, nice slender body, her aureoles and nipples were starting to puff out, and she had a nice fat-lipped pussy with a nice long clit between her pussy lips and she was skillfully massaging her clit-hood back and forth on her clit. She saw me looking at her.

"Hi Mister, would you lick my pussy too when you finish with her?" she asked.

I motioned for her to come closer and when she did I reached out and touched her soft little pussy. I slid my finger back and forth in her pussy furrow. She was juicy wet and very slippery. I pushed my middle two fingers up in her pussy hole and started finger fucking her with them.

That just brought more juice out.

"Ooooooooooooooohhh, Miiiister,... yes,..... that feels wonderful," she moaned.

Jenny had been cumming for close to fifteen minutes now and was just about played out.

"Janice, stop, I can't take any more," she wailed to her sister.

I started pumping my cock in Janice's pussy and noticed she was still masturbating her clit. I could feel her have orgasm after orgasm on my hard cock. Janice pulled her hand out of her sister's pussy and her sister laid down by me holding her pussy.

I looked over at the little ten-year-old that wanted me to eat her pussy.

"Sweetie, I love eating young pussy, if you will put your pussy in my mouth, I will start licking you out."

She swung her leg over my head and placed her pussy right in my mouth. I jammed my tongue up in her hole, which took her by surprise.

"Ooooh," she squeeled. And her hole tightened around my tongue for a few seconds. I started slurping away in her hole.

"What is," slurp, slurp, "your name," slurp, slurp, "sweetie?" slurp, slurp, slurp.

"My name is Jill, Ohh, that sure feels good, I never had anybody lick in my hole before." It only took a couple of minutes of me swirling my tongue in her hole and she was cumming hard.

"Oooooh Mister, you're making me cum already, that sure feels good what you are doing in my pussy hole."

When she started to cum she flooded my mouth with pussy juice. It gushed and gushed and gushed into my mouth, and I drank all of it down. She couldn't believe I made her cum so quickly.

I looked over to see how my girls were doing. My oldest was on her hands and knees doggy style and getting fucked from behind in her pussy. I could see his cock sliding in and out of her pussy and she was moaning loudly, enjoying having him fuck her for a long time.

Janice was still masturbating her clit as she slowly rode my hard cock and still having cum after cum. The look in her eyes said she was in fuck heaven and enjoying it immensely.

Each time I made Jill cum, pussy juice gushed out of her young pussy.

"Jill sweetie," slurp slurp, " where's," slurp, "your daddy?" slurp. I asked as I licked her pussy out.

"He's over there making a baby in my sister, he's fucked her five times so far today. Daddy got her pregnant just before she turned thirteen and now she's almost fourteen and wants another baby."

I looked where she was pointing and there on another blanket was a girl that looked about sixteen and as sexy and as beautiful as could be getting fuck in doggy style position. The man fucking her was pumping her sexy body hard and fast and obviously about to shoot his load of hot cum in her pussy.

"Fuck me daddy, fuck me good, make me cum daddy." I heard her say loudly.

A short time passed when I heard her again.

"Daddy, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, cum in me, make me pregnant daddy," she yelled loudly.

I heard the man grunt.

"Yes Dana, take my load."

And I heard him grunting as he came in her.

Janice had had all the orgasms her body could handle and had laid down by me leaving my hard cock for another pussy to enjoy. Jill saw it bobbing in the breeze and decided she wanted my load in her horny pussy.

"Mister, can I have your beautiful cock in me?"

"Sure sweetie, enjoy."

That's all I had to say and she was on it in a flash. She loved feeling my hard cock slide into her young pussy.

"Mister, it feels good in me even if it is a bit big. I haven't had a cock in me all day. Daddy's been busy trying to get sissy pregnant, and my uncle isn't here. Would you please cum in me?"

"My name is Steve, sweetie, and yes, you can have my load of cum in your sweet, sexy pussy."

"Thank you Steve, you're a sweet man, your girls are very lucky to have a sweet daddy like you."

"Thank you, Jill."

Jill was slowly fucking her pussy up and down on my cock and enjoying it very much. She reached between her legs and took her clit between her thumb and first two fingers and started massaging her clit hood back and forth over her clit.

"Mmmmmmmm, Oh Steve, your hard cock feels so good in my pussy," she moaned.

She closed her eyes, tipped her head back, and started moaning softly. Her clit grew a little bigger and very hard as she massaged it. She wasn't fucking me hard enough or fast enough to make me cum, but just enough to keep me hard in her pussy. I liked watching her masturbating her clit like it was a small penis. Her breath was labored and heavy. I could tell she was about to cum.

"Steve, would you masturbate my clit like I'm doing? I just want to concentrate on the pleasure of cumming."

"Sure Sweetie, let me get my fingers all juiced up and real slippery."

When I touched her clit, it was very hard and as stiff as my cock. I took it in my fingers like she had and started masturbating her.

"Yes Steve, just like that, you're doing it just right, I'm just about to cum so keep doing it like you are. Oh yes, oh Steve you do it better than my daddy. Oh, damn Steve, oh shit; I'm cumming, do it harder and faster now. Oh yes, you're making me cum so good."

Her clit was very hard and very unbendable. I massaged it hard and fast like she wanted. The way she rode my hard cock made it massage her "G" spot, and with me massaging her clit hard and fast made her orgasm continue for several minutes. I gave her several long orgasms like this that she enjoyed every second of.

"Steve, I need to feel you squirt your stuff in me, real deep in me."

"OK Sweetie, you need to fuck me harder and faster then, Oh, wait, I have an idea, why don't we get in the doggy position and I can fuck you hard and fast to make me cum in your pussy?"

"OK, but when you cum I want you to push your dick deep in me and squirt your stuff in my womb, I like being full of cum and don't want it to run out when I stand up."

"That could get you pregnant, sweetie."

"That's OK if I get pregnant."

"It would be better if your body grew and developed more before you got pregnant, sweetie."

"If I get pregnant my titties would get bigger faster."

"How old are you sweetie?"

"I'm eleven and I want my titties to be bigger soon as possible. My mommy has big ones so I should have big ones too."

"How big are your mommy's titties?"

"She has really big round ones like cantaloupes, I think they are F cup, and my aunt has even bigger ones, and I hope I have big ones like my aunt."

Her breasts were already the size of small grapefruits and still growing bigger.

"That's my mom over there, the one with the large nipple rings, She loves to watch daddy fuck me and my sister. And that's my aunt over there, she has large nipple rings too and lots of rings in her pussy, I think ten in all, two of them are in her clit with jewelry hanging from them. Oh look, she's coming this way, she loves to watch me getting fucked. See how big her titties are?"

When I looked a woman I would say in her thirties with large rings around her huge tits like a bra was walking this way. The rings she had in her nipples were about two inch rings.

"Hi Jill honey, did you find a hard cock to ride?" she said.

"Yes aunty, and it's a real nice one too, it's a little bigger than daddy's and feels real good in my pussy."

She stood so she could watch my cock going in and out of her niece's young pussy in the doggy position. The way her aunt was standing I could see her pussy rings. I thought they looked real sexy. She saw me staring at her pussy rings.

"Do you like my pussy rings?"

"Yes, very much, they're very sexy."

"Steve, this is my Aunt Millie, Aunt Millie, this is Steve," Jill said.

"Hi Steve, I see my niece is enjoying your nice cock."

"Yes, and I'm enjoying her sweet pussy and I'm just about to fill her with my load."

"Do you like to have your ass played in while you fuck a sweet young pussy?"

"Yes, sometimes."

"May I massage your prostate while you keep fucking her pussy?"

"Yes, you may want to put your whole hand up in me to do it, but I must warn you, I have a really hard orgasm when I cum that way and it may feel like my ass is going to crush your hand."

"No problem, I have already done it three times to my brother, her dad, today, and it made him cum really hard each time in his daughter he's trying to get pregnant."

She put a big glob of lube on her hand and smeared it on my ass and soon had her hand up my ass more than wrist deep. Having her hand up my ass and the way she was massaging my prostate felt really good. She was bringing me up to my orgasm and I didn't even have to work at it.

"Millie, your hand up my ass feels really good and you are about to make me cum."

"Good, I can make her dad cum without anybody touching his dick."

"Yes, I believe it, Oh Jill get ready here it cums, Ah Millie I'm cumming, keep massaging me inside like you are doing."

"Yes Steve, I can feel you spraying inside me, oh it feels so good." Jill gasped.

"Oh, I'm cumming so hard, oh Millie you're making me cum so hard."

"Yes Steve, I love making a man cum with my hand up his ass. I can feel your ass squeeze my hand."

"Steve, I can feel you squirting so hard inside me, and I'm cumming too." Jill moaned.

"Yes, I can feel your pussy squeezing my cock." I said.

"Millie, I haven't cum this hard in a long time. I'm going to be aching inside for some time, and cumming this hard it will be a long while before I can get hard again."

When I finished cumming I pulled my softening cock out of Jill and Millie took it in her mouth and sucked out what cum she could.

"Mmmmm, Steve you taste real good, could I have a mouthful later?"

"Yes if I can get hard after having such a hard cum."

"I don't mean right now, I mean after you have had a rest."

Millie sucked on my cock like she was trying to suck more cum from my balls. As she sucked I started to ache inside.

"Millie, I'm starting to ache inside, I told you I would. I love having your hand in my ass, massage my prostate and see if that will help ease the aching."

She started massaging my prostate more.

"Oh yes, that feels real good, but it's not helping to lessen that aching."

"Maybe not, but it's making you drool in my mouth."

Part 2
Millie kept her hand in me as I lay down, and as I lay there she worked her hand deeper in until she had her elbow in me.

"Steve, I really enjoy having my hand deep up an ass, especially a guy's ass. This is making me very horny, would you eat my cunt?"

"Sure, get over me and put your cunt in my mouth."

I gently opened her wet, sticky pussy, pushed my tongue deep into her juicy cunt hole, and started massaging all around inside her. Her cunt tasted real good as I licked and slurped up her juices. When I opened my eyes, my daughters Tammy and Tera and Millie's niece Jill had gathered to watch as I licked Millie's dripping pussy.

"Oh Steve, I see now why my niece wanted you to lick her out, this feels wonderful."

She pulled her hand out of my ass and lay down beside me after I gave her several orgasms.

I was awakened about an hour later with someone sucking my semi-hard cock. When I opened my eyes, my daughter Tera was deep-throating me with almost all of my cock in her mouth and down her throat. Tera was very good at sucking dick, and was making mine get harder by the second. When I was hard, my daughter got over me and slid her pussy down over my hard dick, taking most of it in her sweet, tight pussy.

"Mmmm Daddy, you feel so good in me, my pussy's been needing your hard thingy in it."

"Daddy, did that girl feel good to you?"

"Sweetie, do you mean Jill? Yes, she did feel good, she had a nice tight pussy, but yours feels even better, honey."

"Thank you daddy, I like when your thingy's in me, I could have your thingy in me all day long and all night."

"Don't tell mommy, sweetie, but I like your pussy better than hers." I whispered to her.

"Really daddy? That makes me so happy to know you like my pussy better. I love you daddy, I love you really much."

"And I love you Tera Sweetie, I love you really much too, I wish I could keep my dick hard much longer than I can now, I would fuck you for a much longer time, but your sexy little pussy feels so good I just can't keep from cumming."

"Oh daddy, I'm so glad my pussy does that to you."

"Sweetie, if you will stop moving when I get close to cumming, maybe I can fuck your sweet pussy a little longer."

"OK daddy, I would like it if you kept your thingy in me longer, you tell me when you need me to stop moving, OK daddy?"

"OK sweetie."

"Daddy, I see you writing about our time here, would you let me write some too?" My daughter asked as she slowly slid her sweet, tight pussy up and down on my hard dick.

"Sure sweetie, you can write some too, or if you like I can help you."

"Thank you, Daddy."

She laid down on me and kissed me on my lips as I gave her a loving hug.

"Oh Daddy, I love you so much," Tera said, and she gave me another kiss on my lips and sat up and started fucking my dick again.

"Tera honey, I'm so glad you are my lover, and I really enjoy making love to you."

"Yes, daddy, me too," she whispered to me as she bent down and gave me another big kiss.

"Oh Daddy, I'm about to cum, play with my clitty and make me cum on your nice big thingy."

I took her little clitty between my thumbs and fingers and started massaging it as I played with her little pussy.

"Oh yes daddy, I love how you make it tingle so good, oh, oh I'm starting to cum, oh daddy you're making me cum so good. Ooooh daaaaaddy, Iiiiimmm cummming on your nice big thingy." She gasped.

She loved having my big adult cock deep inside her when I made her cum.

I could feel her pussy pulse as she came on my hard cock. She was taking me deep into her pussy as she came. I had reached down and was playing with her clit with one hand and her nipple with my other hand as she came.

"Oh daddy, you always make me cum so good."

When she finishing cumming she slowly started riding my cock again taking me deep into her sexy young pussy. She stroked my cock with long slow strokes, going deep, then up slowly and back down slowly, feeling me slide back in all the way. She was enjoying my hard cock in her young pussy without giving me too much stimulation. She kept me hard over the next hour, having cum after cum after cum without making me cum too.

When I opened my eyes, there were several young girls watching us fuck. They looked in age from say, four to ten years old, and all of them had dildos in their young pussies. Some of them were pumping their dildos in and out while others held their dildos in and played with their young little clit. Just as one of the girls started to cum, my daughter started to cum again. Both of them moaned together as they came.

"Daddy, squirt in me, cum daddy, fill my pussy full," my daughter moaned as she started to ride my cock hard and fast.

The way she was pounding my hard cock with her young tight pussy didn't take her long to have me cumming in her young sexy pussy, which made her cum also.

"Oh Baby here it comes," I moaned and started squirting my hot man seed deep into her young pussy.

"Yes, daddy, squirt all of it in me and fill my womb too, Oh Daddy I love it when you squirt your stuff in me."

It felt like I squirted a quart of cum into my daughter's young womb before I quit cumming.

"Oh yes sweetie, your young, tight pussy always feels so good to daddy. Ya know honey, it's your young, tight pussy that makes daddy cum so good."

Tera let my cock go soft in her pussy before moving. Then she took it in her mouth and licked my cum off before lying down by me.

The girls that were watching us have sex must have been nymphos because they were still pumping those dildos in their young, juicy pussies and playing with their clits and cumming and cumming and cumming the whole time. They must have been exhibitionists too, as they were enjoying having us watch as they masturbated. Most of them had pussy juice and cum running down their thighs. One of the girls, who looked about ten, saw me checking her cummy, juicy pussy out and the juice that was running down her thighs.

"Mister, do you like to lick pussy juice off a girl's legs and pussy?"

"Yes, sweetie, I do and so does my daughter."

"Would you and your daughter like to take turns licking my juicy, cummy pussy?"

"Yes, I would," my daughter said, "I like licking my mommy's cummy pussy every day. She always has lots of white creamy stuff in her pussy for me to lick, and she cums when I lick her to orgasm."

"Would you let me watch you licking her cummy pussy sometime?"

"Yes, I lick her morning and evening," my daughter said.

"Come on over here so I can lick your cummy pussy, Dear," I said to her.

She came over and stood by me with her legs apart. I started licking the drools that was going down her right leg, then her left leg.

"Mister, my name is Claudia, What's yours?"

"I'm Steve and this is my daughter Tera, and you have a very good-tasting pussy."

"I was hoping you would like it."

"Daddy, let me lick some too," Tera, begged.

I took my tongue out of the girl's pussy so Tera could have some too. Tera quickly took over where I left off.

"Mister Steve, you were doing a good job on my pussy, that felt so good what you were doing to me."

"Thank you Dear, I enjoy giving a girl lots of pleasure when I lick her out."

"Mister Steve would you lick me out too?" came a voice from behind me.

I turned and when I looked I saw a light-complexioned, beautiful black girl. She was very slender, with nice developing breasts that were about the size of oranges. Her black hair was in nickel size curls down to her breasts, and her sexy pussy with nice, puffy, fat lips was smooth and very hairless and was very juicy and cummy and some was running down her thighs too. She looked about eleven or maybe twelve years old.

"What's your name, sweetie?"

"I'm Marissia, Sir."

"How old are you, sweetie?"

"I just turned ten, Mister Steve."

"Wow, Marissia, for a ten-year-old, you have a very beautiful body."

"Thank you Mister Steve, I'm glad you like my body, my boobies started to grow when I was eight."

"Like it? You have a very sexy body, honey. Come over here and let me eat you out."

She had her hand at her pussy and was fingering her clit as we talked. She noticed I had been watching her finger her clit.

"Mister Steve, do you like to watch a girl finger her pussy?"

"Yes, sweetie I do, I watch my girls masturbate several times a day."

Marissia stepped close to me with her legs apart. I started licking her creamy juices from both legs as I worked my way up to her sexy pussy. I sat between her legs as I started to lick her pussy. I opened her pussy and thrust my tongue deep up into her pussy hole, which took her by surprise.

"Oh Mister Steve," she squealed.

"Bend over, sweetie so I can eat you out better."

"Like this, Mister Steve."

"Wow Marissia, sweetie, you have a very sexy pussy, and you taste really good too."

"Thank you, Mister Steve, I like the way you lick my pussy, Mister Steve. Is it OK if I play with your big thingy as you lick my pussy?"

"Sure honey, you can play with it if you want."

I had only licked her for a few minutes when she started to cum. She moaned loudly as she enjoyed the pleasure I gave her. I was sucking her clit when she started to cum and I quickly put my mouth over her hole with my tongue up in her as she came.

"Oh Mister Steve, you're making me cum so good, rub my clitty hard with your fingers."

I took her juicy hard clit between my thumb and finger and massaged it firmly as she came.

"Yes, just like that Mister Steve, you're doing my clit just right, oooohhh, Iiiiii'mmmm cuuuummmmmmiinnngg so goooood," she squealed.

She was squirting pussy cum into my mouth as I massaged in her hole with my tongue.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh yyyeeesss," she moaned, "you eat a girl so good."

I could feel her cum on my tongue as I sucked at her vagina as she enjoyed her orgasm.

After her orgasm quit I licked as much of her cummy juice out of her hole as I could before going back to licking her pussy and in her crack.

"Mister Steve, your girls are so lucky to have a daddy that can lick a girl's pussy so good."

"Thank you sweetie. My girls love to have me lick them to several orgasms before I fuck them every day."

"What you are doing right now feels so good, would you please keep doing it?"

I licked her to several more orgasms as she sucked and stroked my cock. As she was cumming for the last time I erupted in her mouth. She was able to suck and swallow it all down.

When her pussy was happy and very satisfied she thanked me for the pleasure I gave her and asked if I would eat her pussy some other time.

"Sure, we'll be here the whole convention, you can come by any time to get your pussy eaten."

She gave me a big kiss and thanked me for the pleasure again.

Later that evening I was walking nude down a forest trail for exercise. I had been walking for some time when I started to go past a briar patch when I heard someone sobbing. It sounded like a young child sobbing, so I started to investigate. I looked into the briar patch very quietly to see who was in there. I saw a young girl with her back to me in a small clearing in the center of the briars. I went around to where the opening was and poked my head in just enough to see her sitting in there.

"Hi sweetie, did you get lost?"

"No, I ran away and now I'm hungry."

"Ran away, but why? Your family's going to miss you."

"Because my daddy beats me if I do anything wrong, and even if I don't do anything wrong, he beats me. You aren't going to take me back, are you?"

"Well, I should, your parents are looking for you."

"Please don't, I don't want to go back. I'm hungry and thirsty, do you have anything to eat or drink?"

I opened my bag and took out a bottle of water and handed it to her. Then I took out an energy bar and gave that to her also.

"Thank you, this bar tastes good."

"Are you from the Daddy Society Convention?" I asked.

"No, I'm from the nudist park. What's the Daddy Society Convention?"

"It's daddies and some mommies that believe in teaching our daughters about sexual love."

"You mean you have sex with them?"

"Yes we do."

"I once asked my daddy if I could touch his thingy and he beat me a lot."

"Would you like to touch mine?" I asked her.

"Yes, you would let me touch it?"

"Yes, if you want to."

"OK, yes I would like to."

"Would you let me touch your pussy?"

"You won't hurt me, will you?"

"No sweetie, I promise not to hurt you, and if you don't like it I will stop."

Of course, with my gentle touches I knew she would enjoy having me touch her young sexy little pussy.

"Sweetheart, how old are you?"

"I'm eight and will be nine in two months." came her answer.

"You haven't told me your name yet," I told her, "I'm Steve."

"You won't take me back if I do?"

"No sweetie, I don't want your daddy to beat you for running away. Now, would you like to touch my thingy and play with it?"

"Yes, my name is Gayl."

She came out of her brier hideaway and stood up and walked over to where I was on a little grassy spot.

"Your thingy's bigger than my daddy's," she said as she gazed between my legs.

"Go ahead, you can touch it and play with it, but I want to let you know it will grow bigger and longer and stiffer as you play with it, go ahead, you can make it get real stiff if you want."

She squatted down beside me as she took my soft cock in her hand.

"It's so warm and soft," she said with surprise.

"Yes, it is now, but the more you play with it the bigger and stiffer it will get."

"How do I play with it to make it get really stiff like you said?"

"You never played with a boy's thingy before?"

"No, but I've seen lots of them."

"Sweetie, all you have to do is massage your hand up and down my thingy to make it get real stiff, like this."

I took her hand in mine and helped her massage up and down several time so she could get the hang of it, then I took my hand away as she continued to massage my cock.

"Oh, it's starting to get bigger," she said with surprise.

"Yes, it feels good what you are doing."

I could feel the warmth and softness of her little pussy as I cupped it in my hand. She looked several time to see what I was doing to her pussy, but never did she tell me to stop.

I like a clean-smelling pussy to play with and hers smelled like she hadn't bathed in a week. I suggested we go down to the stream so I could rinse her pussy so it would smell nicer. She thought that was a good idea, as she hadn't bathed for several days, due to the fact that she didn't have any soap. I asked her if she would like to come back to my camp and have me bathe her like I did my daughters after we play for a while. She thought that was a good idea too. We went back up to the grassy spot and she continued to play with my cock as I played with her sexy little pussy. She loved the good feelings I was making in her pussy and let me know too.

"Mmmmmm, Mister Steve, I didn't know my pussy could feel so good, I like what you are doing."

She had my cock very hard by now as she continued to stroke its hardness.

"Mister Steve, why do boys have thingies that get so stiff?" she asked.

"Well, sweetie, you know that hole you have in your pussy?"


"When a boy's thingy is stiff he can put it in that hole to make the girls feel real good."

"But yours is so big, won't it hurt to have you push it in me?"

"Yes, sweetie, the first time it hurts all girls, but after that it feels good to have a boy push his thingy in a girl. It only hurts for a little while then it starts to feel better." I popped both of my girl's cherries with my big dick and now they love to feel my big dick fucking them."

"You mean I have cherries in my pussy that has to be popped?"

"No sweetie, that is an expression grown ups use that means to break your hymen so you aren't a virgin any more."

"Oh, I thought I had cherries in my pussy that had to be smashed."

"No sweetie, all girls have a thin skin over her vagina that has to be broken before a boy's penis can go in to give her lots of pleasure."

"Would you pop mine for me?"

"Yes, but you could never tell anybody I was the one that popped your cherry for you."

"Why can't I tell, is it a bad thing?"

"No sweetie, it isn't a bad thing, it's just that a lot of grown ups think a young girl shouldn't have sexual fun with a grown up at a young age like yours."

"It feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yes honey, it feels real good, just ask my daughters. They love to have me put my big thingy in them several times a day. Say honey, would you like to come back to my campsite and have my daughters help me pop your cherry?"

"Can I watch you put your thingy in both of your daughter's pussies?"

"Yes, but you have to promise that you will never tell anybody about what we do at this camp."

"Yes, I want to see your big thingy going in both of your daughters. I promise never to tell, can we go now?"

"First I would like to suck your clitty for you, then we can go."

I lay down and had her lay on top of me with her pussy at my mouth. I started licking in her slit and soon had my tongue wrapped around her clit. She moaned softly as I sucked and massaged her clit with my tongue.

"Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm," she moaned, "Oh mister Steve, that feels so wonderful in my pussy."

The more I sucked her clit the louder her moans got.

"Oh Mister Steve, you're making me feel all hot and tingly inside my pussy."

It wasn't long before she was having her very first oral orgasm. I gave her two more pleasurable orgasms before she stopped me.

"Mister Steve, do you do that for your daughters too?"

"Yes honey, before I put my big thingy in them and fuck them real good."

After letting her rest after her orgasms we made our way back to my campsite where my daughters met us.

"Hi daddy, who's this girl with you?" my youngest asked.

"This is Gayl, Gayl this is my youngest daughter Tammy, and my other daughter Tera."

Both of my daughters said "Hi," to Gayl and welcomed her to our camp.

"Daddy, mommy has supper ready, can we eat now?"

"Sure honey, please set an extra plate for Gayl she's going to eat with us."

"OK daddy," and she went in our tent and came out with a plate and silverware for Gayl and set it on our table.

I sat in the middle and my daughters sat on each side of me, Gayl sat on the other side with my wife.

"Daddy, is Gayl going to be part of our family?" Tammy asked.

"I don't know sweetie, that's up to Gayl."

We thanked the Lord for our food and started to eat. Gayl watched as we ate and saw me give my daughters lots of hugs and kisses.

"You girls are so lucky to have such a loving daddy."

"Yes, we think so too," Tera, said. "Are you going to be part of our family?"

"I would sure like to be. My parents were never nice to me, my daddy was always beating me and sometimes for nothing."

Gayl noticed my girls had their arms and hands in my lap and that they were doing something with their hand. Her curiosity got the best of her and had to look to see what was going on in my lap. She dropped her napkin so she could look under the table. When she looked she saw my girls playing with my very stiff cock and balls. When she sat up she had a bit of a surprise look on her face. Mrs. Steve, you don't mind if your girls play with their daddy's thingy?"

"No honey, I don't mind, in fact I love to see him push his big dick up in their young little pussies. Oh sweetie, my name is Sharon, you can call me Sharon or mom, whatever you like."

"OK Sharon, mom, is it OK if I call Mister Steve, daddy?"

"Yes, of course it is, have you had sex with a man before?"

"No, I have never had sex with anybody, but Mister Steve, I mean daddy is going to have your girls help him pop my cherry."

"Yes, I would love to watch you get your cherry popped." Sharon said.

"You'll love having daddy's big dick in your pussy," Tera said.

"Does it feel good when your daddy puts his thingy in your pussy?"

"Yes, it feels wonderful when daddy puts his big thingy in me," Tera stated.

"Daddy's thingy feels big in me, but I like it too," Tammy said.

"When did your daddy start putting his thingy in you?" Gayl asked.

"A few months before my fourth birthday, I begged daddy to put his thingy in me. From the time I was three years old, I wanted him to do to me what he was doing to Tera, and he started with Tera when she was almost four. Now Tera is six and loves to have daddy's thingy in her as much as she can. Mommy helped daddy pop my cherry and got all excited when she saw daddy's thingy going in me. Mommy likes to watch daddy put his thingy in both my sister and my pussy. The younger the girl, the better mommy likes it. Mommy insisted that daddy lick and finger our baby pussies and would finger her own pussy as she watched daddy lick our baby pussy."

"Does your daddy put his thingy in other girls too?"

"Yes, sometimes their daddy will ask my daddy to do it and sometimes the young girl will ask my daddy if he would put his thingy in her pussy."

"Are these girls very young?"

"Yes, some of them are, but most of them are my age. Daddy like my age best."

"What's the youngest girl your daddy has put his thingy in?"

"I think she was three years old, her daddy wanted to watch my daddy put his thingy in her young pussy. The girl told her daddy that she saw my daddy putting his thingy in me and my sister and wanted him to do her also. The man told my daddy to cum in her because he had a hard time cumming and she like to have a man cum in her."

"Well girls, if we are finished eating, lets all of us go to the showers before it gets real busy there." I suggested.

"Do all of you take your showers together?"

"Yes, of course we do." Tera said.

"Do you bathe your daughters, Mr. Steve, I mean daddy?"

"Yes, they like to have me bathe them because I play in their pussy while I wash them, and I do my wife too."

"Are you going to bathe me too?"

"Yes, if you'll let me."

"Yes, it sounds like it would be fun, my daddy never bathed me, the only reason he came in the bathroom while I was in the bath was to spank me because I took too long."

"Dang, your daddy sounds like a real tyrant."

"What's a tyrant?"

"It's a ruler that rules with an iron hand and make everybody do what he wants."

"Yes, that was my daddy, even mommy was scared of him."

"Yes, I figured as much, well, lets all of us get to the showers before it's too later, we can help mommy do dishes when we get back."

Part 3
I took our bag with soap, different kinds of shampoos, loofas, and towels and headed toward the showers with my girls. Tera was first; I started by shampooing her hair, then gently washing her body as I played with her young pussy. By the time I rinsed her off she was hot and needed some hard cock in her pussy. Of course, my cock was hard from playing with Tera's sexy young pussy.

I squatted down and when I came up I impaled Tera's hot pussy on it and let her ride it to orgasm. I next bathed Tammy all over like I did Tera, and of course she wanted my hard cock too. I bathed my daughters first to show Gayl I was gentle as I bathed my girls. As I bathed Gayl, my girls played with my cock keeping it hard and ready for a hot pussy. By the time I finished bathing Gayl, her pussy was hot and all tingly inside. As I bathed my wife Sharon, I teased her with my hard cock, putting it between her legs and rubbing it on her hot pussy. Then it was my turn to get bathed. I had fingers massaging my balls, stroking my stiff cock, and up my ass, all while Sharon my loving wife teased me with her breasts and shaved pussy. I was so close to shooting my load I had to stop the girls several times to keep from cumming.

When we got back to our campsite, all of us were so hot and ready to fuck that we just let the dishes go for the moment. Gayl wanted to see me fuck Tera first, so I had Tera lie down on our bed. I kissed Tera on her lips and she opened her mouth inviting my tongue in for some French kissing as I played with her young nipples. When I took my lips away, Tera whispered, "Daddy, I love you so much, but I need you to fuck me before I go crazy."

That really got Gayl's attention as Tammy took my hard cock in her hand and helped insert it in Tera's pussy. I fucked Tera to several orgasms before pulling out. Then it was Tammy's turn. Tera and Tammy exchanged places and Tera took my hard cock in her hand and help guide it in her younger sister's pussy. Tammy grimaced at first as my cock stretched her young pussy open.

I started sliding my cock in and out of my young daughter's little pussy. The grimace on her young face quickly turned to pleasure as I stroked my hard cock in and out of her.

"Daddy, your stiff thingy feel so good in my pussy, are you going to make me cum?"

"Yes honey, just as soon as I can."

I knew all of my girls and what it took to get them off in a hurry.

"Daddy, are you going to do Gayl too?"

"Yes sweetheart, just as soon as you have some orgasms, sweetie."

My young daughter started moaning as I pumped her hot little pussy. The more I pumped the louder her moans got.

"Oh daddy, I'm about to cum," she moaned.

And with that she started to cum hard.

"Oh daddy, Oh daddy, Oh daddy, Oh daddy," she moaned over and over as she came. I gave her a few more orgasms like that first one before stopping.

When I looked at Gayl, she was staring wide-eyed at my cock in disbelief as I pulled it out of my daughter's young pussy.

"Well, Gayl honey, would you like to get in on the pleasure I'm giving my daughters?"

"I don't know, your thingy's awfully big, won't it hurt a lot?"

"Come on Gayl, you'll enjoy daddy's big thingy in you a lot. It only hurts for a little while. Come on, don't be chicken. You'll be very glad you had daddy's thingy in you. It feels real good. Come on, lay down and let daddy pop your cherry," Tera coaxed, "Besides, daddy will be real gentle with you as he pops your cherry."

"OK, but I want your daddy to stop if it hurts too much." Gayl said.

Gayl and Tammy exchanged places. Then Tammy whispered in my ear.

"Daddy, is Tera and I going to get to help you pop Gayl's cherry?"

"Sure honey, but I want you to use lots of lube in her pussy so my dick slides in easily, real easily."

"OK daddy."

I started licking and sucking Gayl's nipples as she purred and cooed how good it felt. Then I worked my way down to her sexy young pussy. I licked in her pussy for a while before licking and sucking her clit. When I had her hot and ready for more, I had Tammy get the lube and squirt a big glob into Gayl's pussy hole.

I told Tammy she needed to lube my thingy too, and Tera started massaging my dick to make sure it was real hard.

"Tammy honey, would you hold Gayl's pussy open for me please? And Tera, you can guide my thingy into her pussy. Gayl honey, can you put your legs up to your chest? That will put your pussy up just right for me."

I got over her as Tera guided my cock to her hot little hole.

"Tease her pussy like I did to you when I first popped your cherry, Tera honey."

Tera teased her pussy slit and clit with my cock, getting her hotter and juicier. After several minutes, I told Tera to put my dick in Gayl's pussy hole. I had almost my entire cock head in when I started to stretch Gayl's hymen. I could see the grimace on Gayl's face. I looked over to Tammy and told her to play with Gayl's clitty. Tammy started stroking Gayl's clitty. The grimace faded from her face. I took her left butt cheek in my right hand, and then her right butt cheek in my left hand and held her up some. I started to push into her pussy, but she stopped me. Then I gently thrust my cock into her pussy, but her hymen still didn't pop, I thrust a little harder, this time popping her cherry and going in several inches.

"Oh, it hurts, it hurts, take it out, take your thingy out." Gayl cried.

"No, Gayl, let daddy keep it in you, it will stop hurting in a little while," Tera said.

I kept still until her pain abated. After several minutes, I pulled out some, then slid back in. She was juicy and slippery. She didn't say anything, so I pulled out again and slid back in, going a little deeper. She wasn't whimpering or saying anything, so I started slowly fucking her young pussy, going a little deeper with each stroke.

"Oh, daddy Steve, this feels good," she said looking into my eyes.

I pushed in as far as her pussy could take, but kept fucking her pussy. She seemed to really enjoy deeper, longer strokes.

"Oh Tera, this feels better than I thought it would, thank you for talking me into having your daddy pop my cherry."

"Oh daddy Steve, it feels all hot and tingly in my pussy and it feels like I'm going to explode, oh what's happening in my pussy, daddy Steve?"

I could feel her pussy get tighter and tighter as she got ready to cum. She started to shake and I pumped her pussy faster with long, deep strokes, taking her over the edge. I could feel her cumming on my cock.

"Oh daddy Steve, what's that wonderful feeling that you're making in my pussy?" Gayl gasped.

"That's your orgasm, honey."

"Oh daddy Steve, thank you for taking the time to give me such wonderful pleasure, can you give me another one, please?"

"Sure sweetheart, I would love too."

She was in the middle of her third orgasm when I lost control and emptied my balls up in her young pussy. I lay gently on top of her panting and gasping for air after my orgasm.

"Daddy Steve, I love you so much. Thank you for giving me such wonderful pleasure. Can I live with your family and be your daughter and you be my daddy? I never want to see my real daddy ever again, he's mean and hates me, and beats me for no reason."

"Gayl honey, those are harsh words, are you sure you never want to see your real daddy again?"

"Yes, he's mean and hates me, and he's told me so."

"OK, but we will have to make you a fake visa so you can stay with us. I have a friend that can do that for us."

"Oh goody, I like your family very much. Everybody is so kind and loving."

"Sweetie, there is one more thing."

"What, daddy?"

"You must never tell anybody that I have sex with you."

"What should I tell them?"

"Tell them that a boy raped you and told you if you tell he would find you and kill you, so you just kept quiet about it, or you can make up another story. This is something just our family knows about and no one else. OK, honey?"

"OK daddy."

"Good, sweetie. I knew I could count on you. Now I need to go wash your blood off my penis."

"Can I come and help, daddy?" Gayl asked.

"Sure, honey. You can help. Do either of you girls want to come and help too?"

"No daddy, we'll stay here and help mommy with the dishes."

"You're welcome to come and help if you want to."

"Thank you daddy, but we'll stay here. You and Gayl can go."

Gayl and I walked down to the shower. I got the lower half of my body wet and Gayl soaped my cock up real good. She stroked my cock until I was hard as she washed it.

"Sweetie, let me rinse my dick, then you can soap it up again. Then you need to wash your pussy."

"OK daddy, would you wash my pussy for me please, daddy?"

"Sure, honey. I would enjoy washing it for you."

She soaped my cock up and stroked it until I was real hard. Then she put her legs apart and said she was ready to have me wash her pussy. I fingered her clit as I washed inside her hole.

"Mmmmmm, daddy, that feels so good, Daddy. I need you to put your big stiff thingy in me. Please, daddy?"

"OK, baby. Hold my stiff thingy and guide it in your pussy hole."

She took my hard cock in her hand and stroked it as I brought it to her pussy hole. She brought her pussy down over my cock head as I pushed it in. I pushed my cock in until I felt her cervix pushing firmly against my cock head.

"Mmm daddy, it feels so big in me."

"Yes, but doesn't it feel good in your pussy?"

"Yes, Daddy, it feels real good. Move it in and out like you did before, daddy."

I started sliding my stiff cock in and out of her young pussy.

"Oh daddy, I didn't know having a boy's stiff thingy in me would feel so good until you put yours in me."

"Yes, baby, and you can have it in you any time your pussy needs it. Now you know why it's so important never to tell anybody about our secret pleasure."

"Yes, daddy, I know. Oh daddy I like how you put it so deep in me, I can feel it in my tummy and it feels so good."

"Yes, sweetie, soon you will be able to take all of it in your young, sexy pussy like Tera can. Put your legs around me, honey, and let me help you cum."

I held her ass cheeks in my hands and I pumped her up and down on my stiffy.

"Daddy, I sure am glad you popped my cherry. I like having your thingy in me. This feels real good."

"So you don't regret letting me pop your cherry and having me slid my thingy in you?"

"No daddy, I love having your thingy in me, it feels really good."

I was standing in the shower spray as I pumped her young pussy when a young girl came in. She looked to be about twelve or thirteen and had a nicely developed body. She had nice, long hair almost down to her butt, firm, round, D-cup tits, and a nicely slender body. But there was one strange thing about her. She kept her back to us as she got in the shower at the far end.

Gayl was enjoying the pleasure I was giving her and was riding my cock with her eyes closed. I had already made her cum twice and she was just about to cum again when I noticed that the young lady at the other end had something sticking out above her pussy.

"No, it couldn't be," then she turned around again, "yes, there it is."

"My God, she's a hermaphrodite," I thought to myself.

No wonder she went down to the other end by herself.

Just then Gayl started to cum again.

I continued to stare at the young girl at the other end as I fucked Gayl's horny, cumming pussy.

Then she saw me staring at her.

"So I'm put together weird, haven't you ever seen a hermaphrodite?" she gruffed.

"Yes, in movies and on the net, and you're not weird. I think it's cool to have both sexes."

"You do? But I'm built weird," she exclaimed.

"Sweetie, you are in no way built weird. I think it is so cool that you have both sexes."

By this time Gayl was staring too.

She got a thingy and a pussy," Gayl whispered in my ear.

"Mister, do you think I'm pretty?"

"Yes, sweetie, you're very pretty, and you are very sexy too."

"Do you really think so?"

"Yes, of course I do,"

"I like to watch a man's dick going in and out of a girl's pussy, and I was enjoying watching you fuck your daughter."

"Really? Would you let Gayl my daughter play with your dick and pussy? And when your pussy is all juicy, I could slide my dick in you and you could slide your dick in Gayl."

"Yes, that sounds like fun."

I helped Gayl down and the girl came over to where we were.

"Oh wow, you're a very beautiful young lady," I spoke softly to the girl.

"Thank you, sir. Most guys are turned off by the fact that I have a dick. I'm glad you find it sexy."

"It's very sexy to me. Oh, my name is Steve, and this is Gayl."

"Hi Steve, and Gayl my name is Dorianna. How old is your daughter?"

"Hi Dorianna. She's eight almost nine."

"I'm twelve. I see why your daughter likes to ride your cock, and it looks like you have a nice big one."

"Thank you Sweetie, my, you have such big beautiful breasts for being so young."

"They started to develop before I was nine. Do you really like them?"

"Yes sweetie, they're beautiful."

Gayl was standing there, staring at Dorianna's cock and pussy.

"Yeah, it looks weird, a girl having a cock and a pussy, doesn't it Gayl?" Dorianna said looking at Gayl.

"Does it get big and stiff like daddy's does?" Gayl asked.

"Go ahead and play with it and you'll find out." Dorianna answered.

Gayl took Dorianna's cock in her hand and gently started stroking it.

"It feels just like daddy's thingy when he's soft," Gayl mused.

Dorianna's cock started to come to life as Gayl stroked it.

"Play with my pussy too," Dorianna said to Gayl.

"I never played with another girl's pussy before," Gayl said.

"It's OK, I'll show you how to stroke it to make it feel good to Dorianna," I said.

I cupped her sexy pussy in my hand. I could feel how soft, hot, and plump her vulva lips were. Gayl continued to stroke her dick making it get harder and longer. Soon it was a hard eleven inches long.

"Daddy look, her thingy is a long one."

"Yes, sweetie, it sure is,"

"My dick is still growing, my older brother's dick got to be almost fourteen inches long before it quit growing," Dorianna stated, "but his is a little fatter than mine. My brother knew I was a hermaphrodite and we took our baths together ever since we were very young. He started jerking off when he was about eight years old, but didn't start cumming, I mean shooting cum, until he was twelve."

"Dorianna honey, have you ever put your nice big dick in your own pussy?"

"Yes, all the time, I fuck myself two, three, and most of the time four times a day with it, but I wish I had someone else to fuck me every day."

"If you would help me keep my three girls, I mean four girls, freshly fucked, I would be glad to fuck you several times a day," I told her.

"Oh wow, yes. Would you fuck me while I fuck one of your girls? I cum really hard if I'm getting fucked too."

"Do you blow a big load while you are getting fucked too?"

"Yes, a very big load."

"Good, my girls would love that, then I will fuck you each time you fuck one of my girls. Would you let me watch you fuck yourself too?"

"Yes, I like having someone else watch as I fuck myself, but I want you to fuck my arse as I fuck myself, it makes me squirt lots of cum in my own pussy."

Gayl was still stroking Dorianna's long, slender dick as she admired her eleven-inch length.

"Daddy, help me get Dorianna's thingy in me," Gayl asked.

Gayl put her legs apart as I picked her up and lowered her down on Dorianna's dick.

"Stop daddy, I can't take any more in me," Gayl begged.

But just then Dorianna's dick popped through Gayl's cervix, going deep into Gayl's tummy.

Gayl looked down at her pussy. She couldn't believe she had most of Dorianna's dick in her. Gayl had her back to Dorianna and I told Gayl to stand, but bend over so Dorianna could fuck her as I fucked Dorianna. I got behind Dorianna and slid my hard cock deep into her pussy.

"Oh Steve, your fat dick feels good in my pussy." Dorianna squealed.

Dorianna started sliding her long dick in and out of Gayl's cunt, which gave some action to me also.

"Steve, yours is the first man's dick I've had in me and I must say it feels wonderful."

I held Dorianna by her waist as I fucked her sexy young cunt, and she held Gayl by her waist as she fucked her young cunt. Since Gayl had just had a couple of orgasms, it didn't take long for Dorianna to make her cum again as she fucked her very deep.

"Daddy, I'm cumming, Dorianna's making me cum so good with her thingy so deep in me."

Dorianna fucked her through several more orgasms before blowing a big load deep into Gayl's womb. Feeling Dorianna cum made me cum also.

"Oh God Dorianna, I'm cumming, I'm cumming," I gasped.

"Yes, I can feel you." she replied. "Fill my womb with your hot sticky juice." And I did just that.

I heard a noise at the door and when I looked I saw my wife and two daughters watching us fuck.

"Enjoying the show?" I asked.

"Yes, I wondered what was keeping you so long. I have some dessert ready if you care to join us," my wife said.

"Sweetie, would you please set a place for one more guest? I'm sure she would like to join us." I said to my wife. "Oh, sweetie, this is Dorianna, Dorianna this is my wife Sharon and my two daughters, Tera and Tammy."

"Hi Sharon, Hi Tera, Hi Tammy. Wow your wife looks so young," Dorianna said looking at me.

"She is, she's fifteen years younger, she had our first daughter when she was fourteen."

"Oh wow, that's quick. I would like to get pregnant just as soon as I can." Dorianna said as she rubbed her tummy as she thought about having a big, pregnant belly.

"Maybe you could have your brother or daddy get you pregnant," I suggested.

"I can't, my family all died in a plane crash," she said with a tear in her eye, "I'm the only one that survived. I was staying with my aunt, but she's very mean to me, so I ran away."

"I'm very sorry, sweetie. I didn't know," I said as I hugged her close.

"Steve, would you be my daddy and get me pregnant?"

I looked at my wife, and she smiled at me.

"Dorianna Sweetie, Steve would love to be your daddy and get you very pregnant with a big, round tummy," My wife said, as I was about to answer her.

"Thank you, Sharon. Thank you, Steve. I promise not to be any trouble," she said as she pressed her big, firm, young breasts into me as she hugged me tight.

"Welcome to our family, honey," I said as I hugged her back. "I believe my wife said something about some dessert. Let's go get it."

I rinsed off in the shower and started to walk back to our camp, wet and naked.

"Daddy, wait for me," Gayl called as she finished rinsing off too.

I took her hand and started to leave.

"Wait daddy, I want to rinse off too," called Dorianna.

"OK, hurry sweetie," I called back to her.

"Daddy, would you give me a ride, I don't have anything on my feet?" Gayl asked.

"Sure honey, get on my back."

Dorianna turned off the water and came over to me.

"Daddy, I was hoping you would give me a ride to your camp."

"OK, Dorianna, you and Gayl change places and I will carry Gayl in my arms. OK, sweetie?"

I carried both girls back to my campsite where I put them down on our blanket. Both of them thanked me for carrying them back to the campsite. My wife had made strawberry shortcake for all of us with sweet biscuits. My wife and I helped the girls get their shortcake biscuit and strawberries put together and seated at our picnic table. All of us sat around the table nude, and Dorianna was obviously flaunting her sexy body at me as she sat across the table from me. Every time I looked at her she gently, slowly, but trying not to be obvious, stuck her chest out at me, showing off her big tits. She loved having me stare at her sexy, big, firm, young tits and would hold them out for me to stare at for as long as I would stare. Tera was sitting next to me, fondling my hard cock when she noticed Dorianna holding her tits out for me to look at.

"Daddy, why is Dorianna sticking her tits out like that?" Tera whispered in my ear.

"Honey, she likes having me stare at them," I whispered back to her.

"She's an exhibitionist." Tera whispered.

"Yes, Sweetie, very much so. She has a very sexy body and she like to show it off."

"Daddy, will I have a sexy body when I get older?"

"Older, you have a sexy body now, sweetie, and as your breasts and body grows you will get even more sexier."

"Will I have big tits like hers?"

"Well, Sweetie, your mom has big ones and my mom has big ones so the chance is you will probably have even bigger one."

"Really daddy, you think so?"

"Yes, baby, look at you now, you are already starting to grow nice tits, look how your nipples are starting to get bigger. I really think you will have nice big ones, Honey."

"I hope so daddy, I want to have nice big ones for you daddy, like mommy's big ones."

"You will, sweetie, don't worry, you will."

She finished her dessert and continued to stroke my hard cock under the table as she stroked her own clit.

"Daddy, can I sit on your lap?"

I knew she wanted to ride my hard cock as she sat on my lap so I picked her up and lowered her down over my cock as she pushed it into her hole.

"Mmmmmm, daddy your thingy always feels so good in me," she moaned softly.

Dorianna looked under the table and saw my thingy going almost fully in my daughter's young pussy.

"Mmmm, that looks so sexy," Dorianna said.

She watched as I slowly pumped my hard cock in and out of my daughter's young sexy pussy. I reached down and started massaging Tera's clit as I pumped her pussy.

"Mmmmm, daddy you always know how to make it feel so wonderful."

"For you baby, because I love you."

"Yes daddy, I know you love me lots."

"Yes baby, I sure do."

"Oh daddy, your thingy's feeling so good in me, daddy, your thingy's about to make me cum, oh daddy, oh daddy, I'm cumming daddy, rub my clitty harder. Oh daddy, you're making me cum so good."

By this time Tammy had crawled under the table and had pushed her sister's hand away, and was licking and sucking her clitty as my cock slid in and out of her sister's sexy young pussy hole. I saw Dorianna's arm going back and forth in jerky motions and I knew she was stroking her dick under the table.

"Daddy Steve, you have fucked Tammy haven't you?" Is it ok if I put my dick in her pussy while she sucks her sister's clit?"

"Can I have your nice long dick deep in me after you fuck my daughter for a while?" Sharon asked.

"Yes, but I will probably cum in you."

"That's ok, you can cum in me all you want, in my pussy, my ass, or my mouth, anytime you want, sweetie. Oh, and Steve likes to have me fuck his ass with a dildo or strap-on once in a while, he would probably enjoy having you fuck his ass and feeling you cum in him."

"You really think so? I love fucking a guy's ass and shooting my cum in him. I had a boyfriend that loved to have me fuck his ass quite often, then he would fuck me and cum in my ass. Oh, by the way, I'm a hermaphrodite nymphomaniac and love to fuck or be fucked at the drop of a hat, so anytime you need a hard dick in your pussy or ass so just let me know."

"Wow, yes, that sounds wonderful, dear."

Dorianna got under the table behind Tammy with her hard dick and started fondling Tammy's pussy. Then after a while Dorianna started teasing Tammy's pussy with her dick and soon had it in Tammy's pussy, fucking her as deeply as her little pussy could take. Tera was having cum after cum, with only a few seconds between orgasms as her sister sucked her clitty and my cock slid in and out of her pussy hole. Tammy was moaning softly from the pleasure Dorianna was giving her which vibrated on Tera's clit making her cum even more. Tera had all she could handle and started to push her sister away just as Tammy started to cum.

"Oh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, Oh Dorianna you're making me cum so good. Push your thingy in me more. Make it go in my womb."

Part 4
Tammy had a long slender dildo that she would play with and Sharon would help her push it into her womb almost daily. Dorianna took Tammy by her waist, close to her hips, and pushed her dick firm up against her cervix. Tammy jerked her hips, making Dorianna's dick pop into her womb and the full length of her eleven-inch dick went into Tammy's belly.

"Daddy, Dorianna has her thingy in my tummy. Look, she has it almost all of it in me."

"Wow, she sure does."

"Dorianna, move it so you can squirt your stuff in me. But when you do, please don't take it out."

"Tammy Sweetie, you like having my dick deep in you, don't you?"

"Oh yes, I hope we can do this lots."

Yes, me too, I like having my dick all the way in, and that doesn't happen very often." Dorianna complained.

Dorianna pumped her dick until she blew two loads of cum deep into Tammy's womb.

"That feels so good, I like when you fill me full."

"That's great you like it. We'll do this real soon again. I think your mom wanted to try my dick for size."

Dorianna pulled her dick out of Tammy's pussy.

"Sharon, I'm still very horny and need to cum a few more times. Is your pussy ready?" Dorianna asked.

"Yes, very ready. My pussy is all juicy after seeing you deep-fuck my daughter's pussy," Sharon said, "and I want you to fuck my ass and cum in my pussy and ass as many times as you can."

"Yes, great, but you may be sorry for saying that, because I love to fuck and cum, and I cum lots when I cum."

"Good, fill me up with your hot cum, sweetie."

Dorianna pushed her dick deep into Sharon's pussy and started to fuck her good.

"Oh, Dorianna, your dick is so long, it feels good going deep into my pussy," Sharon moaned.

"Are you going to be able to take all of it in your pussy, Sharon?" Dorianna asked.

"Yes, eventually, just give me time to let my vagina stretch out longer. I love having a dick so long that it's in my belly. My husband's eight-inch dick grows to be almost nine inches long when he's ready to blow his load in me, and I love to have him shove just as much of his cock in me as he can. My pussy is smashed up against his body with the full length of his dick in me as he blows his load. I have a two and a half inch fat dildo that is ten inches long and I work it in my pussy until I have the whole thing in me then I go to bed and keep it in me all night long."

"Wow, I bet that feels good." Dorianna mused.

"Yes, it does, very good in fact."

By this time I was very hard, watching the two of them fuck.

"May I join you ladies?" I asked.

Dorianna turned to see my hard cock was standing up very nicely.

"Yes, daddy Steve, you can put your nice hard cock in my pussy while I fuck your wife's, I mean mom's, pussy."

I got behind Dorianna and put my stiff cock to her pussy. As she came back, she impaled her pussy on my stiff cock in the doggy position. I tried to fuck her as she fucked Sharon, but that got our rhythm all mixed up so I just let her do the fucking which pushed my cock in and out of her pussy as she pumped her dick in and out of Sharon's pussy. Sharon loved her long dick pushing deep into her belly and started cum shortly after Dorianna started fucking her. Sharon had orgasm after orgasm after orgasm as Dorianna pumped her dick deep into Sharon's pussy.

By the time Dorianna was on the verge of cumming, Sharon had already had fourteen orgasms and her pussy was sloppy, juicy-wet. When Dorianna started cumming, she shot her cum so hard into Sharon's pussy that Sharon passed out from cumming so hard. Sharon just lay there with her pussy full of cum.

"Daddy Steve, would you like to watch me fuck myself with my own dick while we waited for mom to wake up?"

"Yes, I would love to watch you do that."

"Daddy, would you put your dick full length up my butt while I fuck myself? That makes me cum much harder."

"Yes, sweetie, but with all the fuckin' I've been doing, I don't know how long I can keep it hard in you. Go ahead and get started, and I'll have one of my daughters get me hard for you, and when I'm hard, you can sit on it."

"Daddy, can I get you hard for Dorianna?" Gayl asked.

I looked at my daughters and they smiled at me.

"Sure, sweetie, go ahead."

"Thank you daddy, your thingy is much bigger and better to play with than a boy's little thingy, my age."

"Thank you, sweetie. I'm very glad you like to play with my cock."

"It's fun to make it get big and stiff. I'll be glad when I can take all of it in my pussy, like mom and Tera can."

"Gayl, would you like to put daddy's thingy in your pussy and get it all wet and juicy for me?" Dorianna asked.

"Yes, I love to feel daddy's thingy in my pussy. Can I make myself cum on it once before you take it in your butt? That will make it even wetter and juicier for your butt?" Gayl asked.

"Yes, of course you can. You can even make yourself cum more than once on it."

"Goody! Daddy's thingy is so big and feels so good in my pussy that it doesn't take long for me to cum on it."

Gayl massaged the shaft of my cock with both hands as she sucked on its head. I had Gayl get over me with her pussy in my mouth so I could lick her pussy hole out to get her hot and ready and close to cumming before she took my stiff dick in her pussy.

"Oh daddy, you know just how to lick my pussy to make me want your nice big dick in me." Gayl sighed.

"Daddy always knows how to get a girl's pussy hot for his big dick," Tera said.

"Daddy, I need your nice big dick in me so I can cum all over it for Dorianna. Please daddy, I'm about to cum."

I held her by her butt cheeks and pushed her pussy away from my mouth. Tera helped her impale her pussy on my stiff cock.

"Oh daddy, it's so big and it feels so good in me," Gayl gasped as she bounced on it a couple of times. "Oh yes daddy, your big dick is making me cum and I'm cumming all over your nice big dick," Gayl moaned as she let loose with a load of pussy cum that ran down my cock shaft.

Tammy, Tera, and Sharon were all rubbing their hot pussies by now. Gayl had about three-fourths of my stiff cock in her pussy as she smeared her pussy cum all over it for Dorianna.

"Tera or somebody, rub my clitty and make me cum again before I have to give daddy's nice big thingy to Dorianna," Gayl gasped.

Sharon and Tera reached for Gayl's pussy at the same time. Tera started massaging her clit as Sharon started to finger her ass.

"Oh yes, just like that," Gayl moaned, "Ooooh, just a little more. Ooooooh yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Gayl wailed and more pussy cum ran down my cock shaft.

As Gayl got off my stiff cock after her orgasm, more pussy cum dripped off her pussy lips and landed on my stiff cock and slowly started ran down my cock shaft. Gayl cupped her hand and scooped more pussy cum out off her hot, dripping cunt as Dorianna positioned herself over my hard cock. Gayl spread her pussy cum on Dorianna's ass and helped guide my hard, juicy dick into her ass. Dorianna had her semi-hard dick up her own pussy hole as she sat down on my dick. She slowly sat down on it as she took my whole eight-inch dick up her ass.

"Daddy Steve, your nice, big dick feels wonderful up my butt. Those that I've had in me weren't as big and as long as yours."

"So you like getting butt-fucked then?"

"Yes, wow yes. I can cum just as hard getting butt-fucked as I can getting pussy-fucked and when I have a dick in both holes, I cum really hard."

"Do you fuck your own ass with your own dick, like you do to your pussy?"

"Yes, about once a week, but I can't get my dick in as far as in my pussy so I don't put my dick up my ass as often. But yes, I love cum in my ass just as much as in my pussy, and like it when a guy cums up my ass."

"Would you like me to cum in your ass as you cum in your pussy?" I asked.

"No, please don't. Let me finish cumming in my pussy before you cum in my butt, I like to feel you squirt your stuff up my butt and when I'm cumming I can't concentrate on the good feeling up my butt. I do like to feel you fuck my ass while I'm cumming in my pussy, though. Daddy fuck my butt good, I'm about to cum in my pussy. Yes daddy, deep like you're doing to me. Oh, I'm cumming daddy, I'm cumming good in my own pussy! Oh daddy, I can't quit cumming, your dick feels so good up my ass."

Sharon was massaging her clit making her orgasm continue in her pussy, even though she had been drained of cum.

"Oh gawd, I never cum so good like this in all my life," she moaned.

By now, Dorianna was shaking and jerking her hips, making it hard for me not to cum also.

"Dorianna Honey, please don't jerk your hips so hard. You're about to make me lose control and squirt my load up your sexy ass."

"Sorry daddy, you and mommy are making me cum so good and so hard that I just can't help it. Go ahead and cum in me."

My throbbing hard cock had had all it could take and I started to hose her ass down with my hot cum.

"Oh gawd baby, daddy's cumming. Can you feel it?"

"Yes daddy, I can feel it squirt in me. Oh daddy, I'm cumming so hard my pussy is going to explode off my body. Oh daddy, hold me tight, daddy!" Dorianna gasped.

I put my arms around her. One hand found her sexy tits, and the other one found its way to her spasming pussy. I cupped her pussy in my hand, letting her clit slide between my fingers. I cupped her sexy pussy and held it firmly in my big, masculine hand as she orgasmed hard. It felt like I had squirted a quart of cum up her sexy ass. Sharon had quit massaging her clit as I reached to cup her pussy firmly in my hand. I laid down with my hard cock still up her ass, holding her firmly to me. Dorianna was on the verge of passing out from the intense orgasm she was having.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a large crowd had gathered to watch us play and fuck on our blanket. Most of the guys were stroking their cocks or having their daughters do it for them and some of the girls were sucking their daddy's cock.

"That's it Kitten, suck daddy's dick, make daddy cum," then after a while we heard, "Oh jeez Kitten, easy Kitten easy, that's it milk it down and suck all of daddy's cum out."

After several minutes, Dorianna turned her head and whispered in my ear.

"Wow daddy, I know I'm going to enjoy being your daughter. I've never had such an intense orgasm like that in all my life before. Mmmmm, you and mom sure know how to pleasure a girl's pussy. My pussy was cumming so hard that I thought it was going to explode right off my body."

"Honey, the way you were cumming so hard like that, your pussy will probably ache or feel a little sore tomorrow."

"Yes, daddy, I can feel it throbbing now."

"So you enjoyed what mommy and daddy did for you?"

"Oh Jeez yes, I've never felt such wonderful pleasure before, and I hope you and mom will do it many more times to me."

"That you can be sure of, sweetie. We do each of our daughters really good at least once a week, sweetheart," I told Dorianna. "Girls, the sun is starting to go down, we better go in our screen tent so the mosquitoes don't start biting us."

All of my girls had gone into the screen tent, and I was just about to when a man stepped up to me.

"Hi my name is Earl, and my daughter Katreena was wondering if you do girls other than your daughters?" he said as he turned around. "Kitten where are you? I'm talking to the man for you, come over here."

"She the kitten that just sucked you off?"

"Yes, and she's very good at sucking a guy off, too."

Just then, a girl that looked about seven or eight came up beside this man.

"We noticed that one of your daughters is a hermaphrodite and that she has a very nice dick, my daughter wants to get double-fucked by you and your daughter as she sucks me off."

"That sounds very interesting, but I need to ask Dorianna if she would like to fuck your daughter at the time same time I do."

"Yes, would you please?"


"Dorianna, come over here please, sweetie."

"Yes, daddy, what is it you need?"

"This young lady here would like to have both of us fuck her at the same time, you up her rear and me in her pussy as she sucks her daddy."

"Do I get to cum in her rear, daddy?" Dorianna asked.

"I don't know, sweetie. Katreena, would you like us to cum in you?"

"Yes, I like you to squirt just as much in me as you can."

"Katreena, sweetie, Dorianna can have multiple squirting orgasms just like a woman can have multiple pussy orgasms and she will probably squirt four or five times in your rear while I squirt one or two times in your pussy."

"Oh, kewl, I like lots of cum in me. You and your daughter have very nice dicks," she said as she took Dorianna's and my dick in her hands and started stroking both of them. "Sir, can you get me pregnant? I want a baby in my tummy just as soon as I can get pregnant."

"How old are you, sweetie?"

"I'm ten, and will be eleven in three months."

"How about your daddy? Can't he get you pregnant?"

"No, daddy got cut after mom had me and my three sisters and a brother, and can't get any females pregnant now. I sure would like to have daddy's baby, but he can't make a baby in me."

"You really want me to make a baby in your tummy?"

"Yes, would you please?"

"I would have to consult with my family first before I got you pregnant."

"That's OK, you can do that."

"Are you having periods, sweetie?" I asked.

"Yes, I've had five of them now, and I'm at my time when I can get pregnant."

Good, let me talk to my family and see how they feel about me getting you pregnant."


When I came back, my wife and girls followed to see what the girl looked like.

"Katreena sweetie, this is my wife Sharon and my girls Tera, Tammy, and Gayl."

"Hi everybody,"

"Katreena honey, my girls want to know where you live."

"What does that have to do with you getting me pregnant?"

"They want to know because they want their half brother or sister to be part of their life and want to visit from time to time."

"Wow yes, that's kewl. I live, I mean, we live in West Virginia."

"Wow, that's a ways from us. Do you have a big backyard that we could put our tent up for a few days?"

"Yes, we have a very big backyard."

"Good, we'll be up to visit you several times a year. Are you ready for two hard cocks, or do you want to wait until a little later?"

"Would you do me now and in the morning?"

"Would you want Dorianna in the morning too?"

"Yes, if she's horny and needs to get off."

"She's always horny, so she'll be ready to fuck in the morning."

"Good, I'll love getting double fucked twice, When you cum in me, would you push your dick deep in my pussy so it forces your cum into my womb?"

"Sure sweetie, I can force my cum into your womb."

Katreena took my dick and Dorianna's dick in her hands and kneeled down in front of us. First she took my dick in her mouth and then Dorianna's dick. It was soon very obvious she was very skilled at getting a cock hard. Both of us were standing there with hard-ons, standing up like flagpoles. Just then a younger female strolled up that looked like a younger version of Katreena.

"This must be your sister?" I asked.

"Yes, this is Kathleen, she's nine years old."

"Katie, can I help?" she asked.

"Sure sis, pick a dick and start sucking."

"I've never seen a girl that had a dick too."

"I'm a hermaphrodite, do you like my dick?"

"Yes, very much. It's a very nice long one."

"Kathy, why don't you go ahead and suck Dorianna's dick?" Katie said.

"OK," Kathy agreed.

She knelt down and took Dorianna's dick in her mouth and started sucking.

"Oh Kathy, you're good at sucking dick," Dorianna said.

Kathy looked up and smiled but kept sucking.

We were in our mosquito tent, but a small crowd had gathered outside to watch. I noticed one girl that looked about four or five was sucking her dad's dick and her mom was finger-fucking her pussy as she sucked. Katie was deep-throating me and would take my dick out every little while to breathe then back in. Tera was playing with Katie's pussy and had her moaning on my dick. The vibration felt good. Much more of it and I would cum down her throat.

"Katie honey, are you ready to get fucked?" I asked.

"Yes, your daughter is doing a good number on my pussy and clit. I'm just about to cum."

"Go ahead and cum, sweetie. Then I will put my dick up in your pussy."

It took Tera about another minute to have Katie cumming, and boy she was vocal too. The crowd outside loved how she sang out her orgasm.

"Oh gawd, I'm cumming, I'm cumming! Oh Tera, suck my clitty harder. Yes, just like that. Oh I'm cumming so good!" and she sang on like that for several minutes as she orgasmed.

After her orgasm, I laid down as Tera held my cock up for Katie to sit on. Once Katie had me full-length deep in her pussy, she leaned forward for Dorianna to slide her cock in her ass. Katie had never felt a dick that deep up her ass before and let out a groan as Dorianna worked the rest of it into her ass.

"I feel well stuffed now," Katie groaned, "I sure hope you make a baby in me."

"Yes, me too, do we get to fuck you while you're pregnant?" I asked.

"Yes, as many times as you want. Do you think you could fuck me twice this evening so you can squirt two loads of cum in me?"

"Yes, I think I can, Dorianna can fuck and squirt and fuck and squirt as much as she wants, so you will probably get six to eight loads of cum up your ass while I'm giving you two loads, do you like cum enemas?"

"Yes I love them, we have a family orgy six times a year and most of my uncles, male cousins, brothers, and my dad all shoot their load in my ass so I can get filled up full."

"Wow, that's lots of cum."

"Yes, I feel full by the time each of them shoot in me twice."

"Dorianna, you're pumping her ass hard, are you about to cum?"

"Yes I am. I'm about to shoot my first load in her sweet butt."

"Katie, can you feel when cum in being shot up your ass?"

"Yes, it feels all hot and gushy in me."

"Oh Katie, here it comes. I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Dorianna moaned.

"Yes, I can feel your cock pulsing in me and your hot cum filling me. Oh yes, that feels so good."

Dorianna was cumming for the third time when I started to cum for the first time. Dorianna was squirting load after load as Katie fucked my cock. When I looked to see how Dorianna was doing, I saw Tera was playing in Dorianna's pussy and massaging her clit, helping her to cum lots in Katie's ass.

Dorianna was on her seventh load as Katie was starting to work a second load out of me. Katie and I were both exhausted as I finished filling her womb for the second time, but Dorianna was still good for more and kept fucking her ass as Katie and I laid there, gasping for breath. Dorianna pumped her eighth load of hot cum up Katie's ass before pulling her cock out.

"Well Katie Honey," I gasped as I caught my breath, "I sure hope you have a baby in your tummy now."

"Yes, me too."

Well sweetie, we have three more weeks here, so if you are pregnant, you should miss your period."

"If I'm pregnant, will you get me pregnant next year after I have my baby?"

"Yes sweetie, would you like Dorianna to fuck your ass again? And if you have a girl baby, would you let me initiate your baby into incest by squirting a load of fertile cum into her baby pussy hole?"

"Yes, of course. I want Dorianna to fuck me again and to keep fucking me, and I would love to help you squirt a load of your cum into our baby's hole, like my daddy did to me. My daddy squirted cum in my pussy hole until I was old enough for him to fuck me and that is what I want you to do to our baby."

"If we have a girl, do you want me to squirt cum in her little hole every day?"

"Yes, I would like to hold it open with one hand and jerk you off with the other and make you squirt it in her hole."

"Are you going to lick it out of her?"

"Oh, no, I would see that her pussy is full of your cum and put a diaper on her and she can spend the day with her pussy full of her daddy's cum."

"Yes, that sounds good. Are you going to come and stay with me so I can cum in her pussy every day?"

"Yes, I was hoping to, I would like to come and stay with you before the baby is born, so you can fuck me while I have a big, round, pregnant belly. My sister says I will probably be real horny, like she was while she was pregnant."

"Yes, that sounds real good to me, I was hoping to fuck you while your tummy was big and round. Would you like to come and stay with me and my family when you're four or five months pregnant? Dorianna and I would love to fuck your pussy every day."

"Five months would be good, are you going to fuck me in the morning?"

"Yes, I'll be waiting for you. I mean, we'll be waiting for you. I sure hope I got you pregnant, sweetie."

"Good. Yes, I hope you did too. Dorianna, you sure love to fuck, don't you?"

"Yes, I'm always horny. I fuck myself several times a day, if I don't have someone else to fuck or someone to fuck me."

"Would you do it so I can watch you cum in your own pussy?"

"Sure, tomorrow morning after I fuck you."

"OK, I'll see you in the morning."

She gave each of us a big hug and disappeared into the night.

Daddy, I'm still horny. Would you like to watch me fuck myself, or would you like to help me fuck myself?"

"Would you really like me to help you fuck yourself?"

"Yes, I can do it for a while then you can do it more. Would you put your dick up my ass while I fuck my pussy?"

"Sure sweetie, grab that lube over there and lube my dick and go ahead and sit on it."

She squirted some lube on my dick, massaged it around, and impaled her ass on my dick, taking it full-length up her ass. Then she took her semi-hard dick and pushed it into her juicy, wet pussy hole.

"Daddy, having your nice big dick in my ass makes fucking myself feel much better than when I just fuck my pussy."

"I'm glad you enjoy it, sweetie. Go ahead and make yourself cum."

"I'm going to make myself cum alright. I intend to make myself cum several times and I will cum even more when you are the one pumping my dick in and out of my pussy."

She was pumping her dick in and out of her own pussy and moaning every once in a while.

"Oh daddy, I love to fuck myself with my own dick, it feels so good."

"Sweetie, that looks so sexy, how do you keep your dick from getting too hard to go in your own pussy?"

"I just concentrate on how good my pussy feels, not how good my dick feels. Oh daddy I feel like I'm getting ready to blow my load in my pussy. Play with my clitty so I cum hard."

"Dorianna, can I play with your clitty?" Tera asked.

"Yes, just make me cum hard."

Tera started massaging her clit.

"Daddy, grab my butt cheeks and pump my ass on your good dick."

I did as she asked and she started to cum.

"Oh daddy, I'm cumming, I'm cumming daddy, oh I'm cumming so good, Ohhhhhh daaaaaddyyyy I'm cumming so good," she moaned.

"Yes sweetie, enjoy your orgasm."

I continued to pump her sexy ass up and down on my brick-hard cock as her orgasm went on and on. She had pumped her load of cum in her pussy, but her vaginal orgasm continued to go. As she pumped her hermaphrodite cock in and out of her pussy, some of her cum started to leak out around her cock. Finally her orgasm quit and she pumped her cock in and out of her pussy harder, working herself up to another orgasm. After about five minutes, she started to cum again and more cum filled her pussy hole. Dorianna moaned out her orgasm as her cum shot into her pussy. After her third orgasm, Dorianna asked me to pump her dick in and out of her pussy. I pumped her dick in and out fast, making her cum sooner than she would have if she were doing it.

"Oh daddy, I like the way you do my dick in my pussy. That feels so good." she said.

After her fifth orgasm, it started feeling like I was masturbating her dick, using her pussy to get her off again and again. Tera was still massaging her clit making Dorianna's orgasms more intense. Then Tera whispered in my ear, "Daddy can I do that to Dorianna? I want to make her cum too."

"Sure honey, pump her dick fast, like I'm doing."

Tera took Dorianna's dick in her hand and started to pump her dick fast.

Part 5
"Oh daddy, this is fun! I like doing this to Dorianna."

I took Dorianna's ass cheeks in my hands again and started pumping her ass on my hard cock again.

"Dorianna honey, would you like to fuck my ass too? I would love feeling you spit a load of hot cum into my ass."

"Yes daddy, I would love to."

"Daddy, are you going to squirt your stuff in Dorianna's ass?" asked Tera.

"Yes honey, when I'm ready to," I told Tera.

"Daddy, I squirted my cum eight times in my pussy. I need you to squirt your stuff in my ass just as soon as you can. Fuck my ass hard, so you can squirt right away." Dorianna said.

"OK sweetie, get on your knees so I can pump you doggy style and fuck you hard."

Tera kept pumping Dorianna's dick into her pussy and I started pumping her ass hard, which brought me up to my orgasm quickly. I started to cum just a little before Dorianna did. "Oh daddy, I can feel you squirting your stuff in me," she moaned and started to cum hard herself.

I shot my entire load up her ass and when she felt me finish cumming, she asked me to pull my dick out, said she couldn't take any more, pushed Tera away from her clit, and flopped down on the blanket by me.

"Oh daddy, that was better than I've ever had. I would enjoy having you do that again some other time."

"Yes sweetie, I would enjoy more sometime myself too."

In the morning, Katie joined us for breakfast and then Dorianna and I fucked her again. This time I gave her just one big load of hot cum while Dorianna came in her ass four times. By the end of the Society get-together and time to go home, she had missed her period and we knew she was pregnant.

Tera's part she wrote

This is Tera. Daddy said I could add my two cents' worth here. I sure love when daddy puts his big dick in my pussy. It feels sooooo good and gives me such goooood pleasure. I can almost take the whole length of daddy's big dick in me now. Dorianna's dick isn't as fat as daddy's, but I enjoy having her fuck me too. She fucks me several times every day, so daddy doesn't have to. Dorianna always squirts her cum in me, which I really enjoy. I like having my pussy full of cum. Dorianna told me she is a nymphomaniac, and can't get enough sex, and likes to fuck or be fucked all the time. She also told me she really likes to feel daddy's big dick fucking her pussy or ass. I know how that is, I really like daddy's big dick fucking me too.

I sure hope daddy got Katie pregnant, cuz I would love to have a baby sister or brother to play with. Katie told me she wants daddy to keep her pregnant. I think Katie has a real sexy pussy, I sure like playing with it and making her cum. I can hardly wait to get pregnant myself, but daddy said I have to start my periods first, then he will get me pregnant. I hope daddy will keep me pregnant too, just like Katie. Thinking about all this is making my pussy wet, I need to go find daddy.


I found daddy and he left a nice hot load of cum in my pussy after fucking me for eight good cums. I really love my daddy, he always makes my pussy feel so good as he fucks me. I like it when daddy keeps his dick in me after he cums in me. Sometimes his dick will stay hard or get real hard right away when he keeps it in me.

Mommy loves to masturbate as she watches or sometimes helps daddy fuck me, but I have noticed that she is using fatter dildos as she masturbates while she watches. First she started with a two-inch fat dildo. Then she got a two and a half-inch fat dildo. And now she uses a three-inch fat dildo, and I saw her order a three and a half inch dildo that is ten inches long like the others just before we left to come here. Mommy ties the dildo full-length in her pussy with a ribbon, and walks around with it in her pussy for hours. She says it makes her cum often as the balls rub on her clitty. Dorianna told me she thinks mommy is a nympho too. I do know mommy likes lots of sex and having her pussy played with lots. Every time I go into the tent, Dorianna is fucking mommy or eating her pussy out. Dorianna squirts several orgasms of cum in mommy, then licks and sucks it out. Dorianna said she could live on cum. I've even seen her jack her own dick and squirt in her own mouth. I know now why she always licks her cum out of my pussy after she fucks me. She likes me to squat over her mouth so she can lick in my pussy hole.

Well, that's all for now, daddy said he wants to write more.

My daughter is pretty smart when it comes to reading and writing and I like to encourage her writing. Tera wrote about something I didn't know about.

Well, these Daddy Society get-togethers last for two months and we have two weeks left before we have to go home. We had eight new families come this year, plus most of the regular members. Two of the new families had pregnant daughters with daddy's babies. The daughters are thirteen and fourteen, both with big, pregnant bellies.

There was one family with a nine-year-old with a big, round, pregnant belly. Damn she looked sexy, with her big, round, pregnant belly. They look so sexy, and one of them saw my big, hard dick as I fucked my daughter and just had to have it in her pussy. She really enjoyed that, and Sharon really got off watching as I shoved my hard cock deep into her pregnant belly. She wants me to fuck her again before the convention is over. I told her to come by anytime she was real horny and needed my big dick in her pregnant belly.

She stopped by this morning and said she was real horny and would be back this afternoon to get fucked by my beautiful, sexy, big dick. So I'm looking forward to having my big dick deep in her sexy, pregnant belly again. She took the full length of my big dick in her belly last time and said she really enjoyed feeling me so deep in her pussy, and wants me deep in her again. She also told me her daddy's dick isn't as fat as mine, and is only about six inches long, and that she enjoys how mine makes her feel so full.

I'm going with my daughters for a walk down the trail in the woods, and then for a swim to pass time. Dorianna just asked me to fuck her pussy while she sucks her long dick. She found that if she curls her body right she could get the head and about two or three inches of her dick in her mouth, and she wants me to fuck her pussy to make her orgasm more intense. She also wants me to pump a dildo deep up her ass as I fuck her pussy. I took her into the screen tent and helped her lay down with her feet and legs up over her head. I knelt at her head and helped her get curled so her soft cock was hanging over her mouth and started eating her pussy. Tammy brought me the lube and the big dildo Dorianna likes up her ass.

I told Tammy to go ahead and lube Dorianna's ass and the dildo and I would help her shove it up Dorianna's ass. I went back to licking Dorianna's pussy and lightly sucking her clit as Tammy worked the lube in her ass. She pushed one, then two, then three fingers in Dorianna's ass and soon had her whole hand up her ass as she worked more lube into her. I helped Tammy gently push the big dildo in Dorianna's ass and Tammy gently pushed it in deep. I looked to see how Dorianna was doing with her long dick and it was big and very stiff and she was fucking it in and out of her mouth.

Dorianna took her hard dick out of her mouth just long enough to beg me for my hard dick in her pussy. I told Tammy to play with my dick to make it very hard and stiff for Dorianna's pussy. By this time Gayl and Tera wanted to help too. I told Gayl she could pump the dildo in Dorianna's ass and to work more of it in as she pumped it in and out. Then I told Tera she could help her sister to get me very stiff by sucking my dick, which she is very good at. Tera soon had me stone hard and ready for Dorianna's pussy. Tera helped me put my stiff dick in Dorianna's pussy and to my surprise, I was able to push my whole ten-inch length in her in this position. Tera got on the other side of Dorianna, facing me, and helped fuck her pussy on my very stiff dick. Dorianna was moaning now and I figure she was about to cum. Then I heard someone moaning to the side and saw Sharon pumping her pussy on her three-inch dildo, sitting on the picnic table bench.

I felt Dorianna's pussy grab my stiff dick and that brought my attention back to her. I pumped her pussy hard and fast, making her orgasm more intense. She opened her mouth just in time for me to see her squirt more cum into her own mouth. Dorianna put her lips around her own dick and pumped it in and out as she continued to cum. I could see her swallowing and moaning and swallowing and enjoying her orgasm very much. On her third orgasm I lost control and sprayed my load of hot cum into her juicy cunt.

I hadn't noticed before, but Sharon was videotaping the whole thing as she played with her own hot, juicy pussy. Sharon also told me she had videotaped most of the other hot sex sessions I had with the girls I ate and fucked.

"Sharon honey, I sure am glad you taped the hot sex sessions that will give us hours of hot masturbation time," I told her.

"Yes, especially the big, pregnant-bellied young girls you fucked," she exclaimed.

On the way through customs, we showed the inspector our fake passports for the girls and the inspector bought them hook, line, and sinker. We live in the country so I let the girls go nude all they want to. We are one big happy incest family and fuck all the spare time we have.