Frequently asked questions

I submitted a story, but I can't find it on the site.

This can be so for a variety of reasons:

Our staff hasn't approved your submission yet. This can take some time, please be patient

Your story was off-topic or did not meet quality standards (bad grammar, punctuation, spelling etc.)

If you have further questions, contact the site admin

Is the privacy of users protected on your website?

We encourage users to sign up for the site with an anonymous e-mail. The Hidden Bookcase will not share any information with third parties unless required by law.

Who owns the copyright of stories submitted to The Hidden Bookcase?

Except where otherwise explicitly stated by the copyright owner, any material sent or contributed or otherwise made available on The Hidden Bookcase remains the sole property of the copyright owner.

The Hidden Bookcase makes no claims of copyright ownership to any material sent or contributed to the site.

Who can submit stories to your site?

Anyone can submit a story, as long as they are the author of the story or have permission from the story's copyright owner.

Are there any restrictions or will you accept any story?

We accept all stories that are of an erotic nature. Stories may not contain any links to external sites though. Read our contribution guidelines for more information.

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