Reluctant, usually starting as rape with a victim that becomes more willing during the event

Written by: HG Collins
Story codes: anal, cumshot, incest, Mb, Mg, nc, oral, pedo, reluc
After Maya and Conner treat him like their very own sex toy, their father visits his children to get revenge.
Written by: HG Collins
Story codes: anal, cons, incest, Mg, pedo, reluc
As the summer comes to a close, Ava's Uncle has something else in mind to try with her before they head home...
Written by: HG Collins
Story codes: anal, bdsm, bg, incest, Mbg, Mg, oral, reluc, ws
Karl wants to make the most out of the situation after walking in on his two kids. But in the end, Maya turns the tables on him...
Written by: HG Collins
Story codes: bg, incest, Mbg, oral, reluc, voy
While their parents are out, Maya and Conner continue with their secret games. But, nothing stays a secret forever...
Written by: HG Collins
Story codes: bg, Mg, oral, pedo, reluc
Maya continues living out her fantasies with her little brother. Meanwhile, her father continues living out his fantasies with his only daughter...
Written by: HG Collins
Story codes: bg, incest, oral, reluc
Maya's father enjoys living out his fantasies with his pre-teen daughter. But Maya finds she has fantasies of her own involving her little brother...
Written by: Moose
Story codes: gg, hist, reluc, spank
A little orphan girl is taken by men who begin to train her to be sexually excited by corporal punishment. She runs away from them and pretends to be a boy, signing on to be the 'cabin boy' on a frigate. She ends up in a 'bdsm' relationship with the captain, who whips her, loves her, marries her, then whips and 'rapes' her.
Written by: HG Collins
Story codes: bro/sis, cumshot, mg, oral, reluc

“No that’s gross!” Riley told her thirteen year old brother.

“It’s exactly what I did with Jordan. Don’t be such a baby,” Matthew whined at his sister. She gave him a look of disdain, but eventually gave in.

Written by: Dudester
Story codes: MF, reluc

The bonus was quite unexpected, and quite substantial. Instead of just putting it in the bank, I cashed the check and walked around with the cash in my pocket. I had always wanted to know what it was like to walk around with a couple thousand in my pocket.

My first stop was a strange one to someone suddenly given a lot of money. I live in a college town and stopped off at a burger joint near campus that serves some HUGE burgers. It was there that I saw her.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: anal, bF, creampie, Fg, pedo, reluc

My name is Martin; I'm 12 and I play outside linebacker for my Jr. High team, I'm well built - well, not there - I'm only 6 inches, but I hear that's big for my age. The only problem is that I like girls that are younger or older - lots older. How young will I prefer them? I like them under 8, but 6 is my favorite age. For the older girls, I prefer over 20. I just love them 40 to 50, although I have never had sex with any that old.