Written by: Moose
Story codes: gg, hist, reluc, spank
A little orphan girl is taken by men who begin to train her to be sexually excited by corporal punishment. She runs away from them and pretends to be a boy, signing on to be the 'cabin boy' on a frigate. She ends up in a 'bdsm' relationship with the captain, who whips her, loves her, marries her, then whips and 'rapes' her.
Written by: Mark Smith
Story codes: anal, cons, dad/son, incest, Mm, oral, spank, ws

Hi, my name is Paul.

I am just an ordinary guy, with an ordinary job. I live in an ordinary town. Not much going for me really, I like the way I live. I am content. One thing I do get a buzz from is playing with young boys. Ever since I was a child myself, when I was interfered with by this man in the toilets, he played with my cock on a regular basis. I used to meet him Saturday Nights at 8:00pm in the park toilets. What's more, I really enjoyed it.

Written by: DanTheMan
Kalli celebrates her tenth birthday and has her first with Dan. Dan reveals to the family what his episodes are really like. The video of Dan rescuing Keelie goes viral among the family. The family is devastated by terrible news. Once again Keelie comes to save the day, helping to heal their broken hearts. She is rewarded with a ride to the top of the mountain.
Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: 1st, cons, dad/dau, incest, Mf, oral, spank, teen

The story comes from an email that I received, which began:


Written by: DiscipleN
Story codes: bF, bg, incest, mom/son, spank

Chapter 1

Helen stopped the car at the nearby gas station for a fill. Her backseat was loaded with groceries, and the passenger seat suffered her son, Eric's bored fidgeting. She hurried to pay the cashier and start the gas pumping. She could have filled up tomorrow, but the station was more convenient on the way home. She hoped the frozen goods wouldn't melt too much.

Written by: Jaz1701
Story codes: cheat, hum, rape, spank

"That bitch, that bitch, that little fucking bitch!" I kept repeating that phrase over and over again in my mind. I was trying hard not to lose my composure, not to hit my wife in her pretty, confused, disloyal little face. I am not usually a violent man. Oh the potential for it is always there, just beneath the surface, but I know how destructive, how dangerous an SOB I can be; and I don't like myself when I let the asshole out of the bottle.

Written by: Cuckold Wimp John
Story codes: incest, ir, pedo, slut, spank

My wife Karen and I are both in our early thirties. We have been married twelve years and have two pretty and precocious daughters, aged 10 and 8. They are both perky, loaded with energy and curious in nature, especially concerning sex. About two months ago I happened to accidentally catch my wife's younger brother Bill fondling our 10-year-old.

Written by: Cuckold Wimp John
Story codes: incest, Mg, spank

The following story is a work of fiction. None of the events portrayed actually occurred, and any similarity to actual people or events is entirely coincidental.
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Written by: Love 2 Force
Story codes: Mg, rape, rough, spank, viol

Warning: This story contains non-consensual sexual acts involving an adult male and a preteen girl. If you don't like it, go away. If you do, then enjoy. Oh, and if you're under 18, go visit

This is a work of fiction. It is meant for entertainment only. The author does not condone sexual relationships of any nature with underage girls or child abuse of any kind.