Written by: Fintinman
Story codes: beast, dog, horse, incest, MF, Mf, Mm, preg, zoo

I am a FOOL, for I have loved my wife for now going on twenty years. We had, or I thought we had, loved each other. I was, and am, a FOOL.

Let me first tell you that my name is Franklin, I am 48, with gray hair and eyes, my weight is just about 280 lb, I stand at 6'3", and I have a fair muscle mass throughout my body. My wife Joan is 44 and stands 5'4" at 145 lb, with a good body 44D-38-40, just the right size for loving.

Written by: Mark Smith
Story codes: beast, Mb, Mbb, nc, pedo, piss, scat, ws

Part 1
Do you know the older I get the dirtier and more perverted I become? Well I have worked with mentally retarded patients for over 20 years now. The first 5 or 6 years were caring for them and being a father-figure for them, always being there for them and showing them how much I care for them.

Written by: DiscipleN
Story codes: beast, incest, mF

Pearl Halley sat with her son on their comfortable sofa in the living room. Den had already guessed he would need to pay good attention. Looking around at the sofa and the coffee table, he noticed they were especially tidy. Architecture magazines were stacked neatly. Cushions sat straight in a row. The TV was dusted and the glass looked crystal clear. Even the air smelled scrubbed. Closed curtains hung wrinkle free and the stereo system gleamed like fine dinnerware.

Written by: Vixen
Story codes: anal, beast, incest, Mg, oral, pedo, voy

When I was six, I was adopted by my Daddy, a tall, strong man who lived in the woods with his animals. He had no wife, and had somehow convinced the authorities that he would take good care of me. I was a chubby girl, blond and green eyed, with long curls that hung down my back. Daddy said I was the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

Written by: Homealone_447
Story codes: beast, mast, mc

It was late at night and the janitor was almost done with his chores at the Center for Biological Research. As usual, he cleaned the containment room last because that place gave him the creeps. There were hundreds of glass containers with all kinds of small creatures that he had never seen anywhere else. Some of them looked like rodents, some looked like insects but according to the janitor, they were all very ugly.

Written by: Sonya Esperanto
Story codes: BD, bdsm, beast, exhib, hum, mc, Mdom, MF


About a defiant woman who stands up against a teenage criminal youth gang terrorizing young kids in the neighbourhood. She falls under the power of the gang leader who makes her life a living Hell.

Don’t Mess with Raging Rodents Part 1

Written by: HB5211
Story codes: beast, lact, mc, Mdom, MF

Larry stared at the pictures with an empty feeling in the pit of his stomach. The images on the glossy prints were clear. His wife of 5 years was clearly having an affair with another man who he did not recognize and had never met. As he sat there sipping a scotch, Larry worked to keep his rage under control. He picked up his cell phone and called his investigator.

Written by: Sonya Esperanto
Story codes: beast, hum, mc, Mdom, MF


The storyline is set in a post-Apocalyptic Chicago in 2099 where the whole city is ruled by a dictatorship that has ensured martial law and curfews. A female police officer in duty is abducted by criminal elements and gets transformed into their obedient slave.


Written by: Pagan
Story codes: bbF, beast, FF, ir, MMF, rape, tort

Ann sat writing out her list of friends for her 30th birthday party that she had promised herself. She dropped the pen on the table and thought, that's if any of her friends would turn up - they were getting less and less. Her fat, over-bearing husband slowly chased them off with his constant lusting, be it at functions or parties.