Written by: HG Collins
Story codes: cumshot, discipline, hum, incest, Mg, nc, oral, voy
Megan's father has some rather unorthodox ideas when it comes to punishing his children. Instead of washing her mouth out with soap after she says a bad word, he devises a more creative way to handle the situation.
Written by: Vampire
Story codes: bi, hum, MF, MM

Have you even been just almost asleep somewhere where people were talking? Their voices blend into an echoing, almost musical sound. That's what I was hearing. I have no idea why I remember that, but I do. Considering the situation I was in, it's pretty strange, but I'll leave that to you to judge.

Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: dad/dau, hum, incest, Mf, solo

Note from The Purvv: This story was extracted from a story entitled ''Classic Porn 1' written by an unknown author and which, although I did the modification and editing, should still be considered the writing of the original author(s).

Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: anal, cons, dad/dau, hum, incest, ir, Mf, oral, reluc, teen

Part 1

John Lawson was in jail, charged with raping his daughter's best friend, 14-year-old Janice Beadrum. As if the charge of raping a minor was not bad enough, for John it was even worse, because Janice was white and he was black. The trial was scheduled to start in a week.

Written by: Jaz1701
Story codes: cheat, hum, rape, spank

"That bitch, that bitch, that little fucking bitch!" I kept repeating that phrase over and over again in my mind. I was trying hard not to lose my composure, not to hit my wife in her pretty, confused, disloyal little face. I am not usually a violent man. Oh the potential for it is always there, just beneath the surface, but I know how destructive, how dangerous an SOB I can be; and I don't like myself when I let the asshole out of the bottle.

Written by: Cuckold Wimp John
Story codes: anal, Fg, hum, incest, MF, Mg, MM, pedo, ws

I was pretty comfortable between little Ashley's parted legs now that her mother and father had spread her as far as was possible, and each had a firm grip the eight-year-old's ankles, allowing me room for my broad hips. Her mom had helped with the initial insertion of my thick, 9" prick into her adorable wench's virgin cunt, and that made the task of entering the bitch's slit a lot easier.

Written by: Cuckold Wimp John
Story codes: bi, hum, ir, preg, slut

It began almost two years ago. I had just turned 28 then and my Grandmother on my dad's side had recently passed away and left me some money. It wasn't a whole lot, but it was enough that my pretty wife Teri and I could afford a nice sized down payment on a moderately priced three bedroom home in the suburbs, allowing us both to escape the noisy and unwanted life in the city where we had been renting an apartment since we'd married some five months earlier.

Written by: Cuckold Wimp John
Story codes: hum, incest, ir, MF, MM, pedo, slut

My wife Gloria and one of her current black lovers insisted I attend the annual cuckolds convetion in Las Vegas this past April. They flew out to Vegas with me for the convention,; all expenses of course being paid for by myself. It lasted a full week and was quite a success, I must say. I had absolutely no idea that there were so many other fellows, both young and old, who were so like myself. There were cuckolds abound there, and from all over the world too, much to my surprise.

Written by: Cuckold Wimp John
Story codes: bi, cuck, Fg, hum, incest, ir, Mb, MF, Mg, pedo, preg, slut, ws

It was not easy gaining approval for residency at the exclusive Pedo Vista home site. The site, which consisted of 140 plush homes, seldom had openings. No one was allowed to purchase a home there. Homes were on a leased only basis, renewable annually. It was rare indeed when one of the residents living there chose not to renew their lease, but that was precisely what happened recently, allowing us to apply.

Written by: Cuckold Wimp John
Story codes: hum, incest, ir, slut

His name was Paul Baxter, and I first heard about him from my father. That was two years ago, and Dad was 46 then and I was only 22. I had just married my high school sweetheart Cheri, who was also 22 then. We had been sweethearts since first meeting at a ninth grade Freshman Valentine's Day Dance and had been going steady since then.