Written by: CBonner

A little girl is captured by the enemy and interrogated by a professional. Told from the vantage point of the professional.

Written by: SinglePedo
Story codes: BD, bg, pedo, tort
Tanya tortures a 7year old girl.
Written by: SinglePedo
Story codes: nc, pedo, tort
Tanya has some fun with a little boy
Written by: SinglePedo
Story codes: diaper, Fg, magic, pedo, tort
Tanya is 5ft 2, brown haired and full breasted. She is a disgusting sadistic pedophile who likes little girls and boys. She is also a witch. She has powers that help her to find and hurt little children. She can read minds, charm people and put them to sleep. She spends her nights roaming the city for victims.... Tonight she is at the hospital where she abuses a newborn baby and a little girl with cancer.
Written by: Jaz1701
Story codes: bi, gang, MF, MMF, nc, rape, tort

Sometimes things happen that can shatter the image you have of who you are. Given the proper motivation, the right incentive any man will give in. It may not be his fault, but sometimes, thick, brown, smelly shit just happens.

About 2 months ago it happened to me. It ruined my life. My therapist thought it would help if I wrote it all down. Here is a list of things that John Pressman never thought he would do.

See a Therapist.

Talk about personal feelings.

Written by: Pedomonster
Story codes: Mg, snuff, tort, viol
Young girl goes through hell.
Written by: Smoky Waters
Story codes: anal, cons, drugs, MF, Mggg, MMg, oral, tort

She was fifteen, slender, long light brunette hair, very pretty and a body that most young girls would die for. For several years, I had watched Kelly grow, from a brash tom boy, into this beautiful young woman. At five four, Kelly probably weighed a hundred and ten pounds, solid build and not an ounce of fat and I tried everything to be her friend. Still, Kelly made it obvious that I am a nobody in her life but that she tolerates me because I am a friend of the family.

Written by: Pagan
Story codes: bbF, beast, FF, ir, MMF, rape, tort

Ann sat writing out her list of friends for her 30th birthday party that she had promised herself. She dropped the pen on the table and thought, that's if any of her friends would turn up - they were getting less and less. Her fat, over-bearing husband slowly chased them off with his constant lusting, be it at functions or parties.

Story codes: BD, fb, fdom, hum, sad, spank, tort, viol

The doorbell rings and my mother answers it. It's my new babysitter.

"Oh, hello!" my mother greets her warmly, ushering her inside.

"Hello, ma'am," the young woman responds respectfully. "And this must be the young man I'm to watch tonight?" she asks, as she peers around my mother's body. I'm standing slightly behind her.

Written by: dale10
Story codes: BD, MMg, nc, pedo, preg, rape, tort
Abby is having a baby. And the guys are throwing a special party for the event. It absolutely obscene.