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Written by: HG Collins
Story codes: 1st, mg, oral
When a boy got a late night visit from his friend's little sister, what began as a normal sleepover turned into a night neither would forget...
Written by: HG Collins
Story codes: cons, incest, mg, oral
On their first morning in The Netherlands, Ava's uncle is ready to get settled into their summer home. But some things don't exactly go according to plan...
Written by: HG Collins
Story codes: bro/sis, cumshot, mg, oral, reluc

“No that’s gross!” Riley told her thirteen year old brother.

“It’s exactly what I did with Jordan. Don’t be such a baby,” Matthew whined at his sister. She gave him a look of disdain, but eventually gave in.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, mg, pedo

"Careful" I said to Paul as I helped him into bed. Paul is my patient, he's 17, and his folks hired me. I'm a nurse and I help Paul with his Physical Therapy. He was hurt badly in an accident. I hate motorcycles, and that's what he wrecked.

He messed up his legs and back, so I'm helping him learn to walk again. He has a great deal of pain from the accident.

"Oh God" he cries out in pain as he got into bed and lay down. I gave him his meds and in a few seconds he fell asleep.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, anal, bro/sis, incest, mF, mg, nc, pedo

"Yes, that's it, suck me" I moaned as Jan sucked my cock.

"Chookie, is she hurting you" a little voice said. I looked around to see Jessica, my 4-year-old sister standing there, tears running down her face. Jan looked over at her.

"I can't continue if that snot-nose bitch is standing there" Jan yelled. This started Jessica crying.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: anal, creampie, Fg, mg, Mg, rape

Part 1
Soon July 29 came and Virginia gave birth to a boy. He was named Frank Lee Miller, Frank being Car's and Virginia's father's name and Lee being Virginia's husband's name and Car's middle name.

I'm figuring that by now you're bored with what the Hoovers do, so I'll come back to them later. Right now I'm going to tell you some stories. My mom told me you know her as Jenn, so enjoy.

Written by: OxyGreen
Story codes: cons, mg, pedo, sci-fi
A little girl narrates her love affair with an imaginary friend who turns real.
Written by: Fintinman
Story codes: incest, mF, mg, pedo, preg

This story is a concept to the truth. You see, many years ago the Pearson family was very small. There were only two members left living when this all started. The year was 1952.

There were 12 year old Ida and 17 year old Walter. They were not very well off for being the last of their line. They were refugees from a far away land. If anything, they were very poor. Even in the ghetto where they lived, they were the poor people.

Written by: Clarke Combo
Story codes: 1st, anal, bg, ir, mg, Mg, Mm, oral

Part 1

He was a young teen, about 14 years old. He was tall at 6'5", and very slim at 180 pounds. His hair was dark brown, and he had Hazel eyes. He was living at a Boys' Ranch after failing to make it through Foster Homes and to escape the neglect of his parents. His name was Jesse.

Written by: OxyGreen
Story codes: anal, cons, mast, mg, pedo, piss, rim
A 9yo girl describes her first time with an older boy.