Teenage female domination

Written by: Creon Grace
Story codes: fdom, FF, incest, mc, MF, ts

The snowflakes hung motionless in the air about her as Clara walked across the parking lot, leaving a tunnel of empty air, and crisp black footprints behind her. As she couldn’t feel the cold, she walked with the front of her shirt open, feeling the snowflakes press against her skin as she pushed through them, her waved black hair floating out behind her in the empty air?
* * *

Story codes: BD, fb, fdom, hum, sad, spank, tort, viol

The doorbell rings and my mother answers it. It's my new babysitter.

"Oh, hello!" my mother greets her warmly, ushering her inside.

"Hello, ma'am," the young woman responds respectfully. "And this must be the young man I'm to watch tonight?" she asks, as she peers around my mother's body. I'm standing slightly behind her.