Written by: HG Collins
Story codes: anal, bdsm, bg, incest, Mbg, Mg, oral, reluc, ws
Karl wants to make the most out of the situation after walking in on his two kids. But in the end, Maya turns the tables on him...
Written by: Rufus Fugit
Story codes: bdsm, mild tort, prost

"What's she doing?" Renee asked.

The ten-year-old and I had our heads nearly touching as we stood over Lilah and peered down at her. I wasn't really sure. I mean, she was masturbating, that was obvious, but...

Written by: CBonner

A little girl is captured by the enemy and interrogated by a professional. Told from the vantage point of the professional.

Written by: sick uncle
Story codes: bdsm

4 years old arms tied behind her back. I love watching her used by men. Their cocks in her child fuck holes. She looks so pretty. I love when they rape her pre school asshole. I just watch. Her holes are for real men to use.

Written by: Laughman
Story codes: bdsm, feet, mast, Mg, mild tort, oral, pedo, rape

A little girl is forced to play a very ticklish game.

Written by: Jon Brown
Story codes: BD, bdsm, SM

Every night since murdering his nagging wife, Steven Conner had gone to bed to rekindle his dreams of meeting the ideal woman. Despite over a century and a half of trying, and six marriages, he still thought himself cleverer than the rest, and was not a man to give up easily.

Written by: Sonya Esperanto
Story codes: BD, bdsm, beast, exhib, hum, mc, Mdom, MF


About a defiant woman who stands up against a teenage criminal youth gang terrorizing young kids in the neighbourhood. She falls under the power of the gang leader who makes her life a living Hell.

Don’t Mess with Raging Rodents Part 1

Written by: SugarDaddy
Story codes: bdsm, Mf, Mg, nc, oral

Emily, dressed in her favorite tee shirt and short skirt, was on her way to stay the night at a friend's house. She had a backpack with her overnight things and a change of clothes, along with her favorite teddy bear.