Jenna Makes a Movie

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Silky-smooth little-girl panties! That's all I can think of these days after my cute little niece graced my fingertips by letting me touch her where no man should.

At six years old, Jenna loved to sit on my lap whenever we watched TV together. The innocent antics of a child soon shaped her behavior…and mine as well. It all came about when her mother and dad left me to baby-sit one memorable night as they went to a late night wine-tasting party with friends.

"You better be a good girl for your uncle!" Jenna's mother admonished as she kissed her daughter goodbye.

One look in Jenna's clear blue, impish little eyes and you knew it was party time with her favorite uncle.

"Uncle, can we watch my new video I got for Christmas? Please?" she whined as she played with her nightshirt, pulling the hem above her waist and revealing her smooth, sexy little tummy and equally sexy white cotton panties.

My jaw dropped like a rock as a sudden urge, which was both surprising and unexpected, flooded my brain with lust for her little preteen body. Her smooth, luscious looking thighs seemed to talk to my aroused brain, beckoning my hands to reach out to feel her fragile untouched innocence. Finally, it was the seductive way she stood with her legs spread in a careless manner as she continued pleading her case. Her shallow, undeveloped little slit made its location known with a crease under the thin material of her underwear. My mouth watered as the heat from spontaneous sexual lust filled my balls and exciting my swollen cock to a critical eagerness. Child or not! Niece or not! I wanted her.

"Your mom said you couldn't watch your new video again for two weeks because you didn't rewind it and put it back in the case," I answered in hopes that somehow we could make a deal which would insulate me from her mother finding out what I had planned for the rest of the night.

"But I promise to rewind it this time. Please? My mommy won't know and I'll be real good. I promise," she begged with the just the right amount of conviction in her voice.

"Okay sweetie. But you gotta do something for me too," I countered as I looked for the video and placed it in the VCR.

"Okay! I'll do anything," she bubbled with joy as she quickly found her spot on my lap.

After the movie began, she suddenly turned to face me.

"What do I have to do?" she asked with a grin all over her adorable little face.

"Well let's see," I said as I pretended to ponder the possibilities.

"First I need a kiss on the lips and then a hug. And then…I wanna feel how smooth your panties are because I've never felt a little girl's panties before," I replied while smoothing my hands over her soft little tummy.

"Okay!" The words were barely out of her mouth when I placed her young, preteen body flat on the couch for a kiss.

Her cute face drew my mouth to her sweet, thin lips for a passionate kiss. I'm afraid it was a little too passionate, because my hands were instantly between her partly opened legs and massaging the smooth, to die for, firm skin of her sensuous inner thighs. The look of surprise on her face was almost comical but she kissed me again, only to complain when she felt my hand directly over her panty-covered pussy.

"Hey! You're not 'posed to touch me there. But I guess its okay 'cause we made a deal, huh?"

My niece's tacit words of approval were all I needed to advance my immoral, perverted pleasures upon the body of a six-year-old little girl.

"Can I watch my movie now?" she pleaded as I began to trace the length of her slit with a fingertip.

I was hooked, addicted and forever a hostage of my niece's young, forbidden sex.

"Okay honey but I get to feel your panties while you watch it," I answered as she reclaimed her place on my lap.

Obediently and without protest, Jenna cooperated by spreading her slender legs while my hand, under the pretence of checking out the soft material of her panties, managed to feel up her entire pubic mound. The inviting heat from her child sex tugged at my brain, pulling my fingertips under the fabric of her underwear until the essence of her young sexuality seemed to suck my middle finger into its depths. Jenna squirmed as I probed her tight little vagina, finger fucking her for the first time while she struggled to concentrate on her movie. My brain went numb from the incredible sensation of fingering a child for the first time in my life.

"Take my panties off, if ya wanna do that!" She ordered as if she wasn't the least bit bothered by her uncle finger-fucking her pussy, but more concerned that it was uncomfortable because her panties were in the way.

After quickly removing my niece's panties, the warmth of her bare little ass did a number on my cock. It ached in my pants as it went to a raging, full erection. But I had a license to fondle the smoothest, sexiest little body on the planet. To my joy and pleasure, Jenna leaned back on my chest while she seemed to finally embrace the joys of being felt up and fingered. I swear she was getting wet as I fingered her tiny hole. I absolutely loved the feeling of stuffing a finger into her snug little pussy. She loved it too after I coated my finger with plenty of saliva and found her tiny clit. But her vagina was so damn shallow and small I doubted that I could fuck her. My heart-beat like a racehorse as I continued to impale Jenna's amazing little cunt until out of the mouth of babes came these surprising words.

"How come you didn't ask me?" Jenna whispered as if someone else might hear her words.

"Ask what?" I replied, guessing what she was getting at but surprised by her mature sounding inquiry.

"You know. How come you didn't ask if you could do that? Its okay with me, but my mommy would have a cow and make me sit in the corner, forever and ever, if she found out,"

"I love you, honey," I whispered in her ear as I kissed her cheek.

"I love you too. Hey! You gotta take your pants off too, ya know," she insisted with a wide, devilish grin.

As if on a mission, Jenna dutifully unsnapped my jeans, followed by hysterical giggles when my swollen penis suddenly found an open fly as she unzipped my zipper. Her eyes glued themselves to the spectacle of an adult cock, only inches from her face as she stood in front of me. Her eyes sparkled with curiosity as I placed her dainty fingers around my throbbing meat. The sensation was…well "it was the best hand job of my life."

As if some hidden jean in every girl's brain dictates what to do when face to face with a stiff cock, Jenna's lips opened as she neared my naked sex. Placing my hands on the back of her head, I was able to coax her into taking me into her tiny, warm, wet mouth.

"I don't wanna do this anymore," she suddenly complained as a drop of pre-cum clung to her thin lips.

A quick glance at the clock and I realized that we still had a few hours of fun before Jenna's mother and dad would be home.

The sensation of getting head and a hand job by a cute little preteen girl was the most erotic experience any guy could hope for. My niece was a jewel of a child and offered her treats at will to me. I had to take care to make her experience with me a lasting tribute to our intimate relationship…and I don't mean the typical uncle-niece relationship. For me it was all about exploring her young, nubile little body. For her it was about sharing herself for her favorite uncle. I desperately wanted to try to fuck her, but that would have to wait until she a little older and bigger.

Pretending to have trouble pulling my jeans all the way down, I grunted and groaned as if frustration was setting in. Jenna offered to help.

"Tee! Hee!" She giggled and laughed when she held up my underwear and twirled them in the air.

"I saw my daddy's thingy one time," she commented as I picked her up in my arms and carried her to her bedroom.

"Hey! What about my movie?" she asked in a whiney tone as I placed her small body on the bed.

"We're gonna make our own movie, my love," I replied as I slid next to her on the bed and kissed her cute mouth again.

"You're the princess and I'm the prince. This is the scene where the handsome prince makes love to the beautiful princess. But the king and Queen mustn't ever know or OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"

"Oh! Goodie! What do I havta do?" Jenna replied with enthusiasm.

"Just lie still while your handsome prince makes love to you and I'll do the rest…OKAY?"

"Okay. But…" slurp, slurp! Hey! That's my pee-pee you're licking."

"This is how the prince shows the princess how much he loves her honey," I answered as I briefly removed my mouth from her tantalizing young, pink little pussy.

"Okay! Mmm. That feels…OH MY! That feels nice. I like being a princess."

The sensation of giving oral sex to my six-year-old niece was intense.

"Hey! You're not 'posed to put your thingy in my…hole. Are you?" Jenna suddenly wakened from the sensation of having her pussy licked when the nagging pressure in my balls called for me to try to fuck her wonderful little body.

"OH GOD IN HEAVEN!" The words of sexual conquest filled the room as my eager manhood began a slow journey into the pussy from heaven.

Jenna's immature fuck hole fought the intrusion of my thick, adult cock with every millimeter and every measured push into her young vagina. The warm, mucous-coated lining of her tight, preteen pussy turned my brain into putty as I continued to ease my shaft into her tiny hole. God! She was tight. Finally, about two inches of my swollen, throbbing cock disappeared into the depths of the most gratifying pussy I had ever fucked.

A glance at my penis as I pushed repeatedly into my niece's young cunt and a smile of satisfaction painted over me, until an explosion of hot, thick sperm instantly gushed like a broken dam, filling her tiny vagina while I pushed deeper into her warmth and tightness. In an instant her young, virgin hymen tore from the brutal attack, causing tears and cries to escape from Jenna's lips.

"I hate you! That hurt!" She cried in anger as she tried to push her small, helpless little body away.

Meanwhile, my heated balls continued to pump an endless squirt of cum into Jenna until the last drop of sperm echoed inside of her young womb. Euphoria flooded my brain with an almost 'hypnotic release' of pent up desire and sexual fulfillment. Ripples of the most intensely rewarding orgasm filled every nerve and muscle in my body. I had taken a child's innocence and there would be No turning back the clock. I hoped Jenna would be forgiving, as I pulled my cum-covered penis from her ravaged little pussy.

A smile returned to her pretty face as my little lover began to experience the promise of her own sexual fulfillment and the wonders of her young body. A dreamy, satisfied look of contentment was a sign that I had pleasured my little niece and introduced her young brain to a new dimension of life…and pleasures beyond anything she had ever thought about. I think I fell in love for the first time since my teenage years.

Jenna was in love too and enamored with all the new sensations that her uncle had bestowed upon her.

Kisses and gentle petting followed the unforgettable hot and steamy tryst of lovemaking as we nestled together naked. Cum was everywhere on Jenna's bed and body. And time was ticking away mercilessly.

"That was a good movie," Jenna whispered while my fingers roamed between her sweet little thighs. "But there wasn't any cameras, so how did we make it a movie?" She continued.

"Yes there was my darling. Here's the only camera we'll ever need," I answered as I pointed to each of our heads, wearing a wide grin of satisfaction and sincere gratitude for having such a cute, willing niece, the owner of the most magnificent little body one could imagine, a body that would be revisited. I was sure of that.

"Oh! Oh! The king and queen might come home and find us together in my bedroom," Jenna commented with a naughty grin as she hugged my neck affectionately.