Invitation to Paradise

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The writing looked like a child's, but the address and name on the envelope were correct right down to the zip code.

It's not often that I get a letter in the mail, with email and text messaging being the preferred method that most of my friends and family use to connect with me. But a Saturday afternoon presented a surprising, pleasing and unexpected letter from someone whom I'd never heard of…or met. The return address was from someplace in the South Pacific islands.

With anticipation and a burning curiosity, I slit one end of the envelope and carefully removed a one page, hand written letter; also written in a kid's handwriting.

Dear Mr. Chuck Steel,

My name is Angelita Seauo. I'm ten years old and in the 5th grade. I'm writing you a letter for a class project, but if you want, we can write to each other after this. I found your name and address on the Internet and selected you because your name sounded strong and my teacher said that we should have a definite reason for selecting the person that we write to.

I live on the island of Tahiti and my mom and dad are in heaven. My brother Pat works at a hotel here and I live with him now because he's older than me and married. I have my own room and a kitty named Coconut. She's black and white and likes to chase birds on the beach. Sometimes I go to the nude beach, but my brother says I have to always go with an adult. I don't know why he says that because I AM ten years old and can take care of myself. Anyway, I like swimming nude and so does my best friend Syla. She's ten years old too. Do you like swimming nude? Or do they allow that in America?

I'm four feet tall and have long dark hair with brown eyes. I like to wear a ribbon in my hair like my mom used to before she went to heaven. My mom liked to swim nude too, but my dad didn't. My mom said he was a prune… or something like that.

I almost forgot! My teacher said we could invite the person that we write to for a visit to our island and you can stay for free at the hotel where my brother works. Its okay if you don't speak Polynesian or Tahitian because most people here speak English real good and I can be your guide and translator. Our annual "Fish Harvest Festival" is going to be in November and if you want, you can come join the fun. The whole island is one big party and school is out too. I would like to meet you and maybe we can be friends.

One more thing though, my teacher said that we should be careful who we write to because the United States has perverts that might do naughty things to kids. I'm not sure what my teacher means by that, but I'm sure you're not one of those. Anyway, please write back and tell me all about you, if you don't mind.

Nana and best wishes,


From Mrs. Naoula's 5th grade class

Well! As you can see, the little darling chose me 'out of the blue' as her new friend and pen pal.

That same day, I replied to the unexpected letter and enclosed a picture with my cell phone number and eager acceptance of her kind offer to visit.

Visions of the little girl dressed in a grass skirt…NO wait a minute! Visions of the little charm totally nude and cavorting with me on the beach, flashed through my brain like a movie. Imagining her smooth, hairless pussy and cute, shapely little butt to go with her enticing young body brought an instant erection that refused to die.

My swollen cock remained hard for days and a nightly routine of masturbating to the thought and fantasy of fucking a child like Angelita preoccupied my brain. Could such a thing happen? What was she like? Was she pretty and demure? What would it be like to be naked with a young girl and NOT worry about going to jail? What about her brother? Was he the protective sort that would be suspicious of a stranger around his ten-year-old sister?

I don't know about other guys, but I've often thought about having carnal knowledge with a young little girl. Their smooth, untouched bodies seem sexy beyond anything else on the planet. You gotta know that their little pussies would make a guy's cock melt, and fucking a child would be the most intensely rewarding sex one could imagine. If God doesn't approve of such things, then he shouldn't have made the little darlings so damn cute and sexually appealing to adult men. It's like the forbidden fruit that has only one purpose, to tempt and torture a fragile, male libido. Just watching the young little nymphs on a day-to-day basis in the mall or walking home from school inspires illicit fantasies that could get a man arrested if his thoughts were revealed.

One can only look and admire, but thanks to my mysterious girl from the other side of the world, maybe my longing for the likes of young, preteen pussy might be finally satisfied. Only luck and circumstance can quench the forbidden thirst that fills my loins. Or if not, then at least the trip will offer a fine vacation from the humdrum life of living in the city.

After two agonizing weeks, the long awaited second letter from Angelita finally arrived.

The enclosed picture was absolutely stunning. To my total, and pleasant surprise, a revealing photo of her sublime little body in a bikini was also enclosed. I was in love…and lust!

While rubbing my balls with hope and desire, I focused on the photo with silent admiration.

Angelita looked adorable. Her large brown eyes were captivating, reflecting her preteen age and elusive innocence. Slender tanned legs supported her small, girlish frame, but her shapely little ass looked squeezable and tempting as hell. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I could swear the look on her cute little face said, "I know what you want…and you want ME!"

After a few phone calls to reassure myself that this was not a hoax or sting of some kind, I booked an expensive flight to Tahiti. The trip was scheduled for November and arrangements for the free hotel room were confirmed with "Pat", Angelita's brother. He seemed like a regular kind of guy without suspicion, and friendly beyond expectations.

Plans were set-and the calendar began ticking away in my head like a countdown clock.

Like a teenager about to get laid for the first time in his life, my heart beat like a drum as I boarded the jet for the long arduous flight. I've never been so excited about anything. You could say I was giddy with joy and jubilation and you wouldn't be wrong.

As usual, my eyes closed for a nap while the hum of the jet engines lulled my brain to sleep. Dreams filled my head with vivid images of Angelita's young, smooth, naked and deeply tanned body. Her fine skin sent tingles through my fingertips as I caressed her sweet thighs and firm, smooth butt cheeks. Yes! We were both naked on the beach. While fully reclined on a beach towel, the little 5th grader surrendered her sexual secrets with a thin smile of pleasure while I massaged her young cunnie. She cooed with delight as I gently opened her up and fingered her tight little fuckhole. "I want your thick cock inside of me" she begged with a naughty gleam in her big brown eyes.

Then, while enjoying my blissful, sexually nourishing dream state, a voice next to me suddenly whispered. "It's not nice to rub your privates on a plane when other people might be watching,"

Damn! How embarrassing.

Now, suddenly awake, and basking in the remnants of a vivid, Technicolor dream, I noticed a very cute preteen girl of about the same age as Angelita, sitting across the aisle and smiling at me. Her smooth featured face glowed with her innocence and childlike curiosity. She kept her eyes on me as I returned the smile while I wondered if she might be the secret sexual desire of some family member- maybe an uncle or family friend…or teacher. God! She was cute and that flirty smile was infectious. In a moment, she was sitting next to me in another dream as I closed my eyes and began to fantasize.

Her young, seductive little body was mine for the taking. The imagined softness of her delicate thighs and smooth, young pussy filled my brain with visions of my hand under her dress and between her legs. Another stiff boner in my pants caused a telltale tent in the fabric, which no doubt attracted the attention of my fellow passenger.

Without prior experience, I could only fantasize the sensation of fondling child's sex. It occurred to me that maybe I was in store for one hell of a vacation and if I was lucky…

"Please buckle your seatbelts and prepare for landing," the intercom blurted as the captain announced that we were about to land at the Honolulu International Airport, a stopover and change of planes on my way to Tahiti.

"Hi," the little charm in the plane said as I stood directly behind her in line while the other passengers slowly deplaned.

The bright red ribbon in her hair caught my attention as she turned to offer a warm, provocative smile-as if a bond of friendship and interest had been created between us. The fragrance of her hair was intoxicating as I followed her - and an adult lady, whom was probably her mother or family companion - as they walked into the terminal. Eventually, she disappeared like a fleeting little goddess into the cacophony of noise and clutter of the crowd, causing a feeling of loss to consume me until I spotted a nearby lounge and settled in for a long awaited cold beer.

Two hours of waiting for my next flight nagged at me as I sipped another beer. But the endless parade of cute little nymphs that hurried along with parents or other kids helped past the time. Magnificent little butts on young girls held my stare while I pretended to be looking at something else. Short skirts, revealing lots of young flesh were a bonus when available, but a rare panty shot from one particular little gem brought an instant smile to my face when she carelessly sat on a bench and repeatedly opened and closed her slender, young delightful legs. Yes. She was totally unaware of the treat she was offering to a nearby fan.

The final leg of my flight was aboard a twin-engine, De Haviland prop- jet.

Cramped and noisy, the plane finally rotated, leaving behind the Paradise of the Hawaiian Islands. But soon, I would be in another paradise with sun, sand, beaches and… one very cute ten-year-old girl that liked to swim in the nude.

Landing on the island of Tahiti was like discovering a long lost paradise on the other side of the planet. An azure blue ocean and white sandy beaches surrounded the mountainous parcel of land while numerous boats and buildings dotted the coastline. Grand, ornate hotels and smaller structures welcomed the eyes with a promise of something for everyone that visits. But another promise was in my thoughts.

"Welcome to Papeete, Tahiti and thank you for flying Polynesian Airlines," the captain announced as we taxied to the terminal.

My heart nearly stopped as the reality soon set in that I was finally here. But anticipation fueled my desire to quickly get off the plane and feast my eyes on my new friend, Angelita.

All flights should end this way.

Beautiful, grass skirted, twenty something, ambassadors of the island handed each passenger a complimentary fruit drink, laced with tasty rum and coconut. Bright smiles said, "hi welcome to Paradise. We're glad you came to visit."

But my thoughts were all about Angelita and that tempting little body of a cute preteen island girl.

The plan was for her brother to meet me and take me to the hotel where she would be waiting. After a few minutes, my name was called over the intercom and I was summoned to the baggage claim area.

"Are you Mr. Strong?"

"Yes. I'm Chuck Strong. Are you Angeltia's brother?"

"Yes! I'm Pat. Welcome to Tahiti. I can assure that you'll have a great time and if Angelita gets to be too much of a bother, let me know and I can arrange some adult female company to show you the island if you like." he answered with a wide grin and graciousness about him that put me at ease.

Wonder filled my brain and imagination as Pat loaded my bags into the hotel van. He looked like a wannabe rocker from the states. A huge earring hung from his earlobe. His hair was in a Punk Rocker Style and he was dressed in shorts, and his t-shirt was definitely fit for a young punk rocker and looked out of place for an employee on official hotel business. His offer to supply a female companion sounded familiar and suggestive. Maybe he supplemented his income as a pimp I thought. Or maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions. NOT!

Pat talked nonstop about the many sights and things to do on the island while navigating the narrow streets and alleys until we finally arrived at the "Hotel Tahiti". The grin on his youthful face said it all!

"Are you ready to meet my little sister? He suddenly blurted as if he was just as excited as me. A smile in answer to his question inspired him to quickly park the van at the curb and dash behind the vehicle to unload my baggage.

The hotel had seen better days I realized as I followed Pat into the lobby. A musty, damp air welcomed me as I advanced to the check-in counter until Pat motioned for me to follow him to the elevator instead. "You don't have to register Mr. Strong. I'll do that for you because your room is already registered to me," he explained with a wink as he began humming a tune in the elevator.

My heart was already thumping with expectations and apprehension as he unlocked the door to my room.

Meet my sister Angelita, he announced with an obvious sense of pride, as the most beautiful, heart stopping ten-year-old girl appeared like magic from a hidden corner of the room.

For a brief moment I couldn't speak. She was everything and more than I imagined. Her eyes sparkled with young innocence that reflected her utter joy and pleasure as she smiled from ear to ear. An impulse inspired both of us to reach out and offer a hug as Angelita wrapped her tiny arms around my waist. Nothing was said for a few minutes of absorbing the long awaited moment. Then a joyful tear began a lazy trickle down her young face as she thanked me for coming. Finally, an offer to help me unpack and invitation to dinner soon followed the introductions, leaving Pat to fumble with his words while instructing his young sister to make me feel welcome and be ready for dinner on time.

After a near refusal when I offered him a twenty-dollar tip, Pat reluctantly said "goodbye," and left the room to return to his work.

Dressed in a short red skirt and red ribbon in her long, jet-black hair, Angelita looked delicious. I couldn't keep my eyes from her startling beautiful little body…and those large, innocent looking eyes. Smooth, tanned legs went all the way up under her dress and promoted her shapely little butt. I couldn't wait to see her naked on the nude beach, if the opportunity arrived. But a surprise was about to come my way.

"You can take a bath if you wanna and I'll wash your back like I do for my brother, she offered cheerfully, as if it was a routine thing to do.

I seldom take a bath, choosing to shower instead, but who could say "NO" to such an offer?

Obviously at ease in a room and alone with a strange man, Angelita patiently watched while I undressed. It was such an odd thing that I assumed maybe it was an island custom for girls to help their men groom and bathe. Maybe she was just following a learned tradition of her Tahitian culture.

"It's okay. I watch my brother get naked and he watches me," she commented as I hesitated for a second.

The only uncomfortable person in the room was "yours truly" while getting undressed while in the company of an underage girl…and all alone in a hotel room. Thoughts of the police or local swat team, busting down the door crept into my brain. But soon, the bathwater was ready and my little friend followed me into the bathroom.

Without comment, she methodically undressed and placed her dress on the toilet seat while I eased my tired body into the soothing comfort of the warm water. "I don't wanna get my dress wet." She explained with a grin as she kicked off her shoes and seemed to ponder a thought in her head until finally sliding her panties off and placing them on top of her other clothes.

My jaw dropped immediately as she paraded her young, naked little body like a trophy to be desired and coveted. She didn't seem to care that my eyes were suddenly fixed on the special spot between her smooth, firm thighs. Uninhibited she was…and totally at ease with me staring at her sexual features while she reached for a nearby washcloth and proceeded to wash my back.

Her tiny hands worked their magic on my skin and muscles, but just knowing that her young, naked sex was only inches away from my face brought an erection that was so stiff and hard that my cock ached from the strain of hot, pulsing blood, which feverishly throbbed through my veins.

"You want me to wash you some more?" She asked with a ready smile after finishing my backside.

Without waiting for my reply to her offer, she stepped easily to the front of the bathtub, flashing her young, hairless preteen slit directly in my face. Instinctively, my tongue extended as if to taste the nectars of her child sex. But soon, the little temptress was kneeling in the tub water, straddling my legs with her knees while giving me another eyeful of her sweet little pubic mound and tender thighs.

"I always wash my brother here too," she continued as she suddenly reached for my swollen penis and commenced to wash my sexual places as if it was all in a day's work.

The powerfully pleasant sensation of a child's hands on my manhood sent waves of arousal to my loins and brain. After a few minutes of washing and massaging my stiff penis and ball-sack, Angelita scooted herself closer until her naked slit was almost touching the tip of my cock. I was about take advantage when she suddenly stopped and rose from the bathtub, flashing an impish grin while commenting that we should get dressed for dinner. God! What a bath!

After tempting me with her young, nubile, preteen body, she offered to dry me.

Methodically, Angelita's tiny arms and hands went to work. Paying special attention to my butt and balls, she looked up at my face as she complimented the size of my penis, compared to her brother's. The more she touched my sex, the harder and stiffer it grew until I was almost ready to stuff it inside of her cute little mouth.

"No-o-o I don't do that," she whispered as if someone else might be listening.

In the next instant though her warm fingers wrapped gently around my thickness- as if to treat me to one last massage before dinner. But the best part about that treasured moment was when my little muse asked if I would dry her too.

As if she was surrendering her nakedness, my little, island goddess stood with her legs open while I took every nasty advantage. It was the first time I ever had the rare pleasure of touching a child's sex. Without protest, she smiled while my fingertip managed to trace the smooth, sensuous valley of her naked, shallow slit. Her cute little ass was heavenly to touch and fondle while alternately pretending to dry her fine skin and feel her up.

Finally, temptation overcame discipline.

Like a gentleman, I tried to maintain my manners and be the passive recipient of Angelita's hospitality, but a hard cock has no manners.

"Tee-hee! That tickles," She giggled when I kissed her sweet little butt cheeks.

Taking advantage of a playful moment, I kissed her smooth, cute little tummy, moving lower with my mouth until the top of her naked slit met my lips for the first time. Then squeals filled the bathroom when my tongue extended for a taste of her tight little fuckhole. I wanted desperately to devour her little body right then, but her insistence at getting dressed for dinner overruled and soon, we were dressed and out the door.

"Do you have a wife or girlfriend?" She suddenly asked as she held my hand in the elevator.

"No sweetie. I'm divorced and looking for a new girlfriend. You wanna apply for the job?" I replied with a grin as I leaned over and kissed her gently on the cheek.

"Uh huh, but I'm only ten ya know, and my brother might not like that. But we don't have to tell him. He asks to me sleep with him sometimes when Arlia, his wife visits her mother on the other island. She tries to say that she's my mother too, but my real mother is dead and I miss her. My parents were killed last year in a boating accident. "Sob-sob,"

Angelita's tears made my heart sink as she cried from the memory of her loss. The tears finally stopped when I held her, comforting her and smoothing a curious hand over her shapely preteen ass.

I fought off the urge to ask questions about the revelation concerning her brother trying to get her to sleep with him, but Angelita didn't seem to be too bothered by his incestual advances and besides, if that was true, then my plans to fuck her tight little preteen pussy might be even 'more' do-able. Patients and time were all I needed I decided as the elevator door suddenly opened on the mezzanine floor where the hotel restaurant and Angelita's brother would be waiting for us.

Angelita clung to me as if I might disappear when we walked casually into the dining room. Her tiny hand clasped mine until we were seated in a cozy, corner booth. Soon, Pat was standing at our table with a very pretty young lady at his side.

"This is Arlia, my wife and Angelita's step-mother," he announced as they both sat down across from Angelita and I. After introducing myself and complimenting Pat for having such a beautiful wife, Angelita whispered in my ear, "She's NOT my step-mother and I wish everyone would stop saying that!" The mood was taking a bad turn so I quickly changed the subject and bragged on how helpful my new little friend was. Angelita smiled brightly as I continued to extol her good behavior and grownup ways, hoping to calm the friction that could easily escalate and ruin a promising evening.

After dinner, wine and cocktails were served while Angelita managed to coax a taste of everyone's beverage. Soon, it seemed that everyone was getting a little drunk, including my new little girlfriend who eventually began to rest her hand on my lap. Thanks to the overhang of our table, I was able to slide my hand between her sweet little thighs without anyone to the wiser, and without a word of protest from Angelita. Then I happened to notice that my fly was open and the sensation of a child's warm, dainty hand was felt on my cock. Angelita pretended that nothing was amiss, wearing a poker face while eating her dessert until her brother and his wife offered to take me nightclubbing.

"I wanna go too!" Angelita whined as her brother commented that he was going to take her home first.

"Oh! Let's take her along. She's a good girl and… well I think she deserves to go too," Pat's wife suggested in what I reasoned was an attempt to please Angelita and warm their tempestuous relationship.

"I guess you're my date tonight darling," I replied as Angelita beamed a smile of joy and approval.

After the girls returned from using the restaurant's lady's room, my nose told me that my young date had perfume on. Her eyes had eyeliner and her lips had a light application of lip-gloss, making her look older…and very desirable at any age.

Wonder filled my brain with questions about my little muse and her mysterious sexual attitude towards me. Was she willing to let me in her pants? What was she thinking when she fondled my penis at the table? Maybe the island way of life was more liberal when it comes to sex and children. Maybe the little darling was sexually active and already having sex with some boy…or her own brother. All that really mattered of course was if my dreams of having sex with a young child were about to come true.

Bubbling with happiness and joy, Angelita held my hand while we descended to the lobby in the elevator. Her young face was all smiles as she kept her eyes on me until the door opened and out we went into the noisy lobby. An inspiration to pick her up in my arms was met by, "I'm ten and we're on a date so you're NOT supposed to carry me."

The rebuff made everyone chuckle until it was discovered that the hotel van was on a pickup mission, meaning we would have to take a taxi or walk to the nightclub district.

Most of the nightclubs were centrally located near the beaches and fancy hotels. The chosen venue by Pat and his wife was, "The Coco Lago," a casual, but popular club for the younger generation.

After walking the seven blocks to the club, the music from a live band filled the air, inciting everyone to walk faster and Angelita to motion for me to pick her up and carry her the rest of the way. It was my pleasure!

It was that special moment that I began to anticipate the rest of the night…and the rest of my visit with my new ten-year-old girlfriend. Her small warm body was seductive as she encircled her arms around my neck while the heat from her crotch radiated to my midriff. While cradling her soft butt in my arms, I held her to my chest and continued to carry her the rest of the distance, only to regret having to place her feet back on the ground when we arrived at the nightclub.

"Sorry! But the child can't come in unless accompanied by her parents…or Andrew Jackson," the doorman announced brazenly with his hand out as if to encourage a bribe.

After accepting the twenty-dollar bill his face smiled a smirking sort of grin as he opened the door and bid us to enter and have a good time.

Angelita held my hand, clinging to my side as if to not let me out of her sight in the sea of strange people and commotion. The music was too loud to talk to each other so sign language was soon the order of the night. The tables were all full but eventually, my little date spotted her friend Syla's parents.

"Hi Mr. Nao. Where's Syla? Can we sit with you? This is my new friend Chuck and he's visiting all the way from America," Angelita announced with a gleam. "He's the one I invited for our class project. Did Syla invite someone too? She hollered above the loud din of the music and nightclub chatter.

"Hi Angelita. Sit down honey. Hello Pat and…Arlia. And welcome to Tahiti Chuck," Syla's father responded cheerfully as he and his wife made room at their table.

Small talk eventually led to a discussion about me, and my life in the states. Then the sad news that Syla's letter to her chosen pen pal was never answered and there wasn't time to choose another respondent. "Yes. She was saddened but would recover from the disappointment," her father continued. "Well! Syla can share my pen pal if she wants," Angelita blurted as she glanced briefly at my face for approval. "Sure she can. There's enough of me to go around," I replied, inspiring laughter and chuckles that managed to overcome the background noise.

Drinks were finally ordered then served. Angelita sipped her cherry coke with typical child antics, blowing bubbles and giggling at the same time. It was that special, but innocent behavior that drew me closer until her young body was almost in my lap. After all, her youth and little girl sexuality was the allure for me. Her naivety and freedom to trust me, a complete stranger from the other side of the world managed to get me here. I was falling hopelessly for her…and her struggle to be a child in an adult world. Finally, she radiated her joy at being in a nightclub for the first time by whispering in my ear.

" Can you teach me to dance?"

The only dancing I was any good at was "Disco." Yeah! I know. Disco went the way of the Twist, Hully-Gully and a bunch of other dance crazes. But as a young twenty something many years ago, I was the Disco King in my neighborhood.

The stiff drinks had finally lubricated my courage and resolve to teach my date the art of dancing.

Angelita smiled from ear to ear as I held her to me, slow dancing to a typical, island style ballad and steel drum music. My hand snugly held her soft little ass while a few light kisses on her smooth cheek finally led to a passionate one on her sweet little lips. Heated passion progressed, inspiring my lust driven fingertips to explore underneath my ten-year-old dance partner's panties until," Hey! Don't do that. Someone might see and…it's okay cause my dress is hiding your hands, right?" Angelita commented as she snuggled herself tighter while I kissed her tenderly on the lips.

"Can I stay with you in your room tonight?" she asked as she deliberately batted her sparkling, seductive eyes.

"It's okay with me, but you better ask your brother and your…"

"You mean my step-mother! She's NOT my mother and please don't call her that anymore," she corrected with the sound of agitation in her voice.

"Yes! Sweetie. You can stay with me, but you still have to get permission," I continued in an apologetic tone while trying to hide the rising boner in my pants.

It was becoming obvious that Angelita's brother was already drunk and drinking more until the cocktail server refused him more alcohol. Arlia was a bit 'tipsy' too. It was time to call it a night and find a taxi or walk back to the "Hotel Tahiti."

"No! Not tonight! Pat answered with conviction when Angelita insisted that she spend the night with me.

Tears flowed from her eyes as she began a temper tantrum of hysterical proportions until finally giving up and resting her head on my lap while the taxi transported us back to the hotel. My heart ached for her as she smiled a thin smile, whimpering a sad goodbye as I entered the elevator to go back to my room.

"You wanna go swimming?" Angelita asked with unbridled enthusiasm when I answered the phone the next morning.

"Sure, my love. I'll grab a taxi and come get you. Does your brother mind? I asked as visions of seeing Angelita again warmed my heart and balls.

"It's okay. He's working and so is Arlia. My brother said I can stay with you all day and Syla wants to meet you too," she replied.

"Two young island nymphs! And both to myself," I muttered out loud. "It doesn't get any better than that."

The taxi driver knew Angelita and her brother. In minutes I was at their home, which was a plain, whitewashed block structure with a collection of broken down, rusty old cars and junk in the yard. Angelita and her friend Syla exploded out of the doorway as the cab pulled into the driveway. Syla nearly stole my heart and soul with her bright, toothy grin when she introduced herself. Looking more Polynesian than Angelita, she was equally sexy and cute. Then I noticed that both were giggling to each other as if some mysterious secret was between them and I was the object of their secret discussion.

"WH-A-T?" I asked incredulously as if I had no clue.

"Oh nothing. You'll find out soon," Angelita replied with a twinkle in her yes.

"Take us to the turtle beach please," she instructed the driver with a giggle.

"What's the Turtle Beach?" I asked, suspecting a surprise of some kind, but wondering if it was the nude beach that Angelita mentioned in her letter. By now, my hopes were elevated and cock rising.

"The Turtle Beach is…"

"NO! It's a surprise so don't tell," Angelita interrupted the driver as he was about to spill the truth.

It suddenly occurred to me that we could have walked to the beach from Angelita's house because the drive was only a few short blocks of sandy road and seaside bushes.

The taxis seemed cheap on the island too. Even a few blocks in the city would cost at least twenty-five dollars. My total fare was only ten bucks and a two-dollar tip brought a huge, grateful smile as the girls and I piled out of the cab.

Naked, delightful creatures of every age, from young toddlers to senor citizens, dotted the sandy beach called "Turtle Beach," A.K.A. the nude beach to locals and some visitors alike.

I have to admit. I've never been on a nude beach and stripping off my clothes and parading in front of total strangers was uncomfortable, but my two little friends soon ganged up on me and giggled hysterically as they disrobed me in front of about a hundred other beach-goers. But in the end, they let me take their bikini bathing suits off while pretending to be shocked and in fear of the so called "beach monster" that eats little kids, according to the local legend.

The problem with nude beaches is, "how to hide a raging boner!"

After one look at my two cute little wonders, naked and revealing their smooth, devastatingly alluring young pussies and cute little Asses, my cock came to life in an instant. Both girls giggled at the spectacle

"Let's go in the water Mr. Steel so your thingy isn't so…" Syla suggested without finishing her sentence.

Both girls had seen it all before; a man's cock, stiff and aroused when around their sexually appealing young bodies. It was as if they had an agreed upon protocol for such occurrences and knew immediately what to do.

Walking in front of me as we headed for the safety of the surf, Angelita and her friend managed to shield my embarrassment. The water was surprisingly warmer than expected and soon, two smooth bodies were clinging like Velcro to me while I stood in total awe of the moment. My hands were treated to shapely little butt cheeks as I held the two little vixens. Their smooth, naked pubic mounds were candy to my skin as they hugged the girth of my body. Giggles filled the air as they teased me with their playful antics. But then, Angelita was the first to dare her friend into touching my penis.

"Go ahead. I dare you! He let me touch it so you gotta do it too," she challenged with a serious look.

As if she was looking for my approval, ten-year-old Syla slowly grasped the thickness of my cock while her eyes remained glued to my face. After just a few seconds, my balls nearly exploded with cum as her warm, dainty little fingers wrapped gently around my skin.

That exhilarating moment in the shallow blue waters of the rolling surf was my reality check.

Two young preteen girls were totally naked and sharing their bodies with a total stranger. "That stranger was me." and if my guess was right, I was eventually about to have kiddy sex without fear of consequences. But where should I do the dirty deed? I wanted to do both, but having sex with two underage girls on a beach filled with witnesses?

The rest of the morning included plenty of touching and fondling as a prelude to my plans. Syla closed her tiny eyes while I fingered her tight little fuckhole while Angelita watched with a curious eye. "DO ME TOO!" She finally whined when she noticed her young friend orgasm for the first time. After satisfying Angelita, my attention returned to Syla.

The look on her sweet little face was absolutely priceless. After instructing her to straddle my stiff cock with her young thighs, Syla's eyes widened with surprise as her naked preteen slit felt the warm thickness of an adult penis for the first time in her young life.

The sensation was without comparison to any of my adult lovers, and an erotic surprise that gave me pleasure beyond description.

Syla's warm, smooth vaginal opening massaged the tip of my swollen penis with every stroke as she rode the length of my shaft. More like dry fucking than actually penetrating her tight little hole, the sensation was almost as intense as I continued to gyrate in and out between her thighs until she suddenly cried out when the head of my dick accidentally plunged into the depths of her young pussy. Euphoria filled my brain with stars, something close to a drug high. Like any good pedo, I took advantage and pushed deeper, coaxing the elastic muscles and tender, delicate lining of her tiny hole to open and accept my two-inch thick adult penis.

While Angelita watched with a sense of discovery and wonder, I fucked her little girlfriend in the gently rolling waves. Then she recognized the difficulty that I was having, trying to keep my cock aligned with Syla's crotch as the waves tugged and ebbed at her small body.

Standing at Syla's head, she cradled her friend's shoulders in her hands, allowing my penis to plunge in and out of Syla's vagina without the waves interfering. Syla was now on her back, floating in the water with her legs splayed open while I fucked her little pussy without mercy until my balls finally exploded.

Ropes of hot, thick cum instantly shot out of the tip of my cock with the force of a fire hose. The 5th grader's eyes suddenly opened wide with surprise as I held her, pumping every last drop of sperm into her young pussy while taking her innocence in a final thrust that brought tears of pain to her smooth cheeks. Angelita's eyes were as big as could be as she witnessed the deflowering of her best friend.

Fucking such a young girl as Syla was destined to be the most intensely rewarding orgasm I could have imagined. I wasn't disappointed! I almost lost my footing in the soft sand, as waves of mind numbing sexually charged tremors wracked every nerve, from my balls to my brain.

The coolness of the ocean was a bit of a distraction while trying to get my rocks off, but the warm, tight little cunt on a child felt too incredible to my stiff penis for anything to interfere with my mission. I doubt if fucking an adult woman while standing in the surf would be the same, and I don't think I'll ever find out. For me, now that I've tasted the fruits of a child's amazing vagina, having sex with anyone older than twelve would be a disappointment.

"I have to go home now," Syla announced as I slowly pulled my cock from her tiny, cum-saturated pussy.

"Can I come and visit tomorrow too?" She asked as a smile began to steal over her face.

"Sure sweetie, but you can't tell anyone about…" I admonished until interrupted by her reply.

"I know. I'm TEN, YA KNOW!" she answered as I hugged her naked young body tightly while kissing her on the mouth.

The warm afternoon was waning away into a breezy evening, and the air was getting too cold on the girl's naked skin to stay in the water. And besides, Syla had to leave.

Both girls were unsettling quiet as they walked back to the beach where our towels and clothes were littered on the sand. Angelita suddenly developed an impish grin, then "whack" She slapped my bare, naked butt and scurried like a rabbit as I chased her until tackling her in the sand. Giggles filled the beach as I tickled her to hysterics while Syla said her goodbyes and scampered off in the distance.

"I don't wanna go home yet. Can we stay here until dark? Please Chucky?" Angelita teased with a flirtatious look as she found a bag of potato chips that I had stashed in my beach bag.

The beach was finally vacant of other people, leaving me to an illicit desire to fuck my little ten-year-old island girl. Playful antics followed. More tickling and chasing ended with Angelita on the beach towel and me…straddling her magnificent little body.

My little darling was finally all mine and alone to ravish and…enjoy like a precious piece of delicious candy.

Her sparkling brown eyes had a look that I'd seen before when a past adult lover wanted me to fuck her. It was unmistakable and arousing. At the age of ten, she probably didn't even realize what she doing…or maybe she did.

After panning the beach to be sure there were no witnesses, I began making love to a ten-year-old girl, totally naked and sexually submissive.

Passionate kisses on Angelita's warm, tender lips inspired moans and writhing on the large, oversized towel. The moans were mine. The writhing was her young body as I gently cupped the palm of my hand over her smooth, hairless little pussy. A finger soon found her warm, enticingly tight vagina, causing her groin to react by gyrating and hunching my finger as I finger fucked her into a noisy climax that made me grateful for an empty beach.

The sunset was almost surreal in its glow and vivid orange colors as it sought rest behind the glassy sea. Angelita's fine, tanned skin had a glow of its own, reflecting her young age and fragility. For a moment, my eyes fixed on her nakedness and purity as she lay in wait. She was beautiful and alluring in every way possible. Her smooth featured face looked delicate and as cute as little girls come. In fact, she looked appetizing and needed to be properly licked and devoured.

"OH! Please don't…OH YES! OH YES! She moaned as my lips were pressed firmly to her young, naked slit.

Angelita's pink vaginal opening looked tiny and too small for my two-inch thick cock to impale without hurting her, but then I remembered her friend Syla of the same age. Fucking that little girl was difficult but eventually, her tight little hole opened up and stubbornly accepted the entire length of my adult penis.

A little bit of licking and sucking would do the trick.

"OH MY! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU…I LO-V-E…OH! Angelita mumbled as I licked every molecule of her tasty young snatch.

With my face buried between her open thighs I dined on her child nectars, slurping and licking in a frenzy of hunger for her forbidden fruits. My hands held her firm little butt cheeks, pulling her body tighter to my face while my tongue probed the depths of her sex. GOD! She tasted good!

Angelita tasted so delicious that I didn't notice the audience gathered around our place on the beach.

"Well I guess you must be a tourist because most islanders have the decency to have sex in the privacy of a room," a deeply tanned man of about the age of fifty commented in a gruff, sarcastic tone as he and the rest of his group continued down the beach.

My heart nearly stopped when I first caught a glimpse of the intruders, thinking I was destined for a life in a Tahitian jail. The fact that no one seemed to be concerned that I was having sex with an underage little girl was strange to say the least. I was beginning to gauge the island customs as radically liberal compared to the rest of the world. Angelita it seemed wasn't just a young girl that I seduced into promiscuity. Her curious behavior was probably the norm for a ten-year-old girl in these parts.

"I want you to fuck me NOW Chucky," my naked little island girl commented with a sly grin as I was about get dressed and take her home before another intruder happened to catch us together.

Nothing in my fantasies came close to the sensational feeling, which bathed my adult penis as I slowly eased into the warm, mucous, coated depths of Angelita's tight, preteen fuckhole. After two or three strokes, my balls answered the brain-numbing sensation of fucking another child.


"Oh! Chucky. I can feel you inside of me. Your juice feels…OH GOD! OH GOD! YES!"

After purposely squeezing the last drop of cum into my ten-year-old lover, we kissed while continuing to slowly and methodically fuck and make out on the beach blanket. Tears of joy…or pain clung to her smooth cheeks until a smile suddenly lit up her eyes.

"My brother said he was gonna be my first, but I chose YOU," she whispered as she reached around my neck and pulled me down to her face for another wet, passionate kiss on her delicate little-girl lips.