The Lorry Driver and Spiderman

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I have just been to the local toilets on my way home from a night out. There was a lorry parked at the entrance on the side road, lights blaring inside the cab.

"Unusual," I thought, because it was 2:30 in the morning. First I thought it was late for a trucker to be up, as usually they would be on the road early at some godly hour, about 5:00am, and secondly, what the hell was I doing on a night out at my age? Well, I was approaching 40, and the last time I was out late, well, I can't remember, as I usually was in bed for 11:00pm. Anyway, back to the plot.

I went in the toilet for a genuine pee and suddenly this guy came in, presumably from the truck, as there was no one else about.

"Hi," I said. He turned and said hello and enquired if I had been for a night out. Well, I was a bit overdressed to be out cruising, I thought. "Yes, just on my way home," I said. "I live about 3 miles further down the road in the next village. Are you in for the night?" I enquired.

"Yes," he said, "just me and my boy. He is with me for the weekend big adventure with his dad trucking. We have been over to Stranraer and on our way back to Birmingham."

"Big adventure for him, then" I said.

"Yes, it's his first time in the truck on an overnight stop. He is so excited at the whole thing he can't sleep."

"Oh, he is awake then?" I said.

"Yes, he is watching Spiderman on the DVD player in the cab. It's his favorite film. I must have sat through it over a 100 times, but he never bores of it."

After all this we were still at the urinals and neither of us was pissing. I had pissed, but he had not, I don't think. What was strange was, as we were talking we were both masturbating our pricks and realized together what we were both doing, as we both were doing the same thing simultaneously.

We both reached for each other's pricks and groped each other. He leaned over and kissed me, and soon the trousers were around our ankles and sucking and deep-throat kissing were just natural things between two sexually-frustrated men. He slipped off his checked shirt and his tracksuit pants and he was totally naked, except for his slip-on shoes. He bent over and I fingered his arse and licked his cherry hole for him. "Clean… spotless" I remember thinking.

He was sucking my prick and I was soon naked myself. My trousers had come off and shirt and tie were lying over the rubbish bin. I wanted to be fucked by him as I bent over and beckoned him to enter me. I wanted a rough bareback fuck, as he was just so beautiful and he was ready to fuck me as he slipped inside me. I was self-lubricated and just needed a bit of his spit for the final push. It slipped up me easily. I had not been fucked for weeks and I was as horny as hell. In and out of me he rode like a bucking bronco, and his hand kept slapping my arse as his balls were banging freely against me. Suddenly I was aware of a presence at the door - a young lad dressed in Spiderman pajamas.

"Hi son, you OK?" I panicked but I could not get away from him has his arms were around my waist. "Need a pee, Mike?" the man said. "OK, son, come in" and the bloke carried on fucking me as though his son was not there.

The little lad went to the urinals and started peeing, and I heard him splashing against the bowl. I was having my nipples squeezed and was stood up straight, my full naked body was inches from the little lad. I was excited and worried to fuck, but I was sexually higher than I had ever been in my life.

The man asked, "Are you staying, or going back?"

"Staying," he said, and with that he reached for my cock and started playing with it. "Go on, son, suck it if you want" and he did.

His little lips were on my dick within seconds and I shot spunk out of me as soon as he started licking my hard prick. All over his face and pajamas the spunk shot from me. The little lad was trying to get as much of the white stuff as he could into his mouth. He managed to swallow a lot of it, but he was covered in most of it.

His father was saying, "Good lad. Lick him clean, now. Lick all the dribbling spunk from him, son." He was rubbing his own little dick as he was cleaning me up.

The man who was ramming me pulled out from me and he grabbed the lad from the back of his head and pulled him onto his cock as he emptied his cum down the boy's throat. The lad never spilled a drop. He gulped all of it down, and he had obviously done this before, I thought. His father's dick was obviously too big for the little lad's mouth, but he managed to get the head in and he covered most of his slit with his little mouth.

"OK, Mike" the father said to the little lad. "Do you want it up the bum or not"

"Nah, Daddy" he said. "I am off to bed. The film's finished and I am tired. Night, Daddy" as he kissed his dad on the cheek.

"Night, Son. I will be along in a minute. Take your pajamas off before you go to sleep, as it is too hot tonight."

The lad took them off there and then and put his slippers back on and started to leave. He looked so cute as he left into the moonlight naked, so slim and probably not so virginal as you would have expected.

"Nice lad," I said to his dad.

"Yes he is, and I am going to sleep with my prick up his arse tonight, which we do many times."

"Can he take all that?" I asked, referring to his dad's prick.

"Course he can. Takes it like a sweetie, he does. I slip it in him while he is asleep. His muscles contract tight around it and I leave it there all night. In the morning I fuck him full of spunk, piss up him, and it saves me getting out of bed in a morning. He squats the piss and spunk out of his arse while I relax."

"Mmmmmm, I would love some of that" I thought. "The fucking I mean, not the piss. Well maybe both!!!!!" Ooh, I can feel another stirring in my prick.