A Summer in The Netherlands Part 5


By the end of our summer, it’s no stretch to say I had turned my little Ava into quite the nympho. On a daily basis, she was demanding that I pleasure her young body. Naturally, I was all too happy to oblige. She in turn would stroke my cock as well or take it in her adorable mouth. It was a perfect arrangement.

On our last week in The Netherlands, we had ditched our cottage on the beach and I got a hotel in Amsterdam. Ava loved the big city and I had promised a few nights there before we went home. She enjoyed the extra sight-seeing we got to do in the city. Although, we had this habit of going back to our hotel room in between sights so that we could spend a little extra time together before heading home. It was on our last night however, I decided to try something a little different.

We were out at a nice restaurant in Amsterdam. Ava was wearing a blue strapless dress I had bought for her. Indeed, she looked adorable in it. Towards the end of our meal, I caught her grinding herself on the seat.

“Ava!” I scolded her and gave her a dirty look.

“I want to go back to the hotel.”

'Obviously,' I thought to myself. I gave her another dirty look. She knew better and resolved that she would have to wait. Even so, I probably did rush the bill along just a bit as I was just as eager as she was to get back to the hotel. We left shortly after and made the quick stroll through the cool Dutch air, back to the hotel I had rented for us.

As soon as the door to our room shut behind us, my hands went to Ava, I reached under her dress and grabbed her waist, lifting her off the ground.

“I’ve got something a little different in mind for tonight,” I said as I plated a kiss on her lips. She didn’t say anything and just kissed me back. I breathed in her scent and ran a hand through her hair as I began to carry the girl towards the bedroom.

I flopped her onto the bed and yanked her dress over her head. I continued to feel up her little body, being a little more forceful than usual. She looked so adorable as she looked up at me. Her arms were extended above her head, accentuating her flat chest. My hands traveled all over her in excitement. Even though we had been doing this every day, I was somehow as horny as ever. Perks of being young I guess.

I began to rip off my own clothes and put a hand in Ava’s little fairy panties. I eagerly felt around before yanking them off too. With both of us completely naked, I leaned down to kiss her one more time.

Before I pulled away, I allowed a finger to enter her soft pussy where it quickly found what it was looking for. I began to tease her clit and her body jived forward in response. I kept at it for a minute before I pulled back. My cock was ready for what was coming.

Ava gave me a rather confused look when I lifted her eight year old body slightly off the bed.

“It’s a surprise,” I told her before she could ask the question. While, it certainly would be quite a surprise to her, I was not at all confident that it would be a welcome one. While I had wanted desperately to try it, I hadn't until that moment found the courage. I positioned my cock at the opening to her adorable ass and before she knew what was about to happen, I gently began to slip my cock inside.

Ava whined in shock as my tip began to enter. I stopped moving, taking it slow.

“It’s okay, sweetie,” I tried to assure her. She wasn’t too sure, but began to relax again when I started to finger her pussy again. As her orgasm was building up, I took the opportunity to move my cock into her ass. Slowly but surely, I was getting deeper insider her and indeed, it felt wonderful.

This was clearly not Ava's favorite activity but it seemed as though she was at least growing accustomed to it. I began to move in and out despite her occasional soft cries. I continued to occasionally rub her clit to make things easier for her. Whether her cries were from the pain or pleasure, I really didn't care. When I saw a tear began to roll down Ava's face, it brought me over the edge. While perhaps I should have had the opposite reaction, it made me as horny as ever.

I quit bothering with the eight year old's clit and started going harder. Her cries started getting louder, but the ordeal didn't last much longer. Semen began to pour out of my cock, filling the little girl’s ass with my seed. I held her body close as my cock erupted. When it was all over, I pulled out and admired my handiwork. My semen was dripping out of her ravaged ass and I must say it extremely hot.

“You're the best niece an uncle could ever have,” I praised her. She didn't know what to say but with my cock out of her ass, I began to turn my attention back to her clit, fingering it until she came to an orgasm of her own. 

Afterwards, I calmed her down and I assured her we wouldn't be trying anal again for quite a long time. Even though it was out last night in The Netherlands, it definitely wouldn't be our last night together.

Sure enough, when we got home we began to find excuses to spend time together. Now years later, we still see each other often. I told her as long as we keep it a secret, we can keep doing things together as long as we want to. So far, we have yet to get tired of each other. Even though she is starting to get a little older now, Ava will always be my little niece to me.