Maya's Fantasy Part 7


Note from the author: The 6th installment to this series was finished over a year and a half ago. Since then, part 7 has been rewritten at least 4 times and taken in many different directions. I've steadily been trying to outdo myself with this series and it's made it very challenging to write. That said, it feels great to finally have part 7 done and there will be at least one more story in this series. This one takes a bit of a darker turn which may be a little much for some, but I don't think its really that different from the rest of the series. I hope you enjoy!

Both children were sound asleep as Karl made his way down the hall. It was nearly 3 AM and the sun wouldn’t be out for another few hours. He paused at Maya’s door—but only for a moment. Her father crept further down the hallway until he reached his son’s room. Maya was accustomed to her father’s night-time visits, but this would be Conner’s first.

Karl opened the door to this room to find he eight year old sprawled out on the bed, sound asleep. His sheets were a tangled mess and now barely covered him at all. He was dressed only in a pair of pajama bottoms, giving Karl a good look at his chest, rising and falling as he slept. Karl had always preferred little girls, but it didn’t damper his excitement as he stepped towards the bed. He spent a little time rubbing the boy's torso, but soon found his hands digging into the sides of his pajamas and pulling them off with one quick motion. That’s when Conner slowly stirred from his sleep.

“Not now, Maya!” the boy muttered groggily.

“Good morning, Conner” His father responded. The boy was surprised to his father’s voice.

“I’m so glad Maya got you into doing so many naughty things with her. I don’t think I would have realized how much fin little boys could be other wise.” Conner didn’t respond and simply peered down at his father’s hands. One had begun to toy with his cock while the other removed his briefs. Karl bent over and kissed his cock, before taking it in his mouth. Conner let out a soft moan as his father flicked it around in his mouth.

For several minutes, Karl continued teasing from his son’s cock with his tongue. Just when the boy was getting worked up and his legs began to tense—it stopped. Karl had opened his mouth and allowed Conner's cock to fall out in disappointment.

“This is payback for helping your sister tie me to the chair,” Karl whispered in his son’s ear. Suddenly, Conner was forced over the side of the bed and onto his stomach. When he felt his father’s finger spreading a gooey substance along his ass, he knew what was about to happen.

Sure enough, he felt his father’s cock rub against the entrance of his ass-hole. He let out a whimper as his father pushed forward, less gently than usual. For a moment, Karl was worried his wife might hear. But she already knew what was going on and he knew it. She at least knew about Maya. Perhaps she was in denial about the whole thing, but there was no way she hadn’t figured it out by now. So what did it matter?

Karl pulled out and thrust in again as far as he could manage. With that, Conner let out another loud whine. He almost felt bad when he heard the boy began to cry. But his mind went back to being tied to that chair for more than three hours. Their stunt had ruined an entire day of work. No, the boy was getting exactly what he deserved.

The man pumped harder into his son’s anus, eliciting more whimpers in protest. The boy writhed underneath him. Before he came, Karl gave one final thrust as deep as he could go and began to unload his seed. He moaned, feeling the whining boy wriggling against him. 

When it was all over, the ordeal had left both of them panting for air. Karl allowed his cock to whither a bit before finally relieving his son's ass of the organ.

“Now next time Maya tells you to do something like that, don’t listen to her. Next time, I won’t be as nice about it.” With that Karl left the room, leaving his son bent over his bed with cum dripping from his revagedass. Normally he would have gone back to bed, but Karl had one more punishment to take care of.

Like Conner, Maya too was sound asleep. Conner’s cries were not so loud as to wake up his older sister. But now it was her turn. Karl wasn’t about to waste any time. He simply grabbed the girl’s pajama top and lifted her out of bed. Maya was startled and woke quickly. But seeing her father in the middle of the night was nothing new.

“Good morning sweetheart,” Karl greeted his daughter. “I need you to clean something up for me.” Maya’s puzzled look was exasperated by just having been woken up.

“My cock, it’s a bit dirty and I need you to clean it up for me.” Maya peered down at her father’s already naked body. It didn’t register exactly what he meant by that until he held his half erect cock in front of her face. A bit of cum was oozing out the tip and it was clear it had recently been used and then…

“Ew, no. I’m not putting that in my mouth. And it smells,” Maya complained.

“Girls who tie their fathers to office chairs don’t get to choose.” Karl retorted. “Conner got his lesson, now you’re getting yours. Open up and suck your brothers shit off of my cock.” With a little forceful encouragement from her father, Maya took his cock in her mouth.

A fowl and unfamiliar taste accompanied its usual musk, causing her to gag. That didn’t slow down Karl however, who used the opportunity to plow his cock deeper into her mouth. Before too long, he was completely hard again and began moving in and out. Just like with Conner, there was no holding back as his cock found the back of her throat.

“Just relax and it will be easier,” Karl assured her. Maya wasn’t as certain as she gagged several more times on his cock. Soon, he let up after and allowed his daughter to suck his cock like usual. Maya began to relax as she had done this a million times before. But since he had decided to take care of Conner first, Karl’s climax was still a long ways off; a fact Maya realized when her jaw started to ache. Just as the aching was starting to become unbearable, Karl pushed her off his cock. Her relief was short lived however when she realized what he had planned to do next.

Just like her brother, Maya found herself bent over the side of her bed. He yanked her pajama bottoms down didn't waste any time forcing his cock into her ass. His cock was already good and wet, so he didn't bother with lube this time. With a little more experience, Maya gave fewer complaints than Conner did, but once again Karl was far from gentle. She too let out her fare share of soft cries. As he fucked her ass, Karl felt his climax building. Just before he was about the reach the breaking point, he pulled out.

He turned Maya around and stared straight into her eyes, “You know, only a real slut would start fucking her little brother like you do.” Maya blinked, not truly grasping the meaning of what her father said. Without another word from either of them, Karl put his cock back into the girls mouth. For the second time that night she tasted her father’s soiled dick. And once again he was sure to force it down her throat.

Karl’s climax continued to build, but each time he held his daughter’s head in place until the feeling passed. He was determined to keep building it up. With her father's pace, it didn’t take long for Maya’s jaw to hurt once again.

“Can we stop now, my jaw hurts,” Maya complained when her father stopped her sucking once again.

“Sure sweetie,” Karl said. His tone sounded for too nice for his current mood. With that, his cock was back down his daughter's throat, forcing her nose into his pubic hair. She wretched a few more times on his girth. Karl pulled his cock out of Maya's mouth at just the right moment. Karl knew exactly what his daughter hated most and he was going to give it to her. He held onto her head, forcing her to look up at him. Maya began to whine as the cum began to shoot out and hit her in the face. He had built up his orgasm just for this. The idea alone made Karl horny as hell, but even he was surprised by the amount of cum he was able to manage.

There was no escape from the onslaught of cum. It shot into her mouth, up her nose, and neither one of her eyes made it unscathed. Both began to water and burn from the cum that found its way in. Still, semen continued to land on her face and in her hair until her father was fully spent. Karl wiped the last little bit onto the top of her pajamas.

“Next time you think about tying me to my office chair, remember tonight.” with that her father left the room, closing the door behind him. As usual, Maya was left to clean up the mess herself.


Once Karl found his boxers, he returned to his own room where his wife lay on their bed. Her eyes were closed but he knew she wasn’t really asleep. He hadn’t even attempted to be quiet tonight—surely she must have heard.

“Our son makes the most adorable little moans when you suck his cock,” Karl said as he climbed back into bed. “And Maya is turning out to be quite the little slut.” She didn’t respond but Karl knew she heard him...