Maya's Fantasy Part 6


Maya lay on her parent’s bed, panting from the ordeal. She was dressed only in her father’s fresh semen which had been shot across her stomach. Her father, having just walked in on Maya and her younger brother Conner having sex, responded by fucking his daughter harder than he ever had before. As it was, Karl grilled his daughter for a good while about her and Conner. Maya stood there naked in front of her father, only speaking when she absolutely had to. Karl’s main concern was making sure Conner hadn’t told anyone about what he did with Maya. She knew he hadn’t told anyone...except for his friend Brennen at his sleepover. Maya didn’t think it was important for her father to know about that.

After a few minutes of questioning and scolding his daughter, he had grabbed Maya’s waist and tossed the naked 11 year old onto his bed. Without wasting any time, he climbed on top of her and  plunged his cock into the girl’s pussy. She whined as he began to plow her cunt harder than ever before. The bed-frame shook with each thrust and hearing the commotion, Conner came into the room to see what all the fuss was about. He was still completely  naked, not having dressed after their father had caught Maya and him together.

Neither Maya nor their father noticed Conner watching, they were both too preoccupied. Maya was, however, getting over her father’s force--at least a little. His speed continued to elevate until he started to cum, unloading his cock right into his daughter’s pussy. He pulled out of her just in time for a healthy stream to shoot across her stomach.

Afterward they both lay next to each other, panting from their coitus. Maya finally looked over at Conner who was biting a finger nail, unsure whether he wanted his presence to be known.

“Come over here and lay down next to me,” Maya patted the empty spot next to her on the bed. Without a word, Conner climbed up onto the bed and fell into his sister’s open arm which cuddled him close.

“Why don’t you clean my cum off of your sister for her,” their father suggested to Conner sternly. Conner began to sit up to obey his father, but Maya pulled him back to her.

“Why don’t you lick it off,” Maya countered her father. Kyle was taken aback by his daughter’s defiance. However, he had to admit that it turned him on a little. Still, he wasn’t about to bend to her daughter’s wishes.

“Why don’t you two go get in the bath instead, goodness knows you both need it.” Maya glared at her father, but decided a bath was a good alternative and she and Conner both retired to their bathroom.

Now that their father was done with them, Maya was glad to get some alone time with Conner. Once she had filled the bathtub, they both climbed in. Maya felt herself relaxing in the warm water around both of them. She held Conner close and began to caress the boy’s chest. Neither said more than a word to the other, but just let everything sink in.

Maya continued to caress her brother’s chest, scooping up the warm water and running it over him. Eventually, her attention traveled lower as she began playing with his cock, touching it gently and watching it sway in the water. Conner giggled. Maya continued playing with it until their father walked in. They both looked up at him, unsurprised to see him still naked.

“I have to relieve myself,” he admitted.

“Daddy, no! We’ll have to run a new bath,” Maya whined, but it was too late. His stream had already hit Conner square in the nose and he called out in surprise. After watching his son become drenched in urine, he aimed his stream at Maya too. She was less defiant, knowing it was no use. She simply closed her eyes and continued to hold Conner close. Karl continued peeing on his children until he was fully satisfied. Maya huffed and wiped her face, quite annoyed that they would have to get clean all over again.

“I know there’s no use trying to stop the two of you from doing whatever you want with each other,” Karl said looking down at them, “so that’s your punishment.” The kids both sat there for a moment in the now contaminated bath water until their father left.

“That wasn’t so bad,” Maya resolved. Conner got a bit more than he bargained for in his mouth and wasn’t so sure. He only made a slight sound of annoyance before Maya pulled the plug on the drain. They both decided that a shower would be much easier and faster at this point, and finished washing each other before their mother got home.


The next few weeks were rather quiet. Maya still got her regular night time visits from her father and it seemed things had returned to normal. When the siblings were alone with their father, he would naturally make the most out of the opportunity. Conner was still getting used to having his ass probed by his father’s cock, but Maya’s practice with the dildo had gotten him ready. Very soon however, something was about to change.

When Maya first convinced Conner to have sex, she simply loved the experience with her little brother and how every inch of the boy’s body was perfect. But more than that, she loved being the one in charge for a change. With their father, he was the one who always called the shots. Being in charge was something of an added bonus that came with Conner’s virginity. One weekend while their mother was out, Maya decided that it was time she was in charge with her father too.

He was hard at work, finishing up some sort of project in his home office. When the kids entered the room, he didn’t so much as notice. If fact, he didn’t look up from his work until Conner’s toy lasso was completely around his torso and arms. Maya made sure to pull it tight. Even though her father was normally much stronger, the element of surprise was on her side. He called out in surprise at the attack and tried to pull himself free. He might have succeeded too, if Maya had not been prepared. She had grabbed the bag of zip ties from the kitchen and moving swiftly, tied his hands to the office chair. Deciding she didn’t want to worry about his feet either, she and Conner managed to tie both ankles around the base of the office chair.

“This is not amusing kids. I need to get my work done.” Instead of responding, Maya instructed Conner to ditch his clothes and climb up onto the chair.

“Suck his cock,” Maya instructed. Conner was standing on his father, one foot on each thigh with his cock right in his face. Completely helpless, Karl could do nothing but obey. That’s not to say that he minded however. He was rather enjoying being dominated by his two kids. The thought made him forget about the project he was supposed to be working on and his cock began to bulge inside his pants. 

Maya stood there for a moment, staring at the two of them and admiring her work. Conner rested both hands on their father’s head as his mouth engulfed the boy’s cock. Maya felt herself getting wet and decided it was time she joined in. Kneeling down in front of the chair, she unzipped her father’s pants and unbuttoned them before releasing his bulging cock. Once it was free, she wrapped her lips around the tip and began to draw circles around it with her tongue.

Karl’s cry of pleasure was muffled by his son’s cock. Suddenly, Maya began to bob her head up and down, taking her father’s cock deep inside her mouth. Opening her jaw wide, Maya tried to take more and more of his cock into her mouth each time; only stopping when she started to gag on his girth. Even still, she did not let up and just as she had planned, he began cumming quickly.

Maya allowed the first two spurts into her mouth before pulling off. Then she pointed her father’s cock up towards him, forcing cum to land on his shirt. When she was finished, her father would be quite a mess. Careful not to swallow his cum, Maya stood up and walked to the side of the chair. Conner was still standing on Karl’s lap who had taken not just the boy’s cock, but his hairless balls inside of his mouth too. With her mouth still full of semen, Maya spit it out onto her father’s face. The mixture of cum and saliva dripped across her father’s face, falling into his eyes and down onto Conner’s crotch. Karl began to taste it as it entered his mouth.

“That’s enough Conner,” Maya said once her mouth was empty. Conner pulled his cock out of their father’s mouth and began to climb off of his lap.

“Are you going to untie me now?” Karl asked his daughter assertively, squinting with the cum in his eyes.

She was about to respond when her attention was diverted to Conner. “What are you doing?”

“Getting dressed,” Conner responded.

“I don’t think you need clothes right now. Let’s go pick a movie and you can sit on my lap.”

“Okay,” Conner replied tossing his underwear on the floor.  They both turned to leave the office.

“Hey. Untie me!” Karl shook the chair in a futile attempt to get free.

“Maybe later... if you don’t make too much noise during our movie,” Maya replied. The kids left the room and shut the door. Their dad could be heard yelling as they walked down the hallway, but before too long, he was fast asleep.  A few hours later, Karl stirred, slowly breaking away from his involuntary nap. Once again a little boy’s hairless cock was pointed at his face. He hadn’t yet come to his senses when an odd yellow liquid began to pour onto his face.

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