Maya's Fantasy 4


“I need to go back to the hospital and to see how Aunt Linda is doing. Do you mind watching your brother for a few hours?”

“Can't we go see her?” Maya asked.

“Not today,” her mother responded. “She is going in for surgery in an hour, so I will be there for a while. When she's out I promise I'll take you both to see her.”

“Okay.” Maya hugged her mother.

“I do wish you would wear your training bras,” her mother commented, after feeling the girl's back through her t-shirt.

“No mom! I'm never going to wear them,” Maya protested as her mother said goodbye to Conner. “Bra's are stupid!”

“Bye,” their mother called back, she didn't seem to have to energy to continue the argument she had started. Nevertheless, she gave her daughter a look of disapproval as she walked out the door.

“What's a training bra?” Conner asked once their mother had left.

“It's a bra that girls wear as their breasts are starting to develop so they get used to wearing them,” Maya answered. “But I hate them. Bras are stupid.”

“Can I see you in one?” her little brother asked.



“Well... I guess...”

They both wandered into Maya's room. Removing her shirt, Maya revealed her nearly flat chest. She tossed her shirt on the floor and walked over to the dresser, pulling a new training bra out of its packaging. To Conner, it just looked like a very short t-shirt. Reluctantly, Maya put it on.

“There. Are you happy now?” Maya turned to face her brother to was sitting on her bed.

Conner shrugged, seeing it was much less exciting than he had imagined.

“Well, now that I've tried on a training bra for you, it's time for you to do something for me!”

“Like What?” Conner sat on his hands, looking up at his sister.

She had already begun to remove her training bra and placed it on the bed next to Conner. Then, her hands traveled to the hem of his shirt. He lifted his arms allowing Maya to pull off his shirt. As soon as his chest was bare, her attention fell to his jeans. She knelt down and unfastened them, pulling them off to reveal the boy's red and white underwear.

“I like it when you're just in your underwear,” she told him. He didn't respond, but continued to sit on her bed as she too undressed herself.

Once Maya was naked, she grabbed hold of Conner's head and pulled it towards her. Knowing what she wanted, Conner opened his mouth and poked out his tongue in order to make contact with the folds of her pussy. He looked up, as if seeking approval, and continued to allow his tongue to swirl around her crotch. 

When he began to ease his tongue up to her clit, she called out and pushed her body forward, encouraging the motion. He continued to let his tongue travel, exploring her pussy. It was clear Conner was becoming more daring; and increased the pressure of his tongue steadily until his sister was brought to an orgasm.

Maya's hands gripped her brother's shoulders as her orgasm hit. She pulled him closer and he placed a hand on the back of each thigh, letting them climb up to both of her cheeks. For a moment, her orgasm seemed as though it would never subside. Her moans filled the room as her seven-year-old brother kept his tongue moving diligently over her clit. Meanwhile, her juices continued flowing out onto the boys chin and neck.

When her orgasm was over, Maya pushed Conner's head away. He figured they were finished, but Maya had no intention of allowing her fun to be over yet.

“That was amazing,” Maya approved. “But, we're not done yet. I'll be right back.”

Still naked, she left the room. Conner, still sitting on her bed, waited for his sister to return. Maya was not gone long before she reappeared, holding what appeared to Conner to be a funny looking stick.

“What's that?” Conner asked.

“Take off your underwear and I'll show you.”

“But what is it?” Conner asked as he began to pull down of his underwear.

“It's called a dildo.” Maya answered.

It had only been about a week prior, that Maya had wondered the same thing; when their father came in her room with it. Then, he instructed her to get on her hands and knees. Once she did, he began to thrust the dildo into his daughter's pussy. She rather enjoyed this, but had no idea when he pulled it out, where he would stick it next.

She was shocked when she began to feel the instrument slowly opening her rectum. She squealed as it entered her and when her father began to thrust it in and out of her. At the end, he pulled it out completely, opting to stick his cock inside of her and finish, blowing is load right into her ass hole.

Now it was Conner's turn. “Get on your hands and knees,” Maya instructed. Once he was on all fours, she approached her bed. She placed one hand at his tailbone, while the other positioned the dildo right in Conner's ass crack.

“What are you doing?” Conner questioned, feeling the rather funny sensation. His wonder was interrupted as soon as he felt the dildo enter his ass.

“Ahhh,” he called out. Maya stopped before pushing it in too far.

“Are you okay?” Maya asked.

“Yes,” Conner managed. Maya leaned forward and kissed her brother on the cheek before continuing.

Turning her attention back to her brother's ass hole, Maya began to gently thrust the dildo in and out of her brother's ass. Conner let out another cry. For some reason, the dildo was not moving in and out as effortlessly as it did when their father did the same to her. She tried once again only to be met by further protest.

“Maya stop!” Conner whined.

“Sorry! It didn't hurt that much when Daddy did it to me.” Maya looked at him apologetically.

Conner just sighed and said, “I have to pee.” Right then, Maya realized what was missing. When her father had used it, he fucked her pussy first, getting it wet with her juices.

Here, she handed the dildo to Conner, “Pee on it.”


“It's too dry.” Her answer didn't entirely make sense to Conner, but he walked to the restroom with his sister in toe, and once he got into position in front of the toilet, held the dildo in front of his stream.

As soon as he started, Maya reached for his cock, “I want to hold it.” And so Conner let go, and allowed his sister to guide his cock, moving his piss up and down the shaft of the dildo to make sure it was nice and wet. By the time Conner was finished, Maya was satisfied seeing that it was covered with his hot pee.

Once they were back in her bedroom, Maya began to play with his ass once more. This time, she was much more successful. Pee was the perfect lubricant, allowing the dildo to move in and out effortlessly. He only let out a soft squeal once, when she accidently pushed in a little too far. Otherwise, Conner hardly made any protest.

He relaxed when Maya pulled the dildo out and began kissing him. She started on his back and meandered down to his ass, licking where the dildo had just been. Afterward, she pushed him onto his back and turned her attention to his hairless cock, taking it into her mouth.

Conner began to let out moans of delight as she pleasured his cock. As she did, her hands began to feel all around his young, hairless body; taking in the boy's delicate skin. Soon after, Conner shook as his sister brought out an orgasm. When it completely overtook him, he wrapped his legs around his sister's head and held her as he finished.


For quite some time after the siblings had finished, they both lay on Maya's bed, arms around each other. Conner was playing with his sister's nipple, poking and rubbing is as she watched. She felt warm feelings come over her as she lay there with Conner. At that moment, the girl couldn't imagine wanting to be anywhere else.

“I love you Conner,” she finally said hugging him tighter. “I like having sex with you so much more than with Daddy. You're perfect.” For some reason, it felt good to confide in her brother.

“I love you too,” Conner responded.

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