It Can Happen Too

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Well, let's see. Where do I start? I will tell you about myself and the people first, and then move on to the story.

Well, my name is Rolf, and I was fourteen when I had my first experience. I stood 5'9" tall and weighed 170 lbs., with blonde hair, blue eyes, and very fair skin.

I was home from school for the summer when my aunt Wilma called and asked mom if there was any way for her to watch her daughter, Shelly, who was ten at the time, and was a bit of a pain in the ass from day one - a very manipulative child. Mom told her that she and father couldn't watch her because they were going on holiday for two weeks.

Wilma was distraught at the idea of not having someone to look after her daughter for a month while she worked overseas (she was a model and a good one). Mom told Wilma that I was home from school and she could ask me if I had any plans for the time needed. Well, mom asked me to do her this favor and I would be taken care of after she returned from holiday.

I didn't know that my mother and aunt were twins, but both had red hair, green eyes, stood 5' 7" tall, with a 38dd x 26 x 36 body, and a golden tan with no lines anywhere. I could give a thousand words to describe them, but one that will work just as good if not better is HOT. Mom (Bessie) was a centerfold early on, and she and auntie did Hustler together about five years before this took place.

Both women had their own lives and lived them to the fullest. Mother had always had a lover and she wore the pants in our house. The same was with Wilma and her house, but when they were together, Mother ruled with the sweetest voice that seemed to make everyone want to do what she wanted.

Dad (Ralph) was a bit of a flake case most times about mom, but never said anything about her doing anything she wanted, and I do mean anything. If I had to describe dad in one word, it would be LOSER. He stood 6' tall, about 165 lbs., with blackish hair and brown eyes, and was a total WIMP. I say "wimp" because when mom told him to do something, his reply would always be, "yes dear, right away," and he would do it.

Now on to the story. Mom told me that auntie needed someone to look after Shelly for a few weeks, and that she would make sure I was rewarded for my time. I was at Auntie's the next day, where Wilma gave me the rundown of her trip and how to get in touch with her if needed.

Wilma left about an hour later. Shelly came home from school and saw me there, so she asked where her mother was. I told her about the trip and that I was going to be looking after her during the time her mother was away. Shelly started to try to bamboozle me right away. She, like her mother (Wilma), had a way to make people do what she wanted more than not. But with me, it just didn't work out the way she thought it would.

She told me that she had her mother's consent to have a party that weekend. What she didn't know was that I knew about her trickery of others who looked after her from time to time.

Well, I told her there was going to be no such party until I said it was OK to have one. She started with "I'll tell mom on you and I will get her mad at you for not letting me have my friends over." I told her "well, go right ahead and tell her. That is, if you can get her on the phone." I said, smiling.

She pouted for a while, and then she tried to be nice to me. She tried to do to me what my mother and hers do to the men around them. It was like I could feel what she was thinking and worked around her.

I knew this ploy very well and it didn't work at all. I told Shelly that she can't have any friends over until I said so, and that's that. I left her standing there with a stunned look, and her mouth opening and closing like she was talking to herself.

Now that was six in the evening, and she tried again about nine when I told her to take her bath, at which time she put up a stink.

Shelly said to me, "I am not getting a bath till my friends can stay over," sticking out her tongue at me.

I said, "Fine, then go to bed, and I don't want to see you till you have had a bath."

She said she was hungry about ten minutes later, and I told her to get a bath or she would not eat. She replied "Fine then I would eat," and stormed off to her room, slamming the door.

I smiled to myself about her attitude. She reminded me of myself about six years ago.

At around midnight, I checked on her. She was asleep, sucking her thumb. She looked so cute, lying there in her panties and nothing else, and I covered her up and went to bed myself.

The next morning at about seven I heard the shower going and figured she was using it. I got out of bed and made breakfast for us and she came into the kitchen and asked if she could eat, now that she had her shower. I told her "Sure peanut, have a seat - food coming right up."

We ate and then cleaned up. Shelly asked me why I was so mean to her. I told her I wasn't mean to her, and that she had to do as I said. So I asked her if she wanted to have fun, or if she wanted to stay by herself.

Shelly said, "To have fun, why?"

I smiled and said, "Because if you are a good girl and do everything you are told, then I will think of letting your friends stay over for the night."

Shelly told me she would do her best to be good. I winked at her and she smiled back and asked to go play with her friend next door. As Shelly was walking away from me, I watched and thought to myself, "Damn, that girl has a cute little ass. I wonder what she looks like naked?" Now, you have to remember that I am a fourteen year old boy, with a very high sex drive.

She was gone for about twenty minutes when I went to the bathroom to pee. I was standing, looking out the window, and I saw Shelly and a girl, Cassi. Cassi was about ten, taller than Shelly, about 4'5", about 80lbs., just starting to grow titties, with brown hair and eyes. She turned out to be one of the friends Shelly wanted to stay over with her.

While I watched them run around, Shelly grabbed Cassi's top, pulled it off, and ran behind the garage, where they were totally in my view. I watched as Shelly told Cassi to pull down her bottoms and then to remove her clothes. They were both naked and touching each other and I had a hard-on of all hard-ons.

Shelly had gotten Cassi to lick her slit until she shook. Then Shelly did the same to Cassi. I came with Cassi, very hard too. Well, Shelly waved at me when she had gotten dressed. Cassi didn't see me, but Shelly did.

That night I had a hard-on all night and Shelly gloated, knowing I had seen her and her friend. I told Shelly to take her bath about nine and she again told me "no" but she would get one if I gave it to her. I took her to her bath and washed her hair and then her back, her feet, and then Shelly grabbed my cock and asked me if she could see it.

I said, "Shelly, you shouldn't do that to me." Shellie's reply was, "Why not? You got to see mine and Cassi's, I want to see yours." She then continued with a "Please Rolf?"

I was like a rock and I gave in very fast, thinking "Man, I wish she would suck it." when Shelly pulled down my zipper and fished out my cock.

I just stood there, watching Shelly stroke my cock for what seemed like an hour, but was more like ten seconds. I came right onto Shelly's face and neck. Shelly put her face to my cock and started to suck me and my cock stayed hard.

I pulled Shelly out of the shower, dried her off, and carried her to her bed, where I laid her down and started to rub her slit with my finger until she was wet. I moved my mouth to her slit and started to lick her, and Shelly came with my tongue in her pussy.

She said, "Oh damn, Rolf, I like this. Don't stop, please!" I didn't even think of stopping. When Shelly came for the third time, I moved up to her mouth and kissed her. My cock was at her opening, and I pushed in slowly until about an inch was inside her. Shelly came again.

I hit the hymen and Shelly tensed as she came again. I pushed though her hymen and was in about five of my nine inches. Shelly was panting hard, crying "Please Rolf, more. Please, more?" I pushed in until I hit bottom and was rubbing her cervix, which set her off again.

When all was done and over, Shelly had passed out from overload. When Shelly came to, she was in a state of bliss and looked at me like I was God. I cuddled with her until she was asleep again, around two in the morning, and I made it to my room (Wilma's bedroom) to sleep.

I awoke around eight with Shelly and Cassi stroking my cock. Shelly told Cassi to suck me, and Cassi asked, "How do I do it?" Shelly moved to show her, which was when I moaned. Shelly moved her head to look at me and said, "Rolf, am I doing it right?"

My reply was, "Oh yes, peanut, you are doing it just right." Cassie moved her head to do as Shelly was, and took my cock into her mouth. Shelly told her to suck it like it was Sugar Daddy taffy, which Cassi did and I came shortly after that.

Shelly asked me if she was being good and that she and Cassi wanted to have friends over for a sleepover. I told her that she could have a sleepover anytime they wanted in my book, as long as they did what they were told and continued to be good. Both girls told me they would be very good for me and do anything I told them to.

I had let Shelly fuck me again, while I ate Cassi's pussy out. We came at the same time, and fell asleep shortly afterward until around four, when the phone woke me.

"Hello?" I said into the mouthpiece. It was Auntie Wilma, asking how my first babysitting job was going. I told her Shelly wanted to have her friends over, but I had told her "no," and why she couldn't have a party. Wilma started laughing as she was trying to talk, telling me they could if I wanted to watch ten girls at a time.

My reply was, "Oh my, I think I messed up." Wilma asked how, and I told her that I had told Shelly she could have her friends over, but only if they were good and did as I said. Wilma started laughing again and told me I was on my own. Wilma told me that she was sure I could handle the girls if they got out of hand.

I told her I would just spank them, starting with Shelly. Wilma said, "I'd like to see that."

After I was done talking with Wilma, Shelly talked with her mother and Shelly told her mother that I was going to have a party with lots of girls so I could fuck them all, which was when I thought of the consequences of letting Shelly talk to her mother. I needn't have worried when I heard Shelly tell her mother that.

Shelly told her mother that she was going to break me so I would be her husband. I heard Wilma laughing and then Shelly gave me the phone again, and Wilma said, "You better watch out for that girl, she is a con-artist and will make it hard on you, Rolf."

I replied, "She is like putty in my hands." Wilma laughed and we said our good-byes and hung up.

Later that day, Shelly had told her girlfriends about the party and they would be over the next day around noon.

That night Cassi and Shelly shared my bed. I fucked both girls twice and then they each ate out the other while I fucked them in turn.

I was up around nine and made breakfast for the girls and myself. We ate and cleaned up, and then we went shopping for the party.

We had pizza delivered around four. The girls had a ball, and so did I. Around six o'clock, boys started to show up and the girls wanted to have them stay over also. I told them a flat "no." They didn't like it, so I told Shelly the party was over and that everyone had to go home.

Well that was a mistake on my part. The girls were not happy about me breaking up the party and tried to get me to back off some. Shelly and Cassi asked to speak to me in the house. We went inside to talk and the other girls snuck the four boys into the house through the back door and up the stairs.

Shelly started with, "Rolf, you can't do this to me. I will be the laughing stock with my friends." Cassi was shaking her head to lend support to Shellie's plea. I looked at both of them and smiled and said, "Alright, they can stay, but I say what, where, and with whom, got me?"

They jumped up, kissed me, and said, "Later tonight you are so fucked."

Now, this is coming from an eleven year old girl who is just starting to grow tits. We went out to tell the others, and I didn't see the boys at all. This made me mad, and I went into the house and looked for them. I found three girls with the boys in my Auntie's bedroom, and the girls were stroking the boys' dicks. You have to understand that there were ten girls from the ages of nine to thirteen, and four boys, eleven and twelve.

I asked what they thought they were doing in my bedroom. One girl named Joliet, who was thirteen, said, "Why don't you know? Are you a virgin too?" and started to laugh, which pissed me off even more.

I said, "Look, cunt, I say who fucks in my bed or who sucks cock. You, cunt, will not be with anyone if you keep that attitude up." She looked at me like I was an asshole or something. I said, "You boys go back to the party."

I was looking at them and they just stood there until I said, "Now, move it, you little cunts," slapping one boy on his head. They took off running, and the girls followed - all but Joliet.

I was alone with Joliet for about fifteen seconds, when Shelly and Cassi came running into the room. I was staring at Joliet and Shelly asked, "What's going on Rolf? The other kids ran out crying and said you hit them."

I said, "I did hit one in the head, and if this little cunt doesn't watch her attitude, she's next."

Shelly asked Joliet what happened and Joliet said, "This pussy came in here telling me I ain't going to do anything if I don't listen to him. Who the hell is he anyway Shelly, some mamma's boy or something?" Joliet was laughing as she said it. I was really starting to dislike this girl. I stepped toward her and Shelly stepped in front of me, saying "wait a minute, Rolf. I'll talk to her, please?" I nodded.

I waited for a minute, and then Shelly took her out of the room. I could hear Shelly yelling at Joliet about not fucking up a good thing.

I sat down on the bed and Cassi asked me if she could suck my cock. I let her do her thing, and for a nine year old she was good at sucking dick.

I was zipping up when Shelly came back in with Joliet. Joliet said she was sorry about talking to me the way she had. I told her the next time she talked to me like that I was going to spank her ass but good, and turned away.

I was asked by Shelly if she could speak with me. I told the girls to go out in the hall while I talked with my cousin. Shelly unzipped my pants again, fished out my cock, and stroked it while she talked. She said, "Rolf it is very important that I get Joliet to like hanging around me. I will do anything for you anytime you want me to. I'll be your slave if you want me to, anything."

I smiled and said, "Alright Shelly, you will be my sex slave any time I want you to." Her reply was, "Sure thing, Master," and smiled a wide smile as she sucked my half-hard cock down her throat.

She stopped and asked me to fuck Joliet with my cock. I told her, "Sure thing, peanut, bring the little cunt in." It turned out Joliet was a virgin, and it was all an act on her part. I had Joliet take off her clothes and stand naked in front of me. She was very shy about it at first, but warmed up to me after looking at my cock when I took off my pants.

Joliet gasped and said, "WOW look at that thing! I just got to suck it. Rolf, would you be my boyfriend at school?" I told her "No, but you can be one of my sex slaves."

I rubbed her slit, which was very wet, and then bent her over the bed and licked her asshole a little. Joliet came as I pushed my tongue into her asshole. I stood up and pushed my finger into her ass. She grunted an "Oh god, that feels great."

I then took my cock and eased it into her slit and pushed slowly until I was at her hymen. She said, "Stop, that hurt!" I didn't stop. I pushed hard and sunk into her depths until I only had about an inch left to show.

Joliet was coming non-stop the whole time I fucked her. When I was about to cum, I pulled out of her cunt and pushed into her ass, and Joliet passed out cold. I took her underwear and wiped off my cock and went to the pool to party with everyone else.

At around nine, I told the kids it was movie time and they all wanted to watch a porno movie, which Auntie had in her closet. I put a movie in, called "Two Heads are Better Than None." After about twenty minutes, Joliet came down from upstairs walking very bow-legged. I held up my arm for her to sit down, to which she just let out a whine as she sat down next to me.

She said, "You hurt my ass, but I want it again in a day or two." Joliet sat there, not saying anything, and Shelly asked me if they all could get comfortable. I said, "Go for it, peanut, it's your party."

Everyone got naked but Joliet, who sat there just smiling at everyone's face when I took off my pants.

This girl Amanda, who was twelve, said, "Damn, Joliet! You took that in your pussy?" I said, "In her asshole, too."

Everyone gasped at my words. Shelly asked, "Does anyone want anything?" I said, "Yeah slave, I want you to suck my cock." Again, everyone but Cassi gasped.

I told the girls to get the boys hard, and the last one hard gets fucked. I made out with Joliet while Shelly and Cassi sucked me hard. When they were done, I told them to bend over the table so I could fuck them.

I was just getting done with them when Joliet asked for another turn with me. I fucked her hard, but she was just too sore to continue. Shelly asked again if anyone wanted anything from the kitchen. This time I told her to bring the punch in with help from Joliet.

I seen this one boy, Fran, watching me fuck the girls, and I asked him which girl was his. He pointed to a girl over by Shelly's spot and said, "That's Gilda, she's my girl."

I said, "Gilda, come over here." Then I said to him, "Have you fucked her yet?" He blushed and shook his head "no."

I said to Gilda, "Hey baby, how come you don't take care of your man?" She blushed and replied, "I want to, but I don't know how."

I ask Fran if he know how to take care of his woman, and he said he didn't know how either. I said, "It's your lucky day there, sport." patting Fran on the back.

"Gilda," I said, "come lay over here. I am going to show you how to care of your man, and I am going to show your man how to care of you."

Once I had her lying down with her legs open, I started to rub her little tits, which got her moaning, and then I started licking them. She moaned, "Oh god, that's nice." and I worked my way down to her pussy slit. Once there, I used my tongue to bring her to a good cum, and while she was coming back down I pushed my cock into her cunt. She was not a virgin, and as I slowly fucked her I talked to Fran the whole time.

After I had cum inside her cunt, I told Fran to try the same thing I had done. Gilda was a mess from her hair to her cunt. While he was trying to eat her I told her she had to clean up the mess from my cock. As her boyfriend was eating my cum out of her cunt, his girlfriend sucked my cock. After he was done, I told him to try it again, and that he needed practice.

He said, "Gilda is all clean, she doesn't have anything left."

I told him, "Fran my man, I am going to let you try your talents on the other girls too." He smiled at that, not knowing I was going to have him eat out every girl after I had cum in them.

His girlfriend smiled and said, "Do good, Fran, I want you to be a good cunt licker."

He smiled at her and said, "I'll do real good, Gilda. I'll be the best cunt licker ever."

I winked at her, and she smiled back at me. I smiled to myself, thinking this twelve year old girl is a real man-eater.

After I was done with Reba, a cute little twelve year old hottie, I had Fran eat her cunt out as well. It was getting late, the girls were starting to get tired, and so was I. I told the girls it was time for bed. Shelly whined, saying, "It is only two A.M., can't we stay up some more?"

I replied, "Slave, it's time for bed. Now move your ass before your ass is mine."

Joliet said, "Shelly, Master said 'bed.' We go to bed. Let's go everyone, the party is moving to the bedrooms."

The girls led the way upstairs and I went to Auntie's bedroom. The next thing I knew there were five girls ready to get fucked. Let just say I didn't get to sleep until eight A.M., and man was I sore.

This is the way that it was for the next eight days. I watched the girls, and enjoyed them servicing me.

On the day my parents returned, I was beat and it showed. I felt like I was a walking hard-on for their enjoyment. Mother came over that day, Friday, to tell me that they were back. She walked in on me with me cock in Shelly's ass with Cassi eating her pussy. Mom just stood there watching me push my nine inches into Shelly. Mom stood there, the whole time touching herself. She must have cum three times while I fucked Shelly.

Afterward Shelly went to sleep, and my mom hooked her finger at me to follow her. She went to the living room, sat down, and waited for me to show up. When I did, mom asked me how long I had been fucking Shelly. I told her about a week or so. She asked me if I had fucked anyone else, and I said yes. She asked who, and I told her all of Shelly's friends. They wanted to get fucked, so I fucked them.

Mom asked me how old they were and I told her, from nine to fourteen. Mom smiled and asked me, "Did you like fucking them, Rolf?"

I replied with, "HELL YES." Mom then asked me if I had ever fucked anyone else. I told her yes again. She then asked who, and I told her that while at school I had been fucking most of my teachers, as well as the cheerleading squad and a few other women.

Mother asked how many women had I had sex with, and I told her all forty-three women at school and eleven girls on the cheerleading squad.

Mom then asked me when I started liking girls. I told her the day I saw her naked picture in Hustler (I was eight then). I told her that I had gotten a hard-on after a school mate had shown me the picture of her and Auntie.

I thought to myself, while looking at mother, "Man do I want to fuck you."

I continued with, "Even now, mom. I have a hard-on that would shame a horse." Mom looked and a glint of a smile came over her face as she turned bright red. I asked her, "Mom way haven't you asked me these questions before?" Mom turned away and said, "Because, Rolf, I am thinking very bad thoughts of you. And I am ashamed to say, I am horny as hell after seeing you fuck Shelly the way you did. I am so jealous of her that she has been fucked by my son and I was not."

I was shocked after hearing that. I said, "Mom, I would sell my soul to fuck you." Mother turned and said, "You would? Oh Rolf, you have made me so happy."

I kissed mom right on her lips, long and hard, and I even slipped her a little tongue. Mom came just before I broke the kiss. Mother said, "WOW, Rolf, that never happened before." I said, "Mom it will happen every time you are with me." I kissed mother again and she came again, but with a whimper. I had slipped my finger into her cunt.

I reached down her body until I was holding her tits with one hand and finger fucking her with the other. I rubbed them with my thumbs until mother came again. I moved down to her cunt and started rubbing though her lips until mother came hard.

Mom was wetter than a bath. I worked around her skirt until I got to the back, and I unzipped her and let it fall to the floor. I worked up to her blouse and removed that as well. I wrapped my arms around her and undid the clap to her brassier and that was gone also.

Then I started working down to her tits with my mouth. As I sucked her left tit, I slid her panties down off her ass. I worked the right tit and the front of her panties to her thighs. I moved down to her navel and stuck my tongue in it as mother came for a fifth time.

I worked lower to the top, by her bald pussy, and tongued her clit twice as mother came again. I walked mother backward to the chair and as she sat I pushed my tongue into her very wet cunt.

Mother begged me to let her stop cumming, but I just kept tonguing her through four more orgasms. Mother passed out then.

I stood and removed my clothes and then knelt down to her face and kissed her awake. As mother came to, I pushed my cock into her and she screamed and passed out again. I fucked mother all night and again in the morning. She was my slave by the time I was done fucking her.

At breakfast Shelly asked mother, "Auntie Bess, I know you enjoyed the fucking Rolf gave you and I hope mother will too."

My mother didn't even think before she talked to Shelly, and replied to her with, "Shelly, if Rolf fucks your mother like he fucked us, she too will be a sex slave, just like us." I kissed mother a "thank you" and pinched her tits. She came again, and I had her and Shelly go take a shower while I cleaned up the dishes.

Mother and Shelly were in the shower when dad came over to ask where mom was. I told him she had been with me all night, and I told him that she was here with me and not to bother her about this again.

Dad said, "Oh I am sorry, son. I didn't know Bess was here. I'll be going then." and dad was out the door fast. I went up to the bathroom and walked in, and Shelly had mother on her back, eating my cum out of her cunt. Mother saw me come in and smiled.

I put my finger to my lips, dropped my shorts, and knelt behind Shelly and fucked her while she ate mother out. I started talking to mother about dad. She told me, "Rolf, you let me deal with your father. I'll have you fucking me in front of him in no time. God, I need you to fuck me baby."

I moved out of Shelly and up over mother to stick my cock into her, and she was cumming from the first push.

We fucked twice more before the water had run cold. We shut it off and moved to the bedroom. Mother and Shelly were talking about me being Shelly's man now. I told them, "Now wait just one minute here. I am my own man. I don't belong to any one person."

Shelly said, "I know that. I was just telling Auntie that I loved having a man between my legs."

Mother replied also with, "Rolf I am going to tell you something that will be very hard for you to believe, but the things I tell you are very true. I will be more than happy having you fuck us anytime you like, anywhere you like, and we will soon have you fucking your Auntie and sisters as you will."

I asked, "Mother, what about father?" and she told me, "Son, we will be fucking with your father watching us in no time at all, but first�"

I moved to fuck mother again and Shelly sat on mother's face. I fucked mom through two cums and she and Shelly had had enough.

After we were dressed, we went home to my house, where dad was sitting in his chair, waiting for mother to come home. As we came in, dad stood to say something and Mother told him, "Ralph, sit down and shut up." Dad sat down and didn't make a sound.

Mom went on about the course and dad asked to speak to her. Mother told him no, that she had too much work to do to talk to such a pain in the ass.

Dad sat there for about an hour until he went to take a wiz. He never made it to the toilet. Mother told him she had time while she made dinner. Mother did cook some, but mostly it was our maid/housekeeper, Julie, who did the cooking.

Mother sat at the table and listened to dad whine about her going off to get fucked by someone and he didn't like having to wait for her to come home.

Mother told dad, "Ralph would you like me to bring the man I have been fucking to my bed so you can watch?" Dad just hemmed and hawed about him being her husband, not liking the idea about his wife being with another man.

Mother said, "Ralph, we both know that I need a man to fuck me daily, and you have never once been able to even get me coming close in the fifteen years we have been married."

Mother went on to say, "Ralph you just don't have what it takes to fill my needs. We both know you are nothing but a joke of a man. You beat your little four inch dinky five times and you shoot, Ralph. I was with a man last night and this morning that took me to seventeen orgasms and I came non-stop. How can you possibly think that you even rate against that? Answer me you fucking little wimp."

Dad just sat there while mother told dad that she was going to have that man come to her bed and fuck her again tonight and hopefully every night after that. Dad was going to say something, but mother said, "Don't you even think of saying anything, Ralph."

Dad had tears running down his cheeks, but didn't say a word.

Mother called me to dinner, and Shelly and Cassi sat on either side of me. Mother sat across from me while dad sat at the other end of the room. Mother asked me if I had time to talk to her later, after I put Shelly and her friend to bed. I told her sure, anything for you, mom. She smiled, blew a kiss at me, and said, "Later baby" and got up and left the room.

Dad sat there and asked me, "Son I would like to talk to you, if you have the time."

I told him, "Gee, dad I would like to talk to you too, but I will be busy for the night. Maybe tomorrow, OK?"

Dad's reply was, "Sure son, when you have the time."

I took the girls to bed at nine and fucked them both twice. After they were asleep I went to mother's room.

I ate mother out until she came, and then fucked her. After we were done the first fuck, she told me some very wild tale.

Mother and I were lying on her bed, with her stroking my semi-hard cock, and then she told me that dad was not my biological father.

She told me that the man that seeded her womb was a mentalist from somewhere she didn't know of and had used her and her sister for over ten years. She told me that he had impregnated her three times and Wilma once over that time.

Mother told me that my real father was called Magus Deplore and died when I was six and had given them a gift that no man could deny them anything. She told me that Magus had fixed dad so he was a wimp cuckold and would crave to eat cum from her cunt. She then told me that Magus told her that I would be more powerful than even him. I was shocked to the hilt, not really believing her.

Mother told me to try it out for myself. I asked, "How?"

She told me that Magus had taught her and Wilma over the years to read and project thoughts to whomever they wanted to, and she told me that she would show me how. She thought a minute or two and snapped her fingers and said, "Your dad." Mother pushed the intercom and called dad to her room. Dad came in and was shocked to see me naked with mother in bed.

I thought at him, "Dad, sit down and shut up and watch me fuck your wife." Damn if he didn't sit down in the chair and watch me move to fuck mother. As I was touching her cervix, I looked over at dad and he was stroking himself.

I thought to him, "Stop that and watch." Again he stopped and looked on. I whispered to mother, "Dad is ready to shoot. I can feel his thoughts."

Mother told me to make him not to be able to shoot until she said to.

Mother and I fucked for what seemed like hours and it was. I had gone to her bedroom at ten and it was three in the morning. Dad just sat there, drooling on himself. I told mother that I felt sorry for him and let him stroke himself until he came.

Mother said, "You see Ralph, Rolf is ten time a better man than you will ever be." Dad just nodded "yes" and stroked his dick. I fucked mother four more times before dad couldn't take it any more.

I had just cum inside of mother the seventh time when dad moved from the chair to mother's bed and started to lick her very wet and sticky cunt. Mother told me to wait until Wilma came home and they would be fucking me to no end.

The next morning I was awakened by a very good blow-job as I looked down to see my dad sucking my cock and mother telling him to make me hard so I could fuck her ass.

I was hard, but dad was a really good cocksucker. I fucked mother's ass, and then dad sucked me clean. We went down to eat breakfast, and Dad had a really dumb look on his face. So I asked him, "Dad, why are you smiling so big?" Dad replied, "I just loved sucking your cock, son. It made me feel so right. I hope that you will let me suck your cock again sometime soon." I told him he could suck it later.

Mother asked me to have the girls go shopping with her, and I told her that we all would go and I would pick out something for everyone to wear.

Shelly had gotten a sexy little baby-blue dress so she could walk around without panties. Cassi had gotten the same dress, but in red so she too could flash me her pussy.

For Mother I picked out a red leather and lace bra and panties set, with a see-though blouse and chinos. I had dad get a ball belt and collar, with a black leather cock lock and ring. Mother said that I was so nasty and she loved the idea of making dad a cock slave.

We went to a piercing store and had dad pierced though his balls and nipples. We had him tattooed also with a big, "I love sucking cock" on his bald head. That's right, I had dad shave every hair off his body and he was told never to let any hair grow again.

When we returned home, there was Julie at the door with a message from Wilma to call her hotel ASAP. Mother called her and they talked for hours, mostly about me.

I was in the living room having father suck me off and Shelly spanking him with a paddle. It was amazing how dad would deep throat me every time Shelly hit his ass with that paddle. I loved having dad deep-throat me.

It was like this every day for the next week until Wilma came home. Mother would fuck me day and night with Shelly and her friends coming over twice a week for their turn. I was in heaven, pussy whenever I wanted it and sometimes when I didn't.

But we all have our crosses to bear. When the month was up and Wilma came home to find me in bed fucking mother, Shelly, and Cassi while father sucked my jism out of the one I was not fucking.

Wilma yelled at father not to touch her daughter again. I heard mother tell Aunt Wilma, "Fuck him, come fuck our new Master." Wilma said, "Bess did you really mean that Rolf has taken us as his slaves?"

I told Wilma, "Yes slave, get naked and come fuck your new Master."

While I did fuck Wilma and mother that night as well the next three days, I was done in and so were they. Wilma was a basket case for a week after we were done.

We slept for ten hours and I woke with a hard-on wanting to fuck Wilma's ass once again. She said, "Please Master, fuck Shelly, I am way too sore."

So I got up and went to Shelly's room and ate her out until she awoke, and then I fucked her three times.

Cassi came over with the other girls from the party/sleepover that Friday and they asked to have a turn with me. I was in fucking pussy heaven, and didn't see what was to come.

Over the three months that I had been fucking the women and girls, I didn't think of them getting knocked up. It was Wilma and Joliet who came first to tell me they were with child. Then there was mother and then each of the girls I had fucked who had had their monthlies was indeed with child.

Over the next five months that I had been with the women and girls, they all became impregnated by me, all fifty-three of them.

It was a nightmare. They all wanted to be my woman and the mother to my children. Well they were, in a way.

It was during the fourth month that it came to a head. The teachers from school wanted to have their way with me every day in class, as did the cheerleading squad and Shelly's friends, Joliet, Amber, Tally, Reba, Amanda, Gilda, and Rachael.

I didn't know what to do. I was depressed at the thought of fucking up their life as well as my own. It was then that Mother came to talk to me about them all. Mother said, "Rolf it looks like you have got a bit of a problem here."

I said to her, "A bit, I think I am so fucked. Whatever will I do mom?" Mother smiled and said, "Rolf, you will do nothing. This is for me to deal with."

I looked at her like she was nuts and she said, "Rolf, I am one of your slaves, just as each of these women are. They are yours and no one else's. So, it is very easy to think of what has to be done. We, the women of your harem, will be going over each one's needs and they will be dealt with to suite you. Now," mother said to me with a big smile, "what do you want with so many women?"

I just shrugged and shook my head, because I didn't know.

Mother said, "I do, and I'll tell why you have fucked so many women and knocked us up for."

I was in awe of mother's words, but I said, "Well, tell me mom."

Mother said, "You, Rolf Weatherspoon, are the next Alpha Male. Anything you want is you're for the asking. No one, Rolf, will say anything against you or what you do. It is like you are a god to them. I, as your mother, ask that you think of me first, or as your first, if you will. Rolf, you know that there is nothing that you ask of me that I will not do for you, don't you baby?"

"Yes mother, you may be my first slave, and as first it will be your job to see to my harem. I will have father buy a bigger house. This one just isn't big enough."

I called father in and told him I wanted a house with a hundred bedrooms, so that my harem will be at hand.

Father told me, "I will see what I can do, son."

About a week later my father came to me and said, "Son there is an island just off the coast of San Jinn in the Dutch Virgin Islands. They will sell it to you if you would like it."

I thought about it and told dad to go ahead and get it. A month later it was mine.

I asked dad if there was any housing there, and he smiled and said, "Son, there is a house there that will meet your needs for many a year to come."

We flew down to the island to have a look at it, and I was in awe of what I had seen.

There was a building that had to be the Taj Mahal, or something very close to it. The island sat on fifty acres of prime beach, with a house that had over 200,000 square feet to it, eighty bedrooms, and each had a bath and sitting room. Dad asked me if I liked it, and I told him, "Damn dad, you did great with this one."

Dad smiled so big I thought he'd break his jaw. Dad asked me, "Son do you think you could let me suck you later? I said, "Dad for what you did for me, I will do better than that."

Dad looked surprised, but said nothing. I told him to come to my room later tonight and he'd get his reward. Dad said, "Yes sir, your room tonight."

Later that night I asked dad, when he came to my suite, "Dad, I know that you have been a cocksucker for a few years now. If you could pick something, anything, what would it be? Dad said, "That's easy, son. I would like to have a dick that I could fuck a woman (my mother) with and not have her bitch at me that I was just too small."

I smiled at his wish and said, "Dad wouldn't you like to stop sucking cock?" Dad frowned and said, "Oh no, son. I have always been a cocksucker and I love the taste of your cum, son."

When mother came to my bed that night, I thought to her, "Bess, you will give your husband the fuck of his life tonight, and you will praise his large cock." Mother looked at me in surprise, nodded to me, and walked to dad and knelt down, pulling his dick out and sucking it down. Mother took dad's dick to three good cums and then she fucked him. Of course, only after I fucked her cunt and ass but good. Dad sucked me clean, and then mother.

Mom told dad, "Ralph, your dick has gotten so big I just love it." Dad had a stroke and his dick never got hard again. I made it that mom never put down dad again.

The women of my harem had shown up a week after we came to the island, and they all now live and walk around naked on my island, which I call Paradise.

Dad and I have a great time talking about his adventures with mom and the women ask questions of him. He tells them that they will learn one day to please their man, and he says to them, "You must be willing to do anything he wants."

Well the time came for the babies to come out, and I had got a few new women to come to the island. One was a doctor, Pam Archer, a very good pediatrician. All the women had healthy babies. Mom had twin girls, Wilma had triplet boys, Joliet had twin boys, Reba had a girl, Amanda had a girl, Tally had a girl, and Gilda had a girl. You get the idea. Now at sixteen, I have 78 children - 56 daughters, 22 sons, and eleven more on the way.

Mom is happy, and so am I. Dad loves all his grandchildren and they love him. Dad did start liking to get fucked up his ass, thanks to Shelly. She had brought a strap-on dildo with her and starting fucking dad one night after I had fucked mom's cunt.

Well I'll let you go now. I hope you liked by tale, but if not, tough doodoo on you.

Thanks for reading my tale

The one and only Fintinman