Day to Day Care

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The phone rang. The phone was always ringing. Hasn't anyone heard of email? My grandfather sends email every day. Why can't an investment-banking firm figure it out? I have to answer the phone. If my boss found out I let one of her calls go through to voice mail, I'd be sucking her son's dick for a week.

"Allison Dent, internal records."

"Ms. Dent, this is Susan in day-care. Your boy has caused a bit of consternation during rest period. Might you be free to talk to him?"

I remembered Susan's voice from last week. She's survived our company's day-care center longer than most. I had to respect her for that. Buddha knows, my son is no reincarnated spirit of a Tibetan Llama.

"Can you put him on the phone?" I asked optimistically.

"I shouldn't disturb..."

"Never mind. I'll be right down." I interrupted, depressingly aware of the situation. This time I was going to lay down the law. I'd been too lenient for too long. He might grow up with the worst habits if I didn't stand firm.

I didn't wait for her, 'Okay', before dropping the handset back into its cradle. I left my chair and hastened through the cube maze before the off hook light faded. I was forced to pause at the elevator.

"Hello Allison," Martin Finch spoke my name softly behind my ear. "Going to day-care?" He surprised me, but I smiled in amusement instead of starting at his voice.

"Thomas needs me. You?" I replied.

"Karen wet her plastic liner again." Why doesn't the firm simply hire people who can take care of these things? Instead, we get these simpleminded 'watchers' they probably hire out of drug rehab clinics. Do you realize how much time we waste just to clean up a simple mess for our children?

It was an interesting question, for perhaps a decade ago. I realize what a jerk Martin is, but I still like him. I'm easily distracted by eight inches of cock. He's even kind of cute, when he isn't spouting paternal doctrine. The elevator arrived before I could deliver my honest answer. It took me a second to collect it again as we began to lift.

"What? Do you wish your kids didn't know who you are? Children need their parents. We are the authority figures they trust to help them through their entire childhood. They barely have the emotional capacity to bond with more than one caregiver. I don't want my kid to grow up insecure and confused about relationships. Countries have fallen for less."

"Pardon my concern for the company's competitiveness."

The asshole was beginning to steam me, but I didn't want to arrive in front of my child with a chip on my shoulder. He knew too well how to press my buttons. I settled for a retort of loud silence.

Then he did the smart thing and put his hands on my hips. Twenty floors later his hand was inside my cotton panties. His fingers danced softly on my clitoris. I warned you I was a pushover. We didn't have time for anything more. It was the express elevator.

The company built its day care center just below the top floor, executive suites. Can you guess whose children were more equal than the others? Half of the city lay beneath the childproof windows. I didn't notice. I displayed my employee badge to Susan and then crept into the playroom. Martin wandered off to the changing room. She had said it was rest period - I tried to be unobtrusive, quieter than the soft sighs and faint humming in the room. There was my Thomas, sitting up by himself on his nap pad.

I couldn't help but feel sorry for the girl next to him. She was tuned away, lying on her pad. Possibly crying, I could easily believe. Still, I wouldn't be his mother if I didn't also pity Thomas. But I was resolved to be firm.

He noticed me right away and stared up with a prepared challenge in his eyes.

"It wasn't my fault." He started.

"Shhh!" I hushed him, almost too loudly. The girl cocked an ear at my outburst. I kneeled down before my son and returned his glare, but I tried to add some sympathy. Both of us had to give up something before we could honestly communicate. He curled his lip and looked down. It was a start.

"Look honey, we'll figure something out. Tell me what happened."

"I don't want to sleep with her. Miz Susan told me I shouldn't cause trouble, but I wasn't. My pee pee gets hard when I lay next to her. I get all worried."

"I've told you before, it's as natural as breathing. You've got nothing to be ashamed of."

"I know, but this time she felt around to find what it was."

"That's because she isn't old enough to know. You have to help her."


"Look at the darling. If I were here instead of my office, I'd jump at the chance to rub up against her, maybe even feel her toddler nipples. You've got maybe two years more experience than her. Didn't someone older help you out in day care the first time?"

"I thought that was you."

I blushed at the memory. I may not have told you that my son was a smart little cookie. He could seduce me like no other, all the more reason to be firm. Unfortunately, my cunt was still leaking dribblets of juice from my recent elevator action. Thomas' eyes made his trademarked, cute shine, and the dribblets began to strengthen. My pussy would be in full heat if I didn't take control of the situation decisively.

"Now I want you think about what her feelings might be. What if I had refused you the first time?"

"Aw, mom, you'd never do that."

"Don't dare me, especially now. I want you to apologize to her."


"You could have really hurt her."

Thomas gave me an expression I rarely saw. He looked guilty, just for a second.

"I don't even know her name." My son's head tilted towards the floor.

I pondered what he had said.

"Julie." A fragile voice whispered from behind my son.

"Oh, sweetheart." I burst out softly. My eyes impaled Thomas.

He face made a perfect grimace before he spoke. "I'm sorry, Julie. I didn't mean to be mean."

"I know you don't like me. All the other boys and girl sleep together. They get to play on their pads, but you think I'm just a baby."

"No, honey." I should have kept silent and waited for my son to respond, but there's only so much ice in my soul. It had all melted from the peaceful sex of a dozen children spaced evenly around me, slowly fucking.

"You're not a baby. You just don't know enough yet. I mean..." He tried to catch his choice of words, but the girl started sniffling before he could correct himself.

"I mean that I was afraid to help you, because I might do it wrong."

Yea for our team! I cheered inside myself. The truth had finally worked its way out.

"Julie, I think Thomas would like to make it up to you. Like most boys, he's a little shy around girls. Sometimes we have to give them a little encouragement."

"But how, Ms. Dent?" The adolescent had certainly learned my son's name.

"What if you pulled your skirt up to your beautiful, baby titties?" The dress code for girls required short skirts only, leaving them naked above. It proposed to hide the ones who had plastic bottoms from those who didn't. Little boys wore flannel wraps like sarongs. It gave them something they could share with the girls.

"I bet showing your delicate skin would make any boy want to sleep next to you, and it would probably make his little cock extra hard." She responded with a giggle. After a moment's consideration, Julie lifted the hem of her dress.

Thomas listened to my words as if they were hypnotic. He couldn't pull his eyes from the girl as her trim legs grew longer and longer in the direction of her perfect, pink cunny.

"See how lovely the nightlight glows on her thighs? Just imagine what it must feel like."

Thomas hadn't quite reached the point of openly drooling. Nope, there he went. His hand crept closer to Julie's exposed flesh as a tiny drip of water seeped out of his pursed lips.

I restrained my own hand from automatically reaching for his fresh hard-on, obviously tenting his bottom cloth. Instead I put my own desires into words.

"That's right. I bet it's warm and shivery at the same time."

Thomas' hand curled around front, and for maximum reach he adjusted his position behind her into a perfect spoon.

Julie trembled at the contact.

"There, you've got your fingers between her legs. Thomas, you're a good boy." My hand was pressing inside my pussy lips. I had to do something, or I'd forget about helping that little she bitch being fondled by my son and help myself to him instead. Fortunately I keep my head sewed on long enough to continue the lesson.

"Remember how mommy loves you to use your other hand on her wonderful tits? Julie, lift up for a second and let him reach around the other side. It's okay, Thomas, she's as light as a feather. You can let her lie on your arm."

When little Julie reached behind her to point my son's hard boy prick at her tiny ass cheeks, I began to feel like a third ear, interesting, but not overly helpful. My other hand tugged the boy's blanket, freeing him and his perfectly smooth cock from its confinement. I wadded it up and stuffed it under my cunt to soak up the slickness dripping onto the linoleum.

Julie's hand was able to press the boy's cock head in between her buns. Now it was up to Thomas. I didn't have to coach him. He knew how to run his cock rampantly enough, in and out of his mother's hairy cunt, but I couldn't help myself. I needed to say the words for my own pleasure.

"Be sure to put it in gently. It may be her first time, and her sweet cunny lips may need to be stretched slowly to accommodate your wonderfully sized prick. Don't jam it into her like your mommy tells you when we're at home."

Julie began to make the most curious but endearing sound. She started humming like a tiny bird.

"Keep your fingers on her little clit. You can fondle her titties and fuck her from behind and rub her clitty all at the same time. Remember how your mommy is too big to fit your young cock into her hot pussy? Little Julie is your size, maybe a little smaller."

"Gosh, Tommy, you feel real big back there!" Julie gasped slightly.

"Mommy, I got it in her. She's wet and so hot, but it's tight too."

"You're doing splendidly! Now push it in and out just a little bit to spread her slick baby cunny juice all over. Then you can put it to her deeper and deeper with short fuckings until you've got it all the way inside her."

For the third time in a minute, I wanted to pluck the bratty little cunt off my son and wrap my hot snatch all over his cock and balls and suck him bodily into my cavity. I felt the first of my orgasms launch like rockets.

"It feels so good, Tommy. I don't want you to ever stop." I couldn't tell if the darling was ahead or behind me in cumming. Her humming rose and lowered like a piston. Like the piston of boy flesh running in and out of her baby cunt.

Thomas began to speed up.

"You're doing it. You're doing it! Oh look at how little Julie is driving her body back against your young thrusting. I'm cumming again. I'm cumming again." I had to close my eyes for all the fireworks exploding inside my head.

"I'm fucking you Julie. I'm pushing my hot prick deep inside your soft, tight cunny."

"It so hard, harder than carrots, harder than my daddy's finger."

So the little bitch was experienced. I thought I had learned to play the game when I was young. Kids these days, they're in such a hurry! My son was fucking the precocious toddler like a steam engine, and she was pushing back like the bitch dog she really was.

Then Thomas jerked bodily, again and again. He was too young to fill her precious cunt with boy sperm, to lock it inside and push it up as far as it will go. I taught him well. He kept fucking her, even as the last tremor waned, punching the back wall of her cunt trying to penetrate her micro cervix, practicing to spill his seed into her womb and inject his chromosomes into her eggs.

Julie might have experienced real pain from my boy's expert breeding force. That is, if she still hadn't been humming at a feverish pitch, squeaking with orgasmic punctuation, and moaning in delirium.

I had had four cums, some of the best ever, and I was terribly jealous of the tarty, baby princess. I couldn't wait until five o'clock to take my son home and give him real cunt.

My momentary hatred for the freshly fucked girl died instantly when she turned to look at me.

"Thank you Ms. Dent. I couldn't have done it with out you."

"You're welcome." I said, automatically polite. Like most males, my son was completely oblivious to the meaning of our exchange.

"Yeah, thanks mom. She was great,...but not as good as you." He added.

Boys apparently learn their own rules to the game. I blushed softly and managed to get to my feet without fainting from dizziness.

"Now you two get to know each other a little better, until I return after work." I spoke somewhat stupidly. I left them and the two dozen eyes that had witnessed the entire episode.

My son was growing up beautifully. I glowed from satisfaction but nearly collided with Martin. He was licking his lips and wiping the dribble from his chin as he waited for the elevator. This time we took the slow one and fucked six different ways on the descent back to work. Everything could return to normal once I reached my desk.

The phone rang. It was my boss. She had been trying to reach me for the last fifteen minutes. It seems she was with a very important client, and it was time for her son's daily care. He studied with the other young teens in work-school. For the second time in a day, I marched over to the elevator.

Soon, I WOULD have my lips wrapped around that boy's cock!