Down the Rabbit Hole Part 7 - Still Falling


I awoke on Sunday morning feeling the effects of the previous day. Kassandra lay on my arm, comfortably snuggled up against me with a contented sort of smile on her face. I just lay there, taking in her beauty and dreaming about the adventures we were going to have. I really wanted her to bring the latex suit home! I needed to go to the bathroom so I carefully freed myself, not really wanting the moment to end. I managed to work my stiff muscles to the bathroom and then to my dining table workstation. I checked my email and decided to go out to get some morning air and stretch out some of my aches. I took a bottle of orange juice with me.

After some stretching, I decided to drink my orange juice on the gazeebo. I remember helping Ken and Kam build it four years ago. It was a pain setting the heavy iron table in the center. The morning was so peaceful. I was about half way through the orange juice when Kassandra came out to join me. She gracefully slid into my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck and giving me a wonderful kiss. Ahh, life couldn't be better!

We sat there like that for a while, just enjoying each other's company. Kassandra enjoyed a few orgasms in the process. There was something strange about that situation, but as long as she was okay with it, I was okay with it.

The family had a Sunday morning tradition; everyone met at Karen's house for breakfast. I could tell it was getting close to time as Kim & Ken and Kam & Kayla drove up. They all started piling out of their vehicles. The kids ran into the house to see Nana and the adults and Keelie came over to the gazebo where we were sitting.

"Morning, Uncle Dan!" Keelie said as she wrapped her arms around my neck and shuddered with a little squeal.

"Morning, Keelie," Kassandra responded sarcastically.

"Morning! Are we interrupting anything?" Kayla asked teasingly.

"Well, as a matter of fact..." I began, stopping with Kassandra's quick, playful jab to my ribs.

Keelie still had her arms wrapped around my neck from behind. She appeared to be a completely different person from yesterday. She had on no makeup except for a little lip-gloss. Her hair was in its naturally curled state. She wore normal shorts, tank top, and tennis shoes. She was the perfect, innocently beautiful, all-American girl next door. I felt special that this exquisite creature wanted to give me her attention.

"Okay, we need to go help Karen get breakfast ready," Kim spoke up. As I mentioned earlier, she was the coordinator of almost everything. "Let's leave the men folk out here to chat until it's ready."

"But why don't they have to help?" Keelie asked; a legitimate question from my point of view.

"Because they have things to talk about."

"Ohhhh, you want Uncle Dan to teach them how to 'go Dan' on you."

"Keelie!" Kayla admonished her.

I guessed that Kayla only admonished her for my benefit as I was still adjusting to my new perceptions. Turns out, Kayla was right; I was still slightly closed off. I was surprised by Keelie's candor and confused by her statement, "Uhhhhhhhh..." was all I could manage.

"Yeah," Keelie continued, completely open about the whole encounter, "it's what I call it. It's like going down only waaaayyyyy better!" She squeezed my neck tightly and let out a light squeal as she had another orgasm.

"Keelie! Come on, we have to make breakfast!" Kayla ordered.

"Ohhh, okaaay!" she reluctantly complied. But not before giving me a quick peck on the cheek and having a small orgasmic spasm in the process.

"Soooo, uhhhh, awkward?" I sheepishly addressed Ken and Kam as the women went to the house. I mean, yeah, it was extremely awkward to have a twelve-year-old talk about her sexual encounter with you in front of her father!

They both let out huge belly laughs. I felt a little at ease.

"You know," Kam managed to talk between laughs, "I think Keelie has a major crush on you. That's quite an accomplishment!"

Still a little awkward.

"Okay," Ken settled down and chimed in, "you have just been indoctrinated into the true nature of this family, big guy. You see, there are no little girls, only powerful women who run the show. You do what they say, when they say, and that is all. In fact, I am absolutely in awe of you to accomplish as much as you have. You held out for almost a decade; that's never been done as far as I know. And then you take six of them to a whole new sexual level and show them something new!"

"Yeah," Kam came back into the conversation, "I was done in by three of them in less than two hours on my training day. You went way beyond. In fact, you're our hero! You stood up to them and came out on top! Major props, man!"

"Uhhhh, new level?" I was having some trouble catching up to them. This was all very new to me and, yes, uncomfortable.

"Yeah," Ken said, "Kim really took me to task when she got home! She nearly ripped my jaw off trying to get me to 'go Dan' correctly. She had a ton of orgasms, I am usually lucky to get one or two out of her. In the end, she said it was good, but not quite there. She kept making me growl, which was kind of kinky, but I was apparently missing something."

"Same here. Kayla had me growling all night. Apparently, she was supposed to squirt all over my face; which I'm all for, but we couldn't get there. Plenty of orgasms; some pretty intense, but not quite what was expected."

"So," Ken continued, "you gotta share the love. Teach us how to 'go Dan.’ Oh, and by the way, getting a sexual maneuver named after you is a major deal! Respect!"

So, now I had a sexual procedure named after me. Thanks for nothing, Keelie!

...I need to pause my narrative again to relate two key items. The first is a little about the men in the family. I have made it pretty clear what the women are like, but the men aren't exactly slouches. Just like in Keelie's story, the princesses pick the top stallions, the alpha of the alpha males. Kam was an All-American linebacker his junior year at Mississippi State. He was about six feet two inches and somewhere around 230 pounds. He kept in shape, too. If he hadn't blown his knee his senior year, he would have made the NFL easily. Oh, and he got his degree in business and followed up with an MBA. Ken was born from the family gene pool. He was about six foot three and 240 pounds. His sport of choice was wrestling. He was the NCAA Division II national champion in the heavy weight division twice, and, yes, he was an All-American. He also completed his degree, got his MBA, and was working on a doctorate in economics. Yeah, the men were definitely not slouches. The second item is that my narrative must relate two parallel conversations moving forward. The events of that Sunday morning were... a little intense. The conversation in the house was relayed to me later... okay, I peeked at Karen's notes. But I have to relay this in the order it happened for it to make proper sense.

I must say that having these two alpha males give me these compliments and ask my sexual advice was no small boost to my ego. The only reason I had worked out and kept in shape was to try to keep up with them, even if it was only a little. I was feeling pretty good about myself.

"Well," I began sheepishly at first, but became more excited to share as I went, "There are three stages to it. You have to get them to flowing just right and get them to start swelling. The swelling is the key."

And I went through the whole process and how I had reasoned it all out.

While I was explaining the 'going Dan' technique, Karen called the women to an impromptu confab.

"Kassie, where's Dan?" Karen asked, a little concern in her voice.

"Oh, he's outside with the guys."

"Yeah, he's teaching them how to 'go Dan'," Keelie added.

"Go Dan?" Karen asked.

"Yeah," Kayla responded, "Keelie named Dan's oral technique. I thought it was creative."

"Oh," Karen responded. "I spent a lot of time last night going over my notes and I think I know what is going on with Dan. If I'm right, he has a rare condition and a manifestation of that condition that has never been documented."

"It isn't serious, is it?" Kassandra was beginning to get concerned.

"Well, it can cause serious circumstances if not carefully maintained. I believe Dan suffers from IED."

"Isn't that what they are always talking about on the news?" Keelie asked.

"No, this is a different IED. This is Intermittent Explosive Disorder, or Rage Disorder as it is commonly known. It's when a person exhibits a greater emotional response than a situation calls for. They simply blow up with little or no provocation. In Dan's case, it manifested sexually instead of in anger. I need to run some lab work as well, but I believe he has an adrenal disorder that causes over production of adrenaline and other hormones. So when his IED kicks in, he overproduces adrenaline and gets stronger. You've heard those stories about a mother lifting a car off her child. Same thing, only I think Dan may be an extreme case."

"Wow! You mean Uncle Dan has sexual super powers!" Keelie was truly amazed.

"Yeah, wow!" Kayla agreed.

"You totally suck!" Kim teased Kassandra. Kassandra only responded with a huge, proud smile.

"Hold on a minute," Karen cautioned them, "There could be serious implications now that I think about it. Dan is highly protective by nature; a figurative knight in shining armor. It was his desire to protect Kassie that led to the disorder manifesting when we trained him. His condition could be very complex; almost a DID."

"DID?" Kassandra was concerned again.

"Disassociative Identity Disorder; it was called multiple personality disorder for a while. His IED could manifest sexually or in other ways depending on the situation..." Karen drifted into deep thought.

"Mom?" Kassandra prompted Karen, "What's wrong with Dan?"

"You said he was outside with the guys talking about sexual techniques?"


"At least we hope so," Kim clarified.

"Kassie, I need you to go bring Dan in now. I need to talk with him. There is a chance things could get out of hand."

Kassandra didn't hesitate. Just as she opened the door to go out there was a loud crash and yelling coming from the gazebo.

After I had related the technique to the guys, they expressed their gratitude.

"Man!" Kam said, "I can't believe you came up with that with an ass as fine as Kassie's stuck in your face, much less the rest of the troop standing there. I don't recall having any brain functions during my training."

"Yeah," Ken agreed, "massive respect, man!"

My ego was starting to run wild.

"Oh, wow," Kam continued, "I would love to experience what sexual levels you open on Kassie! That has got to be amazing!"

The whole world suddenly took on a red tint. I could hear Karen in the house say something about getting me. But there was a more immediate concern. Kassandra's honor and safety were threatened. The two men laughed at Kam's comment, adding to my fire.

"Oh, and Kalli may outrun Keelie with your training!" Kam noted.

That was all I could withstand. I wanted to get to Kam. I stood up, but there was something in my way. I brushed it aside and reached for his neck, grabbing it and lifting him to my face. I wanted to explain that no one talked about or thought of touching my Kalli and Kassandra but it came out as a loud, snarling snort. I heard Kassandra yell my name but all I could think of was the man struggling to escape my grip. I felt something hit my side and clamp down around my chest. There was a force applied as if to try to take me off my feet. I dropped Kam and turned my attention to Ken. I grabbed him by the arm and pushed him to the side. He flew away from me more quickly than I would have thought. I turned back to Kam in time to see him launch at me like any good linebacker going after a running back. His shoulder impacted my ribs on my right side causing me to stagger a little. I grabbed his left arm with my left hand pulling him up and reapplying my right hand to his throat.

Just as I regained my hold on Kam, Kassandra jumped between us and pushed my chest, "Drop him, Dan!"

Kassandra! I had to keep her away from the threat! I dropped Kam and picked Kassandra up in my left arm, my right ready to defend.

"No!" I heard a familiar melodious ring, "No, Uncle Dan! You’re a super hero! Super heroes don't hurt people!" Keelie came running in and positioned herself between me and the other two men.

I was a little startled and confused by her statement, but in my mind, the situation had not been resolved. I continued to protect Kassandra.

The other women rushed in to check on the status of Ken and Kam. I had thrown Ken more than ten feet back and Kam had launched himself full on into me with his shoulder. He lay on the ground rubbing that shoulder with a look of fear on his face. Ken joined him, apparently feeling the effects of the encounter as well. I saw these two alpha males of the same order that bullied me and picked on me in school cowering before me. I felt a measure of satisfaction in what I had done.

I calmed enough to take note of what had actually happened. The large iron table had been launched completely out of the gazebo. It was in my way. Two all-American college athletes had been swatted around like flies. They shouldn't have said those things! I was still holding Kassandra. She had to be protected. Where was Kalli? She had to be protected too.

I looked at Kassandra, "Where is Kalli?" I wanted to ask. I think it came out as loud huffs. My brain seemed to be disengaged from my actions.

"Dan," Kassandra said, trying to be calm and soothing, "Please put me down now."

I couldn't comply. She didn't know what danger she was in.

Keelie came running over and wrapped her arms around me, "Uncle Dan, you have to calm down!"

"Keelie, no!" Kayla yelled, but it was too late.

I looked down to see this lovely flower embracing me. She needed to be protected, too! I embraced her with my right hand and began stroking her hair to comfort her. Nothing would happen to her while I was there.

"You just don't feel well. We can help you just like yesterday," Keelie implored.

"Dan," Kassandra became more forceful in her tone, "I said put me down. You have to obey me! You promised you would obey me!"

I had to think that through. My rational mind and visceral force were starting to conflict. Before, they were in unison. My rage required that I protect Kassandra; my mind required that I obey. The only problem was in that moment the two things seemed to be at odds.

"Kassie! You have to be stronger!" Karen advised.

Kassandra responded quickly. She smacked me in the face. I didn't really feel anything, but I noticed the act and her emotional state. She was in distress! I couldn't do anything to distress her.

"Put me down, now!"

I set her gently on the ground as I continued to caress Keelie's hair.

"Now come with me!" she ordered.

I was starting to calm and become more compliant to her. I had to obey as promised. Besides the threat appeared to no longer be imminent. Keelie relaxed her hold and slipped around to my side with her arm behind me. She held me that way until Kassandra took my hand and started guiding me into the house. She left me and went to her father. My heightened senses perceived the entire conversation even after we were in the house.

"Don't worry. He didn't mean it. Nana says he has a condition and can't always control his super powers," Keelie explained.

"A condition!" Kam said, "I think we need to know more about this condition. I get the super powers. It felt like I slammed into a tree!"

"He's kinda like the Incredible Hulk; powerful but misunderstood," Keelie surmised.

"Keelie, now is not the time for fantasy," Kam rebuked her.

"Actually," Karen interrupted, "that is a good analogy. I suspect that Dan has a rare form of rage disorder and a condition that causes him to over produce adrenaline. The combination can produce a massive increase in strength and sensory perception. He can probably hear everything we are saying right now."

"So he's dangerous?" Ken asked.

"He's Dan," Karen reminded them. "The same Dan that you all sarcastically called Mister Rogers. He's just coming to terms with his condition. I only realized what it was a few minutes ago and now I believe I have confirmation. I would like to do some lab work to verify, but I believe he can be taught to manage the situation. In the meantime, don't say or do anything threatening to or about Kassie and Kalli; and that is threatening based on what Dan would perceive as a threat, including a threat to their honor. In fact, don't say or do anything that Dan wouldn't do and we will be safe."

"Okay," Ken agreed. "I know you're good, mom, but this looks like a tough case."

"Yes!" Karen seemed excited. "This may be the toughest case in a century! This has to be documented! It is a once in a lifetime opportunity in my profession!"

"Mom," Ken replied facetiously, "sometimes you scare me."

"Not as much as Dan, I would think," she grinned.

"You can help him, right Nana?" Keelie begged.

"Yes, dear, and you’re going to help me do it."


"Now wait a minute," Kam protested, "I don't want Keelie going near him until he is under control."

"But dad!"

"She will be safer with him than she is with you," Karen said. "All of his power was focused on protecting her, in case you didn't notice. Now think about it for a minute; who would you rather have escorting her through a rough neighborhood at night, you or Dan?"

"I see your point. Okay. I really like Dan and I want to help how I can."

"Good! Because your role in this may actually be dangerous!" Karen gave a wry smile.

"What role?"

"Kim, get those kinks massaged out. They're both are going to have to do some work. Keelie, come with me."

Keelie eagerly followed Karen into the house. Once inside, Karen began her planning.

"Kassie," Karen ordered, "I need for Dan to take the kids and play a game for a bit. Go set that up."

"The kids! Are you sure?"

"They couldn't be in safer hands, dear. Think about it."

"I see your point."

Kassandra gathered all the kids and told them we were going to play a game. She tasked me with overseeing them. I had heard everything. My rational mind was still processing, but I expected there to be a threat any minute that had to be dealt with. I could feel the power from the adrenaline surging through me, but it was not focused on a sexual outlet. I wanted to eliminate any threat to Kalli, Kassandra, or any of the kids with extreme prejudice. I was scanning over every bit of information I could possibly perceive and assessing it. I couldn't help myself. The kids seemed thrilled with the idea. Kassandra was quite clever. She decided the game would be hide and seek and I would be the seeker. With my heightened state, there was no way they could hide from me; their heartbeats would give them away. I could track them by scent if I had to. The question was who to find first.

We began to play. I could hear Karen discussing strategies with Kassandra. I knew what she was saying, but all my attention was focused on finding the kids and keeping them safe. Besides, my rational mind trusted them. I also knew that while Kam and Ken had triggered a reaction in me, they weren't bad guys. I heard Karen tell Kassandra that I could hear what they were saying but that was okay; they weren't trying to trick me. That satisfied my perception that they were not threats.

I closed my eyes and counted to twenty. I announced my intentions according to the rules of the game, "Ready or not, here I come!"

I located each of them by the sounds they made and decided on the optimal route to retrieve them, closest first. I discovered Koy in the hall closet and then Kalli under her bed. On to the back bedroom where Keelie was in the bed sprawled seductively, not really hiding.

"Ooops! You found me! Now what?" she cooed.

I was still on task. I quickly located the extra heartbeat coming from the closet. Kellie was located. Mission accomplished; all safe.

"Hmmmfff,” Keelie grunted, "I must be losing my touch."

We reset the game and went again. This time Keelie tried even harder. I found her going through mine and Kassandra's things; holding up Kassandra's lingerie to see how it would look on her.

"Ooops! You caught me!" she said holding Kassandra's black lace teddy in front of her so that it appeared to be what she was wearing. "Looks like I've been bad. Maybe you should spank me and teach me a lesson!"

Targets all found in less than two minutes. All safe.

On the third iteration, Keelie escalated things by an order of magnitude. She recruited Kellie into her little endeavor. I found them in Karen's room on the bed together with Kellie sitting between Keelie's spread legs; leaning back on her. Keelie was holding her seductively and Kellie seemed to enjoy the embrace as Keelie's fingers found their way to Kellie's vagina. They were wearing only their white cotton panties. Keelie's massaging through the fabric was having a noticeable effect as there was a slightly darker spot indicating the source of the pungent fluids I was detecting; the scent wafting to me almost distracted me.

"Ooops! You found us again!" Keelie acted surprised. "Would you like to join us?"

"Keelie says you have the best horsey in the world, Uncle Dan. Will you let me see it?" Kellie innocently asked.

There was a brief moment of indecision. It lasted a few seconds at most.

Targets were found and safe. The state of my mind was so powerfully locked in place that not even Keelie's considerable seductive techniques could affect me. It was like watching someone else, just like before, but it was a lot more powerful. I reasoned that this was the way I should be, keeping the ones I loved safe. Nothing could keep me from that task, not even Karen's "training."

"Wow," Keelie said, "this is pretty bad."

"What do you mean?" Kellie asked.

"We may never get another horsey ride unless Nana can fix him. I sure hope she can."

"Me too! I really want to see the horsey."

"Yeah, you do! It's amazing!"

A few more iterations of the game and a few more failed seduction attempts from Keelie passed. We spent forty-seven minutes twenty-eight seconds precisely from the moment I first started counting until the last target was located on the last round. Each second felt like an hour with my sensory dilation of time.

"Dan," Kassandra called, "come here please."

I obeyed.

"I need you to come with me. I need to get something for mom to check out. This is strictly medical."

I followed her back to the room they referred to as the parlor. It was a large interior room that had been structurally reinforced to withstand tornadoes; their previous house was nearly destroyed by one when they weren't home and they decided for safety to build this central room. It was very well constructed with steel reinforcement and bulletproof dry wall. They even had mounting points on the walls for bunks and hammocks if they need to use the room in an extended fashion.

"Come over here," Kassandra directed me to a wall where some of the mounts had been installed. "I need to secure you."

I stopped and shook my head once; I could not comply with her request.

Kassandra seemed shocked, "And why not?! You're disobeying me!"

"If I am restrained I might not be able to get loose to neutralize any threats against you."

"There are no threats, dear," she said softly. "We are absolutely safe."

"Kam and Ken have accelerated heart rates and their perspiration indicates a high stress level. That would indicate either a threat to them, or they are considering actions that may be a threat to you or Kalli."

"Dan! Kam and Ken see you as a threat to them! Listen to me. You have to do this. We need to get a sample for mom to send to the lab to see what,s going on with you."

"I'm fine. I have never felt so alive. It's like I can process the entire world if I concentrate hard enough. Besides, why can't I just provide the samples without the restraints?"

"Dan, please, do this for me. We need you to fully unleash that raging beast to give us a proper sample. We need to understand the chemistry that your body is going through. And we know what can happen when the beast isn't properly held in check."

That actually worked for my rational mind. I assessed the restraints and processed my previous encounter with being restrained. Kassandra had always been transparent and honest in their application. I acquiesced, conditionally.

"I will, but you have to let me go as soon as I say."

"If I believe you need to repel a threat, I will most certainly let you go," Kassandra reassured me.


I submitted to being shackled to the wall. The chains were larger than the ones used before. The bolts for the mounts appeared to be quite sturdy. I was hooked up in a standing position with about eighteen inches of play on the chains. My wrists were at a level slightly higher than my shoulders and out far enough so that my elbows were almost straight. The cuffs were steel with leather padding on the inside. My rational mind wondered where they got those restraints. My protector mind assessed that I could most likely rip the bolts from the wall if needed. Once my wrists and ankles were secured, Kassandra explained what was about to happen.

"Now, we get to the fun part. I need you to give me the full Dan. I need you to cum for me in full beast mode. Will you cum for me?" she asked, gently stroking my penis.

Nothing. I was hyper vigilant. Nothing could escape my attention.

"Don't you want me?" she pouted. "You never rejected me before!"

I was starting to become confused. If I gave in and let my guard down, what would happen? But this was Kassandra. I had to give her what she wanted. I could feel myself expand.

"That's a good boy! Give me all of it!" she said lustfully.

I was still conflicted and the sexual beast was not powerful enough to make a full appearance. I was like the terminator that was reprogrammed to protect instead of terminate.

"Well, I guess I will just have to escalate," Kassandra announced. "Keelie!"

This was not going to be a problem. I had already brushed off some of her best efforts today. But... she didn't have Kassandra helping her. This might be a wrinkle that I can't handle. Keelie bounced into the room fully clothed. Did Kassandra realize that I thought she was more beautiful in that state than in the slutty lingerie?

"Hi, Aunt Kassie!" Keelie said. "Wow, you have the horsey out! Are you going for a ride?"

"Maybe. I need you to help me get him as riled up as possible. Then we have to make him cum."

Her comments were so lewd. The way Kassandra talked to Keelie was disorienting. They were definitely having the effect they intended. I was starting to be more interested in them sexually than I was in protecting them. Then that feeling, that thought, disgusted me. I stopped expanding.

"Hmmmmm... He stopped." Keelie remarked.

"Looks like he's going to be difficult. Don't hold anything back, Keelie."

Ha! Challenge accepted! I would just put the beast back in the box! I started to deflate just to show them who was really in charge.

"Shucks!" Keelie exclaimed. "He's being a bad boy! Maybe we should spank him! Bad boys should be spanked."

I resisted.

Keelie ran to the other side of the room and opened a bench. She pulled out the familiar riding crop. So that's where they kept it. I made a note of its location. Keelie bounded back to assist Kassandra, handing over the crop. Kassandra shook the crop at me in a threatening way. Big mistake. Threat perceived. I would withstand any threat. I could not eliminate the threat because it came from Kassandra and was directed at me, but I could reinforce my defenses.

She gave me a few good swats with the crop. I looked her in the eye defiantly.

"Wow!" Keelie remarked, "Spanking isn't working! Maybe if I sucked his cock? What do you think, Auntie Kassandra?"

"You've been wanting that cock in your mouth all day, haven't you, Keelie?"

"Boy have I!"

"Go for it!"

Keelie greedily sucked me into her mouth, giving a lustful moan. The visual experience of her beautiful lips wrapped around my cock was divine. Her face was so beautiful. Her perfect blonde hair danced as she undulated her head on my cock. The feeling of her glossy slick lips stroking the head of my cock nearly allowed the sexual beast to take over... nearly. I became rigid, but not fully engorged. After a few minutes of masterful sucking and licking, Keelie stopped.

"Hmmmmm...," she mused, "he's being really difficult."

"Yes. Just as we thought he would." Kassandra gave me that stern 'you're not going to win this one' look that I had received before on numerous occasions. I never won when she did that. But that was before; this time would be different.

"Hey! I have an idea!" Keelie seemed really excited, "but I'll need some help."

"Like I said, don't hold anything back. What did you have in mind?"

"Ohhh, you'll see," Keelie said mischievously.

She bounded out of the room and came back in a minute or so. I heard and smelled everything and knew what was coming, but somehow I wasn't quite prepared. Two of the loveliest visions I had seen lightly skipped into the room. Keelie had enlisted her ten-year-old sister Kellie to assist! The vision of the two of them sitting on the bed with Keelie masturbating her younger sister raced through my mind. This was a heavy blow. Keelie was probably still the most formidable sexual opponent I would ever encounter. I could feel myself weakening.

Kellie stopped once she saw me, "Wow! You were right Keelie! It is huge!"

"Not yet, but it will be." Keelie reassured her sister; looking me lustfully in the eye as if about to square off in a sexual battle. I felt a twinge that she might actually win!

I was rigid but not full, throbbing, veins bulging enraged the way I was the day before. Kellie marveled at my enlarged member for a minute.

"I can't believe you got that in your pussy!" she said admiringly to Keelie.

"Well," Keelie admitted, "I didnt' get it all in," she looked me square in the eye with a dead serious expression, "but you can bet that I will!"

"Can I touch it?" Kellie asked innocently.

"Sure sweetie." Kassandra said.

Kellie stepped up to me and took me in her hand. She began to stroke me gently.

"It feels so hard and heavy!" she squealed.

"Wait 'til you see it full!" Keelie teased.

"Can I suck it, Aunt Kassie?" Kellie asked politely.

"Yes, dear. Be my guest."

"You better get all you want now, ‘cause when he goes beast mode it will be bigger than your head!" Keelie warned.

Kellie eagerly took my cock into her precious ten-year-old mouth. She moaned with delight as she took in all she could. I started to grow a little but stopped when I thought it might hurt the girl. The sexual desire was welling up. I was afraid I would lose myself. I didn't want to give in, but I really wanted her! God! It was more than I could take. The way she took pleasure in sucking me off was so erotic. She was just as beautiful as Keelie, but sexual in a completely different way. I know it may sound weird to say this about a ten-year-old that likes sucking cocks, but she was so sweet and wholesome!

I determined that I could give in a little without compromising my mission. I began to enjoy her actions. Keelie and Kassandra were keeping a close eye on me as Kellie continued enjoying herself. She moaned in that sweet ten-year-old voice. I began to melt. I almost moaned in disappointment when she stopped sucking me.

"It got too big for my mouth!" Kellie gasped as she pulled off me.

"Way to go, Kellie!" Keelie congratulated her. "But it still has a way to go before it is full size!"

"Wow!" Kellie seemed really excited. She looked up at me with those innocent green eyes, "Will you make it bigger for me, Uncle Dan?"

My brain was on fire. I felt a twitch from my cock begging to give this sweet little girl what she desired. But I was still battling with the protective desire. It was okay for them to be a little disappointed as long as they were safe! I shrunk a little.

"Awwwwww," Kellie lamented. "Please, Uncle Dan?" She turned to Kassandra, "Why won't he do it?"

"Well, sweetie," Kassandra explained, "he is going to be a tough nut to crack today."

Kellie, with all the innocence of a ten-year-old took hold of my nuts. She gently caressed them. "They don't seem too tough to me," she observed as she lightly squeezed my testicles. "I could crack them pretty easy."

The feeling of being completely at the mercy of a ten-year-old girl was mind-boggling. I had two large, powerful, former college jocks cowering before me less than two hours ago and here this little ten-year-old girl had me literally in the palm of her hand. I noticed Keelie and Kassandra were still watching me closely; they had both developed sly, knowing grins.

"I know!" Kellie squealed, "This makes me feel all tingly when I do it in the bath. I bet you like it too, Uncle Dan!"

She lifted my testicles, licked her fingers on her free hand, and followed the sensitive ridge to my anus. I started to swell. Once she arrived, she inserted her finger! She pushed as deeply as she could. The sensation was too erotic to withstand. She made a gentle tug on my scrotum with each probe of my anus. Did she know what she was doing or was she truly that innocent? After what I had experienced and what Ken had told me about the women in the family, I believed this little minx knew exactly what she was doing the same as her older sister, who winked seductively at me when she saw me start to grow again.

I had to surrender to her! But I decided I would allow things to progress quickly and be done so that I could get back to what I was supposed to be doing. I let the sexual beast loose! My cock quickly engorged and began to pulse.

"You were right, Keelie! It's amazing!!!"

"Told ya! Aren't you glad you helped?"

"Oh yeah!" Kellie continued, marveling at my fully engorged cock.

I began to huff and snort. The adrenaline surge was taking a new twist. All my strength and energy was pouring into my sexual drive.

"Uhhh, Aunt Kassie," Keelie seemed a little confused, "is he bigger!?"

"I'm not sure," Kassandra responded, staring at my cock in amazement.

Keelie put her elbow at the base of my cock and laid her arm along its length. Her fingers came just short of the end.

"Wow!" Keelie exclaimed, "He is almost an inch longer than yesterday! I could get my fingers onto the end of it when I measured him before!"

"Uhhhhhh," was all Kassandra could manage as she took in the situation.

"Good job, Kellie!" Keelie congratulated her sister.

Kellie continued to massage my balls and stroke my anus; staring in amazement at my cock, "He looks like Buster!" she observed.

Buster was her horse. They really liked horses. I guess spending as much time on the farm as they had, they surely had seen the horse become excited.

"Yeah," Keelie agreed.

"Whoa!" came a voice from the door. It was Kim.

Apparently, the rest of the troop heard the commotion and came to check out what was going on.

Kayla, Kim, and Karen stood staring wide-eyed at me.

"Uhhhhh, mom?" Kayla managed to speak.

"I suspected this. This supports my theory! If the lab results confirm, then I will have to publish!"

"What's going on, mom!?" Kassandra demanded.

"Just like any muscle, using it makes it grow. Normal usage of the male penis results in growth over time. It usually isn't more than an inch over a lifetime and then only with constant use. Lack of use can cause the opposite effect. Dan's adrenaline surge super charges that process. His muscles, including his penis, will continue to grow and become stronger at a greatly accelerated rate each time he enters this state. It's the same reason he exhibited greater strength earlier in tossing the table and Ken & Kam around."

While all the discussion was going on my two beautiful teases were hard at work. They had started to lick the sides of my cock causing further excitement. Their tongues worked along my shaft, touching to mingle with each other on occasion. I wanted them to continue forever! They began to moan and attracted the attention of the others.

"Good," Karen commented on her granddaughters sucking my cock, "It's nice to see some of you are staying focused. I need that sample! And don't contaminate it!" She was fixated on her new case. She hurried back to her office.

Keelie and Kellie continued to give me an amazing blowjob as the others watched. I noticed that they weren't having orgasms. Karen probably knew why. In that moment, I only cared about the two little vixens pleasuring me! Kassandra started to get that look in her eye as she watched the girls work. It was an amazingly erotic site. They really enjoyed cock! And Kellie never stopped massaging my balls and fingering me; her rhythm was steady the whole time. Kassandra finally gave in, dove onto the head of my cock, and tried to get as much of it as possible into her mouth. Kim and Kayla continued to observe from the doorway. Kassandra started to moan loudly as she pushed her mouth down. I had swollen to the point that she could barely get the head into her mouth. She grabbed me with her hand and tried to stuff more of me in her mouth.

A few minutes of this feeding frenzy was all Kayla and Kim could stand. They joined in, each taking a side and licking along with Keelie and Kellie. The moans of lust and the site of them devouring my cock was even more erotic than what I endured the previous day! I was so impressed with Keelie's prowess that I never considered that Kellie would be just as formidable. The two of them were more than I could take, but add in the three beguiling temptresses and I was a lost cause. I started snorting loudly as I felt the pressure build. Kassandra pulled off me and quickly retrieved a small cup from a bag by the door. She removed the lid and hurried back; this was the specimen cup that Karen needed filled.

Kassandra's withdrawal had halted the buildup of pressure, but it was still intense. I started to grunt with pleasure and pain as the pressure held. I needed to release but couldn't. Kassandra got on her knees in front of me with the cup in her hands waiting for the imminent delivery of the desired materials. They were not forthcoming.

Kellie was becoming more vigorous with her efforts and started making little bites along my shaft. The sensation was excruciating in a pleasurable way. It's hard to describe exactly what it was like. She worked her way to my balls and started licking on them. She squeezed around my scrotum so that I was more pronounced and took one of my testicles into her mouth! She sucked lightly causing a sensation I didn't know existed. The fact that this ten-year-old girl was taking me to new sexual places was mind blowing!

Kassandra added to the intensity. She started begging me to cum! Her dirty talk was a new kind of erotic!

"Okay, baby! Cum for me. You like those little girls working your cock, baby? You like the women, too, dontchya?! You wanna cum for me! You need to cum for me! They all want your cum. You wanna watch them lick you clean again, dontchya? You have four women on that big cock and room for more! You want more on your cock?"

The others started moaning and licking more intensely. Kim grabbed toward the end of my cock and started pumping. She squeezed as hard as she could. The pressure was increasing again. I wanted to release but for some reason I still couldn't.

Kellie stopped sucking my balls and looked up at me with those intoxicating green eyes, "I wanna taste your cum!"

Finally! I had to release. She wanted it. I gave it to her. I didn't know if I would ever stop exploding! The force was amazing! Kassandra struggled to get the cup positioned, but it didn't matter as I thoroughly drenched her! The cup was full and overflowing; her face and hair were completely covered; Kim's hand was covered; and I felt like I was never going to stop. They quickly started licking up my fluids like it was the last food on earth and they were starving to death. My cock was quickly cleaned and they began assisting Kassandra in cleaning her face.

I finished my orgasm and theirs started. They each started the familiar shuddering shortly after they started licking up my fluids. Kellie let out a loud, high-pitched squeal as she grabbed my cock and pushed her face into my groin area. Her spasm lasted for quite a while. I began to worry that maybe she was injured and quickly trounced the beast that had done the damage. I watched with concern, unable to assist as she continued to let out short squeaks in time with her convulsions. The others watched her with more lust and pride than concern. This confused me. I knew she was having an orgasm, but for a ten-year-old to act like that was distressing to me. Finally, her condition subsided.

"I never felt the tingling like that before!" Kellie exclaimed.

"I know!" Keelie agreed. "Isn't Uncle Dan awesome?!"

"Yeah!" Kayla agreed.

"Interesting," Karen noted from the doorway, "You didn't consume all of my sample, did you?"

Kassandra held up the overflowing sample bottle. The others eyed it like ravenous wolves.

"Don't even think about it!" Karen warned. She quickly stepped in and took the bottle, licking the excess from around the edges and putting the cap on. One more lick cleared what oozed out from under the lid. She moaned slightly as she stood eying the sample bottle. Then she too gave a familiar spasm.

"Looks like you were right, mom." Kassandra observed.

"Yes! This case is amazing!" Karen patted me on the chest, "You are an amazing man!" She gave me a seductive wink and left with her sample.

"What was she right about?" Kim asked.

Kim and Kayla had been nursing Ken and Kam and missed the briefing that Karen had given Kassandra. I recalled a little of it. I was focusing on the kids and didn't bother to try to listen in. But Kassandra explained it all to them.

"Well, Dan's adrenal over production also has some other hormones mixed in. It is a normal cocktail that runs through the body. But in Dan's case they are so abundant that he secretes them; mostly in his ejaculate. That mix is incredibly potent as well and causes endorphin release when absorbed by women. Women produce it for men and men produce it for women. The effect is usually small and mostly unnoticeable. But not for Dan. His secretions are essentially an intense orgasm producer for women! Orgasms are like and STD that Dan carries! Earlier when we were all startled by the commotion, our own adrenaline acted like an antidote and neutralized the effects. That's why we stopped."

"This just keeps getting better!" Kim noted.

"You really really really suck!" Kayla teased her younger sister. "You have to share! It's in the code!"

I didn't know how I felt about being discussed as if I were a mere object. Was that how women felt when men talked about them sexually? I also understood that they weren't drinking up my sperm like they were starving; it was more like junkies needing a fix of their favorite drug.

"Hey," Kim said and paused to orgasm, "we could sell this! We would make a fortune! I know I would be a good customer!"

"Kim!" Kassandra came to my defense. "Just no!"

"I don't know," Kayla said, "Kim has a point. You could put him out to stud!"

"He is my Dan! We will help him deal with all of this! That's final! I will not reduce him to a drug source for a bunch of orgasm addicts."

"That doesn't include us, right?" Keelie asked.

Kassandra shot her a "really" look.

Keelie ran to my side and wrapped her arms around me and stared Kassandra down, "We love Uncle Dan! You have to let him play with us!"

"Yeah!" Kellie agreed. She was still clinging tightly to my leg and gently stroking my mostly limp but still swollen penis as if it were her favorite pet.

They both shuddered as they held onto me. The two women followed suit, each latching onto me about my shoulders, one on either side.

"Yeah!" Kayla agreed.

Kim pulled her head into my shoulder and shuddered intensely followed by a longing moan.

"Look at all of you! Am I gonna have to beat you off him with a stick?" Kassandra asked facetiously.

My rational mind recognized the playful banter of the group, but I had slipped back into that fog where my actions were dominated by an overpowering need to protect Kassandra. Her remark indicated that she perceived a threat that required physical intervention. I immediately reacted by snapping at the restraints with enough force to shake the wall. The two women jumped off me. Kayla grabbed Kellie, pulled her off me, and yelled at Keelie to get back.

"No!" Keelie yelled at me as she jumped onto me; wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. She put her forehead against mine and stared me in the eye, "You're my superhero! You would never hurt anyone!"

Kassandra rushed alongside her and pulled herself up so that her face was beside Keelie's. "Dan," She said in a calm, loving tone, "it was just playful banter. You remember, right? You like that. It's fun and relieves the stress of the day. Remember?"

I did remember, but I was not in a mindset to take any chance.

"We did this to you," she sounded like she was about to cry, "we will help you! I promise! But you have to let us help you. Please come back to me!"

The wavering sound in her voice pulled at me. Kassandra was distraught! I had to fix it. I had to do anything in my power to fix it! Keelie squeezed me tightly as she put her cheek against mine. I could hear and feel her heartbeat. I remembered that feeling from before. I remembered how Kassandra and Keelie had teased back and forth over me; how much fun they had, how happy they were... I had to make sure they had that all the time. It was an imperative. My rational thoughts worked feverishly against the raw, instinctive force that was driving me. A determined anger welled up in me toward myself. I had to control me! No part of me could be stronger than me! Gradually the fog started to lift and I became more in control. Once I had a good grip, I forced myself back into full control. Kassandra had her head on my shoulder, sniffling back tears.

"With the looks they had in their eyes you might want to try an electric cattle prod!" I said playfully.

"Uncle Dan!" Keelie exclaimed as she gave me a big kiss on the mouth, "You're back!" She hugged me tightly and released me so she went back to a standing position beside me.

Kassandra gave me an affectionate kiss. I melted away.

"I'm so glad you came back to me!"

"I don't know what's going on! I didn't hurt Kam or Ken, did I?"

"They were a little shaken up, but they'll be fine."

I looked at the others; they seemed relieved, but cautious. "I'm sorry," I nearly sobbed.

"We're sorry, too," Kayla said. "We weren't really understanding and sensitive to what you were going through. We are here to support and help you."

"Thank you!"

"Yeah," Kellie said, "Nana will fix you! She's the best doctor in the world!"

"Of that I have no doubt," I agreed. "Can you let me go so I can put my pants back on?"

"I don't know, Dan," Kim responded, "Pants-less is a good look for you!"

"Yeah! That's true!" Keelie confirmed.

"Yeah, pretty much pants-less is the way to go here," Kayla continued the theme.

"But what if we want to pet you again?" Kellie asked.

"Okay! Enough!" Kassandra headed them off. "Of course you can have your pants back as soon as I figure out how to stuff that into them." She pointed to my still swollen member.

Why hadn't it shrunk more? I was beginning to get worried. "Well, if you'll let me go like you promised, I can help with that."

"Uhhhh, well, you see; I only promised to let you go if I thought there was a threat you needed to repel. There is no threat. I need you to stay like that for a little while longer, please." She gave that pout that drives me nuts.

"Okay. But using that sexy little pout on me is not fair! I am complying under protest!" I playfully jabbed back.

She gave a giggle as she patted me on the chest. She worked to pull my pants back up and managed to wedge my problematic member into the leg of my shorts. It was a good thing I liked baggy clothes. The end of my penis dangled out of the leg of my shorts and was clearly visible.

"You know, I take it back," Kim said, "That is an amazing look!"

They all gave nods of agreement. I was just happy to have some covering, even if it wasn't completely effective.

"Mom will be in to check on you and talk to you in a minute. I have to get ready." Kassandra informed me.

"Ready for what?"

"Training. We will help you just like we did yesterday."

"Whatever you say. I will go along as best I can."

They all filed out of the room. Keelie and Kellie ran back in to hug me and get another orgasm in the process. What did Kassandra have in store for me? I was a little worried, but I trusted her.