Down the Rabbit Hole Part 15 - A Caucus Race


I awoke to the feeling of something landing on me. I slowly opened my eyes to see a bright and beautiful smile greeting me. She was lying on me with her arms crossed on my chest; lifting herself up slightly so that she was looking down at my face.

"Hi there, Kit-Kat!" I greeted my guest.

"That's not my name," she pouted.

"Okay, Kitty, why so glum?"

She sat up, pressing her cute little butt onto my groin and crossed her arms at me defiantly.

"Good morning, Katarina! How are you today?" I asked.

The smile returned to her face as she giggled. I think she just liked hearing me say her name. I liked teasing her and called her Kit-Kat since she was old enough to walk. The kids all called her Kitty, which evolved from Kat, which is short for Katarina. I called her Kit-Kat because it was her favorite candy. Maybe it was her favorite because I had been sneaking them to her since she started teething.

This was Ken and Kim's daughter; the one Kim was pregnant with when they came to the city to celebrate Kalli's birthday on the roof. She was an entirely lovely creature. She had her mom's attitude and athleticism. She was brilliant for her age and loved to mentally joust with anyone who would engage her. I was a sucker for that and we sparred a lot, at least before I fell into depression. She had long, dark blonde hair and was a little on the tall side for a ten year old. From the sound of things, she was going to have her mother's husky voice. She already sounded like an adult! But her most striking feature was her eyes. Somehow, her mom's deep brown eyes and her dad's bright green eyes had combined to form gold! Yes, her eyes were practically golden. She was amazing to look at. Her gaze was magnetic and anyone she engaged was locked into those eyes until she decided to release them.

"I'm fine, Uncle Dan! How are you?" she responded as if the previous pouting had never occurred.

"I'm fine. Did you come to get me for breakfast? What are we having?"

She smiled mischievously as she reached behind her and produced a Kit-Kat. She grinned and bit her bottom lip as she flirtatiously dangled it in front of her for a second and casually dropped it on my chest.

I chuckled as I picked it up and briefly inspected it. "I'm going to need something a bit more substantial than this," I said.

She looked me in the eye as she raked the fingers of her left hand through her hair, pushing it to the right side of her head and smiled warmly at me. Oh, yeah, she was left handed just like her mom!

Crap! Why am I always so slow with them!? She was ten! She played with her hair while making eye contact! She had that little turn in the corner of her mouth when she smiled! I glanced behind her and noticed that she had shut the door. I had left the bedroom door open since the depression incident. I was afraid of losing touch with the people around me and falling down that pit again. But now I was trapped. I was going to be her first and that was going to happen now. I bet I was going to be required to 'go Dan' on her, thus I would be having her, Kit-Kat, for breakfast. Clever girl!

I looked into those exotic eyes and tried to recover the situation. "So," I said cautiously, "how is this going down?"

"Yes! Great minds do think alike!" she said.

Yup, I blew it again! Maybe my subconscious was messing with me. My interactions with them seemed to be one "Freudian slip" after another, possibly because deep down I wanted to give them ammunition to flirt with. She immediately threw the covers off me and dove for my shorts.

"Be gentle with me! I'm really more fragile than you might think," I implored.

She giggled but took on a more serious tone when she saw the look on my face. I cared deeply for her and didn't want things to get out of hand. This was very serious for me. It had to be done right, not just a hormonal gratification! Kristi was much older and capable of more both physically and emotionally, so I let her go wild. Kitty was a different matter.

"Awww, Uncle Dan," she said as she came back up to her position on my chest, "I love you and would never do anything to hurt you emotionally. You're my favorite uncle! That's why I want you to be my first. I know you are still a little sad. I want to make you feel better."

With her tender and loving statement, I became completely compliant. I was hers to do with what she wanted. But, then again, she did specify 'emotionally' leaving the prospect of physical pain on the table. They were so devious, even at ten years old! She returned to her task of gaining access to my manhood. I shifted to assist her in dispatching my shorts. I was completely naked and ready for her.

Kitty shifted so that she was between my legs looking up at me. I had pulled myself up on my pillows so my head and shoulders were elevated and could keep watch on her. She took my penis in her hand and smiled at me, keeping eye contact the whole time. She started stroking me gently; causing my penis to continue the process it had begun when she pressed her little butt against it and crossed her arms at me. I wondered if she knew how sexy she was when she pouted like that. Probably so. Seeing those golden eyes sparkling at me from behind my enlarging penis was amazing! Once I was rigid enough to stand on my own she pushed me forward and gave me a long slow lick starting on my balls and going all the way to the top with her tongue softly flattened against me. The feeling was blissful! She paid close attention to the sensitive cleft and circled the top several times, depositing large amounts of saliva. Her technique was perfect! It was almost as if she had studied what I liked and practiced it. That idea stuck with me. What if they studied me and discussed me in that capacity? I know they talked about me, but could it go further than just sharing "war stories?"

But there was this amazingly beautiful ten year old with glowing golden eyes staring at me as she licked the head of my cock. She stopped to smile at me.

"See?" she asked. "Doesn’t that feel nice?"

I nodded.

"It's making your cock really hard! You're a lot bigger than daddy!"

She returned to her activity, becoming more vigorous until it looked like she was trying to push me all the way down her throat. I knew she wouldn't be able to complete that maneuver, but it seemed okay to let her try. She pulled off with a gasp.

"I want you to cum for me!" she enthusiastically demanded. "I want your load in my little mouth!"

Wow! Her delivery was inspiring. It didn't matter what I wanted, I was going to explode into her mouth and it was going to happen soon.

"Don't you want to cum for me?" she asked rhetorically as she stroked my cock.

I nodded and gave a snort and she was driving me to full erection.

"Goodie! I want your cock as big as possible! Show me how much you like me," she purred.

I liked her a lot! I let myself go free, building to full engorged erection as she moaned with my cock in her mouth. It was becoming difficult for her to suck on me fully. She pulled back so that just the tip remained in her wonderful, warm, wet mouth. I could feel her tongue probing the slit in the end of my penis as she sucked me. She pulled back, never breaking eye contact, so that I could see her tongue drilling into the end of my cock. She was stroking me hard with both hands, pleading at me with those magnificent eyes to deliver the treat she wanted so badly.

I couldn't handle the pressure any longer and obliged her. I arched my back and moaned as she quickly clamped her mouth over me. The blast took her by surprise but she held firm, greedily swallowing as fast as she could. In the end, she couldn't keep up and had to relent to the volume I was producing. My cock was soon covered with cum as it slowly dripped down my shaft. Kitty had a glob dangling from her chin which she quickly caught with her finger and deposited in her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned, "You do taste good!"

She barely finished making her statement when the effects of the drug kicked in. She squeaked as the orgasm hit her. Her head flew about wildly as she clamped down on my cock with her hands. Her hair thrashed about and she gave a loud cry of release. Her orgasm subsided and she regarded me with a hungry look in her eyes. Her chest was heaving as she breathed heavily, like a tigress about to pounce on her prey. And she pounced! She quickly devoured the remaining cum, licking me completely clean, and continued sucking on my cock as if trying to get even more. If she continued like that she would definitely get more! She had to stop as she shuddered violently with another orgasmic wave.

"Wow! The stories don't do it justice!" she proclaimed.

She lustily stroked me for about 30 seconds or so, keeping me completely rigid.

"Are you ready for my pussy?" she asked.

I believed it to be a rhetorical question. I nodded.

She stood and quickly disrobed. Her tender body was covered in goosebumps. Her clit was standing out of its home eager to engage my cock. She stood there for a moment, looking me over. She seemed a little incredulous that the event was about to take place. Her tiny vagina was beginning to show signs of wetness but she was showing signs of doubt.

"Ohhhh!" she moaned in frustration, "It will never fit in my tiny pussy! But I want it so bad!"

She was not helping that situation! She stood there staring at my cock. Her breathing became more and more determined. She looked me in the eye with a passion and determination that I found quite impressive for a woman of any age.

"I'm going to get your cock inside me if it takes all day!" she proclaimed.

I was willing to make that sacrifice for her. I was starting to get hungry, but not enough to distract me from the incredible little vixen that stood before me with her pussy about to drip onto me.

"I know!" she had an epiphany. "You can 'go Dan' on me and work my pussy to make it wetter and bigger! Then I can take you!"

It was worth a shot! I was finding it more and more difficult to not grab her and bury my face in her delightfully wet pussy. I could smell her pungent aroma and imagined how sweet her nectar was. I wanted that little pussy on my mouth! She repositioned so that she stood above me, a glistening drop of dew about to fall on my face. I wanted it badly!

"Do you like my pussy?" she said as she slightly parted her legs and reached between them.

She used her fingers to spread her lips and display her glorious pink trough to me. This caused her dew to drop. She had perfect aim as it landed in my eager mouth. She was indeed sweet! I wanted more!

"Remember to work my pussy so it can take your cock," she ordered.

I eagerly complied! As I reached the stage where I solely focused on her magnificent clit with my mouth I started to work on her pussy as ordered. Her back arched and she moaned as I inserted the first finger. After a moment of loosening the tight little hole, I was able to insert another finger, and a moment later, I managed a third finger. I then applied the other hand to task. I inserted the index finger of each hand and started working them apart, remembering to growl and vibrate her hard clit. She pushed back onto me as I worked to widen her. Her body convulsed as pressure continued to build. I managed to get two fingers from each hand into her pussy and pull it apart gently. The even pressure caused it to open as she squealed. Finally, she couldn't take any more and released her precious juices. I had to move quickly; her open pussy sent a deluge of precious juices at me and my hands were in the way. I managed to intercept the first pulse after it had started and contained the subsequent five. She was really cumming hard!

Kitty collapsed onto my chest and continued her orgasm. Like all her predecessors, her pussy pulsed open as her orgasmic spasms hit, beckoning me to enter it.

She slowly recovered from the massive orgasm and spun around to face me.

"That was amazing!" she squealed. "You really do have super powers! I bet my pussy can take you now! So, do you want in my pussy?"

I nodded. I was determined to make this work for her.

"Goodie!" They all seemed to use that same term. I found that curious.

Kitty slid her pretty little body up so that she released my cock. She had trapped it beneath her as she spun around. Her face was directly in line with mine before she moved enough to clear me. She stopped, her eyes softened for a moment, and then she gave me a warm, tender kiss. My heart melted. She slid up a little more and my cock sprang free. She moved back to align it with her properly lubed and open pussy. Even after all of that effort, it still took quite a bit of force on her part and a huge amount of concentration on mine to accomplish entry. She shuddered in orgasm as her pussy snapped around the head of my cock.

She continued on her journey until she reached a point where she could go no more. She hadn't made it to her wall. The tightness and wetness had caused me to become more excited and I swelled to an impassible point. I had to concentrate! Eventually we were able to continue until she met her true limit (for now, at least!). She shuddered and gasped as she orgasmed again; her pussy clamped down on me pretty hard. This was a danger zone. She was in control, but if she didn't start stroking me, we would most likely knot up.

After a brief pause, she began to massage my cock. Her pussy loosened slightly and my fears were dispelled. I was enthralled by this rare and exotic creature that was making love to me. Her eyes burrowed into my soul. Her chest heaved with each penetration as she increased her pace. She managed to start slamming against her wall causing intense orgasms as she went. She reached a state of complete lust.

"Fill me up! Cum in my hot little pussy!" she cried as she orgasmed.

I obliged her request. My own pressure was at an extreme level and I doubted I could go any longer. I pumped into her until I felt our combined juices flowing down my shaft and onto my stomach and groin. Kitty shuddered and convulsed, yelping like a little puppy calling for its mother with each pulse of her body wrenching orgasm. I finally stopped erupting but I didn't seem to be able to stop pulsing. It was as if I was connected to her own orgasms! We lay there until our passion subsided enough for her to dismount me, or at least begin the process. It took her five orgasms to completely extract me from her amazing pussy. She quickly dove onto my cock and greedily cleaned up the precious substance. The yelping sound she made was absolutely adorable.

Kitty looked at me with this completely satisfied look on her face. She climbed up beside me and lay her head on my shoulder in a warm embrace. We remained like that for a few minutes.

"That was amazing and magical and I never thought it could ever be like that!" she finally said.

I just smiled warmly at her and lost myself in her beautiful eyes.

"Uncle Dan, what variation of 'going Dan' was that?" she asked. "It was totally amazing!"

"I don't know Kit-Kat. It's the first time I've ever done it like that. I made it up because you asked me to."

"Wow! I'm the first to ever get that!?"


"What are you going to call it?"

"Well, I don't name this stuff. It just sort of gets labeled for reference somehow. Keelie was the one who originally coined the term 'going Dan' and I don't know where all the other terms came from. I think your mom came up with the 'Craftsman variation'."

"Yeah, that's why she likes buying dad power tools all the time." She paused in thought for a moment. "Wait! Does that mean I get to name it!?"

"Sure! Why not!" I smiled at her excitement. "We could name it after you! How about the 'Kit-Kat variation?'" I recommended.

She giggled, "I like that!" So that's where the Kit-Kat variation was invented.

We finally managed to get up and dressed. I was starving! Kitty was so excited that she barely had her shirt on before she rushed out of the room. I followed, headed for the kitchen and some food! When I emerged from the hallway Kitty was already in her mother's lap spilling the beans on what happened in her first time. Kim sat listening with a happy smile, obviously pleased with her daughter's excitement. I stayed slightly tuned in as I raided the fridge. Keelie and Kalli were sitting at the table drinking coffee, also listening to the report.

"...and he said I could name it since it was the first time he had ever done it that way! So we decided to call it the 'Kit-Kat variation!'..." Kitty's report was all one long stream but at that point Kim interrupted.

"What! You what!"

I froze. Abject terror swept through me. Had I screwed up?

"Dan!" Kim commanded from the living room. "Get in here!"

Kalli and Kassie sipped their coffee nonchalantly as I walked past. I looked at them pleading for rescue. They were unfazed. I stood sheepishly before Kim and Kitty, holding my box of frozen waffles and gallon of milk.

"You named a variation of 'going Dan' after my daughter?"

"Uhhhhhhh... well...."

"Then I have to be next to make sure it is worthy of that name!" Kim eyed me lustfully. "Eat your waffles and use plenty of syrup, you're gonna need the energy!"

I turned to my two lovely handlers who had shown only casual interest in the proceedings to that point.

"Well," Kalli finally spoke, "I'm his daughter! I think I should get to go next!"

"No!" Keelie chimed in, "I'm his doctor. I need to assess the emotional impact of this. I have to go next... for... medical reasons!"

So this is how it's going to be? I ate the whole box of waffles! Well, except for the two I gave Kit-Kat. All those orgasms and squirting makes them pretty hungry, too.

I barely had time for my breakfast to settle before I was back at work. The order was decided by Kitty. She picked her mom to go first. Keelie said that she would simply observe and Kalli could go second. Keelie not participating concerned me a little, but it made me feel good at the same time. Keelie was a wonderful friend, doctor, and niece. If she wanted to keep sexual contact out of our relationship, I was okay with it. My former lab assistant graded me with all A+'s for each experiment. I smiled at her, probably a big goofy smile, with my cum soaked face. She smiled back and even giggled a little. Kim approved the variation being named after her daughter. She said she was both proud and jealous at the same time.

We reminisced over lunch about our little adventure with the 'going Dan' advanced class. Kim mentioned how she wanted to string both of us up at first but then she got over it. That led to even more stories. Kitty sat and listened to all the stories of those old adventures. She loved the practical joke where Kalli tricked everyone and was about to make them give the pony ice-cream.

With the long lunch concluded, my lovely doctor took me aside.

"I need a really big favor from you."

This sounded serious. "I will do what I can, you know that," I responded.

"Good. This afternoon we need to help Keiko and Kiki."

Keiko was the Japanese bride of Kalvin, another cousin. He was a marine and met her when he was stationed in Japan. She was a martial arts instructor and personal trainer. She had been working for Kim ever since Kal was killed in action in Iraq two years ago. Kiki was their daughter. She was about nine years old. The family was fiercely loyal and always looked after each other, that included spouses that married into the family such as me. There was no way I could refuse to help.

I found out that the help I was going to give was in the anatomy portion of Kiki's training. I agreed only if Keelie would be there as well. Those terms were acceptable.

We arrived around four, just after Keiko arrived home from work. Kiki stayed with Karl and Karla, who lived across the street, while Keiko was at work. Yes, they were family. Keiko was an amazing woman. She was probably the shortest member of the family, but she was all business. I had seen her take down men twice her size with ease.

"Hi!" Keiko greeted us. She had almost no accent. Not unlike the women, the men chose the alpha of alpha females, brilliant and powerful. "I'm so glad you could help us, Dan. It has been really hard without her father around."

My heart broke.

"Oh, by the way," Keiko continued, "Kiki has not been able to stop watching your video since she lost her dad."

Did they issue copies to the girls at birth!?

"I noticed you have a lot... well... more than a lot of power, but your form is clunky and you were a little slow. Maybe you could come by for some special training while you're in town," she smiled and adjusted her silky black hair.

Whoa! Man! Was it open season on me?! Fortunately, Keelie came to my rescue this time.

"Well, maybe later. I'm still keeping an eye on his recovery. He got into a pretty bad way last year."

"Yes. I'm so sorry about Kassie," Keiko said.

"I'm sorry about Kal. I really know how you feel."

"I know you do."

We had bonded on a common sorrow. I admired her strength. She had a lot more courage than I did. She was even about to start her own dojo!

"Is it okay if Keelie helps? She helped with Kalli and I would feel better if she were keeping me straight."

"Sure! Having a brilliant psychiatrist and a legend helping me! I'm honored!"

"Uhhhhh.... legend?"

They laughed. "You are exactly as described; completely, adorably, honestly modest!" Keiko informed me.

Okay. Time to just accept and move on.

"Kiki doesn't know you are coming. I wanted it to be a surprise." Keiko informed us.

I had only met Keiko and Kal a few times; the last was when Kiki was two years old. I had no idea what awaited me. Keiko called for Kiki to come out and meet the guests. The lovely image that stood before us was... well I had learned to expect lovely women in this family, but she was not like the others. She was almost as tall as her mother was at only nine. That was the only trait that she had in common with her cousins. Her hair was like black strands of obsidian, shimmering in the light. Her eyes were dark green and her skin was like porcelain, creating an incredible contrast with her hair. Her lips were full and a delicate pink without any makeup. She was a very lovely girl!

She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me. I felt a little awkward at her reaction. I tried to keep my composure and smiled warmly at her.

"It's you!" she squealed. "I can't believe it's really you!"

"Uhhh, yeah, I guess it is," I smiled sheepishly.

"Wow! You really are adorable; just like they say!" Kiki observed.

"Do you recognize her?" I asked, pointing to Keelie.

Kiki reluctantly looked over at Keelie. Her jaw dropped, "Oh my god! Keelie! Wow! I can't believe both of you are here! You are so brave to have stood between him and those men! He could have crushed you without even thinking. You guys are amazing!"

She seemed to be on the verge of a spastic episode she was so excited by our celebrity presence.

"Your dad was braver and stronger than either of us. He stood between us and a lot worse than me or those bikers," I said, trying to hold back tears.

She looked at me for a second. I started to think I had really screwed up. Just when I was about to start profusely apologizing she ran over and hugged me, sniffing back her tears.

"Thank you!" she said.

Keiko shed a few tears of her own. Kiki released me and gave Keelie a big hug as well. Keelie was almost a fountain at that point. She always was a softie!

"So," Keiko spoke up, moving us along, "I have another surprise for you, Kiki."

"What is it? It can't be bigger than this!"

"Dan and Keelie have agreed to help us with our classes today."

Kiki froze with a look of total disbelief on her face. "You're kidding, right?"

Keiko only smiled at her.

"No way!" she squealed.

"So," Keiko addressed us, "can we do the first lesson, then I can make us dinner, and then do the second lesson before it gets too late?"

"That sounds good to me," I said.

"Sure!" Keelie agreed.

"Yay!" Kiki exclaimed as she bolted to her room.

"I am so thankful for this training," Keiko admitted as we went to Kiki's room. "I wish I had something like this when I was growing up. Japanese culture can be harsh to girls. The whole reason I went into martial arts was because a very bad experience when I was little."

My heart went out to her. I remembered all of my misgivings when I first learned of the training, but now, hearing Keiko's testimony, it seemed perfectly legitimate and alleviated some of my nervousness and awkwardness. I was ready to help Kiki! She was sitting eagerly on her bed when we entered.

"How much are we going to cover today?" she enthusiastically asked.

"Well," Keiko answered, "As much as Keelie and Dan think is acceptable."

Without Kal they were on an abbreviated schedule with the training. Some things had moved ahead and some things had fallen behind. The instruction on anatomy and control through pleasure were behind. That was what we were going to help with. I was comfortable with whatever Keelie thought I could handle.

"Let's go until we get to good stopping points," Keelie recommended. Keiko agreed.

"Okay," Keiko began, "Kiki, this is the basic anatomy lesson. Are you ready?"

"Yes!" she exclaimed. She looked me in the eye and pulled her hair onto her shoulder as she stroked it. Was that something they learned or was that a trait all women had and I am just now noticing it?

"Please undress and lie on the bed," Kiki instructed.

I did as instructed. They observed me with wide eyes as I walked over a lay on the bed in the standard position. Both Kiki and Keiko were locked in on my penis. I looked to Keelie who looked me in the eye; a proud grin plastered across her face.

Keelie paused for a moment before giving me a sexy wink, "It's not something you see every day. It takes a minute to get used to it," she explained. I don't know if she was explaining to me or them.

"Wow!" Kiki finally spoke, "It's bigger than the pictures!"

I had heard that before.

"The stories do not do it justice!" Keiko admitted. "Now, Kiki, this is not a normal specimen. You are very fortunate to be able to examine this."

"Yes, ma'am." Kiki acknowledged. She climbed between my legs much the same way Kalli had and took my penis in her hand. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle with you," she smiled warmly.

Kiki lifted my penis and examined it closely. She used her other hand to lift my scrotum and examine my testicles as well. This seemed pretty standard to me. She began to lightly squeeze me and stroke me. Seeing this exotic young girl stroking my penis was very pleasing. Her smile was infectious and she never really seemed to be without it. I began to swell. That seemed to amaze her. She seemed pleased that she could excite me to erection. I just relaxed and focused on her beautiful face; watching her eyes as my cock grew to normal rigidity. She was so peaceful and demur that I don't know if she could have taken me to a fully enraged state. Keiko, on the other hand, could have totally took all I had to offer, judging by the look in her eye.

"It works just like the lessons said!" Kiki said. "How big will it get?"

"Well," Keelie answered; Keiko was not really responsive at that point, "We don't know how big he can actually get. We know he can get much bigger than that, but I don't think we have ever taken him to full size. That might be bad for him and us. Someone could get hurt."

"Wow! Can it really lift a grown woman?"

"Yes, but that is getting to a dangerous level and we won't go that far in our lessons."

"Ahhh nuts!... But what if you did it?... just so we could see!"

"Let's just stick to the lesson, okay?" Keelie gently kept things on track.

I was beginning to get more excited by Kiki's begging. She seemed so innocent but she was begging for my cock. I grew a little more. I was beginning to become blood/brain deficient and hoped that Keelie could keep things in check. The pressure was starting to build as Kiki squeezed harder and increased her stroking.

"How much does he cum?" Kiki asked.

"Yeah," Keiko chimed in, "does that exceed the stories, too?"

"Well, it depends on the situation," Keelie explained. "Just like with any man, the more you tease and the longer you stroke him, the more he produces. On the extreme end, it is pretty awe inspiring. But we won't go there today."

"What about the effects?" Kiki asked.

"That is true. And the more excited he gets, the stronger the effect," Keelie explained.

I was nearing critical mass as Kiki's stroking became more vigorous as the conversation progressed and her excitement grew. I started inhaling sharply as the surges of adrenaline started kicking in. I felt myself grow a little more.

"Wow!" Kiki exclaimed, "I can't hold it with one hand anymore!" She took me in both hands and pumped vigorously.

"He's about ready to erupt!" Keelie warned.

A few more strokes and I released. It wasn't a fully engorged flow, but it felt like a lot as I pumped my fluids all over my cock and Kiki's hands. She continued stroking as if trying to make as much come out as possible. When I had finished she gently stroked me; admiring what she had accomplished.

"Can I taste it?"

"Well," Keelie answered, "You are nine now. But I will leave it up to your mother."

Keiko eyed the precious drug. She had heard about it but had never experienced it. "Why don't we both taste it?" Keiko offered.

"Sure!" Kiki agreed.

They tentatively touched their tongues to my cum coated cock. A few small tastes and they were both hooked.

"It is really good!" Kiki reported.

"Mmmmm, yes it is!" Keiko agreed.

The two of them carefully lapped up all of my cum. Just as they were finishing the drug started taking effect. Kiki seemed surprised by the surge of endorphins that raced to her brain. She started convulsing, clamping her grip tightly on my cock; she had not released it except to lick the cum from her fingers. Keiko was almost in the same state, but she seemed more familiar with what she was feeling. The two of them squealed and shook their heads and orgasms overtook them. They eventually regained control.

"Wow, I didn't believe it, but it really is better than normal orgasms." Keiko said.

"I never felt it that hard before!" Kiki joyously reported.

"Well, we need to get him some fluids and some food if we are going to have another lesson."

"Oh, yes! I'm sorry. I was... distracted." Keiko said.

"I understand," Keelie graciously replied. "Why don't you let Dan and I help with dinner? You might not want to be handling sharp objects for a while."

"Does this really last for two days!" Keiko asked, and immediately experienced another orgasm.

"Give or take," Keelie confirmed.

"I think you may be right," Keiko agreed after her orgasm subsided. "Sharp objects may be problematic for a while. I would appreciate the help."

We cleaned up and I got dressed. We helped Keiko prepare the dinner she had planned. It was a special Japanese steak recipe that was amazingly good. She said it had been in her family for several generations. We talked a little during dinner about general happenings and how they were getting along. They were still adjusting to not having Kal around. I understood that all too well. When we finished eating Kiki loaded the video and asked if I would tell her about it as we watched. They were enthralled with my account of what it felt like to have that power surging through me and what it felt like when it left.

The situation became awkward when Kiki asked, "What's Keelie saying?"

No one had ever pushed that before, which was somewhat odd now that I thought about it. Kiki was just an inquisitive nine-year-old who wanted to know what was happening.

"Well," I responded, remembering the confidentiality agreement I had with Keelie and not sure if it extended to that situation, "I was a little foggy at that time. I remember 'please stop' and 'this is not what superheroes do' and I remember her crying but the rest is a little blurry. It was a pretty exciting event. I don't know if Keelie even remembers." I left Keelie an out if she did not want to disclose anything.

"I remember holding on as tight as I could. It was like trying to squeeze an oak tree. I wasn't really saying anything so much as letting him know that I was there and wasn't going away. He wanted to put me down and go after the biker. He was determined to get him through that truck because Kalli told him to do it."

"Yeah, but you ruined the joke the next day!" I tried to switch to something less awkward. Keelie seemed relieved.

Keelie told them about the practical joke that Kalli and I pulled on the others the day after "the incident." Kiki couldn't stop laughing. That was one of our better jokes. I never did find out what Kassie did with the twenty dollars. Keelie held her mom to the deal and she and Kalli got their boots, though.

Once everything had settled down, we adjourned to the second half of training. This was about pleasure and control. Keelie recommended that Keiko demonstrate and she would explain to Kiki and answer questions. Keiko was in full agreement of that arrangement. I think she just wanted to get her hands on me!

Keiko's technique was flawless as she engulfed me in her mouth. She was almost as adept as Kendra and nearly took my full length down her throat. Of course, that was only about three quarters of full size. Those exotic Asian eyes locked in on me were arousing and tantalizing. She was really getting into her work!

Keelie explained about the eye contact, winking, and smiling and how men like to feel sexually attractive. She also noted that my size had almost increased to fully engorged due to Keiko's masterful work and her energy. She told Kiki that good men like to know that women gain sexual pleasure from them. They want women to have as much pleasure as possible and are aroused by the woman's sexual desire and excitement. By the end of the explanation, I was fully aroused. I was starting to feel the pain from the pressure in my cock. Keiko paused to take in what she had accomplished.

"You are more magnificent than the stories!" she complimented me.

I gave a slow nod.

Keelie explained about the blood/brain relationship and how when the man was experiencing full pleasure he was not able to think clearly or at all.

"Well, as big as it is, it probably takes most of his blood to fill it!" Kiki observed.

I had heard that before.

I finally erupted just as Keelie had explained all that the lesson called for. Keiko tried valiantly to contain the flow but was unable. It coated her face and got into her beautiful black hair. The contrast was mesmerizing. Kiki quickly dove in to help her mother clean up every drop. Kiki even licked all she could from her mother’s face! They went into very hard orgasms, and were nearly breathless when they recovered.

"So," Keelie said, "you may have noticed that the orgasm effect gets more intense the more excited he gets. Also, it has been known to be addictive, so you probably shouldn't have any more for a while."

"Awww, nuts!" Kiki exclaimed.

We cleaned up and got ready to go home. It was getting a late and they were swamped by the orgasms, so Keelie and I decided to leave. Kiki yelled for us to wait as we went out the door. She ran up, hugged Keelie, and told her thank you and then she hugged me. I bent down so she could hug my neck and picked her up and swung her as I hugged her back. She orgasmed again. I gently set her back down when I felt she could stand.

"Kiki, you are a beautiful, brilliant, strong little girl and I have no doubt that you will grow up to be an amazing, alluring, powerful woman just like your mom." I mussed her hair and she repaid me with that gorgeous smile.

"Remember, my dojo opens next month if you want to come down for some... special training," Keiko offered.

"We'll come by before we go back to the city to see how things are going and maybe help with another lesson if you need us," Keelie quickly diffused the flirting.

The ride home was awkwardly silent until Keelie finally spoke, "You enjoy their flirting, don't you?" Her tone seemed a bit off to me; almost like she was jealous.

"A little, when it is general, light hearted, ribbing and innuendo. The aggressive overtures are a little uncomfortable." I explained. "It makes me feel awkward."

"Hmmmmm" she mused and said nothing else.

Maybe I was having an actual psychological assessment. Although I think that had been constant for the last year.

"I do remember what you said to me that day," I confessed. "I mean, I didn't lie, it was blurry, but I know what you said. I just figured I would leave it up to you if you wanted to tell anyone. They probably wouldn't understand, though, given the history of it. I just wanted to make sure I honored our agreement."

"I was twelve when we made that agreement," she observed with a pleasant smile. I loved it when she smiled like that!

"It was permanent. I will always honor it. I never go back on a promise. I didn't even tell Kassie. I did hint that she should talk to you about how she felt about her training once I learned that you two had similar feelings."

"That was you! I should have known!" she seemed elated. A small tear ran down her cheek. "That talk with Kassie was the most reassuring and strengthening moment of my life. It meant so much to me. That and you being my first are everything to me! Without you I would probably have self-destructed a long time ago." She paused. "I remember what I said to you. I want that to be between us. It was the only part of that incident that was just for us and no one else. I want to keep it that way."

"I understand," I gave a reassuring smile.

"Thank you!" she smiled that sexy smile and softly put her hand on the side of my face. Her touch sent chills through me. I was not expecting that! I struggled to control the car.

The drive home was almost an hour; Keiko lived on the other side of town. Somehow, it didn't seem that long, though. I felt closer to Keelie than ever. She was my best friend! Our little talk had lifted some anxiety from me that I didn't know I had and I was feeling a little mischievous, so I felt like some turnabout was in order. When we got out of the car, I made my move.

"Oh, by the way, I will take payment for this favor tomorrow," I said with the most devious grin I could muster.

"Payment?" Keelie looked at me quizzically. "Uhhhhhh..."

"You really are adorable when you get like that! Surely you didn't make a deal without negotiating terms first," I teased. "After all, I learned this from you."

She stood there staring at me with an incredulous look on her face, her lovely mouth slightly agape. There was more satisfaction in being on this side of the deal than I thought there would be! Of course, it was my first time.

"So, I'll talk to you about it tomorrow. I'm tired. I need to hit the sack!" I tried to walk away as casually as I could, straining to keep from bursting out laughing. This was going to be a good one!

I had a good night's sleep.

The next morning when I awoke I found myself surrounded. They were heavily armed with bright green eyes, auburn hair, full lips formed into mischievous smiles, budding eleven year old tits, and long athletic legs attached to tight bubble butts. My chance of escape was practically zero. I was hopelessly outmatched. The twins had arrived! I should have known to expect a visit from them. These were the granddaughters of Karen's younger brother Kenneth. They looked a lot like their mom, Kristina, who was an incredibly sexy woman! I first met them at Kalli's eighteenth birthday celebration. The fame of the video had brought in family from the far reaches of the country. They actually lived in another state and had ventured more than a day's drive to get here.

I was under no delusion regarding what was about to happen. Another recipe for goose was about to be written! The co-authors' names were Khloe and Khleo.

"Good morning!" came their greeting in unison.

The lustful moan in their voices and the sexual hunger in their eyes both frightened and excited me. I began to swell almost immediately. This did not escape their attention.

"Look, Khleo! He likes us!"

"I see! We like you too!" Khleo said as they seductively climbed into bed with me.

The thing that went through my mind at that point was whether I had remembered to update my will. They continued their onslaught.

"Let's take a look, Khloe!"

"Yes, I think we should!"

They quickly dispatched the covers and my shorts. Before I could utter a grunt of protest, they had me completely naked and were holding my nearly stiff cock eying it lustfully. They both stroked me together. It was a mind blowing display. I felt like I was in some sort of dream state. My cock felt like it was in heaven! It swelled rapidly, much to the delight of its captors.

I had been with more than one woman at the same time before and under highly erotic circumstances, but these twins were something totally new and it was really messing with me! Keelie and Kassie were like twins, but they were also individuals with differences. These two were identical and they seemed to really enjoy that fact.

"That's a really big cock!" Khleo exclaimed as I neared a fully enraged state.

"I know, Khleo, it's really Amazing!"

They continued massaging me, ensuring I would be as hard as possible. They leaned in simultaneously to lick the distended head of my cock, which was starting to feel pain from the internal pressure. They licked up and down my shaft in alternating strokes, taking turns sucking me into their throats. One would release and start down the shaft as the other slowly came up and so the pattern went similar to Keelie and Kellie during the anime skit. I was building pressure rapidly.

"Mmmmmmmmm, that cock tastes good!" Khloe observed.

"Yes it does! I hear his cum tastes even better!"

"We have to try it!"

They increased their drooling as they went up and down my cock until I was drenched. Their lustful moans grew louder and their actions more vigorous as they worked to release the tremendous pressure they had caused. It finally reached critical levels and I released onto their faces, hands, hair, my cock, in their mouths, and onto my groin and abdomen. It was quite a load! They had outdone themselves. I watched as they began to consume all of the precious elixir. I wondered for an instant if they were aware of the effects, but I realized that it seemed to have grown to urban legend status. They worked so fast that they had me cleaned before the effects took hold of them. They started licking each other's faces moving to passionate kissing as they finished with each other. It was then that the orgasms hit. They grabbed each other by the hair pulling their kiss tighter as they squealed and convulsed with a shared orgasm that caused the bed to vibrate! Their erotic display nearly made me launch another load! Needless to say, I was ready to go again!

Once their orgasms subsided, they released and focused on my throbbing cock.

"Wow! It's true!" Khleo stated.

"Yeah! Now we have to have it in our pussies!"

"But how? Look at that thing! It just keeps getting bigger! It's as big as our arms!"

"I know what we can do!" Khloe announced.


"He could do the Kit-Kat variation! Then we would fit just fine!"

What! That barely happened twenty-four hours ago! How fast was this sexual network? These women seemed to know every sexual encounter any of them made within minutes of it occurring! Or maybe they just shared the significant events. Maybe they were talking with Kitty yesterday. Maybe I was about to apply the Kit-Kay variation... well that was a certainty! My two temptresses eased up on either side of me and leaned in to whisper in my ears.

"We need you to 'go Dan' on us with the Kit-Kat variation," Khleo whispered in my right ear.

"It will help us get your massive cock in our itty-bitty pussies," Khloe whispered in my left ear.

I was gone! I wanted to grab them and go to work right then! That damn training kept me in position!

"You'll love Khloe's pussy. It tastes amazing!" Khleo whispered.

"You'll love Khleo's pussy. It tastes wonderful!" Khloe whispered.

The imagery that statement evoked in my mind, each of them tasting the other's pussy, drove me to the brink of insanity. These two might just finish me for good!

"Why don't you go first, Khleo? I'll play with his cock!"

"Okay, Khloe! Thanks!"

The two of them quickly disrobed. I had one on each side, standing on their knees with their little pussies clearly dripping wet. I had been inhaling their intoxicating scents for a few minutes but removing their clothes gave full access to them. I inhaled deeply, enjoying their fragrances.

"Do you wanna taste my pussy?" Khleo asked.

I nodded.


Khleo turned and slowly lowered her beautiful pussy onto my mouth. I grabbed her lovely bubble butt and pulled her to the appropriate position. Khloe started stroking and licking my cock. I was in heaven! I went through the procedure; her pussy really was tight and took extra attention to loosen! She started to squeal as the pressure built. She arched her back indicating that she was about to release. Khloe abandoned my cock and moved around to see what was causing her sister so much pleasure. Khleo released just as her sister arrived. I intentionally let some of the spray land on Khloe's face. Her eyes were wide as she watched her sister cum in my mouth.

"Wow! I didn't know you could squirt, Khleo!" She seemed both thrilled and impressed at her sister's accomplishment.

Khloe shuddered in orgasm as her sister lay on my chest still convulsing uncontrollably. Her newly stretched pussy pulsed open with each wave of orgasmic energy. Khleo observed until her sister settled down.

"You have got to try that!" Khleo reported as she shuffled off me making room for Khloe.

"You look like you're still hungry!" Khloe observed as she stared me down. "You want me to cum in your mouth, too?"

I nodded - Hell yes! Oh, and she was right, her sister tasted wonderful! Khleo wasted no time in wiggling her pretty little pussy into position over my mouth. I wasted no time in grabbing that perky little ass and pulling it onto my face. I felt Khleo's warm mouth surround my cock as I started performing the Kit-Kat variation on her sister. The process and the results were almost identical. Her pussy was incredibly tight to start with but was open and very well lubed when we were done. Khleo was equally amazed with her sister's squirting orgasm as her sister was with hers.

"This just keeps getting better!" Khloe exclaimed once her orgasm subsided. "He is much better in real life than the stories!"

"Yes he is! Let's fuck him!"

With that, Khleo quickly stood over my throbbing cock and lowered herself. I concentrated as hard as I could to keep it from becoming fully enraged. It was not full enough to see the veins pulsing along the sides and the head was not purple so I figured their newly loosened pussies might be able to pull it off.

At first, she struggled trying to keep my cock lined up due to the extreme lubrication of her pussy. It was very slippery! Khloe came to her sister's aid by grabbing my cock with both hands and steadying it for her. She was able, with great effort, to break through into that warm, tight, very wet pussy. She shuddered as her pussy clamped around the head of my cock. Waves of pleasure pulsed down my shaft. She began wiggling her pussy down my shaft, sometimes nearly lifting her feet off the bed to apply enough force to slide down my cock. She had experienced four orgasms by the time she hit her wall. She gave a loud squeal as I contacted that soft barrier. Her entire body trembled, sending those electrical impulses that I loved so much racing down my cock. The sight of my shaft disappearing into that marvelous pussy was breathtaking.

Khleo was enthralled with the new sensations of being stretched and touched at her deepest levels. She bounced so that my cock massaged her wall, causing an intense orgasm to come on in short order. Her pussy clamped tightly around my cock. I knew if this continued we would knot up. Besides, I wanted desperately to stroke that lovely tight pussy! I allowed her to continue until I could feel the changes happening as my cock started to swell inside her. I knew I had to take action.

I sat up and gently took one of her budding tits into my mouth. She didn't seem to mind. Khloe was locked into the point of penetration where my engorged cock stretched her sister's pussy apart. I moved to the other tit, then her neck, and then a tender kiss on the mouth, which she returned. She was moving from sexual lust to passion. Her breathing became slow and deep as we kissed. I shifted so that I was on top of her and gave her a reassuring kiss. I had to pull rather hard to extract my cock from the amazing and wonderful snare that had trapped it. Khleo arched her back and moaned loudly as I managed to pull all the way back so that only my head remained inside her.

"Wow!" Khloe exclaimed, "It's even bigger!" She had shifted behind me to get a better view.

I began gently pushing back into Khleo; her pussy wasn't quite as resistant as before but it was still very tight. She squealed as I penetrated deeper. I slowly continued until I hit her wall again causing another powerful orgasm. I slowly stroked her, increasing in speed as her pussy opened up. I locked in on her eyes, refusing to break eye contact with her as I began impacting her wall with more force. I knew I could not break through without hurting her, so I settled into a pace that matched her breathing. Khloe had managed to keep herself busy by massaging my balls. Her hands gently caressed me and fondled me as I stroked her sister. She was helping the pressure to build faster and to higher levels until I finally couldn't hold it any longer. I grabbed Khleo and rolled so that she was on top of me as I thrust into her, releasing my load. I felt the warm mix of our juices spill out around my shaft and onto my groin and abdomen. She tensed up and clamped onto me as her body convulsed with a massive orgasm.

Khleo collapsed onto my chest, breathing heavily. She remained still until her spasms subsided and propped herself up on my chest. A few tears ran down her cheeks.

"That was so beautiful and amazing!" she said as she looked longingly into my eyes. I gave her a warm smile.

It took three attempts for her to extract my cock from her pussy. Her orgasms were intense. When she finally pulled free, Khloe dove onto my cock and began lapping up our cum.

"Hey!" Khleo exclaimed when she saw what her sister was doing, "That's mine!"

Khloe reluctantly stopped after getting only a few licks in. She backed off and let her sister have the much desired treasure. She watched as her sister greedily lapped up the pleasure drug. When Khleo stopped for another orgasm Khloe seemed to have an epiphany. She quickly circled around behind her sister and buried her face in her cum-soaked pussy! She greedily cleaned her sister's pussy and ass, causing several orgasms in the process. This increased the time it took Khleo to clean my cock, but it kept me rock hard and desiring them even more!

When they had finished, it was Khloe's turn. The situation progressed in much the same way. I tried my best to show no favoritism and give each the same experience. They seemed to understand this and "played fair" in that they shared equally. I guess it was part of being twins. The only difference of note was the way Khloe responded after I finished overflowing her glorious pussy. She had the same tears but a warm smile instead of a longing stare.

"You are wonderful!" Khloe said as she gently ran her fingers through my hair.

They were so proficient at cleaning me that not a drop of the massive amounts of orgasm drug landed on the sheets! There wasn't really any cleaning up as they had also thoroughly cleaned each other's pussies. They smiled at me and gave me a big three-way hug.

"Thank you!" they said in unison. I nearly developed another erection!

The twins quickly dismounted the bed and got dressed. I found it a little difficult to get up. My body was starting to stiffen. I managed to stand and stretch a little until I felt good enough to move freely. The girls stayed with me until I had finished dressing. I believe it was partially out of kindness and wanting to help, but mostly I think they liked watching my penis sway as I tried to stuff it into my shorts. I needed an ice bath as the swelling didn't seem to be going away as quickly as it should. But first I needed food!

My lovely companions accompanied me out to the kitchen. They stayed hugged onto my sides until we entered the dining area. They released me and ran to their mother who was sitting at the table with my beautiful handlers who once again nonchalantly sipped on their coffee. I was beginning to wonder if they had taken Kim's advice from over a decade earlier and had put me out to stud!

I broke over to rummage through the fridge while the twins related their experience to their mother.

"It was amazing!" they chimed in unison as they rushed to Kristina.

"It was! Was it worth the wait?" she asked.

"Was it!" Khleo exclaimed.

"Yeah! He's better than the stories!" Khloe confirmed her sister's opinion.

"He made us cum so hard we squirted!" Khleo reported.

"Yeah, the Kit-Kat variation is amazing!"

"His cum tastes amazing, too! And it really does make you cum!" Khleo said as she shuddered with her own evidence of the claim.

"We didn't know it was possible to cum so hard! Much less without touching our pussies!"

"Wow!" Kristina responded, "So the stories are all true!"

"And then some!" Khloe confirmed just before giving into a massive orgasm.

"Well, I want some, too!" Kristina said, staring me down hungrily as I emerged from the refrigerator with my arms full of food.

"Oh, he needs to eat. A double team takes a lot out of him," Kalli explained, much to my relief.

She smiled proudly at me as I sat at the table with my feast. Kristina gave me a confused look as I poured three bowls of cereal, three glasses of orange juice, and set out three blueberry muffins. Khleo and Khloe understood immediately what I was doing and pounced onto the food, after a polite thank you, of course!

"It's funny how hungry a squirting orgasm will make a girl, not to mention a dozen or so normal orgasms added on," Kalli remarked.

"Oh, I see," Kristina acknowledged as she watched her daughters mercilessly attack their food.

The girls and I gobbled our food as quickly as possible. Once we were finished I stood and started collecting the dishes.

"Whoa, big fella!" Keelie finally spoke up. "I think you need to hit the tub to address that," she nodded to my groin. The swelling was painfully evident, emphasis on pain. It was extremely uncomfortable to walk.

"Wow!" Kristina remarked.

"Yeah, he can have swelling episodes. A soak in a cold bath usually does the trick," Kalli explained.

"Well," I said sheepishly, "guess I'll hit the tub." I made my escape.

The cold water felt amazing! I relaxed there until I started to prune up and then headed back to my room. When I arrived, I was met with an interesting situation; although I can't really say I was surprised. Kristina was sprawled out on my bed waiting for me. She looked a lot like her daughters, or was it they who looked like her. She was tall and muscular in build, only she had a very special attribute. Kristina had special breasts. That is to say that she had to have special bras made to contain them! I knew they were larger than Kalli and Keelie's 'D' cups, but I had no idea what size they actually were. Even though she was nearly six feet tall, the size of her breasts made her appear short. And there they were, fully displayed for my viewing pleasure. In fact, everything was displayed and there was much viewing pleasure to be had! She had that predatory grin and sized me up with a hungrily pleased look in her eyes.

At that point, I resigned to my fate. I only hoped that it would not be an all-day affair. I was getting too old for that.

"Mmmmmmm," she growled at me, "let's see what's under that robe!" She rolled off the bed, her massive tits swayed as she strutted over to me. She took the belt of my robe and quickly dispatched my coverings. She regarded me up and down for a few seconds, never losing her pleased smile. "If that's after shrinkage, then I know I need some of it!"

She took my cock in her hand and started massaging. She was very good at it, too! She wasn't in Kim's league, but then, no one was that good! I felt myself start to expand in her grip.

"HmmHmmmHmm," she moaned as she felt me growing. "You like my tits?" she asked.

I nodded. Apparently, I had been staring at them. So, what! She was stroking my cock without so much as a "May I!" I felt I had every right to stare at her tits!

"I thought so," she grinned, "but all men want to suck my tits... and to be honest, I think most women do, too!"

I thought that was somewhat arrogant, but then, I couldn't stop staring at them! They were magnificent! I had to accept her statement as factual based on objective analysis of the evidence. I was completely stiff, but not in full enraged state. After Kristi's wonderful tit job I was imagining what those would feel like wrapped around my cock!

"You want me to wrap these around your cock?" she asked coyly.

I nodded. I wondered if she could read minds. But then again, it was probably one of her more frequent sexual requests.

"Well, come with me," she said as she led me by the cock to the bed.

I knew how this worked and complied in the usual way. She mounted the bed between my legs. She looked me in the eye, that hungry, lustful grin still spread across her beautiful face. She leaned forward, putting her hands on either side of my hips and pressed her tits onto my still growing cock. The image of those massive, firm tits engulfing my cock was amazing. Her tits felt so good as she pinned my cock to my abdomen with them. She rocked back and forth on her knees stroking my cock with her tits. I was entering fully enraged erection by that point. I gave a snort as I flexed my cock, pushing back against her. I wanted to cum all over those beautiful tits!

"Wow!" she exclaimed. "Your cock really likes my tits!"

Of course it did! Who wouldn't! She increased the intensity of her strokes. Her nipples continued to grow! I wondered just how big they would get. I watch as her amazing tits engulfed my cock and seemed to swell. Was this how they felt about seeing my cock grow? Her intensity increased until finally my cock jabbed her under the chin. She paused; her tits still tightly squeezed around me, and eyed my cock. She then greedily sucked it into her mouth, moaning loudly. Her drool ran down my shaft as she continued stroking me with her mouth and tits at the same time. The added lubrication intensified the amazing feeling she was producing. I felt my balls tighten and I involuntarily arched my back, wanting to shove my cock down her throat. I finally exploded into her mouth. The volume was too much for her to handle and spilled out of her mouth, down my shaft, and onto her magnificent tits! She swallowed several times to dispatch the mouthful she had managed to collect and rubbed my cum all over her tits using my cock like a spatula for cake icing. She seemed to really love having her tits covered in cum.

She played in my cum for a moment before the first orgasm hit her. I watched in awe as her nipples stood straight out! It was as if two fingers were thrust outward from inside her tits! She moaned and convulsed causing shock waves to undulate through her tits. I was mesmerized by the effect. When the orgasm subsided, she realized that she was squandering the precious substance and immediately began scooping it into her mouth. When she pulled her massive tits up to her mouth and licked and sucked the cum from her extremely hard nipples I thought I was going to supply her with even more. She used her tits like sponges to wipe the cum from my cock and lick it off. I was fully engorged for the duration of her display. She quickly finished licking her tits, and then my cock, clean. After another intense orgasm, she looked me in the eye with that lustful hunger that I had become all to familiar with.

"Mmmmmmm," she purred, "I want that Kit-Kat now!"

She shifted her beautiful ass around so that it was planted on my face. I grabbed her tight globes and spread them, pulling her dripping wet pussy onto my mouth. She tasted so good, just like her daughters! Her pussy was surprisingly tight, although the women in the family seemed to have very resilient pussies! I performed the requested maneuver and coaxed a rather voluminous orgasmic eruption from her. I struggled to catch it all. She collapsed onto me and had the expected results. I watched her pussy continue to pulse open as she was overcome by her orgasm. Her massive tits and extremely hard nipples pressed into my abdomen. Her nipples were actually larger and harder than Kim's!

Once she recovered from her orgasm, Kristina spun around so that she was sitting astride me with her ass pressed back against my cock. I could feel searing pain growing as the pressure in my cock grew. She grinned at me again, her eyes wide with lustful excitement. She reached back by my leg and dug around under the cover until she found what she wanted; the magical riding crop made its appearance!

"You know what this is for, don't you?" she cooed.

I nodded. The thought of those massive tits bouncing and undulating with my thrusts up into her very wet pussy burned through my brain. I had to see how beautiful they were in in a full gallop! I eagerly awaited the lash of that crop!

"Good boy!" she said as she leaned forward and moved up so that my cock aligned with her opening.

Her tits draped across my face. My cock ached with the pressure of being fully engorged. I didn't care what it took, I was going to impale her! All the way. With my cock fully inflated. She wanted it, she was going to get it! As she lowered herself onto me, I managed to get one of her nipples into my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could and thrust slightly with my hips causing my head to penetrate into her. She immediately orgasmed! I released the tit as her spasms subsided. Apparently, that maneuver was pleasing to her; she shifted so that the other nipple landed in my waiting mouth! I sucked as she lowered herself farther down my cock. She squealed loudly as she orgasmed again. She was beginning to have difficulty making it all the way in. She stopped to catch her breath. I felt her juices flow as her tits heaved from her heavy breathing. She had this determined look in her eye and pushed back in one long, hard stroke. I impacted her wall causing a wail of pleasure as she orgasmed, bringing a flood of juices to soak my cock and groin!

Kristina sat for a moment slightly undulating her hips, getting used to me being inside her. She then started stroking me; slowly at first but increasing as her pussy opened up and craved my cock. She began to impact her wall with each stroke and she liked it! But, try as she might, she could not penetrate that final barrier. I watched with great anticipation as she drove onto my cock and lifted the crop high. It landed on my leg and I launched into her with all the force I had. My adrenaline surged so that I could hear Kalli and Keelie discussing my condition in the dining room. But I didn't care! I only wanted to see those huge tits bouncing as hard as I could make them.

I was throwing her pretty high into the air. She came almost three quarters up my cock and her legs lifted off the bed completely. By the third thrust, I managed to get her tits to slap her in the face! It was glorious! She landed on my cock as it drove through her wall; my upper thighs slapped against her hard ass. I had to have it again! I continued driving my cock past her wall, watching as her nipples seemed to grow even larger. I wanted to see just what her limits were. The thought briefly went through my mind that these tits and nipples were the female equivalent of my cock. They defied normal parameters and continued to grow!

Kristina was in a constant state of convulsive orgasm. I wanted to make it last as long as possible. I wanted her to feel used the way I had felt the last two days. She was about to receive my full wrath! I wanted her pussy to be sore for days the way I knew my cock would be after the sexual marathon I had been on. I don't know how long I held out, but she was nearly passed out from exhaustion. Sweat had covered her tits giving them a lustrous sheen in the light which only drove my passion harder. I finally reached the end of my ability to restrain the pressure and erupted with a force I had never felt before. The fluids sprayed out of her pussy as I pumped harder and harder into her deepest regions.

I had to catch her when I stopped. Fortunately her tits provided the perfect cushions to slow her decent onto me. I squeezed them and pinched her nipples as she continued to convulse violently in orgasm. I remembered that the effects were heightened when I was in that state. This might have been the most potent batch I had ever produced! I reveled in the involuntary spasms she was experiencing. I released her nipples and observed as she panted heavily trying to deal with this new level of orgasm.

She lay there for what had to be three or four minutes in continuous convulsions. I could feel the electric tingling down my cock the entire time, keeping me rock hard inside of her. When she finally started to come out of her state, she lifted her head and looked at me with what appeared to be surprise. I knew it wasn't over as she still had to get my cock out of her. That had always been an adventure and would probably be even better with the dose of cum she had just taken. I felt joy and satisfaction as she tried to remove me from her pussy. She could move a little and then was overcome with shuddering convulsions of orgasm. It took her five orgasms to get off my cock! She rolled onto the bed beside me panting heavily and whimpering like she had just sprinted a marathon. I wondered if she would be able to claim her prize the way her daughters had!

Once her breathing began to calm and the spasms decreased to slight twitches she rolled up onto me so that she could reach my cock with her mouth. She greedily slurped up every last drop of the juices. I hoped she would overdose and need to be bed ridden for the two days the drug lasted. Maybe that would make them think twice about using me for a sex toy!

By the time I was clean Kristina had gone through twenty-three orgasms! Maybe that was a world record or something. Oh, and the big one lasted close to five minutes; as best I could tell, anyway. She collapsed onto me and continued to twitch and spasm. I rolled out from under her and stood by the bed. Her body continued to heave and convulse sending those mesmerizing shock waves through her massive tits as she whimpered with each wave. She was helpless in the onslaught! I pushed her up so that she lay on her back and watch those magnificent tits quiver with the orgasmic spasms. It was a sight to behold! Her breathing became shallow as she closed her eyes and went limp. She passed out! I defeated one of them! I won!

I pulled the covers over her and grabbed my clothes. After a quick shower, I headed to the kitchen for some lunch. Kristina was still out cold! I was starving! I felt like I couldn't eat enough to keep up the energy my adrenaline surges burned. Kalli and Keelie were helping Karen prepare lunch when I arrived. It looked to be almost done so I decided I could wait. My stomach growled so loudly that it startled them. They turned and saw it was me and gave me beautiful warm smiles. Kalli looked around, I assume for Kristina, and became confused when she didn’t find her.

"Uhhhhh, where's Kristina?" she asked. Keelie also regarded me with a concerned look.

"She's passed out in the bed," I answered. "When's lunch going to be ready? I'm starving."

"She's what!?" Keelie seemed shocked.

"She passed out so I just covered her up and left her to sleep it off."

"She just passed out? You didn't accidentally hurt her, did you?"

"She seemed alright when she was cleaning up the last drops of that drug you all want so much. She did push me pretty hard, though."

"We'd better go check on her!" Keelie said as she started back the hall.

They all went back to check on Kristina. She roused with only a little prodding and confirmed that she was totally wiped out from the orgasms. She had another orgasmic seizure while they were there and then passed out again. Karen and Keelie scurried to the office and started making notes in my file. Apparently, this was literally noteworthy. I didn't think it was that serious. I've heard of this happening to men and women. On my first training day, I felt like passing out when the adrenaline wore off. I was still starving so I went back to the kitchen to finish lunch myself.

My brain, however, had not really returned to normal. I was agitated and resentful. I hated the way I felt. I was glad that I caused Kristina to pass out. What if that had been one of the girls on their first time!? I could never do that to one of them! I sat at the table and ate alone.

After I finished lunch, I decided it was time to call Keelie out on payment for that favor. I started brooding and spent a lot of time in the parlor setting up the wildest contraption I could imagine. It was pretty scary if I do say so myself. My handlers gave me some room but looked in on me from time to time. I was glad of that; it fit my plans perfectly. I wanted them to be guessing what I was up to. It was soon time for dinner. I admired my work for a moment and left for more food.

Kristina had finally made it out of bed. She had this glowing smile on her face like she had just lost her virginity or so I guessed that's what it must have been like. We all ate and discussed Kristina's condition and her plans. Her husband Kirk would come and pick her up, he had picked up the twins while I was soaking in the tub. He was interested in meeting the man that sexually overcame his rather robust wife. He was a nice guy and seemed impressed by what occurred rather than jealous or envious. The reactions of the men in the family to these situations still confused me. That's not how I would have reacted if it had been Kassie or Kalli.

After dinner, when all the guests left, I made my move. I walked up to Keelie and got almost close enough for our noses to touch. "So, I think it's time for that payment you owe me," I gave the most evil and devious grin I could muster. "Meet me in the classroom in five minutes." I gave her a wink and headed back the hall. The look on her face was priceless! She almost seemed apprehensive.

I was waiting by my contraption when she came in, "What do you think?" I asked.

"Well, it's... interesting," she reluctantly responded.

"I'm going to give you the honor of being the first," I informed her.

She seemed a little worried as she stared at the monstrosity I had created. I walked over to her; she was standing near the wall where I had once been chained (the hole was now repaired, though). I moved in as close as I could, completely inserting myself into her space. She moved back until she was against the wall.

"Uhhh, Uncle Dan..." she sheepishly protested.

"What? You're not going back on our deal, are you?" I admonished.

I looked over her amazingly perfect body as if I were starving for it. She began to fidget. I guess my behavior combined with the earlier sexual domination of Kristina had her a little apprehensive about what I could do to her. I grabbed her shoulders and lightly pressed her against the wall; moving in almost close enough to kiss her. I moved my right hand slowly along her shoulder, across her chest just above her breasts, and gently wrapped my hand around her throat. She was getting very nervous. She looked almost like her mom when Kalli demanded the boots; as if she was scared in a way she had never been before. I applied gentle pressure to her throat and moved in as if I was going to kiss her, only I passed her lips and moved to her ear.

"So," I whispered, "Here's what I want. In less than three days I have had seven sex sessions with eleven different women ranging in age from nine to forty two. I'm done! I refuse to have sex with anyone, even you, for at least 24 hours! I don't want any sexual smiles, sexy hair flips, or any of those sexual stalking maneuvers they use on me. You, Kalli, and Karen are the only women I will even be in the same room with, much less talk to. If you want me to lie on the couch and answer questions, I will; if you want me to mow the grass, I will; if you want me to do the dishes, I will; but no one touches my penis but me for an entire day! I'm switching off and not even your perfect beauty can switch me back on until my day of rest is done!"

I released her neck and backed away to a normal distance. I shot her a devious grin; the same as I always had after executing a practical joke. She tried to keep a straight face, but the relief was evident as well as some other emotions. She actually seemed to be blushing a little and had a contented smile.

"You really think I'm beautiful?" she asked playfully.

I looked into those amazing green eyes for a moment, taking her in. She was similar to Kassie, but she was her own woman.

"You said you would answer my questions. You're not going back on your deal, are you?" she teased.

"You are the most beautiful woman in the world; inside and out," I stated.

She blushed deeper and her smile broadened. She looked away sheepishly and then back to me. She looked back up and brushed her hair back gently as she gave a little giggle; almost the way she giggled at me the night before the Gala.

"Well," she said, putting her hand on my chest the way she always did, "I guess a deal's a deal."

I smiled and started to walk away. I stopped at the door and turned to see that she was still watching me. I did my best to smile and wrinkle my nose at her and continued to my room. I closed the door, turned on the TV, and channel surfed until I fell asleep.