My Conversion

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When my wife went out of town for a bowling tournament with her girlfriends last weekend, neither of us was concerned about each other's conduct. We've been married for ten years, and fortunately there is great honesty and closeness between us. I know that she has never been with another man and she knows that I've never been with another woman. We have two gorgeous young daughters, ages 9 and 7.

Both daughters were upstairs in the room that they share that evening.

Lori left Friday morning, and when I got off work that evening I brought a friend home to watch a "Dirty Harry" videotape. Bill Thomas is my foreman at the factory. He's only 3 or 4 years older than I am. I went to the local 4-year University out of high school, while he went straight to work. I've been working under him for about 3 months. I made dinner for the girls, then they headed upsatirs, leaving Bill and me alone.

By the time the tape was half over, we'd already had four beers apiece. My fifth beer was going down kind of rough. It had kind of a bitter taste, especially at the end. I was already half-looped so I just kept gulping it down. Soon the room started spinning. I put my head down and closed my eyes, but it got worse. I began to feel nauseous.

I sat up again. Focusing straight ahead, I felt a little better. My arms and legs seemed like lead. I was too weak to move them. It was all I could do to sit up. Bill got up and stood in front of me for a few seconds. He had the strangest smile on his face as he looked at me.

As he started walking to the door, I asked where he was going. My voice sounded small and faraway. I could barely hear it and I wasn't sure if he could.

When he returned, he carried a large black clothes bag and a black suitcase. He opened the suitcase and removed something.

"Help me!" I called.

"Oh, I'm going to help you alright," Bill said, grinning broadly as he walked to my chair.

Standing behind my chair, he suddenly lunged and grabbed my wrist. Click. I vaguely felt pressure on my wrist. Click. My hand was handcuffed to the arm of the chair! I could move, but it was like swimming through jello. It was no use. My other hand was secured.

"And I'm going to help myself!" Bill laughed.

"This will stop your mumbling," he sneered, pressing an orange ball into my mouth. It had straps, which he buckled around my head to secure the ball In place. He cut my shirt off with scissors. As he began to undo my pants, I squirmed and bucked as best I could. It was useless. Soon I was wearing only undershorts.

Bill stood in front of me, we were both breathing hard. I was very frightened. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. Bill then produced some chains with adjustable black leather manacles at each end. He was getting ready to secure my legs. I felt some strength returning. I knew that the drug was wearing off and that this was my last chance.

It was a disaster. I actually managed to kick him over once, but my first feeble attempts left me utterly drained. He shackled my ankles and began rubbing my penis through my underwear.

"If you're scared now, you just wait! " he teased, still rubbing my crotch. I was revolted and almost hysterical. I began to cry.

"You don't like it? How about this?" Bill cried, yanking my shorts to my ankles.

He firmly grasped my dick and rapidly pumped up and down. To my lasting shame and embarrassment, my cock became fully erect in this man's hand. He stopped suddenly and walked over to my telephone. He began laughing so hard that he had to turn from me as he picked up the receiver and dialed.

"Master, I have him! I've got him. It went just fine. Yes, I called Monica earlier," he let out a small squeal as he hung up.

He quickly walked to his suitcase and removed a videotape, smiling mischievously. Then he went to the VCR, took the Dirty Harry tape out and inserted his.

Returning to me, he began playing with my cock again. He would pump furiously until I was about to cum, then he'd back off. Occasionally he would lick and suck my nipples, making me pant. Even more disturbing was the movie playing. It was an explicit gay video. For the first time in my life I actually saw a man being fucked in the ass, a man sucking cock, and a man taking a cock in each end. I saw these acts being repeated over and over. I had to watch, when I closed my eyes or put my head down, I still felt nauseous. I have no idea how long this went on.

Suddenly the front door of my house opened. In stepped a young black couple. The girl was quite attractive, 19 or 20, dressed very tastefully and expensively. Her manner was very bright and outgoing, as if she dealt with the public a great deal. With a start I recognized the man as Mr. Jones from down the street. I'd never seen the girl before. He was around 30, wearing black leather pants and a black silk shirt.

"Master!" Bill cried.

I was utterly amazed to see Bill rush to Mr. Jones, drop to his knees, unzip the black man's fly and begin hungrily sucking on his long penis. Bill had always been fiercly prejudiced. He had even asked why I let "niggers" live on my street, referring to the Jones family.

The girl walked over to me, laughing. " What happened to you?" she giggled.

Mr. Jones clapped his hands loudly. Bill stopped sucking. "Let's get down to business, Monica. Attend to our guest while we dress up," he instructed. Bill got up and Mr. Jones led him into our bedroom. They paused at the door.

"If you harm one hair on my sister's head, this will go a lot rougher on you, I promise." His brown eyes narrowed as he said this.

Monica went into the kitchen and filled a large bowl with hot water. She returned, turning on all the lights she could, and opened the black suitcase. She removed my ball gag and motioned for quiet. Removing a razor and shaving cream, she shaved my face twice. Then she began producing cosmetics. I began to squirm. I turned my face from side to side while she applied liquid make-up. She rose from her chair.

"He's going to be really upset if I interrupt. Are you sure you don't want to cooperate?" she asked ominously.

I nodded in submission. I sat still while she carefully applied full makeup to my face and put a wig on me. I must say I was pleasantly suprised with the make-up. I really didn't look too bad!

Though she wanted me to look sexy, it wasn't gaudy or cheap. Monica was obviously also pleased with the results.

She undid one of my wrists and very carefully pulled a loose-fitting red sweater with a large collar over my head and free arm. She cuffed the wrist again and released the other long enough to cover it with the garment. Then she undid my legs. First she put me in black lace panties and a garterbelt. I had to actually lift myself up to help her out. Then, black stockings were carefully drawn up my legs and fastened. The smooth, slinky feeling of the stockings made me fully erect again. Monica gently, casually stroked my cock for a few moments. Then she zipped a black leather miniskirt around my waist.

"And now, the finishing touch," Monica smiled.

I gasped when she lifted a pair of black leather ladies' fashion boots and held them in front of me. They had tall spike heels. The boots barely fit. Monica had to use a shoehorn. When she zipped them up they ended just below my knees. My feet felt cool and snug. I found I could look down at my boots without feeling sick.

She put the shackles back on my leathery ankles. Monica stepped back to view her handiwork. Clearly, she enjoyed her task. She went to her purse and. returned with an expensive 35mm camera. Though my eyes widened in shock, she began snapping away, walking around me to get different angles.

Now I knew I was really in deep trouble. No matter what happened, I could never let my wife see me like this. Monica must have taken over twenty photos. Then she placed the roll she just shot in her purse, and put a new one in the camera.

"You're ready. I'll check on your playmates," Monica said as she strode off to the bedroom.

Soon she returned, picked up her purse and headed for the front door. "You have fun tonight." I could hear her laughter as her footsteps faded.

The silence was broken by the sound of our bedroom door shutting. I turned my head to see the most bizarre scene I could ever have imagined. There stood Mr. Jones and Bill. They wore spike-heeled, ladies' fashion boots like mine, but theirs reached past the knees and all the way up to their thighs. They were also wearing leather garterbelts and panties, stockings, leather vests, and shoulder-length leather gloves.

Mr. Jones' outfit was bright red kidskin and Bill's was shiny black patent. Both wore full makeup. In spite of myself, I thought mine looked nicer. Being slender helped a lot, but I was taller than they were, so their outfits fit better. They stared at me with smoldering desire. A wave of fear coursed through me. I felt so vulnerable, yet somehow I also felt as if I were provoking them with my makeup, leather skirt, and high-heeled boots.

"I hope you realize that I hold all the cards," Mr. Jones told me in a dominant tone.

"We are going to remove your bonds, and then you will do exactly what you're told. Even If you successfully harm one of us, the other will stop you. You don't know how to walk in spike heels, so you're not going anywhere. You are at my mercy. You will address me as Queen Cassandra. This is my Princess Mary and you will be ... Lady Janet.

Mary, why don't you bring Janet to her Queen?" Mr. Jones said.

Princess Mary (Bill) started towards me and I noticed that he walked very well in his high heels. He'd clearly had a great deal of practice. He went behind me and I felt a studded dog collar being attached to my neck. Then he released my arms and legs. I sat there rubbing my wrists when "Mary" told me to kneel on the floor. There was a leash on my collar and I was made to crawl to the chair where "Queen Cassandra" was seated.

"You must ask permission to lick the Queen's boots," Mary instructed. I knelt silently, head bowed. CrrrRRACK! I felt a sharp sting across the back of my bare thighs. Mary carried a riding crop!

"Queen Cassandra may I I-lick your boots?" I stammered.

Crack! I cried out in pain.

"Who wants to lick the Queen's boots?"

"Queen Cassandra may I, Lady Janet, lick your boots?" My voice quavered unsteadily. Cassandra and Mary chuckled nastily.

"Yes, since you want to so badly. Just remember, if you miss a spot, you'll have to start over again." the Queen directed.

I started licking the pointed toe of his boot. As I progressed I was very careful not to miss anything, often licking the same place twice. Soon my nose and mouth were filled with the essence of leather boots.

Just as I climbed past the knees, I felt another stinging blow from the riding crop.

"Start over," Mary hissed.

"But, I didn't-" Crack!

"Never argue," he warned.

The slow, careful licking began again. It took quite some time to finish, as I had to start the other boot over also. They were very patient. This seemed to mean a great deal to them.

"Very good. Now-- you must ask permission to suck the Queen's big black cock," Mary cried breathlessly.

I was dazed. I didn't know what to do. Two very painful whacks with the crop made my decision for me.

"Queen Cassand--a may I, Lady Janet, suck your cock?" I asked in a low voice.

"Louder." Mary accented her command with another whack.

I repeated my request loudly and clearly. Cassanda pulled his panties down. His huge, purple cock head sprang out. He stood and began to harshly rub it against my red lips. But when I got the nerve to open my mouth, he pulled away and then brushed his stiff rod over my cheeks, neck and closed eyelids. Eventually he sat down again.

"Have you ever sucked cock?" Cassandra inquired.

"No, Master," I replied.

"You can start by licking the head," he continued.

I hesitated for a moment, thinking of my wife - I knew that I had to ride it out. Cautiously I grasped his prick in my hand. It was so big and so smooth. I tentatively stuck my tongue out and touched the head of his cock. It was very warm and I could taste the first dose of semen on the end. I continued to lap at the bud of his rod.

"Now my bal-Is," Cassandra said, the excitement apparent in his voice. Going lower, I dabbed at his sack with my tongue until it was completely wet. Then I took each testicle in my mouth. They had a dank, musky taste.

"Take it all!" the Queen ordered.

Cassandra's cock stretched my mouth to its limit. I couldn't believe that huge rod fit between my lips. Overwhelmed by these new sensations, it took awhile to discover what I was doing. Then his black cock began to disappear and reappear with a steady beat. Somewhere I heard Mary snapping photos, which I ignored. I just concentrated on learning how to suck cock.

When he came, it was in three massive spurts. I gulped and gagged on the f irst two, but the last ran out of my mouth, over my lower lip and down my chin. Mary got a few shots of me, my lipstick smeared, cum dripping off my face. I was handed a towel and I wiped my face, breathing heavily. My mouth still felt the warm presence of cock. The Princess redid my lipstick. Then I was ordered to lick Mary's shiny black boots.

I complied immediately, and as I was finishing the first spike-heeled boot, I felt something being pressed between my buttocks. Turning, I saw Cassandra with a slender dildo, grinning as he prodded my anus. My hole was too tight and the Queen had to put Vaseline on the head to work it in. I grunted loudly at the discomfort. I found myself clinging to Princess Mary's tall, strong boots. Soon I began to relax and I felt a warm tingling sensation inside of me. The Queen sped up the strokes and I began to moan. Suddenly the false cock was removed. I felt a huge glob of Vaseline being pressed into my asshole by a strong finger.

My arms were still wrapped around Mary's shiny black thigh-boots as Cassandra pushed my leather miniskirt all the way up and began to knead my buttocks. Then he reached down, spread my boots apart and kneeled in between them. The slender spike heels of his red thigh boots mirrored those of my black calf-boots. I felt the burning head of Cassandra's huge black cock pressed against my anus. My virgin asshole wasn't prepared for his giant black dick. As he entered, tears of shame and pain ran down my cheeks.

Gradually, he forced his rod all the way in. I cried out in surprise! At least I knew I'd be able to make it. Queen Cassandra grasped my hips and began thrusting slowly. Princess Mary unwrapped my arms from around his boots and pulled my face into his crotch. With one hand around his erection and the other on the back of my head, he inserted his cock into my mouth. My first WHITE cock.

Soon his pubic hair was frosted with my lipstick. It's a good thing he was doing the pumping, because I could only concentrate on the monster cock in my asshole! I was being fucked like a slut!

After what seemed like hours of thrusting, I began to wonder if the Queen would ever cum! As if he was reading my thoughts, Cassandra started to buck and shudder. He shouted loudly and I felt the hot explosion deep inside. I was in shock. Mary's cock slipped out of my mouth just before he came. His load caught me full in the face and he dribbled the last spurts on my milky, spotted cheeks. I raised my hand to wipe it off, but the Queen told me to keep still.

The Princess took more pictures of me, sitting on the floor, wearing ladies' boots, sperm all over my face and a bulge in my miniskirt. Meanwhile the Queen told me the story of how Bill and Mr. Jones saw each other in adult bookstores downtown, began watching hetero porn videos together and eventually progressed to boot transvestism. They had been planning to convert me for some time, they told me.

"There is one more thing you must do before your conversion is official," Cassandra continued. "Stand up in your boots and stroke yourself off," he instructed.

I stood up gingerly, spread my booted feet apart and my throbbing cock had an obvious message. I was turned on by wearing ladies fashion boots and I was turned on by the thigh-booted men in front of me. After just a few strokes, I came violently. My cock burned with more intensity than ever. Drops of my jism hit both men's boots. Cassandra held up his leg and pointed to a spotted boot.

"I hope you realize that this is a permanent situation," he finished. "Yes, Master, " I replied, then I dutifully licked up the cum spot from the boot with my tongue. When they left that night, they told me to keep the clothing and boots and to practice walking in high heels, which I did.

That was over two months ago, and since that time, my wife has found out everything! Bill and Mr. Jones met with her privately one day while I was at work and told her the entire story of that Friday evening two months ago. They also showed her all the photos that were taken that night, too! To my startled shock and total surprise, my wife was turned on by the idea of me crossdressing, sucking cocks, taking cocks up my ass, and being a wimp "girlish" slave to Mr. Jones, Bill and other men.

She has since, in fact, been very helpful in teaching me to walk 'like a lady' in high heels, assisted in applying makeup to my face, sees to it that I am always clean shaven over my entire body, and makes sure for Mr. Jones that I always wear panties these days, even under my work clothes. My wife now even comes to some of the "parties", and just last month she enticed her mother and sister to come to one too. It was embarrassing and shameful at first to realize that not only my wife, but also my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, were sipping drinks and watching me suck cock and take cock up my ass, get whipped and caned, and other degrading things, but once I realized they were all enjoying my shame and humiliation, I got used to it.

At the last party, she allowed my two preteen daughters to attend, and that really embarrassed and shamed me! Much to my surprise both girls liked what they saw, and they now like seeing me sucking cocks and being whipped - even wearing panties! Both girls now are sucking black cocks themselves at my wife's urging, and they seem to enjoy it a lot! My wife now also gets regularly fucked by Mr. Jones and a few of his well-hung black buddies, just as I do, but unlike me, SHE is pregnant now by Mr. Jones.

She of course makes me suck her lovely cunt each time she is fucked by him or one of his black male friend's, and is proud she is having his black baby growing inside her. I am Mr. Jones' total slave now, and just about everyone calls me "Janet" these days, even the guys at work, who Bill told about me and my conversion. Some days, I am ordered by Bill to suck the cocks of some of my co-workers on the job, usually during lunch hour. Just last week, my wife took it upon herself to also tell my PARENTS about everything, including her being black pregnant, and now they too want to attend the next party, which is this coming weekend. I hope it goes well, and that Mom and Dad will enjoy seeing their new "daughter" used as a crossdressing slave, slut, whore and cocksucker. I'll let you know what happens, okay?