Seducing Little Max

Title: Seducing Little Max

Pairing/Activity Codes: Mb Anal Oral Pedo

Author: Boybottomzup


Warning– This story consists of graphic sex between men and an underage boy.
It is purely your decision to read this and in doing so consent to the content.
If you are underage then you should stop reading now.
Copyrighted. All rights reserved.


It was the summer of '08 when Ken was on vacation from his job. He spent his personal time at home enjoying the summer sunshine and warm breeze through his open windows. As a closeted gay detached man of 35 Ken often walked around the house naked thinking of any fresh faced boy. His average sized cock swinging as he walked. He was in denial as he should admit to himself that he is more of pedophile than a gay man, since he is more attracted to the delicate forms of little boys than a muscular man. In a newer suburban neighborhood with home values above the normal price, Ken lived in a home with a brick front and a deep green well manicured lawn. The strikingly handsome man knew his neighbors on a first name basis and spent time in each others garages talking about the neighborhood, jobs and the kids. Lucky for Ken, the neighbors had no idea their he was gay or maybe they pretended not to notice.

The immediate neighbor of Ken's was home with his young son and visiting niece. Jim was about Ken's age and had lived without a wife for the last few years after Marlene developed cancer and died. Jim has been raising his son, Max all alone. And today, Jim was also baby sitting his brothers daughter, Heather, who was the same age as Max. Ken was tinkering in his garage with the door open wearing a colored tee shirt and a pair of Zubaz. As he tinkered he couldn't ignore the sounds of two young kids fighting at Jim's house. Jim was yelling at the kids to stop but of course they continued. This didn't make for a quiet neighborhood he thought to himself. The man walked barefoot out of the open garage to peak around the corner as any curious person would have done.

Jim was standing over two young kids who were rolling around in the grass kicking and scratching each other, while he tried to pull them apart. Sensing Jim needed some help with the two ruffians, he walked into his neighbors yard. Ken had a choice, he could either take hold of the little girl or lay his hands on the boy of his dreams. It wasn't a difficult choice to make since the man has been lusting after the boy for the last few years. Little Max had no idea how close to "stranger danger" he was this very day. Ken offered his assistance by grabbing Max by the foot and pulled the boy away from Heather, dragging him along the grass. Jim held his niece by the wrist as she laid on the ground. Heather was still kicking at Max and as she did so, her skirt shifted up exposing his little girl panties. Ken looked at the girl open legs and then at Jim. Jim was staring at his niece's open crotch. Ken was starting to think his friend Jim was interested in his seven year old niece's body.

The little towhead blond Max stood, both of Ken's strong hands held the small shoulders and pulled the boy to his body attempting to keep the boy from fighting his cousin. Clearing his throat to gain the attention of Jim, the man turned and looked at Ken directly in his eyes and then averted them in shame.

"Thanks!", Jim said. "For helping me with this lot."

Ken was watching Jim's eyes and direction they were focused upon. Jim kept looking back and forth between the girls red face and her panties.

Jim finally bent to lift the girl of the grass but kept a firm grip on her arm to ensure she didn't bolt and fight once more.

"Honestly, I don't know why they keep fighting," Jim continued. "I think Max is jealous because he has to share my attention when Heather visits."

Ken still held Max's bare shoulders noticed both kids were calming. "Kids can be territorial and sometimes don't like to share."

Max's narrow shirtless back was pressing against Ken's flaccid boy buster. Earlier in the morning, before Ken put on his Zubaz, he slipped a chrome cock ring around his cock and balls. He loved the feeling it gave him. The ring caused his man bag to lift and push forward allowing his manhood to lay on top. So, he knew the young boy noticed the adult sized flaccid genitals, covered only by a thin layer of cloth, pressing against his smooth back. There are times in life that present themselves an opportunity that should be seized. Ken thought this might be one of those times. Max has always been a trusting boy, curious too. He was too young and innocent to ever notice or even consider that his adult male neighbor wanted to sexually ravage him. The thought of seducing the little boy caused Ken's shaft to thicken but not become erect. Standing in his own front yard, Max felt an increased pressure against his back and looked up at Ken with an inquisitive look. The adult hands holding the boy's narrow shoulders, caressed down the front of his bare chest to hold the boy as he ground his groin against the young lad.

As to not miss his opportunity of seducing the blond boy being held to his own body, Ken quickly recommended, "I suggest these two kids have a time–out from each other. What do you say I take Max back to my house you can entertain your niece?" This could be the opportunity he was looking for and there was no reason not to try.

Jim's eyebrows lifted as if to say what a good idea. "It's a deal!" Jim said. "I will come and get him in a half hour. They should be calm by then."

"I don't know," Ken replied. "They were fighting pretty rough. It's 10 am now. I don't mind watching Max for until after lunch." And a nasty thought crossed the man's mind. "I'll be sure to fill his belly before sending him back." The gay pedo was feeling a bit adventurous and throwing caution to the wind, Ken spoke of double entendres. "I suggest three hours apart where you can entertain your niece without interruption." Ken commanded.

Jim didn't pick up on the taboo suggestion but agreed to the separation of the children. Jim walked his seven year old niece back to his house while Max walked with Ken to Ken's garage. The tall man looked down at Max and noticed he was staring at Ken's crotch. Since his shaft was slightly chubby and resting on his balls the Zubaz were not hiding Ken's manhood. Ken was horny for this boy and needed his youthful touch. In a friendly manner, Ken's adult hand cupped the side of the boy's neck and pulled him to his side. He continued to direct Max's face toward his own crotch hiding his intention by slightly hugging the young boy. Ken thrust his hips forward slightly as if to present his cock to the boy. The seduction of little Max had begun.

The handsome neighbor inquired as to why Max was fighting with his cousin Heather. "It looked like you were winning, Champ!" Ken congratulated himself on praising the boy. He knew how to manipulate the boy's trust. "But why were you two fighting?"

"I hate when she visits. Dad is always telling her how pretty and smart she is and when I wake up from a nap I find they are playing without me." Max looked mad and dejected.

Ken consoled the boy, "Your dad loves you very much. When company comes over to the house he is supposed to pay attention to them. It's good manners."

There was a pause and an opportunity discovered. "Besides, I know you are smart! And I think you are very, very, very," Ken slowed his speech as the boy looked up into the adult's face, "Very cute."

An appreciative smile spread across the boy's face. The child was putty in the man's hands as the child didn't have a defense mechanism against being seduced. Especially by a pedophile neighbor who has been desiring the boy for years.

Ken gently stroked the boy's neck and shoulders. The small blond unseen hairs were standing on end not from the touch but more like an unconscious reaction to unrealized danger. Ken didn't have the boy's welfare in mind. He was guiding this boy down a overgrown path to a place few men and boys actually walk. Sure he found the boy cute but more importantly he knows Max is an extremely sexy seven year old and today could be the day he has been dreaming about for so long.

Once again Max looked at the cloth covered mound of man meat. It was still flaccid but jutted out from the man's body just inches from his sweet face. His youthful curiosity wouldn't allow him to look away from the bulge. Max liked the gentle arch of the semi–flaccid tube but he didn't know why he liked it. He knew it was much bigger than his own but it never occurred to him to look at his father's. The boy walked with Ken into the house side by side with Ken still holding the boy's face near his crotch hoping Max was getting curious. Max felt his neck and head being caressed and oddly felt at ease while enjoying the touch. The horny man directed the child into the living room and told him to sit on the ottoman. While watching the boy's pretty face, his short cut blond hair and his emerald green eyes were shifting first from Ken's eyes to the Zubaz covered adult cock.

"Can you keep a secret?" Ken asked of the little boy.

The child looked up from Ken's crotch and nodded yes. The boy immediately looked back down to further study his neighbor never realizing the deep desire this man had for his body.

Ken sat on the edge of the adjoining chair. Holding onto the ottoman as the boy sat, he spun it a quarter turn and pulled it between his open legs. Ken used both hands to cup the back of the boys head and pulled him forward and rested the child's forehead on the mans chest. He purposely positioned the boy to force his young gaze onto his thickening cock that was still covered by the Zubaz. Ken placed his own face along side the child's ear. His desire for his young body was overwhelming. Ken traced his right hand over the bare rounded narrow shoulder of the young boy and followed it down his arm and took his little hand. Holding onto the young hand in his own he placed the child's open palm on top of the thick muscular thigh and covered it with his own as if to show the boy it was ok to touch.

With a soft restraint of the child the horny man had the definite intentions of breeding the boy before sending him back to his father. The nice man whispered into the child's lickable ear, "My secret is, that I like you. A lot!"

If the child was a bit older, he would have determined that confession a bit out of the ordinary but instead the boy lifted his head off the man's chest and replied, "I like you too. You're a nice man."

Little did he understand what Ken really meant. But a smile swept over the boys face as man and boy looked into each others eyes. Ken replaced Max's forehead on his chest once more and continued the intimate conversation.

Seducing this little boy was easier than he originally imagined. The pedo's lips were next to Max's ear. "I am really happy that you are here alone with me." The word 'alone' was heavily emphasized.

A small kiss on the boy's ear and his large hands begin to caress both his neck and arm as he continued soothingly, "I like you looking at my cock."

The child was about to bolt from the room. Ken held the boy's head to his chest and grabbed his little wrist as he protested, "No, I wasn't looking." His angelic face changed to fright.

He was half struggling in the man's grip. "Shhh." Whispering in his ear. "I am not angry. I am very happy that you want to see it."

Not allowing the boy to look up he spoke, "Really? You really want me to see it?"

"Yes baby! I do. If you want to see it then I want to show it to you."

Ken's heart was beating fast, it was the thrill of seducing the boy that caused it. While the boy's heart pounded from the anticipation of seeing another boy's dick. The boy admitted wanting to see the man's penis and Ken really wanted to give it to him. He finally lifted the boys chin and looking into his young eyes.

"It is better if I hear the words. Tell me what you want." Ken instructed.

The pouty boy lips spoke, "Can I see," the boy pausing as his courage sprang forth, "it?"

The child's face had a pleading look about it and as the boy sat on the ottoman, Ken stood up from the chair so the waist band of the Zubaz was a mere 12 inches away from the innocent green eyes. Ken looked down at the boy whose gaze never wavered from the 'nice man's' bulge. Slowly his thumbs hooked each side of the waistband and inches down over his hips. At first there was nothing but skin and then dark pubic hair began to appear. Max watched the man pull his pants down, with the intent to fully expose his cock to the young child. Max was getting impatient while Ken was enjoying the strip tease. Little Max looked up at Ken and smiled quickly returning his gaze to the hem. More pubic hair blossomed and then suddenly stopped. Max's innocent eyes were now looking at about one inch of the base of an adult cock. The remainder of the molester's tool lay hidden just below the hem. Ken could not tell if Max stopped breathing or not but the show must go on.

Ken was watching the young boy's facial expressions as more of his own cock slid into view. With a pop, the hem of the Zubaz flicked the puffy cock head causing the semi flaccid man dick to bound twice. Both cock and balls were in full display of the innocent seven year old boy, Max.

There are few times in the life of a pedophile where they can truly feel free. All barriers have been removed and the freedom Ken experienced brought joy to his life as he exposed the tools that were meant to strip the innocence from the young boy. The man knew the risks but the rewards of weekly sex with a seven year old boy was worth it.

The boy sat there on the ottoman, staring at Ken's semi–flaccid cock. His small hands were fidgeting, not really knowing what to do. It looked like he wanted to reach out and take hold of that pieced of hanging man meat but dared not touch it. Ken stood in front of the boy. His cock in full display as he swung the soft meat left and right. He was fishing for the boy using the worm that would soon turn into a snake. As he was chubbing, Ken grabbed both of the child's hands and brought them into contact with his cock.

"There you are little buddy! Tell me what it feels like."

Max hesitated but slowly opened his little hands and took hold of the hanging shaft. Blood was beginning to fill the 'nice' man's dick while Max was lost in the moment. He touched, rubbed and squeezed the hardening tool that would soon feed him his promised lunch.

"Look!" he said. "It is getting bigger." Max informed, looking up to Ken's eyes and then back to the half hard man dick he held in his little hands.

"It likes you Max. When it gets hard like that it means it likes you very much."

As Ken finished the sentence he pulled his Zubaz up covering his manhood. The look on Max's face was one of bewilderment as if I took his toy away for no reason. Max didn't know that he would soon have it back but also have it in ways he never expected. Even though Ken was no stranger to Max, the danger was very real. Max was soon to become another happy statistic of being sexually molested. The living room wasn't the most private place to fuck a child. It was better to hide him deeper into the pedophiles lair. To a place where there was less of a chance of being disturbed and ensuring total control over the boy.

"Let's go into the other room." Ken took the boy's hand and they both walked to the back of the house. He felt no pity or shame as they walked side by side, leading the young boy to the altar of marriage. Max turned his head to look at the hard cock poking the Zubaz material out away from the man's body. Ken's desire to take the boys innocence was no less than Max's own need to fondle the nice man's penis. Through the kitchen a double door opened into the master bedroom. There, near the side window was a tall king size bed. That will be the bed Max will remembered for the rest of his life whenever he thought back to this moment. The windows were open slightly allowing enough breeze to flow through the room. As positioned Max to stand on the side of the bed, and then Ken heard a noise that sounded familiar. Leaving Max at the bed, Ken walked to the window facing Jim's house. And through the window he could see into his neighbor's guest bedroom. Ken wasn't totally surprised but it did confirmed his suspicions of Jim and Heather. Through the blinds he watched the naked seven year old girl on her back with her feet and tailbone at the edge of the bed. Her bent knees were wide apart while Jim was kneeling on the floor feasting on her bald little cunt. As Heather had her kiddie cums she moaned like a bitch in heat.

Ken needed some protection. Even though Jim was molesting the little girl, that was no guarantee that he would accept his own son's statutory rape. Ken opened the bottom door to the white cabinet near the window. His trusty digital video recorder would be the insurance he needed in–case the neighbor relations got abit messy. Ken pressed record.

Max was curious and asked what Ken what he was recording but before Max reached the window, he was ordered back to the bedside. There was no need for Max to see his own father 'playing' with the girl cousin he hates. It could ruin today's plans.

Jim must have previously seduced that girl. There is no way he could be that far with a new recruit in this short of time. The beast of a man stood from his knees and pushed the girl further up the bed by her butt. Jim quickly jumped on the bed with his hard dick pointing straight for her cunnie. Without hesitation Ken watched that little girl's body fully accept it. When he began to piston fuck the girl, Ken lost interest and closed the blinds. Little girls didn't impress Ken like this little boy does. The camera was still recording and was placed on the dresser pointing at the bed.

"Our turn." He said as the little boy who didn't have a clue what was about to happen.

Max was already shirtless so the man stood in front of the boy and lifted off his own shirt.

"Hey sex boy," Ken spoke. "If you want to see my big cock again, you must first ask."

The boy liked being the center of attention without fully understanding. Ken was smiling attempting to lighten the mood. The last think he wanted was for the boy to get bored or scared and want his daddy.

Without hesitation the little guy finally replied. "Can I see it again?"

"See it? What is, 'it'?" the man asked.

"You know. It!" Max pointed at the hard cock under the Zubaz.

Ken pulled the hem away from his waist and looked down into his own pants. "Do you mean my dick?"

Now looking at the boy, Max then spoke, "Ya. that! Can I see your dick again?"

Ken teased the boy and held still.

And a few seconds later, "please?" the boy begged.

The man enjoyed hearing the young boy beg to see his fuck stick. All sorts of nasty images flooded Ken's mind but It was time to get naked, Ken thought. "Ok, little monkey! Take my pants off."

The child didn't even look up. His full attention was now on the Zubaz and he took hold of the pants and each side and pulled them down. Ken's hard cock was trapped so with a little help the boy pulled the man's pants down just enough to free the cock.

"You have to take my pants all the way off." The adult commanded the boy.

Ken allowed the child to quickly pulled the Zubaz down his muscular legs, leaving them around his ankles. Max stood in front of the naked man, very excited as he viewed the thick piece of fuck meat hanging near his face.

Max stepped forward and began to fondle the 'nice' man's cock once again. The boy explored the shinny cock ring and asked. "What's this for?"

It was obvious the man enjoyed presenting his whole cock and balls to the young boy. "I put it on for cute boys like yourself." Ken pointed to his own nut sack. Both walnut sized balls were held tight in a large round sack projecting from his groin. Above them was a full hard–on, seven inches in length. The moist head was slightly peaking through the foreskin for the boy to see.

"Why? came the simple question children always ask.

"Wearing it make cumming in little boys feel so much better." Ken said.

Max didn't know what he meant nor did he care. His focus was back on the hanging dick. There were no questions from the boy about the lose foreskin gliding along the shaft. He was only mesmerized as the large bulbous dick head kept appearing and then disappearing. With both hands Max began to fondle Ken's large dick. The child's left hand touched and tugged on the hard cock while is right hand cupped the underside of Ken's man sack. The boy lifted and felt their weight. He explored them with a close eye never realizing the seed they contained would be one component that will soon strip his own innocence from his young body. The pedophile knew though. He knew what he was doing. His large hands ran through the soft blond hair of the boy standing in front of him. He knew alright. This boy was his to molest. We're alone, Ken thought. No interruptions and I have him here in my bedroom, alone. A wide smile formed on Ken's face. With his own hand he grabbed his own dick by the base of his thick shaft. Max let go of the adult prick hanging in front of his sweet face. Playfully Ken touched the head of his cock to the boy's forehead as two beautiful green eyes watched the man's cock slide down his own nose. Continuing, Ken moved his dick to the child's closed mouth, he paused for a moment, hoping the kid would instinctively open his mouth to suckle. Max didn't pull away but let Ken continue. The cock head tugged at the boys bottom lip while sliding down over his cute little chin. Both man and boy noticed something wet on the child's bottom lip. It was a small drop of precum from the naked man's cock.

Ken watched as the boy licked off the small drop and pulled it into his mouth on a small pink tongue. It was super cute and extremely sexy watching the seven year old boy savor his first taste of pedo ball juice. He was smacking his lips due to it being sticky.

Coddling his small face, Ken asked, "Not bad was it?"

Max smacked his lips a few more times. "What was it?"

In one word the Pedo replied, "Lunch."

Ken waited for another question but the boy's mind wasn't sure what to ask. So it was explained to him. "That creamy goodness you just tasted is made in my balls you are touching."

The look on his face was as if he didn't believe me. "But was it pee pee?"

A small laugh escaped Ken before he continued, "No it wasn't pee pee. That came from these," Lifting his own nuts to show the boy. "There is a lot in there, in–fact, five days worth."

His little mind attempting to comprehend the notion.

"I forgot to tell you what's for lunch" Ken said as he lifted his balls again. With a serious tone Ken told the boy, "I am going to feed you from my balls."

The seven year old wasn't so sure about being fed lunch from where pee pee escapes. But the horny pedophile broke the silence. "Trust me, baby. I will show you how it is all done." Ken touched the boy's cheek. The boy really didn't have any defense against men like him. "You may even come back tomorrow begging for more."

Noticing the boy was still clothed, Ken dropped to his knees and looked into the boys eyes. With one hand he reached for the boy's groin and lightly cupped his hand over the front of the shorts. Ken was thrilled to feel a stiff little prick–let.

The naked man confessed, "You're such a sexy little boy. My whole body aches to touch you." The words barely heard by either party.

Naked and alone Ken spoke softly as not to frighten the boy. His own cock was rock hard, engorged with the prospects of seducing the young child. The animal lust within caused images to flash through his mind. Taboo images, one and all. He wanted, no... He needed to rip the remaining clothes off the child's small frame and push him to the floor. The word 'No' would mean yes and he would take control by climbing on top of the frightened child. There on the floor he would copulate with the young boy by ramming his hardened prick between the sexy little butt cheeks and bury his manhood deep inside. At this point he didn't care of any consequences. He imagined fucking the boy hard and fast. Breeding his little ass was the only thing that mattered. And knowing the boy was only seven years old made everything feel so much better.

The fog in Ken's mind cleared. He realized he was still groping the young boy. He knew a more gentle touch would be a better way to insure a repeat.

"Does it feel nice?" softly asking the child.

Max closed his eyes to the pleasure and could only grunt the word, "yah."

Ken cupped the back of the boys head while still fondling him through his shorts. With Max's eyes closed, Ken leaned into the boy pressed his own lips to the unsuspecting child's lips. The young boy jerked to pull away but was held in place by the man stealing a kiss. The pleasure of being fondled coupled with the close intimate contact caused the inexperienced boy to surrender to the new and almost fearful emotions. Max could smell the man and noticed it caused his little cock to twitch. His body relaxed and accepted the new touch. Ken noticed this as well and slid his hand down the boys smooth back to feel his taught young body. The kissing continued and Max was learning how to kiss. He mimicked Ken by opening and closing his lips to further enjoy themselves. His young eyes flew open when he felt the large slick tongue slip into his own mouth. The pleasure continued and he soon realized kissing with tongues was very nice. Ken mashed his lips against the smaller mouth and took the boys mind off of his adult hands unsnapping the boys shorts and slowly unzipping them. One hand pulled the elastic underpants from his flat stomach while the other reached into the child's underwear and for the first time felt Max's stiff three inch boner. Ken worked his hand in deeper to touch the hard little grape sized balls. But there was not enough room to fully cup him properly. The young boy's shorts and underwear soon worked over his small hips and down his thin legs finally resting at his bare feet. Max stepped out of his clothes and both man and boy were totally naked as they continued to kiss deeply. The perverted man kissed the boy with passion as each hand squeezed the little boy's butt cheeks drawing in the boy's naked body to his own. Max surrendered from the flood of good feelings. His baby sized cock rubbed up against the man's hardened fuck tool. Suddenly those beautiful green eyes shot open from the surprise feeling as Ken's index finger began to rub the tight pink hole. Ken knew to savor this moment and the state of the untouched 'boy cunt' because as a boy fucker, he was obligated to force it wide open with his invading prick. The pervert in Ken wished Max was still aged five. it was the size difference Ken loved so much.

Ken pulled his lips from Max as the little boy leaned forward wanting to continue kissing the man. "You're such a good kisser."

Max was not skilled enough to respond to such an intimate remark. Instead he blushed lightly.

Ken stood in front of the boy and took his hand to lead him into the bathroom.

"Let's wash up first before we continue." Ken said while filling the bathroom sink with some warm water and a little soap. After wetting the washcloth he ordered the boy to bend over where he stood. As he did so, Ken ran the washcloth up and down the crack of the boys ass and wiped it clean. He then lifted his own right leg onto the vanity and used the same cloth to wipe his own manhole ensuring it was as clean as the boy. On the side of the vanity, Ken took hold of a small bottle of grape flavored lube and placed a large drop on his own finger. Ken reached under himself and applied the drop of lube onto his own anus and entered about a quarter of an inch. Meanwhile little max watched with wonderment as he didn't understand what Ken was doing. A second drop was added to the same finger. He then offered it to the boy.

"Suck on my finger, It's grape flavored." He commanded.

Max looked up at Ken and back down to the drop of clear liquid. His cute little nose came closest to better sense what he was about to taste. Max thought it smelled a little like grape but there was something else too. It smelled slightly earthy but not bad, so the boy touched his tongue to it. A smile came over him and opened his mouth to close his lips around the first knuckle. Ken felt his finger enveloped by warmth and wetness as the slippery tongue washed his finger clean. The nasty man thought he had the boy eating out of his hand but what he really wanted was the boy to feed from his pedo cock.

"Come on sexy boy! We're getting close to feeding time." The man said as he nearly pushed the boy out of the bathroom toward the king sized sacrificial altar. Ken knew what he was doing. Wild horses couldn't keep him from placing the young boy on his bed for the sole purpose of sexually molesting the child. Ken just couldn't understand why people thought it was wrong for an adult male to take a child to bed. Ken knew what it felt like when a man joins with a young boy. He knew the child loses something. Some say it is their innocence but it doesn't matter to Ken. He knew that taking a boy's innocence was a big attraction to fucking prepubescent boys. Seducing Max was easier than he originally thought. This boy is willing.

As they both approached the bed, Ken again heard some high pitched moans. He knew his neighbor, Jim, was still plowing his young niece. What Jim didn't know was his own young son was about to get the same treatment. Ken quickly followed. Little Max was at a loss. He didn't know how to act or even say when naked and in bed with an adult male.

Ken sat next to the boy and leaned in for a kiss. Max already knew what to do and opened his mouth to let the Pedo's tongue inside. The man's hand found the child's dick. Lovingly he stroked the three inch boy dick when he stopped kissing the lad.

"You are such a cute sexy boy, I can't keep my hands off of you." Ken continued, "Does it feel nice?"

"Ah hah!" escaped from the boys mouth.

"Before I feed you lunch, you can touch me anywhere. Do you understand?" Ken looked into Max's trusting eyes. Max nodded.

Ken instructed the boy to get onto his hands and knees. The man positioned himself behind the boy to what Ken believes is the best angle when it comes to ogling little boys. From the rear the small butt opened and his little rosebud was tightly closed. There were no signs of bruising as he was still a virgin. Ken was even more excited because Max had no idea what he was in for and when it happens it would be too late. Ken's finger traced the reddened line of skin from his fresh boy cunt down across his tight little boy ball sack. There was a small giggle from the touch. He looked over the child and thought the boy was beautiful With both hands he touched the boys ankles and caressed their way up over his small calves and up his thighs and then finally gripping his small cheeks in each hand. With one hand he tickled the small anus causing another giggle from the child. The other hand slid over his perineum and cupped the child's balls as they attempted to hang from his body. With expert rolling of the little nut sack, he groped the little boy cock as it pulsed with his quickening heartbeat.

Max didn't realize it at the time but he was enjoying being molested. His head hung down as he watched Ken's hand rub back and forth first rolling his baby balls and then stroking his cock. The boy continued to eye the hard fuck stick jutting from the adult's body as Ken sat on his heals directly behind him.

"Put your head on the bed but keep your butt in the air." the man ordered.

Max dropped his shoulders and rested them on the bed causing his little rump to further open up. Being an 'ass man' he marveled at the glorious view in front of him. The small butt displayed before him was his to do as he pleased.

"Little boy!" said the man. "Whenever you and I are alone in my house, I want you to remember this position. Present yourself like this and I will always pull my cock out for you to play with."

"You're in for a real treat, little stud." Ken took hold of the boys upper thighs and held him still. Ken blew air onto the boy's hole and watched it react. It squeezed tighter and then loosened. The boy raised his shoulders off the bed.

"DOWN!" Ken barked. Commanding and controlling the boy added to the intense thrill of touching the boy.

Max obeyed and again opened his ass by dropping his shoulders. That is when the little man discovered a new sensation as Ken flattened his tongue and licked over the tight fuck hole. Max moaned loudly. Ken was concerned Jim may have heard his boy. But then why should he care. Jim was fucking the little girl next door, why would Jim care if his little boy is being molested? More licks brought more panting from the young child. The tight anus puckered with each lick and every ridge was felt across the wet pedo tongue. Ken was awash in his depraved sexual desire for the young boy. His mouth was beginning to bite at Max's asshole. Then his tongue stopped licking and began to drill into the child. Ken opened his mouth very wide and covered that boy cunt and as he mashed his mouth over the boy his tongue dug deep inside. Max never knew such pleasure. Instinctively he moved his hips back and forth hoping to get more of the nice man's tongue inside him. For ten minutes Ken force fucked his long tongue into the boy for the pure pleasure and taste of unspoiled youth. When it was over Ken pulled his tongue from the wet boy hole.

"Stay like this," the man said as he instructed the boy to keep his ass up.

Ken reached for the dresser drawer and pulled out a small butt plug. He lubed it up with some jelly and touched the center tip onto the child's little puckered hole. The man knew how to get a child to open his ass so he grabbed the kiddie cock and stroked it in one hand while the other pushed the rubbery dildo by fractions into and out of the kid's fuck hole. Ken watched as the thin anal lips slid along the widening length of the dildo. The man knew those same lips would eventually glide over the length of his shaft. Suddenly the dildo was pulled into the child's body as it was held in place by his baby sphincter. Max was ordered to keep it inside him until he was told to remove it.

It was a strange feeling having a dildo inside him. He even realized that it made his cock even harder than before.

Max was lost in the feeling while Ken turned away from the young boy and dropped his own shoulders to the bed exposing his manhole to the child.

Max viewed the man's backside. Ken watched little Max through his own hanging cock. "Now it's your turn." was all he said.

The child got to his knees on the bed directly behind the man's ass. He boy wasn't so sure if he was supposed to touch the man's butt but Max certainly cupped his large man balls and began to stroke his cock feeling the foreskin slide back and forth from the large wet head. A drop of precum dropped from my dick onto the bed sheets. Max noticed this too.

"You're leaking," the boy said.

"When you see a drop forming, lick it off before it drops on the bed." Ken spoke and then waited for an answer but didn't come. "Feel my balls, Max."

Max felt both balls in his little hands.

Ken thought of reasoning with the boy. "Do you know how baby's feed?"

The boy's attention shifted away from my cock and answered correctly. "Babies drink milk from their mother's breasts."

"You're a smart boy. That's exactly correct. "Did you know that men also make a kind of milk that you can drink?"

The boy shook his head no as his attention was on the man's hanging nuts.

"If you look carefully, can you see my nuts moving?" Ken watched as little Max discovered the two hanging nuts were churning inside the man pouch.

"I see them moving," he excitedly announced.

"Good, continue squeezing my nuts because they are making the milk I AM going to feed you. And don't forget to lick the drops."

Max wasn't so sure about what he was doing but Ken was very firm with him and he submitted. The boy continued to stroke the hard dick in a downward pull and he noticed a drop of clear liquid formed at the tip of that seven inch pedo cock. Ken watched as the seven year old boy bent down and placed his head under the man. The boy hesitated but then his small pink tongue flicked out between his two red lips and strongly licked the precum off the adult prick. His little mouth savored the lightly sweet flavor. Max soon discovered that if he stroked the man's cock from his balls to the head, he could force more of the sweet liquid to the tip. Max was enjoying the sticky precum and the flavor of his first man dick. His little mouth was angled awkwardly but still able to suckle on the end of Ken's cock. He thought to himself how lucky he was to have a young boy eagerly licking the end of his adult prick.

Not wanting to cum too soon, he instructed the boy, "Use your tongue and lick my butt hole like I did to you. It feels really good."

Ken through caution to the wind and wasn't so sure the boy would be willing to lick a butt hole since he knows what comes out of it. But the boy was willing. He sniffed the hole first and didn't find any unpleasant odors. In–fact it smelled like grape from the small amount of grape flavored lube Ken added earlier.

Ken knew the boy needed some direction. "Use both your hands to spread my ass open."

Max was shocked to hear a bad word. "Daddy said not to use that word."

"When you and I are alone and no one knows what we are doing, I want you to use naughty words. If you want me to suck your cock, or lick your dick, play with your balls and even eat your ass, I want you to tell me. Understand?"

Max was given some adult freedom to swear so he immediately exercised his right. "Lick my ass!" He commanded.

"I already licked it so now it is your turn." Ken added, "But before you do, do you know what 'fuck' means?".

Max heard the word before but didn't understand it.

"So you don't know what I mean when I say, before the end of the day I will climb on top of you and fuck your perfect little ass."

Ken watched and waited for a response finally Max asked what fuck means.

"That's a surprise." Ken smiled knowing the child will lose his innocence today. "Now, go ahead and lick my ass, you naughty little boy." Ken playfully ordered.

The little boy's cock wasn't hard any longer but he had a job to do. Again Max sniffed at Ken's manhole and softly the tip of his little tongue touched the man's anus. In seconds that teeny weenie boy cock sprang to life once more.

"Use both hands and spread my ass wide. Open it up and really get your face in there." The man said to further corrupt the boy.

The boy tasted grape so he flicked his tongue a second time. Hearing Ken moan with pleasure, Max licked harder and before he realized it his own tongue was licking as deep as it could inside the perverted man. Ken felt the child licking deep, trying his best to please Ken. He even thought that Max could be a gay boy because these things almost came natural to him. Gay or not, Ken knew he was going to breed the young boy today. The pleasure of a child's wet tongue stopped as it slipped from the man's backside.

The little guy's mouth easily tired and stopped lapping at the wet hole. The child noticed all of the hair around the man's hole was matted down with his own saliva.

Ken re–positioned himself on the bed and told the boy to lay on his back. Ken knelt at the boys feet and then laid down on his stomach to position his mouth over the child's hardening dick. Within a matter of seconds the small flaccid boy dick was nail hard and pointing to the boys belly button.

Words of encouragement were spoken by the pedophile before he took hold of the young dick and wrapped his lips around the base of the kiddie cock. With two fingers he rolled the small balls inside the tight boy sack. The man's nose was pressing into the boy flesh he began to suck on the small dick pistoning up and down bringing great pleasure to the boy's young life. The child looked trustingly at the man as he stared back with searing lust. Ken opened wide and sucked both immature balls and the three inch boy cock into his mouth. With animal like movements the man feasted on his prey. Munching and chewing, sucking and licking Ken felt every ridge of hard boy flesh with his tongue as it caressed the forbidden area of a boy. Both thin legs were wrapped around the adults head. His green eyes rolled back into his head as the suction on his little wiener was getting too much. For the first time in the boys life, a climax was forming and the child began to thrash around on the bed. Sweet moans of pleasure erupted from the boy as his arms were flailing around. A boy's natural instinct too over and began to fuck Ken's mouth by lifting his small hips off the bed, forcing more of his little boy cock into the mouth of a seasoned pedophile. The moment came when the little guy's legs flapped open and shut over Ken's bobbing head. Everything in the young boy's life was excluded from his mind as the full force of pleasure centered onto his groin and erupted from his little dick. Though he couldn't produce any cum, the boy felt all the pleasure. Ken stopped sucking and held the child's hard pulsing cock inside his mouth, wrapped by a wet tongue until the wave of pleasure drifted away.

The boy laid helpless in Ken's bed with little energy to do much of anything. His breathing was slowing and his eyes were open, following his new adult lover as Ken placed pillows against the headrest. Max was lifted so his back rested against the pillows and he was propped up.

Ken was on his knees with the boy laying between them. He slowly moved his rock hard pedo cock nearer to the boys mouth. "Did you like fucking my mouth?" the perverted man asked of the prepubescent boy.

The small boy honestly answered, "That felt great!" As his little hand started to fondle himself.

The man stopped with his hard cock sticking out and his big balls hanging near the child's mouth. "It's time to feed you."

Ken looked at the boy but didn't wait for any answer. Max simply was looking over the whole cock and wondering what lunch will taste like. He was told it would come from the man's balls and he knew the clear liquid was OK to swallow. The man took hold of his hard dripping cock and aggressively slapped the boys face with it. He dragged the large head around the boys face, over his eyes and down his little nose. Cock slim streaked across the boys checks and chin.

Ken lifted one leg and planted his foot on the bed while kneeling with the other. He felt more in control. And that was important to him.

He continued to drag his cock across his closed lips. Stopping at his mouth, the man wiggled his cock to part those two beautiful little lips. "Open your mouth wide and I will stick my cock in. Keep your teeth off and use your tongue to rub my cock. The more you rub the quicker I can feed you." Ken smiled down at the boy as the boy was locked onto the man's cock. "Now you tell me how much you can take"

The red pouty lips were stretched wide over Ken's knob. The boy felt the ridges around the corona as Ken slowly pushed into the boy's mouth. He found three inches could comfortably fit inside his mouth without gagging him. It felt warm and satisfying having his man cock lodged inside a young boys mouth. Ken instructed the boy fondle his large hanging nuts and his asshole while he fucked the child's mouth.

Max's little hands felt each nut and he knew he would soon drink what they offered. He had no idea what he was doing or what was about to happen. He trusted the man. Ken used that trust to exploit his innocence. Ken knew sex with a boy was the most wonderful pleasure ever imagined. As he face fucked the child, Ken could see some of the innocence was lost. Max both squeezed the man's nuts and touched his hairy butt hole. Ken took the bottle of grape flavored lube and instructed the boy to hold out his two fingers. Ken dripped the lube over them and ordered the boy to push his two fingers into his hairy ass. Little Max stopped questioning Ken and simply touched the hairy hole and found the center. Ken relaxed enough to feel the boys two fingers enter his ass.

"Move your fingers around like your tongue did earlier." Ken said as he grabbed both sides of the child's head and began to fuck his adult cock into the seven year old boy's mouth.

He moved back and forth feeling his cock slide along the boys wet tongue. Occasionally he felt the boy's baby teeth scrape his manhood but the boy eager to please. A little hand fondled his balls and two small fingers fucking into him. Ken fucked three inches of his pedo cock in and out of the boys mouth.

"Oh Max. This feels wonderful." Ken confessed. "What you and I are doing has to be our secret. You can't tell anyone what we are doing." The towering man still had his cock inside the boy's mouth. He pulled it out so the boy could speak.

"I won't tell." Max said just before he opened his mouth again expecting Ken to push it in.

"I mean it. You really can't tell anyone what we are doing here. "

"I promise!" the boy said.

Ken was happy the boy was going to keep quiet and quickly stuck his stiff cock back into the boys mouth and continued to face fuck him knowing he was close to feeding the kid. The feeling was rising from the man's loins as his balls pulled up ready for action. The child continued to finger the man's ass.

"I am about to feed you. Keep your hands off my cock and swallow everything."

Holding the young blond boy's head in his large hands he face fucked the kid and for all his might. "Here it comes," the man warned.

The rush of cum began to flow up his hard cock. The pedophile was lost in pleasure and forgot himself. Ken leaned forward with his own weight forcing his cock to slide against the boys tongue and hit the back of the kids throat. He didn't stop there. The spongy cock head bent down and entered the throat just as the corona expanded and the piss slit slammed open. The first volley of cum shot out of the pedophile's dick and blasted deep into the boy's stomach. The boy's eyes lit up for fear of not being able to breath, his fingers pulled from the man's asshole. While controlling the boys head the man used the boy. His balls pressed onto the kid's chin and that little nose was pressed into his nasty coarse pubic bush. Ken fucked his cock into the boy's mouth as the second load of cum unloaded into the child. Max was trying to swallow without closing his mouth. Ken stopped fucking the boy and held his dick just inside his mouth. Ken noticed the fear in Max's eyes but soothed him by smiling down at the molested boy. Each contraction of the pedo fuck stick caused it to rapidly straightened as it squeezed a jet of cum through and then relaxed into slight arch still feeding the boy. The video recorder captured the child porn and those who were to watch it had no trouble believing Ken was pumping cum into the boy's mouth. Ken enjoyed the control he had over the boy. His milky seed flowed into the kids mouth and coated every baby tooth. Max tried to swallow it all but some of milk was forming at the corners of the kid's mouth. Ken noticed the boys thin neck as the throat muscles worked hard to push the thick pedo ball juice into his little tummy. Ken didn't care that he lied to the boy. He knew it wasn't milk. But as he was nearly done ejaculating into the boy's mouth he was pleased to watch him swallow all his semen.

"Eat it all, little boy!" Moans of ecstasy filled the room. Ken was lost in himself as he used the boy for pleasure. "Feed from my cock!"

There was truth in Ken's need to feed the boy. He realized his only need in life was to find young boys and teach them pedo sex.

As his large knob was pulled from the boys lips the boy and man noticed the man's cock was still drooling some cum. "Clean it off, boy!"

As the cum ran down the side of the seven inch man dick, the boy licked up the shaft catching it all on his pink child sized tongue. He then opened his mouth to suckle on the softening cock. It was time to cleanup. The man rolled off to the side and both his cock pulled from the boys mouth. Ken easily picked up the small framed boy and carried him to the shower where they washed each other head to toe.

While naked and standing in the kitchen, Ken asked the boy if he was still hungry. Surprisingly he was content. He swallowed five days worth of pedo seed but the man knew that wasn't enough of a lunch so he offered him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Max complained of a sore throat and wished to go home. That was to be expected after having a man's cock forcibly pushed down it. Ken had nearly an hour left alone with Max and there was no way the little boy was getting away so soon. Ken dropped to his knees to pull the kid into a kiss. Max reacted as before. His nub of a cock stiffened up and dreamily kissed back. Ken broke the kiss and turned the boy to face away. With both hands he hugged the kid pressing the boy's bare back to his own bare chest. Max felt the soft chest hair and the warmth from the body contact. With his little pecker in hand, Ken stroked the boy.

"You can't go home yet," Ken whispered into his ear.

"Why not." Max panted out from the pleasure.

Ken continued to stroke the little boy cock with one hand and the other caressed the flat narrow chest. The child was lost in pleasure. In between small kisses on the boys neck Ken told the boy, "We haven't coupled yet."

The boy could barely speak as his own climax was about to hit him. "What's that?"

Ken loved the boy's innocence. He explained it in coarse terms the boy didn't fully understand. "We go back to bed."

Max was nearly cumming. His little body was becoming more rigid.

"Then I climb on top of you." Ken continued.

The small boy held tight to the man's chest arched his back and felt his body shake with pleasure from the orgasm.

"And fuck your sexy little boy ass." Ken finished.

The boy didn't hear that his ass was going to be violated. The feeling of the dildo still lodged inside his ass combined with the body contact, Max came hard without producing any cum. He was much too young. His little chest was held tight and covered with the man's left hand. That three inch little boy cock throbbed in the man's right hand. The child sized balls pulled tight to his own body. It was a beautiful reminder of the boy's physical immaturity.

Ken knew it was time. He waited long enough and knew that it was time to steal the 'cherry' this boy held deep inside of him. Ken felt no shame. Although secretive, he was proud pedophile and considered it was a badge of honor to be the first to fuck little Max. As he turned his little lover around to face him, he drew the boy's head onto his own shoulder. With two hands he grabbed the boy's butt and lifted the naked child up off the floor. Max held himself against Ken by holding on to his neck while wrapping his thin legs around the man's waist. At forty six pounds Max was on the smaller side of the growth chart which was another quality that made him more attractive to Ken.

As the man carried the little boy to his bedroom, he softly spoke into the boy's ear. "I have wanted this for so long; You, naked and in my bed." With a light peck on his ear, the pedophile continued. "I've wanted to fuck you since your fifth birthday party. I just couldn't find a way to get you alone with me." Ken squeezed the boys little butt checks just before he gently laid him down on the altar of man/boy sex. As the boy lay on his back his little calves dangled off the edge of the bed. Ken leaned over to place his mouth near the smaller mouth below his and said, "Do you enjoy having the butt plug inside of you?" As the man finished his question he touched the plug and gave it a little jab. The movement surprised the boy who lifted his feet up onto the bed as he enjoyed the feeling inside of him.

The boy blurted out, "Do it again."

Max laid there for the next few moments as Ken happily pushed and pulled on the small dildo into the willing child. It was a lovely sight to see the ripples in the dildo force the child's fresh anal lips stretch open. Ken couldn't wait any longer. It was time to breed the boy's little ass.

"Scoot up the bed and let me get on." Ken commanded as the kid got to his knees and made room for his adult lover.

Gathering the tools of the trade, Ken grabbed the bottle of lube and a towel before kneeling on the bed directly in front of the seven year old. As Ken popped the top to the sex lube he told the boy, "Hold out your hands."

Two perfect boy hands were palm up and together waiting for Ken to pour some lube into them. A large helping of lube filled his little hands.

"Now rub it all over my fucking cock but don't touch my balls." As he swore, the boy looked up at shared the naughty secret by repeating the words, 'fucking cock'.

Max knew those words were naughty and felt like a big boy hearing those words. With his two little fists, he took hold of the thickening man dick hanging down in front of him. With cautious pleasure the boy coated every inch of the man meat and made it slick with lube. The touch of his little hands caused the semi flaccid adult dick to harden and expand to its fullest. This was Max's first time so his young mind wasn't fully aware of what came next. But it was Ken's job to educate him deeply.

After handing the boy the towel to wipe his hands clean, he asked the boy, "Do you like my big cock?"

Max first looked at the hard cock and then up at it's master. He smiled and nodded yes without saying a word.

"Good! Because I am going to fuck every inch of it into you and make you my little boy whore. Every day you will beg me to take my cock out of my pants for you to play with. You'll whine and cry for me to throw you on to the bed only to slip all seven inches inside of you." Ken was very direct when he again spoke. "Turn around and present yourself like before."

Max spun away from the man and quickly dropped his shoulders to the bed keeping his sexy little ass pointed upward. Ken's fingertips gripped the edges of the butt plug and pulled gently as he watched the tiny boy pussy widen. It opened up and spit out the wet plug. Ken looked but found the plug clean.

With every fiber of his body he needed to breed this young child. Ken held his hard cock as it stuck out from his adult frame and pointed it toward the slightly open boy hole. Ken's other hand split the boy's butt cheeks apart as the cock head touched the child's little anus. There was no tell tale signs of penetration but that will soon change as Ken put more pressure on his fuck stick. The lose foreskin slid back as more of the man's phallic head pushed inside. The tightness of his anal ring was fighting back.

Ken lightly slapped the kid's ass and he barked out orders, "Relax your hole, boy. I know you want my cock."

And the boy did want the man's cock. He was drawn to it out in the front yard when he realized the size of it. Without ever having anal sex the boy had the instinct to drop his chest while angling his ass even higher. This relaxed his hole enough for Ken to push in. Those tight thin anal lips parted enough to swallow the whole cockhead. Ken knew what came next so he held the small hips in his vice like grip.

As his little sphincter clamped tight on to the invading prick the child's sweet voice cried out in pain. "Owe, Owe, Owe" Ken held on tight as the little boy tried to expel the large cock head from his busted little cherry.

The only thing Ken could say was, "Relax, it will go away in a few moments." There was no way Ken was going to stop now. He thought to himself, it is not often a man is alone with a naked and willing prepubescent boy. So, it is time to take control and sexually educate the child. Repeat lessons are mandatory. Ken smiled knowingly.

As each second ticked away grunts and pangs echoed from the boy. Ken understood it momentarily hurt the boy but it was necessary for him to sexually molest the boy deeply. The high sweet voice caused the adult cock to harden even more as these innocent sounds of a virgin was music to his ears. The tightness around his cock head was less apparent and Ken the molester knew to push another inch of his fuck meat into the boy's ass. He watched as the tight ring expanded fully around the widest and thickest portion of his seven inch shaft. He held it there for the young boy to get used to such a thick man dick invading his little anus. More agonized grunts came from the little tyke.

"The first time is always the hardest," he told the submissive boy. "You wanted my cock so I am going to give it to you." Ken pushed another inch into the child before pulling out an inch. The sounds of pain were turning into gasps of pleasure. Small grunts escaped the boys mouth while his adult neighbor continued to force his big dick into the tight little boy ass. Four inches of his dick were firmly logged inside the boy's gut. There were three more inches to go. Ken was sawing his cock in and nearly out of the child's ass. The kid even grabbed his own rigid boy boner and was masturbating himself. Ken's long cock hit a barrier inside the boy's rectum. Ken knew it must be the bend in his child sized colon. By directing his dickhead to the left he knew he could push his man dick into the boys sigmoid colon. Doing so caused the child some discomfort. His masturbation stopped as he instinctively wiggled his sexy little ass. Not to entice the man to fuck him harder but to wiggle through the discomfort unknowingly making the bend in his colon to straighten allowing even more thick pedo prick to invade him deeper.

Ken was in pure ecstasy. The man looked down his own chest, past his flat stomach and realized he was nearly all the way inside the boy. With a slow and steady push he made a dream come true. The pedo man dreamed of molesting his neighbor's son and here they were alone in the bedroom. The boy felt the coarse hair of the adult pubic bone pressed against his innocent little body. The man and boy were physically connected as it should be.

"Oh Max! You're such a good little boy." Ken praised the child. "Can you feel me inside of you?"

Max was panting from both pleasure and pressure. But he honestly replied. "It feels so big!."

"Do you know how big my dick is?" Ken inquired of the boy while slightly jabbing the child with his cock.

Max didn't know how long it was but asked. "How big is it?"

Ken was horny he needed to talk dirty to the boy. "I have all seven fucking inches of my cock inside your sexy boy pussy." To make the boy really feel the full length of his adult cock he stabbed once again into the child's colon. "If you don't believe me, then try to touch my cock."

That large prick was buried to the root inside the boy. Max reached past his own hard cock in an attempt to touch Ken's big dick. What he felt was the man's hairy balls firmly "kissing" his own immature tyke sized hairless ball sack. Ken was enjoying the small hand fondling his own balls as the boy mashed them against his own. Tiny thrusts kept Ken's cock hard and deep inside the boy.

Ken was enjoying the perverted physical connection with the boy and desired the child to fully understand how he was being molested. "Feel my cock as I pull it from your body."

Max's little fingers found the space between their nuts and touched the slick man shaft. Ken slowly pulled his rock hard cock from the deepest depths of the boy. Little Max was beginning to discover just how much dick was inside of him. His little fingers felt the hot skin slide from his ass as the pressure in his tummy changed. The child was expelling the adult cock inch by inch. He was amazed how long it was and marveled how it fit inside him. Ken finally pulled this dick completely free from the boy's ass. Max was exploring his own hole with his small fingers when Ken placed his dickhead against the anal entrance once more. Max moved his little fingers out of the way, submitting to the man's lust for young body.

With more instruction Ken continued the boy's education. "Now feel my big cock slide into your little boy cunt." Ken felt the tiny fingers slide along the underside of his invading prick. "This is how men fuck boys."

A simple "ah ha" acknowledged his understanding. The child was amazed at the length of the man's dick filling his little ass. Sounds of the kid grunting and panting from the invading prick echoed throughout the room. He was a bright boy and somehow understood what was happening to him was naughty. But Max was enjoying the forbidden pleasure as he surrendered his young body to be molested by the horny pedophile. Max understood it was wrong yet couldn't stop himself from enjoying the full length of the man's penis. He was amazed when those large nuts were hanging just outside his little butt. His thin little cock twitched when Ken's groin mashed against his own pert little ass.

Ken was in lust with the boy. Looking down his own chest he watched his own hard prick bust a tiny little ass wide open to fuck deep into the boy. The pleasure was immense as the young anus strangled his shaft. With tender thrusts of his hips the man slid his greased cock into the depths of the boy's soul only to pull it nearly free from the fiery furnace. With the last few inches of his cock yet to be inserted, both man and boy could feel the small colon straighten and forever reconfigure for more frequent fucks and eventually even larger pedo dicks. The pace of fucking little Max quickened. His dick was plunging into and out of the sexy little boy with ease now. Ken was becoming aggressive and was now slamming his fuck stick into the lad. Max's blond head was being driven into the mattress when his ass was slapped hard by the large hairy groin and this became uncomfortable for the "first–timer." Max lifted his chest off the mattress to the full doggie position. Thin white arms and legs held his child sized body at the perfect level. His smooth little tummy hung down forcing his small hips to pivot making it easier for the nice man to continue molesting him with his hard pedo prick. The pleasure for both man and boy were increasing with each thrust. When Ken rammed his hard cock into the boy the collision caused the kid to jerk forward on the bed. Aside from the sexual molestation, the collision between their two bodies could be considered abuse. The man was happy to continue but also wanted to see the boy's angelic face when came so he reluctantly pulled his wet dripping cock from the boy's backside.

Physically disconnected the naked little boy was on his hands and knees. Young Max looked over his shoulder thinking Ken was done and almost whimpering to be filled once again. As Ken held the boys ass in both hands, he looked deep into the boy's stretched open hole. The pedophile was pleased to see the once tight little rose was now stretched open, and slightly bruised. True testimony of a boys loss of virginity . Those stretched red anal lips felt hot to the touch and even hotter as Ken drove his tongue into the boy's fuck hole. Max was surprised by the slippery tongue and quickly inhaled from the pleasure. But Ken didn't spend much time feasting on the boy's ass. Instead he forceably tipped the boy off his hands and knees to roll the child onto his back. A smile came over Ken's face as he discovered the child was erect from all of the ass play.

"I can see by your hard little cock that you fucking love this." Ken said as he noticed Max's demure smile.

With each hand Ken grabbed both skinny ankles and lifted them together, straightening his legs pointing up from the bed. He transferred one ankle into the other hand so his left hand held both of the kid's ankles. This allowed Ken to reach for two thick pillows. With ease, Ken lifted both ankles causing Max's bottom to lift off the mattress where he slid both pillows under the child's lower body. His ass was now high enough to be plundered mercilessly.

While still holding the boys ankles in one hand Ken playfully grabbed his own massive seven inch cock and shook it to direct the boy's attention on to it. "Tell me! What should I do with my cock?" asking the naked boy who laid helpless in front of him.

With a jerk the little boy answered "Put it in me!" The same coy little smile erupted from his fresh face.

"Are you asking me to fuck you again?" Ken needed to hear the boy ask to be molested.

"Ya, fuck me!" the sweet voice commanded. Instinctively his little hands fondled his own hard little boy dick.

"I adore little boys begging to be fucked." Ken said as he began to position his aching cock near the gaping boy fuck hole. "Get ready little boy because I am going to climb on top of you and fuck you hard!"

Max laid their still being held by his ankles. Ken inserted his wet dripping cock head just inside the little hole. Those bruised anal lips were once again forced wide open and gliding over the invading cock. The boy's legs were still sticking straight up into the air with his little feet held by the ankles on either side of Ken's face. Within a matter of seconds the full length of the man's prick laid fully sheathed in the most natural of places a boy lover could place his cock. While Ken fucked his cock inside the child, Max's little hands grabbed at the bed sheets from the pain or pleasure. Ken wasn't sure. Gasps of sexual pleasure escaped from the small boy. Ken was alone with the boy and there was nothing to stop him from sexually molesting the child to the ultimate goal. Ken held the boys legs high and watched his invading prick begin to piston into the small helpless ass. Above his abusing cock were two tight little balls snug inside a pink hairless sack and a hard little boy cock pointing toward the boy's belly button.

"Max, your ass feels so good on my dick." Ken continued to swivel his hips forward driving his adult prick deep into the seven year old's ass.

Each thrust of his cock forced the boy to grunt and moan in pleasure. Their two bodies slapped together as Ken forced his cock deep inside. The child's song and smacking sounds bare flesh filled the house along with the scent of male sex. The mixture of precum, lube and boy ass wafted from the bed as Ken breathed in the mixture. The boy noticed the smell but didn't realize it helped put the little bitch in heat. To the pedophile, it was an aphrodisiac that only made Ken fuck harder. That sensitive cock of his felt all of the contours and ridges as it pushed and pulled from the child's body. Ken forgot about the video recorder. It captured the scene from behind Ken as his masculine body thrusted his cock hard into the boy's ass. The scene could only be described as perverted from the body size difference. The boy that laid underneath the man was absurdly small compared to the towering man. The favorite part of the video was when Ken's body slammed against the little boy and all you could see are two large man nuts hanging down over the boy's tailbone. The rutting man pounded the little ass hard.

In between breaths Ken told the child, "Once I cum inside you, I will own your ass." Ken looked into the boy's sweat face. "Do you know what that means?"

Ken didn't stop fucking the boy but Max didn't have an answer. So, Ken continued, "That means I get to fuck you any time I want."

Max understood and was actually glad of it too. The young boy laid there with his eyes closed and grunting from the pleasure and force of penetration. Ken let go of the boy's ankles. Thin sexy boy legs slid down each side of the man and wrapped around his waist. Ken was getting close to cumming. As a lion would hold the lioness by the back of the neck to ensure her cooperation, Ken quickly grabbed each of the boy's hands. With his hard cock firmly embedded inside the child, Ken climbed on top of the naked little boy and forced the child's hands above his little blond head, pinning him to the bed. The little boy surrendered his young body and Ken took complete control.

Ken's mental state changed in an instant. Logic and reasoning were suppressed and the animalistic instinct to breed was left to rule his thoughts. The pedophile towered over the child pinning his little body beneath his own. Ken was aggressive as he fucked the boy hard and deep. Every muscle in Ken's body was working for only two purposes. And that was to breed the little boy and absorb his sweet innocence. Both man and boy were grunting loudly. Drops of sweat formed on the man's chest dropping onto the smooth white skin below. Max was looking up into Ken's face but Ken's eyes were closed. Shortly thereafter Max let out an angelic high pitched squeal as his little cock twitched hard yet producing nothing. The large pedo dick felt each spasm as the little anal ring strangled it. But it didn't stop molesting the boy. Ken was so close he could feel his heavy balls churn. Preparing for the final release Ken laid on top of the child. Max's head fit neatly under the man's chin. More of their naked flesh bonded together each enjoying the bare skin on skin contact. Those muscular hips pistoned twice per second. Each time forcing the hardened angry cock deep inside the trapped boy. Ken's head began to swim from a sensory overload. It was the combination of sexual smells and sounds and knowing he was using the boy for sexual pleasure. This caused the first load of cum to form. With one final thrust Ken buried his long prick deep inside the first grader. The large purple corona expanded as the long stream of pedo cum corkscrewed from the piss slit and splashed deep inside the boy's ass. Ken stopped fucking and froze. Every muscle in his body tightened as the largest climax of his life exploded. Those large nuts were draped over the boy's tailbone as his hard cock was flexing heavily with each spasm forcing more white wet man cream inside the boy. Max laid on the bed locked in the embrace. His only option was to accept the probing adult cock as it filled his young body. More cum poured out of Ken and into the helpless boy. Ken was completely breeding the boy's little body. Max actually feel the wetness as the large cock flexed inside his colon. Max was happy to give his body away and enjoyed being held tight for the next two minutes. Even though Ken stopped unloading pedo cum into the boy he stayed inside him for as long as possible. But nothing good last forever.

The once hard cock was deflating inside the boy then finally slipped out of the happiest place Ken has ever known. The sticky wet flaccid dick hung down across the obscenely wide open anus. Ken moved his body so his lips could meet the much smaller mouth. Max was better at kissing as he knew to open his mouth allowing Ken to snake his tongue inside. Ken went from a wild sexual beast to a loving and caring man who was passionately kissing the young boy. Both man and boy's heartbeats were slowing to a normal rhythm. Maxed was looking tired from the sexual abuse.

"Do you want to take a nap before going home?" Ken asked.

A yawn unfolded from the tired child. He simply curled up on the bed with a pillow under his head. The man watched as some of his own semen leaked from the boy's freshly fucked ass. He didn't care and allowed the boy to sleep.

Ken grabbed his robe and put one arm through the sleeve while closing the bedroom door so Max could sleep. He finished putting on his robe as he walked into the kitchen. His heart was again beating fast as he discovered his neighbor Jim, sitting on the counter stool. The panic in Ken's voice was noticed yet Ken walked to the stove as if nothing happened.

"Before I ask if you want tea, where is your niece?" He asked and hoping the conversation wouldn't explode into a shouting match.

"She's napping at home." Jim replied.

Ken filled silver kettle with water and placed it on the stove.

Jim watched the flames ignite before he spoke. "How long have you been fucking my son?"

Ken paused at the question as the teabag hung over the cup. After releasing the string, Ken replied with confidence in knowing Jim held a similar secret.

"To be honest? Today was the first time." As boldly as he could Ken leaned against the counter near the stove and looked Jim in the eye. "But I must confess, I've wanted him since his fifth birthday party."

This information surprised Jim but he stayed calm as he returned Ken's stare.

It was Ken that broke the silence. "How long were you watching?"

The tension in the room was diminishing. Yet Jim was attempting to sit comfortably on the stool. "I didn't bother ringing the doorbell as we were neighbors and I heard my son's voice coming from your bedroom." Jim was nervously rolling a pencil on the countertop. "My son was on his back with your nuts hanging just outside his body. I know I shouldn't think this but I was amazed he could take it all."

Ken was getting very comfortable with this conversation. "You may not believe it but your son wanted to see my cock." Two cups of tea were poured be for he continued. "Max is a natural. He didn't complain much at all. I would bet he would let you fuck him if you wanted to."

"Fuck my own son?" Jim exclaimed. "I have zero interest in boys."

That is when Ken finally told his neighbor, Jim. "I suspected that when earlier I heard some noise coming through my bedroom window." Jim was noticeably uncomfortable as Ken continued, "To my delight I watched you feast on your niece's little snatch just before you straddled her. I watched you split that puffy hairless mound and fuck her pretty hard."

Jim looked away not knowing what to say or do.

"Don't worry, I won't tell. Since we know each others secret I think we can have a great time with it."

Jim, looked up to ask, "How so?"

"When your niece is visiting, little Max can stay with me so you two can be alone." This suggestion caused both men's cocks to plump.

Jim understood, "So, while I am fucking my niece, you get to fuck my son?"

"Damn right! Since the kids don't get along very much it is best they don't know about our arrangement."

Jim was thinking of the possibilities as he sipped his tea.

Ken was trying to sell the idea, "Look, it appears you and I are child fuckers. Unfortunately you like girls."

This brought a laugh from Jim before he replied, "And you like boys."

"It's a fair statement. The younger the better." Ken confessed.

Jim teased Ken by calling him a sick pervert.

"I suggest Max stays here tonight. And then we each can spend the whole evening with our little lovers. Without any interruption you can take your naked little child bride to bed." Ken watched Jim's face for an answer.

Jim thought a moment before replying. "And you will do the same?"

"I would enjoy the freedom of sharing the bed with Max all night without fear of interruption. In–fact, I want to kiss and cuddle him as he laid naked in my bed. I fully expect to wake up every few hours and molest his sexy little ass." Ken enjoyed the openness of the conversation. Hiding his true feelings from everyone was so difficult but now he and Jim to share the same secret. He found it quite therapeutic.

Earlier Jim was reserved in the conversation but he better understood their relationship. "It's a date. Max stays here while I go home and play with my fuck toy." Jim looked at his pedo brother for a reaction and found only encouragement.

"When did you start fucking your niece?" Ken asked.

"She was nearly five at the time. If only we had known about each other sooner."

"Why's that?" Ken inquired.

"I know what it feels like to stick my cock inside a kindergartner. Had I known you liked young boys, I would have let you fuck Max at his fifth birthday party."

"Oh fuck. Now I am hard." Ken's cock was sticking outside his robe for Jim to see. "I would have loved that too. Maybe one night I stay at your house. I would like to fuck Max in his own bed surrounded by all his toys and stuffed animals."

Jim smiled, "You are such a perve. I like that!" Jim started walking to the front door before turning to say, "Be easy on my boy."

Ken turned to walk back to the bedroom where Max was sleeping naked on top of the sheets. "I started easy but I get the impression he likes it kind of rough."

Ken left Jim standing at the front door. Both men returned to their respective beds. Each child woke up to a hard pedo cock. Ken molested little Max from evening until morning with periods of sleep to reload. By morning, Ken's balls were hurting but he continued to fuck the child one last time before breakfast. Max took the last fuck pretty rough as Ken was having trouble cumming. Only by pinning the boy to the bed so he couldn't move was Ken able to fuck hard enough to finally make him his little fuck toy.

Ken found out later that day Jim was just as free to fuck his niece in the same way.


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