SpaceFamily – Trapped on Penitatas Planet 1


This is inspired by lost in space
It does have the characters in the series. The characters here are original.

This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.
In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.
This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I do not promote rape or non-consent sex. This is only a story, fiction, if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is WRONG. Those who commit rape are despised everywhere.
This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read these stories. The author does not condone any sexual activity involving animals in real life.

Trapped on Penitatas Planet 1

Earth was overcrowded, polluted and simply has become a dreary place to live in. The population was growing and the planet could not support it. This led to Social problems and inequality. Different countries had different solutions. In China, they placed a heavy tax on every child that was born. This meant that only rich people could have children. In Africa, they mass murdered any child that was not the first born. In Europe and the USA, the population was stable, but they shot thousands of people that tried to enter their territory.

The G8 (which now included Russia) had a solution at one of their summits. They would send their citizens to other planets. There were a few planets that could sustain human life. So billions and billions of dollars were spent on developing spaceships and building colonies on the planets. Then came the big process of choosing who would go. The criteria were very high as the first colonists had to contribute something. It meant a lot of interviews and tests.

My family was chosen to be part of the new colony.

My name is Jayden. I am 11 years old. Let me tell you about my family. I suppose we should start with my Dad. His name is John. I hardly ever saw him as he is a diplomat in the United Nations. There is always a war somewhere or some human injustice. So my relationship with my Dad was basically a webcam discussion and seeing him on TV. He was a good diplomat but had no humour. He was always so serious. It was not often that I saw him smile. He was picked because he was a politician and the colony needed someone who can solve disagreements and suggest compromises. The problem is that my dad was a politician and he liked deciding. He never asked us if we wanted to go. He just informed us we were moving and we would love the new colony.

Moms name is Ellen. She is a teacher. Unlike my dad, I was very close to my mom. She spent all the spare time she could with us and made sure we lived in a good part of the city. I loved when she would brush my hair or read a story for me at nighttime. She always said the weirdest things like the world got hope back when I was born and I was her special boy. You can see that I thought she was a saint and the best mom anyone could have. Mom did not like the idea of moving at first, but then she thought it would mean a better future for us. At least we would get fresh air. She would also be more with her husband.

I had a twin sister whose name is Bella. She still had the body of a 7-year-old and she hated this. She hated being flat and bald. She would stare in the mirror and wonder was her nipples a bit puffier. She had a good personality and was nice as far as a sister could be. As twins, you could say that we were best friends. I would hate when she was sad or had no patience. We were good at playing together and Bella always knew what to do. She has also interested in boys and had every boy in our class rated from 0 to 10! She was wild about moving. She counted the days down to we would leave Earth.

Then you have me. I told you my name and that I am a twin. When people first saw me, they always thought I was a girl. My hair was curly and mom thought it was a crime to cut it. This meant I had few friends at school and got bullied. Everyone thought I was a sissy! I may have had a girlish face and long hair some starlets in Hollywood would die for, but I was a boy and liked being a boy. My one problem was that I was shy and never knew what to do around people. This meant I liked reading and being around our dog. When I first heard we were moving, I did not want to. Mom said I would meet new friends, but I guessed they would bully me as well. The reason I did not want to go was that I didn’t like new places. It was decided and I just had to do what the others wanted to.

Oh, I forgot to say we had a dog. His name is Rocky! He was an Irish setter. Besides my sister, he was my best friend. He was always a horny dog, and this meant he always tried to jump on me. It was worse if I was naked after a bath. I won't go in detail, let's say he considers me his bitch and I am no longer a virgin. Imagine if people at school knew that!

So our family was assigned a family ship called BLIT4. Scientists found out the small family ship was safer. Cheaper and it was like driving a car. The first few weeks was us in a sleeping tank and when we woke up, we were told that we would find the colony in a few weeks. The problem was that we were hit by an asteroid storm soon after we woke up so our small ship was separated from the other ships. To make things worse we were sucked into this space hole. BLIT4 was spinning around as it was in the hole and we were all so dizzy. I closed my eyes and expected the worse.

When we came out of the other side of the hole, we looked at all the navigation instruments but did not have a clue where we were. The only one that did not panic was Rocky. It must be nice to have no worries. My sister was screaming that she was too young to die. Dad just told us that we had a new mission. Our new mission was to find the others.

Great plan! I am being sarcastic here.

That was a month ago.

Mom and I were in the control room. I was reading a book. We were just going in the same direction we came from. It was not bad. There was a replicator on the ship that made food. We each had our own room. I shared my room with Bruno. I hoped the room was soundproof as Rocky still considered me his bitch. I really didn’t expect to find any colony, so I tried to be as happy as I could here on BLIT4.

There was a problem! Mom was busy looking at one instrument and another. She kept on asking herself “What the hell?” I put down my book and asked her what the matter was. She sighed and told me the ship is being pulled off course and she tried everything to get it back on course, but nothing worked. My sister came in and heard this and started to panic. She screamed we were being pulled into another space hole. Mom hugged her and said it was not a space hole. She told my sister to calm down and find my father.

Bella searched the whole ship and could not find him. There was only one room he could be in and that was the hologram room. This was a room where we can program different places or different things. I liked the beach one the best. However, when Bella opened the door, she could see that my Dad was having sex with a Hologram version of me. That is right! My poor sister had to witness her Dad with his dick in the Hologram version of me. She went pale and told him he was needed in the control room.

It was good that I did not know!

I did not know that Dad was secretly a boylover. He had lots of experience when he was on his diplomatic missions. He would pay for boys in Eastern Europe, rape boys in Africa and try to groom boys in other places. While he was molesting boy after boy, he would close his eyes and dream it was me! I can tell you all this now, but it is good it was a secret back then. My sister did not come back. However, Dad did come to the control room. We did not know that he just deposited his baby seeds in a hologram version of me.

Mom told him about the problem and Dad started giving orders as usual. This annoyed mom as she said she tried everything. Dad ordered her to try again. Then they had an argument that Dad was not the boss, and he should have trusted that mom tried her best. What they needed was new suggestions, but they could not think of one. What was worse was that a planet that was pulling the small spaceship towards it.

My sister was in her room. She was shocked at seeing her Dad have sex with a boy. She knew she should have told mom, but it would break her mom's heart. She decided to speak to Dad and tell him to remember his marriage vows. She sighed thinking she would never have a boyfriend. She definitely did not want to do anything with her brother! Bella put her hand down to her pussy and started rubbing her clitoris. She was already wet and she was soon rubbing it vigorously. This was not good enough, so she started fingering herself. Every time she closed her eyes, she could see her own Dad fucking her. Why did he not fuck a Hologram version of her? As she was nearing an orgasm, she cried out for her Dad to fuck her!

Just as Bella was having an orgasm, the ship started to shake and warm up as it entered a strange planet's atmosphere. Bella could see everything light up and she heard the ship fall out of the sky. She was thrown across her room when the ship crashed on the planet. She could hear the ship scraping the service as it was continuing to throw her around the small room. At the last everything became quiet except a flickering light. This was the best orgasm she ever had!

She stumbled to the control room to find out the ship crashed on some planet. How lucky could one family be? First a space hole and now this. Dad was looking at the instruments and surprisingly the ship was not that damaged. So while Dad and I fixed what needed to be fixed, Mom and Bella were trying to access the planet. I would have preferred to help mom, as Dad just gave one order after another order. At one stage he tried to praise me by saying how proud he was. I shouted back was this why he was never home? This hurt Dad and he gave me a hug. It was at this time I realized he fancied me, as his hand was rubbing my bum inside the pants. No one ever molested me like this, so I just stood still as his hand explored my bum. It hurt a small bit when his finger entered my hole. I whimpered to him saying to stop, but he did not hear me. When he touched a certain spot, I cried out in pleasure and moaned! It felt so good. It was then Dad realised that he was molesting his own 11-year-old son and composed himself saying we had to finish. He told me I did not have to tell anyone what just happened.

The ship was fixed. Mom told us the planet resembled the Earth so we could breathe its air and the sunlight was not dangerous. The planet was also inhabited which means we were the first people in history to discover life in space other than Earth. The abnormal force that made us crash could not be explained, but if we flew out of the planet in the opposite direction, the force would not bother us.

Bella said we should take a break and explore before we went. Dad gave one of his orders and said this was not possible. We needed to leave and find the other colonists. We were stuck in that ship for months, and the prospect of exploring in the fresh air was something we could not turn down. We voted and Dad lost.

The planet was like Earth, and it was like we were hiking through a clean nature. Rocky was having a great time running around in fields. I also forgot all my problems and felt like I was home again. My sister and I chased each other and enjoyed the fact that there were so much space and living grass beneath our feet.

Soon we found a town that would be considered a lovely town that Earth had in the 1950’s. It had a nice town hall, nice houses and lawns and small shops. It looked so cosy. It was just like Earth was. The air was clean and everything was so tidy. It was like a town where everything looked so perfect
They wore clothes like Earth people did in the 20th century. We had our bodysuits on, so it was no secret that we were foreigners. The town people were also human, so this was a relief. They spoke also English which surprised Mom. She asked herself what was the chances of this. Some town people came up to us and welcomed us to the town. They welcomed us to their town and planet and hoped we had a good visit. The inhabitants were extremely nice and helpful!

They warned us to follow the rules.

There we a few children that looked normal, but most children were not what we expected. They had collars on and they had tattooed letters on their hands. Most of the letters were a “P”. I wondered what the collars and tattoos meant. Surely the children were not slaves. We saw the school and could see the collared children were also there. They were obviously not slaves. I wondered why they wore collars.

Outside the school, a woman was crossing the street. She was run down by a car. The woman was on the street in agony. Mom rushed to her and took her medical bag out. The woman begged Mom not to help her. The Patrol Guards would soon be there and help her. Mom put a bandage around it and gave her some pain medicine,

Then 12 highly armed policemen surrounded us and told us we were under arrest for helping the lady. This was against Regulation 4.

We should have listened to Dad and flew away!