Heterosexual stories

Written by: Tempest
Story codes: pedo
Mich McAlister meets a beautiful but troubled thirteen year old redhead.
Written by: Tempest
Story codes: oral
An accidental meeting changes two people's lives.
Written by: Tempest
Story codes: exhib
A young girl flashes her knickers at a luck passenger.
Written by: Dudester
Story codes: MF, pedo, seduction, viol

Chapter 1

Written by: Dudester
Story codes: MF, reluc

The bonus was quite unexpected, and quite substantial. Instead of just putting it in the bank, I cashed the check and walked around with the cash in my pocket. I had always wanted to know what it was like to walk around with a couple thousand in my pocket.

My first stop was a strange one to someone suddenly given a lot of money. I live in a college town and stopped off at a burger joint near campus that serves some HUGE burgers. It was there that I saw her.

Written by: Dudester
Story codes: cons, Mf

I was horny when I sent the email, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I was on the roof of the shop when I saw the man drive up to the dumpster. Since the shop was closed, he probably figured that he could dump in the dumpster without anyone seeing him. However, what caught my attention is that he scanned the area carefully before dumping a small black plastic bag in the dumpster. He scanned the area once more, and then slowly drove off.

Written by: Vampire
Story codes: bi, hum, MF, MM

Have you even been just almost asleep somewhere where people were talking? Their voices blend into an echoing, almost musical sound. That's what I was hearing. I have no idea why I remember that, but I do. Considering the situation I was in, it's pretty strange, but I'll leave that to you to judge.

Written by: Vampire
Story codes: bi, cuck, Fdom

I am married to the sexiest woman on earth. I know, a million tales have started like that. But no matter, you can accept it, or just skip over this story. It's not really important to me. In my mind she is the sexiest woman alive. And by what I've seen, there are a large number of men in this area who agree with me. I know, because I get to see first hand how many of them react to her. You see, I am her sexual assistant. I'm not her slave, although that's what she calls me sometimes.

Written by: Vampire
Story codes: bi, MF, MM, wife

Part 1

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, anal, creampie, fg, MF, MFg, nc, oral, voy

Dawn's eyes tried to adjust to the light. Wherever she was, was dimly-lit. As her eyes adjusted she found herself in a cell. The cell had a bed, a toilet, and a TV that she couldn't turn on. The cell was only big enough for one person. She noticed she was dressed only in her bra and panties, and she started yelling.

"Help! Help!" Dawn yelled. "Where am I?" she demanded.