Romantic stories

Written by: Dudester
Story codes: 1st, cons, Mf, rom, teen

The divorce had been very bitter. My mother ended up with custody. She moved us 800 miles away from our upper-Midwest home to one in the very rural, arid southwest. I grew up sheltered in the middle of nowhere and I longed for rescue, for adventure - to go anywhere but where I was. The opportunity for escape came when I was 17.

Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: cheat, Mf, oral, rape, rom, teen, viol, wife

Author's Note: This story was constructed at the request of a teen reader, one of the most remarkable young girls that I ever had the pleasure of dealing with. There is no doubt in my mind that if she had wanted to, she could have written this on her own and made something that I would have been proud of to read. As it was, there are a couple of big paragraphs that she wrote at my request.

Written by: ValleyAl
Story codes: MFg, oral, pedo, rom

Tommy Cannon was a pedophile. He had always known that he was most attracted to little girls. Ever since the time when he and a neighborhood girl and first began playing doctor, he knew that this was true. As a teen he would often baby-sit little kids to earn spending money. He would be much too scared to try anything more than just fondling them, but he knew the desire was always there.

Written by: ValleyAl
Story codes: MF, nosex, rom

Author's note: Below is a story that was related to me about a chance meeting during WWII that seemed like the most Romantic story I had ever heard. I have tried to write it up as heard, but perhaps have embellished it some to move it along. Both of the two individuals were underaged at the time. I have changed their names, but the story is pretty much as is. If you are looking for sexual situations or sexual scenes then you will be very disappointed.

Written by: Alvo Torelli
Story codes: cons, Mg, pedo, preg, rom

Fucking A, I thought, how did I let myself get talked into coming to this New Year's Eve party?

Written by: Coeur Minuit
Story codes: anal, MF, Mf, Mg, oral, pedo, rom, slow


...and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make... The End (The Beatles)

Written by: Coeur Minuit
Story codes: Mf, rom, slow, teen

14 Feb

Valentine's day is such a LIE. There may have been romance and tenderness in the world at one time, but there isn't anymore.

Written by: Pussywillow
Story codes: cons, Mg, pedo, rom

I have a very unusual story to tell. This happened way back in the early 50's. My name is Mike, and I am 30 years old and divorced. I live in medium sized town and own a small business. It was about 11 p.m. and I was at the bus station because I had just seen some friends off on a bus.

Written by: Tempest
Story codes: 1st, anal, bf, cons, dad/dau, mast, MF, mf, oral, rom, slow

Part One - North Carolina 1999

Chapter One

Written by: Dudester
Story codes: 1st, cons, Mf, rom

This is a story about a love affair between a middle-aged man and a preteen girl. The story contains consensual sexual activity. If this turns you off, please go away. For the normal readers of this site, it's not your typical: "She came over, teased me, undressed, and we fucked" story. I hope you enjoy it because it was a labor of love dedicated to pedophiles who look but don't touch.