Rape stories

Written by: HG Collins
Story codes: cumshot, discipline, hum, incest, Mg, nc, oral, voy
Megan's father has some rather unorthodox ideas when it comes to punishing his children. Instead of washing her mouth out with soap after she says a bad word, he devises a more creative way to handle the situation.
Written by: HG Collins
Story codes: anal, cumshot, incest, Mb, Mg, nc, oral, pedo, reluc
After Maya and Conner treat him like their very own sex toy, their father visits his children to get revenge.
Written by: sick uncle
Story codes: bdsm

4 years old arms tied behind her back. I love watching her used by men. Their cocks in her child fuck holes. She looks so pretty. I love when they rape her pre school asshole. I just watch. Her holes are for real men to use.

Written by: HardatWork
Story codes: Mb, pedo, rape

Thanks for reading my series. The genesis of this story started on Nifty.org, but some of the story lines required a more openminded site. I'm very thankful to Hiddenbookcase for offering that platform.


Written by: Spin
Story codes: cons, Mg, oral, pedo, rape, viol

Story Intro: You might recognize the characters and essence of this tale. I've rewritten it to reflect my thoughts about how the original story should have been told and the resulting film that was a box office, runaway blockbuster hit. Enjoy!

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: Mb, rape

There's a lake I go to, where as a kid my family would take me every year. It's a beautiful lake and here is where I find most of my prey. Driving up to the lake, I stopped in town. It sits five miles from the lake, but is the only town near it. I ate and then headed to the cemetery, where I walked up to a grave.

"Hey, Mr. Henderson" I said as I placed flowers on his grave. "Hard to believe it's been 6 years since you died. But I keep the tradition alive."

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, ir, Mg, rape

I was stalking the park. I do that a lot to pick out my next target. I was parked down the street from it in my van. My windows are tinted so no one can see in.

I was watching these two girls, they were five or six, both cute little black girls. They were yelling at each other while they straddled their bikes, and then they turned, looked back, stuck out their tongues at each other and rode off.

Written by: HardatWork
Story codes: Mb, pedo, piss, rape

Pastor Willis walked quietly through the church, surveying his domain. He had only been a pastor for a few months, this his first church. The church was a suburban church with a variety of upper middle class parishioners. Tyler was 25, fresh out of divinity school, his dress shirt and slacks hugged his 6’1 190 pound athletic body. He was a high school running back and played basketball in a local community league. His skin was coal black, lips full, and eyes brown and loyal.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, creampie, ff, Ff, rape, ws

I had just turned 11, and I had been eyeing up Mr. Johnson for three years. Today was the day I planned on making him my sugar-daddy. I put on my skimpiest swimsuit and went next door, but things don't always work out the way you want them to.

I rang the doorbell and the door opened. "Hello? Oh, hi Tammy" Ms. Johnson said.

"Hi Ms. Johnson. May I use your pool?" I asked.

"Sure. Go ahead, Tammy" Ms. Johnson replied.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, anal, Mb, Mmb, rape

A man stepped into control room. "Sir, I put him in room 3 as you asked" the man said. I nodded and turned on the monitors. There was a 6-year-old boy, blond hair, blue eyes, sitting in the room crying. I looked through my orders.

"Yes, he'll do nicely" I said with a smile as I turned all the cameras on. "You have his address, right?" I asked as I got up.

"Yes, Sir" the man said.