Written by: TitBudMan
Story codes: lesbian, pedo
11 year old Julie returns home from summer camp sporting her newly developed titbuds and her little sister and step-dad are only to happy to admire them and give them the love and attention they need and deserve.
Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, creampie, ff, Ff, rape, ws

I had just turned 11, and I had been eyeing up Mr. Johnson for three years. Today was the day I planned on making him my sugar-daddy. I put on my skimpiest swimsuit and went next door, but things don't always work out the way you want them to.

I rang the doorbell and the door opened. "Hello? Oh, hi Tammy" Ms. Johnson said.

"Hi Ms. Johnson. May I use your pool?" I asked.

"Sure. Go ahead, Tammy" Ms. Johnson replied.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: 1st, anal, creampie, fg, MF, MFg, nc, oral, voy

Dawn's eyes tried to adjust to the light. Wherever she was, was dimly-lit. As her eyes adjusted she found herself in a cell. The cell had a bed, a toilet, and a TV that she couldn't turn on. The cell was only big enough for one person. She noticed she was dressed only in her bra and panties, and she started yelling.

"Help! Help!" Dawn yelled. "Where am I?" she demanded.

Written by: Sexulot
Story codes: anal, force, MF, rape, sub

Samantha Hatcher is a beautiful girl of 5'2". She has short brunette hair, large breasts, and a nice ass, and all the guys in town try to get her. She has two secrets though: she deals drugs, which must guys know, but she is also a lesbian, which guys don't know, or so she thought.

As her cell phone rang, her customer asked, "Hey Sam, could you deliver me my usual order?"

Written by: The Purvv
Story codes: bi, cheat, cons, FF, group, MF, oral

As many of my readers know, I wrote almost all of my stories during a short 4-5 month interval about three years ago. Over 50 of them were completed, while another 20 or so sat unfinished on my hard drive because I seemed to be suffering from some sort of burn-out. During the last month or so, I've managed to begin working and finishing some of them. At the same time, I realized that there are two TRUE stories that I've never told, for reasons that should be obvious to the readers.

Written by: DanTheMan
Story codes: BD, cons, mast, MF, oral, size, tease
After discovering the extent of his own sexual desires, Dan is near emotional collapse. Can his beautiful wife and her amazing sister, mother, cousin, and twelve-year-old niece pull him out of his stupor with some specialized sexual training?
Written by: DiscipleN
Story codes: bF, FF, MF, oral, reluc

Alice Pierpoint gazed up at the jet trails in the air. The air-show had dazzled her, and the sun had baked her skin. Even the flush of excitement in her face was masked by her now bright red skin. Her noticeable cleavage had suffered the same fate because of her low-cut tank top. A couple of men in the bleachers behind her tried unsuccessfully to determine just how deep the burn reached.

Written by: ValleyAl
Story codes: gg, lesbian, mast, voy

Hi. My name is Rebecca but most everyone calls me Becky. I am your typical 5th grader. I love pizza, roller coasters, brats, fashion, and shopping. Classes just started back a few weeks ago so our summer vacation is over.

Written by: Gesso
Story codes: anal, bg, Fg, gg, incest, lesbian, ws

I've known about sex since before I could talk, I think… first of all, my mother's breasts - I'd flip her hardened nipples with my tongue while suckling - and I know she got excited.

She breast-fed me well until I was three years old, and then every so often until I was four-and-a-half…

I'd play with her breasts too, rolling them a bit… caressing the one breast with my tiny hand while sucking on the other.

Written by: Jack Frost
Story codes: Fg, lesbian, Mb, Mg, oral, pedo


I found myself alone with one of the kindergarteners waiting in a classroom for her mom to come pick her up. Everyone else had already left, and Jenna's teacher asked me to just watch her because she had to make an evening appointment. I was the custodian.